Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/12/06


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The Black's spend some family time together. John and Belle wrap up a card game, while Marlena offers to make some herbal tea. John heads into the kitchen to make the drinks, while Marlena comforts her daughter who becomes sad again, thinking of her baby. As John returns, sitting next to her, the door bell rings. Shawn, bringing Belle a gift, is met with anger. Mimi stops Philip, surprised that he is leaving town. Sami is irritated by Lucas when he tells her he still has feelings for her. Lucas admits to her that he loves Sami, wants her, and always will. EJ who eavesdrops on the whole thing laughs knowing that Kate will be furious. Kate smiles as EJ arrives with a trophy from his disastrous night with Samantha. Kate is upset that he didn't accomplish bedding her, as he and she planned. He blames Lucas' refusal to let her go for his failure to seduce her. Lucas tells Sami that he used Carrie to get Sami out of his head. Sami, rejecting his feelings, says that she wants nothing to do with him. He professes his love and wild attraction to her, grabs her, and forces her to look him in the eye.

Suggesting that they look at the stars, Marlena asks John to join her outside, giving Belle and Shawn a moment alone. He gives her a gift bag containing a joke book, to cheer her up and an adorable turtle for baby Claire. He tells her that he dropped the lawsuit out of guilt, because he felt that it put too much pressure on her and caused her complications during the pregnancy. He also felt that Philip was better at caring for Claire. Smiling at the gifts, Belle is understanding and warm toward Shawn. She almost tells him what she really wants. Outside, Marlena tells John that she has a confession. At the apartment, Mimi tries to persuade Philip to stay in Salem. She is disgusted when she hears that Shawn dropped the lawsuit, saying that he just needed an excuse to leave their marriage. Mimi is persistent about Philip staying, claiming that she wants to do the right thing for once. Unfortunately, Because Belle didn't give him a reason to stay, Philip is determined to leave.

Sami can't do it! She can't tell Lucas to his face that she doesn't love him. Angrily, she throws him out, but Will runs into the room yelling at her for ruining everything. At the office, Kate tells EJ that she over estimated his abilities. He finds it marvelously funny when he lets it slip that Lucas is living with Samantha and Will.

Philip asks Mimi to tell Claire about him and his love for her. Mimi, crying, goes after him. Marlena admits that she is scared of losing her family. Belle begins to tell Shawn her feelings by bringing up her conversation with Carrie, which he half heard. He has a flashback of hearing her tell Carrie that she didn't ever want to see him again. Belle doesn't understand when Shawn suddenly leaves, telling her that the timing is off, he is selfish, and career focused. She is so angry that she throws the book at the slamming door. Because Will is pushing her away, wishing he hadn't came home after running away, Sami acts as if she didn't literally want Lucas to leave. She meant that they needed to go out together more, as a family. She convinces her son that they are going to spend tons of time together. Lucas suggests that they go to bed together and she runs out of the apartment. Will and Lucas then laugh together, loving the fact that they are winning.

Maggie hugs Shawn at her restaurant, offering him food, and thanking him for sending the hooker, who is a perfect employee. At the Black's, Mimi arrives to tell Belle that her husband is leaving. Back at the restaurant, Willow, overjoyed to see Shawn, thanks him for the job. At the airport, Mimi and Belle spot Philip; but Belle is not sure if she should stop him. EJ finds himself not only wanting Sami, but Kate as well. He and Kate kiss!

Lucas tells Will that he believes that the three of them belong together. At the office, Sami arrives looking for EJ; but is disappointed to find Kate. Kate gets rid of her; and she and EJ continue where they left off, kissing on top of the desk! An emotional Marlena and John go upstairs more in love than ever. Willow offers Shawn a mini vacation, in bed, which he gladly accepts with one condition, that it be a date. A crying Belle grabs Mimi and watches Philip board the plane!

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