Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/5/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/5/06


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The race is just beginning when Stephanie hears that Max is late. At the garage, Frankie hurries Max who is doing Shawn's job because he is at the hospital with Belle. The gloved one is standing behind a wall holding a wrench. When Mimi tells Hope that Shawn walked out on their marriage and that she knew that Claire was their grandchild since Zach's death, she is shocked.

At the hospital, Belle is in bad condition, and unwilling to harm her baby, even to save her life. She calls for Shawn to hold her. Phillip and Shawn argue and her condition worsens. Everyone crowds around Belle who is in extreme pain, grasping her head. Phillip accuses Shawn of ripping their family apart by suing for custody.

When Hope tries to call her son, she learns about Belle's condition from Max. She rushes off to the hospital to give support, leaving Bo at the courthouse. Patrick's lawyer is optimistic when reviewing the evidence, which looks bad for Bo. Patrick will be charged with murder one, punishable by the death penalty, if he is found guilty. Abe and Roman discuss Bo's bust on Patrick, convincing themselves that he would never abuse his badge. While Roman accuses Abe of abusing his to get Lexi back. Max is confident and ready to race! He starts the car to listen to the power and underneath the car it is leaking.

Chelsea accuses Stephanie of stealing her boyfriend. They argue over Stephanie's fairy tale life. Using her past in her favor, Chelsea feels sorry for herself and tries to make Stephanie feel badly. Stephanie tells her that Max couldn't get away fast enough. Roman still questions Abe about his true intentions with Lexi. At the hospital, Lexi talks with Shawn and Phillip about her condition. Belle is determined to protect the baby at the price of her own health.

Stephanies' mom and dad arrive upsetting her when she sees Billie there with her father. She makes sure that Billie knows she is not welcome. Stephanie is given a medal necklace when grandpa Shawn arrives with Abby. Kate rushes in with a million things for her to do. Attacking her father, she tells him he is a bad husband and dad. At the courthouse, Bo is ready for the trial when Roman warns him to be prepared. He knows that the lawyer will use the delicate situation to attack Bo and free Lockhart. Bo admits that because Patrick slept with Hope, he targeted him. Steve apologizes to Kayla, while Kate blames Billie for coming with Steve.

Hope arrives at the hospital to comfort Shawn. Shawn talks about his wife and tells Hope that he wouldn't have left her if she had told the truth. Phillip talks to his wife while rubbing her head, bedside, about her condition. He, worried she will have a stroke or slip into a coma, begs her to take the medicine; but ends up promising not to give them permission to give it to her. Stephanie tells Kate to keep Billie away from her father.

When Abe comes to pick up Lexi, she has a picture of the three of them as a family that Theo drew. Patrick pleads not guilty, and requests that the evidence be reviewed. The judge calls Bo Brady to the stand. Chelsea gives Billie a hard time about dating Steve. Abe feels guilty for using Lexi who is thrilled to have another chance with her husband.

The race is on!

Belle's monitors go off. She is not responsive.

Tek tells a horrified Lexi that her husband doesn't want to date her; but is using her for a case and may arrest her!

On the stand Bo is attacked by the lawyer. Meanwhile, Philip is facing a difficult decision with Belle and the baby. Both of them may not survive.

There is a horrible accident on the tracks, as the race progresses Max's car explodes!

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