Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/10/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/10/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

John finishes booking a flight to Salem when Marlena enters the room discussing why she and the Brady family has been targeted. Marlena decided to return to Salem to support her family but is shocked to learn that Belle has lost the baby. Lucas and Will sort through DVD movies when Sami receives a call from Abe that relieves her. Her mother is safe and she happily focuses on her evening. A charming EJ gives Samantha a flower from his suit, ready to escort her on their date. Lucas is seemingly annoyed by her decision to see EJ.

Kate, meeting with an important business client over dinner, is rudely interrupted by Philip who drags her away, determined to talk about Claire. Philip angrily confronts his mother, who tries to stay calm, stalling, about keeping the truth from him.

At the hospital, Carrie cheerfully laughs having just received word from Abe that Marlena is safe. She gives Belle the good news about Marlena and tells her to focus on her recovery. Also, Giving her advice about Philip and Shawn, Carrie warns Belle not to stay married to Philip if she still loves Shawn. Belle argues telling her that Shawn doesn't want a future with her or their baby. Shawn arrives pausing at Bell's hospital room with a basket of flowers. He appears to be listening to the end of their conversation. In the car, EJ and Sami's date seems to be going well.

Kate is forced to stall while Philip begins ranting, embarrassing her in front of the entire restaurant including her associate. Philip pounds the table with his fist demanding to know how long his mother kept the truth from him about his daughter's paternity. EJ and Sami arrive at the restaurant where he made reservations earlier. Unfortunately, Maggie, unable to find their name on the list, informs them that they will not be able to have dinner. Because he double checked the reservations, EJ is confused and clearly upset as they are told to leave, with her apologies.

Belle emotionally belts out to Carrie that she never wants to see Shawn again. Amazingly, this is the only part of the conversation that he hears so he takes off throwing the basket in the trash. Will and Lucas laugh as they finish their plan to place the stinky cheese ball in EJ's car. Upon finishing Will asks Lucas why he wants to ruin the date. Maggie calls Lucas on the phone, revealing that she is helping him, to say that Sami and EJ are on their way out. Lucas and Will run to avoid being caught, while Will continues interrogating his father about his feelings for Sami. Kate tries to repair the damage to her relationship with her son. Philip, refusing her apologies, turns away from her angrily; and leaves her there crying. Carrie urges Belle to leave Philip for Shawn. She compares Belle's marriage with Philip to her marriage with Lucas. Carrie knows, that in her heart, Belle will always love Shawn which is unfair to Philip. She needs to let Philip move on with his life.

Marlena finishes packing and blames herself for being away during Belle's loss. Also, in a touching moment, she asks John for forgiveness. They share a romantic kiss and she tells him that he is the only man she has ever loved. Kate runs after Philip who is resentful and rejects her, throwing her out of his life. She mistakenly blurts out that she is not the only one who secretly knew. But, because she will not tell him who she was talking about, he threatens to break all of the plates at the restaurant. She whispers, tearfully, that Victor knew as well. Philip, throwing the plate, walks out. Belle continues to avoid the truth about her life, convincing herself to stay with Philip. Carrie argues that she will destroy Philip if she doesn't leave him, because he will know he is always second best in her heart.

It is very funny when EJ and Samantha return to the car, where the cheese has filled it with an unpleasant odor. Sami feels nauseous; and EJ has to call a cab to take them to his place. At the garage, Shawn, upset over his marriage, baby and failed partnership with Victor for the motor, violently grabs a bat to beat the car when Philip stops him. Philip is about to tell him some shocking news about his grandfather. Philip tells Shawn that Victor and Kate knew about the secret. Shawn, outraged jumps in the car, speeding off. At Victor's, Kate arrives spilling her conversation with Philip, and eventually admitting to him that she let his knowledge of the paternity slip.

Lucas and Will share laughs over their plan to ruin Sami's evening with EJ. Lucas calls an escort service for the final part of his plan. At his apartment, which is romantically filled with music, candles and champagne, Sami is impressed with EJ and about to kiss him when the door bell rings. A women throws her arms around him calling him baby. Victor demands that Kate call Philip and fix the mess she caused. They are arguing when a loud sound comes from outside. A car crashes through the wall as Kate screams!

Marlena arrives at the hospital to help Belle. The young woman at EJ's apartment tries to pretend that they are sleeping together, unprotected. She tries her best to discourage Sami from pursuing EJ while he pushes her out. When she leaves he tells Sami that he is going to get to the bottom of the mysterious night. EJ blames Lucas and Will for the disasters of the evening which surprises Sami. He proposes that they enjoy the remaining evening, kissing her.

On the fire escape, Lucas watches with dismay as they make out. Marlena cries when she sees her daughter, and promises to stay with her. Belle is overjoyed when she asks her to move in with her and John. Philip holds Claire who will not sleep. He dreams of raising her, going to all her big days.

Kate and Victor stand in ruin as Shawn jumps out of the car yelling that he will make him pay!

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