Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/11/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/11/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Sami and EJ move to the bedroom, kissing passionately, while Lucas spies on them from the fire escape. On the escape, Will returns to his father reluctant at first to continue their plan. Because he loves ruining their date, Will worries that he may become like his mom. At the penthouse, Belle cuddles on the sofa, having a warm conversation with her mother who made her favorite soup. Marlena, discourages her daughter from going home to Philip. At Philip's apartment, Mimi arrives, unwelcome, to discuss their unborn child.

Bo and Hope enjoy a romantic dinner, which turns unsettling for Bo when his wife favorably speaks of Patrick. Hope, reminding Bo that Patrick was innocent, admits that though she is confused; Patrick will definitely be a part of her future. Kate and Victor stand in ruins at Victor's home. She yells at Shawn through the smoke asking him when he will learn that driving through a wall is a bad idea. Shawn, standing from the wreckage, angrily mumbles about his baby, blaming them for playing God with his life. Will hands Lucas a bag full of smoke bombs, which they eagerly light. EJ and Sami, lying on the bed kissing, are interrupted by smoke which fills the apartment, causing water to rain down from the sprinklers.

Bo, wanting to get his marriage back on track, offers to father the baby that Hope is carrying, also agreeing that Patrick should be in her life. Because Bo's cell phone rings, Hope is unable to respond. He gets word that Shawn is in some kind of trouble. Meanwhile, Shawn verbally assaults Victor, accusing him of being immoral, voicing his disappointment. Mimi worries that Belle will hate her when she finds out about the secret she has been keeping. Mimi wants to put the baby she shares with Philip up for adoption, and surprises Philip when the surrogate arrives. At the penthouse, Marlena supports and advises her daughter concerning her marriage. She warns her to not act in haste, by giving Philip false hope. Her mother believes that Claire has bonded her with Shawn forever.They cry together trying to figure the right decision.

Sami and EJ stand soaking wet as she apologizes over and over. She storms out of EJ's apartment into her own, verbally attacking Lucas who plays the fool. Upon arriving EJ grabs Lucas, demanding that he pay for everything that was ruined. Sami defends her son when EJ threatens Will with juvenile detention. Mimi and Philip sign away their rights to their baby. Philip, alone, receives a call from Belle, telling him her mother returned safely, and asking him to bring Claire. Bo and Hope rush in; and they are shocked to discover Victor was keeping such a secret. Will admits to the plan claiming that it was his father's idea. Sami demands answers! Mimi visits Bonnie at the hospital, and tells her that she terminated her rights to their baby.

Marlena is overjoyed to see baby Claire and takes her upstairs while Belle breaks the bad news to Philip. Philip tearfully tells Belle goodbye. Bonnie comes down on Mimi for signing away her fortune. She then makes a phone call. Hugging Shawn, Hope tells him that she loves him and will support him. At Chez Rouge, Bonnie meets the surrogate mother to tell her that she wants the baby.

Belle cries with Marlena who comforts her when she tells her that Philip left because she couldn't tell him that their marriage would work out. Belle tells her mother that she is her inspiration. Marlena tells her that they will cope together. Victor offers his apologies and to manufacture the motor. However, Shawn bitterly tells him that he is done with him. Bonnie, touching the baby, promises to care and pay the expenses. Philip sadly looks at a picture of his wedding day.

Mimi stops by to tell Belle that she and Shawn are getting a divorce, offering Belle her husband.

Sami suggests that Lucas should move out causing him to admit that he has major feelings for her.

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