Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/9/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/9/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie and Abe have just made love and, as they lie holding each other, they both wonder if their feelings are real.

Andre and John remove the police tape from the door and enter Marlena’s hotel room. John asks the detective to show him where they found the blood. Andre takes him over to the door jam to show him and then he receives a phone call. After the call, Andre tells John that he just received information that the blood on the door wasn’t Marlena’s; it wasn’t even human blood, it was from a pig. John believes that someone is screwing with his family and promises that they will not get away with it.

Belle suddenly awakes to find Sami sitting next to her bedside. She asks about Marlena, and Sami says that they have no news yet, but tells her not to worry; Marlena is strong and can take care of herself. Belle tells her that she lost the baby and asks Sami why everything is falling apart. Sami encourages her to be positive and promises her that they are going to make it.

Phillip comes downstairs and finds Shawn still there waiting for him. Shawn apologizes to him again and tells him that he knows the decision he had to make between Belle and the baby was a tough one, but he fully supports him and tells him that he would have done the same thing. He goes on to say that he (Phillip) is a great husband and father, and that he is grateful for that. After telling him this, he leaves.

Steve cries and lies by Stephanie’s bed side as Kayla walks up behind him. He tells her that he remembers holding her as a baby. She is crying and tells him that their prayers have been answered. She kisses him on top of his head as he takes Stephanie’s hand in his. He tells her that she is his baby girl. He stands up, and as he is headed toward the door, Kayla stops him and asks him where he is going. He tells her to give him a minute and he walks out. Kayla turns to Stephanie and sits next to her, telling her that Steve remembers her and everything is going to be okay now.

E.J. walks into the hospital with flowers and stops to ask Lucas if there is any word on Stephanie. All Lucas can tell him is that she is hanging in there, but that he can’t take the flowers in her room because of the oxygen. E.J. says that the flowers aren’t for Stephanie, which makes Lucas wonder who they are for. He asks if they are for Sami.

Kate stops Victor in the hospital and asks him if he has heard about Belle. He has, and she tells him that she thinks Belle will finally choose to be with Shawn, which she thinks is best anyway. She tells him that she finally decided to face reality; Phillip was always Belle’s second choice and Phillip deserves better. Victor tells her to stay out of it and let them figure out their own lives. She asks him if the name Lauren means anything to him. He doesn’t know a Lauren, but Kate quickly informs him that she is the surrogate that is having their grand child. She wants to know if he wants Bonnie Lockhart as part of his family for life.

Shawn has packed his bags and is on his way out when Mimi stops him. She thinks there are some things that they need to talk about, but Shawn disagrees with her, and tells her that they have said everything there is to say. She tells him that she decided to cancel the contract with the surrogate. Shawn says that is fine with him because it isn’t his baby anyway. He walks past her and heads towards the door. Before he can walk out, she comments that he really doesn’t care, and it’s okay with him. Shawn is angry and turns around to tell her that Belle just lost the baby. She is shocked and tells him that she is sorry; she didn’t know. She asks if Belle is okay, and he tells her that physically she will be fine. Mimi says that Belle must be devastated, but Shawn tells her to spare him the fake sympathy. He also tells her to do whatever she wants with the surrogate; it’s between her and Phillip now. He walks out.

Billie sits down next to Steve and asks if he is okay. He can’t stop crying and he tells her that he remembers Stephanie now, and says it seems like it was just yesterday that he was holding her. Kayla walks out and sees them together. Billie gets up and leaves and Kayla comes over to him and they hold each other.

John goes through Marlena’s purse and finds a receipt for a storage facility. He can’t figure out what she would be doing with this, and Andre tells him that it wasn’t in this room the first time they searched it. John realizes that someone planted in here for him to find.

Sami asks about Phillip, and Belle tells her that he is home with Claire, and also how much he loves Claire. She says that she knows now what it feels like to loose a child, and tells Sami that Shawn is suing for partial custody. Sami doesn’t know what to say, but asks if she is glad Shawn is doing this. Although she feels bad for Phillip, Belle tells her that she is glad Shawn is fighting for them. Sami corrects her and asks if she meant ‘fighting for Claire’. Belle agrees and says that she is still a little out of it from the anesthesia. Sami tells her that it is okay, and that she can be honest with her; she knows how Belle feels about Shawn and tells her that she is not going to judge her. Belle wishes Marlena was with her because she would know what to do, but worries that something may have happened to her. Sami decides to call John to see if he has found her. John answers and Sami tells him that Belle lost the baby. This upsets him, but Sami continues and tells him that she is calling to find out about Marlena. He says that he is working on a lead right now. He doesn’t have a lot of time to talk, and will call when he has word. He also promises to bring Marlena home safe and wants her to tell Belle that he loves her. Sami thanks John for everything he is doing and hangs up. She tells Belle the news, which makes Belle feel better, and tells her that they will just pray for her safe return. Belle thanks Sami for calling and Sami tells her that she would do anything for her because she is her baby sister.

Lucas asks E.J. what he is trying to prove by bringing Sami flowers. E.J. says that he’s not trying to prove anything; he’s just offering a small jester to someone he cares about who happens to be under a great deal of stress. He tells Lucas that he doesn’t understand what it matters to him anyway.

Shawn runs into Victor and Kate in the hospital and asks if they have any word on Max and Stephanie. Victor tells him that Max is fine but Stephanie is still in serious condition. Shawn says he can’t believe this is happening, and Kate says she can’t either. She makes a slur toward Shawn by saying that there was obviously something wrong with Max’s car. Victor asks Kate to excuse him; he needs to speak to Shawn in private. As soon as Kate leaves, Victor tells him that he is going to get straight to the point, and knows he will be disappointed with him. Victor tells him that Titan is pulling out and will not be sponsoring his engine.

Kayla tells Steve not to worry about Stephanie because she is going to be fine, and now that he has his memory back, so will they (be fine too). Steve agrees that Stephanie will be fine, but he doesn’t know how he knows. She tells him that it’s because he has a connection with her. He takes Kayla’s face in his hands and tells her that he is so sorry, but he doesn’t remember her. Kayla’s smile fades away.

Mimi stops Phillip in the hospital and tells him that she is sorry to hear about Belle. She asks if there is anything she can do to help. He tells her that she has done enough. She realizes that he has heard about the secret she has been keeping and starts to explain, but he cuts her off. He tells her not to say that she was trying to protect him or Claire because he knows the only person she was trying to protect was herself. Mimi asks him to at least talk to her about what to do with Lauren. She tells him that she wants to void the contract with her and needs his signature. This really upsets Phillip and he asks her what would happen to the baby. He can’t believe she has the nerve to come to him about this when Belle just lost her baby and there has been so much going on. He tells her that he can’t make that decision right now and she’ll just have to wait. He leaves her standing there.

Shawn is upset with Victor’s news, and reminds him that his engine had nothing to do with the accident; the police are investigating sabotage. Victor isn’t saying that his engine is to blame, but it will always be associated with something bad happening, and it isn’t any kind of publicity that any company could afford; it’s too risky. Shawn looks at him and tells him that he is his grandson, but Victor promises him that it isn’t personal. He says that it is strictly business and he has share holders to answer to as well. Victor tells him that he is sorry and maybe someday they will have the opportunity to work together again. He leaves and Shawn starts to go after him, but stops.

E.J. asks Lucas if he still has a thing for Samantha and comments that maybe he never got over her. Lucas tries to play it off like E.J.’s comment isn’t true. E.J. then wonders why he would object to his interest in Sami. Lucas says that Sami is venerable right now, and when Sami is like this, she tends to jump into things that aren’t good for her without thinking. E.J. tells Lucas that he means things like him. Lucas quickly says that is exactly what he means. E.J. says that Sami should decide, since she is a grown up, but Lucas says that “grown up” isn’t the word he would use to describe Sami. E.J. tells Lucas that as soon as he is finished insulting Sami, he needs to decide whether or not to make a play for Sami. If he doesn’t, E.J. is going to. Sami walks out of the room with Belle and wonders if something is going on out here. She comments on how beautiful the flowers are, and E.J. tells her that he brought these for Belle. He pulls Sami off to the side and invites her to dinner tonight. He knows that she is under a great deal of stress and asks if she’s eaten today. She hasn’t, and he kisses her on the forehead and tells her that he will take care of her.

Abe and Lexie talk about trust and how they have to build it with the truth; one step at a time. He wants to take responsibility for his part in all of this and explains how being blind made him feel like he lost his masculinity. He knows that he pushed her away and he understands why she would go to some other man for comfort, but wishes that she had been honest with him. She tells him that she has never felt completely deserving of a man like him. She thinks he is a person of honor and high morals and integrity, and has always wondered how he could love someone like her. She remembers all the things she has done in the past and says that she has always wanted him to admire her the way she has admired him. Abe tells her that she has brought so much joy into his life and has given him a beautiful son and family. They have had ups and downs, and made mistakes along the way, but he has always loved her for what she is; a loving, beautiful, kind, and intelligent woman. He tells her that he does have to demand one thing if she wants to give this marriage a chance. She agrees to whatever he is going to ask for. He tells her to never, never see Tek again.

John and Andre walk up to the storage building holding their guns. Andre opens the door and John turns on a light. They have no idea what the stuff in the building is, but John hopes it is something that will lead him to Marlena. They search around with flashlights and John moves a table because he can tell there is something different about the wall behind it. They find a trunk and start to open it.

Sami tells E.J. that she is in the mood to be pampered and accepts his dinner proposal.

Belle looks at a photo of her, Phillip, and Claire. Maggie walks in the door holding Claire and hands her to Belle.

Kayla gets up and gets a tissue to dry her eyes. Steve tells her that he is sorry he keeps hurting her. He is crying and tells her that he has just been so empty inside, but his remembering loving his child makes him scared to death. He is scared of loosing her. Steve worries about being a good father to Stephanie or being the father she expects him to be; he doesn’t want to disappoint her again. Billie is standing behind them in the doorway; listening.

Lexie takes Abe’s hand and kisses it. She promises him that Tek is out of her life for good. She just wants them to be a family again. Abe says that he wants that too, more than anything. They kiss passionately again.

Kayla tells Steve that the only way he will ever disappoint Stephanie is if he walks away one more time. She says that they know it wasn’t his fault before because he couldn’t remember, but if he chooses to leave, he would have to understand how devastating it would be for them. She reminds him that he decided to come back to Salem because he wanted to be a part of their lives. He says that he wanted to try. Kayla runs with this comment by telling him to look at what has happened. She tells him that he thought he would never remember anything, but now, he has remembered Stephanie because he chose to stay around. She tells him that it is starting to happen and she knows that it scares him, but says that he can’t keep going back and forth; he has to make a commitment and stick with it. Steve doesn’t think it is that easy because his being here for her isn’t all that she wants. He is referring to Stephanie wanting him and Kayla to be together, and asks her if he could be in Stephanie’s life and not in hers. He knows that isn’t even an option either. She wants to know if that is the way he wants it to be. He gets upset and tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore and that she has got to stop hanging onto hope that they will be together. He tells her that the guy she was in love with is someone that he doesn’t know. He walks away and leaves her crying.

Sami asks Lucas why he is looking at her so hateful. He says that the whole world around them is going to hell, and she’s out making dates. She explains about E.J.’s intentions, but Lucas doesn’t want to hear it. Sami leaves.

Shawn blows past Frankie in the hospital, but he stops him and asks what is wrong. Shawn tells him that his life is ruined. He just lost his family, friends, and his entire career. Frankie urges him to re think the custody case, but Shawn says that Claire is better off with Belle and Phillip. He walks out.

Phillip tells Victor that there are two children’s lives at stake here and he wants to make the right decision. Victor is pleased and tells Kate to come with him for coffee. Mimi walks up behind Phillip and he informs her that he was just talking to Victor about their situation. He thinks that she is right and they need to do something pretty soon. He tells her that Kate thinks they should terminate the contract too. Bonnie overhears and tells Phillip that it seems like they all seem to think that the Lockhart’s aren’t good enough now. She also tells him that Kate didn’t mind using Mimi to keep Shawn away from Belle, but anything having to do with him and his kids is another story. Bonnie acknowledges that they are from the wrong side of the tracks, and they don’t have breeding, or money, or class, but she asks him how classy it is not to tell your son that the baby he believes is his belongs to another man. Phillip says that Kate just found out about all this when everybody else did, but Bonnie tells him that Kate has known for a very long time. She was afraid that Belle would dump him if it ever came out, so she conspired with Mimi and her to keep everyone in the dark. She tells him that his mother is no better than they are. Phillip says that he doesn’t believe her and asks Mimi if this is true. She nods her head and Phillip takes off. Mimi fusses at Bonnie for telling Phillip, but Bonnie said that she told the truth just like she (Mimi) always wanted to and it felt great.

Frankie walks into the room with Belle and tells her that he has good news; Shawn has dropped the custody suit. Belle is shocked and tells Frankie that it is good news. She pretends to be happy and Frankie leaves. Belle strokes Claire’s hair as she talks to her. She says that Shawn isn’t going to fight for either one of them.

John and Andre open the box and Marlena is inside! He gets her out and unties her hands. She is shaken and holds him, telling him that she knew he would come for her.

Previews for tomorrow:

Carrie: Let Philip go so he can build a life with someone who will love him as much as you love Shawn.

Kate: Maybe I should have told you the truth, but I did what I thought was right.

Philip: There's nothing you can do. And don't come near me again.

Candi: Baby, where have you been? I missed you so much.

Victor: What the hell are you doing?

Shawn D.: I am gonna make you pay!

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