Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/4/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/4/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

On the boat, Bo and Hope lay next to each other in bed, after making love, kissing. At the garage, Stephanie and Max talk about the upcoming race. Stephanie is confident that she will win, while Max is just the opposite. They almost kiss again when Shawn, angry and pushy, interrupts them as he works on the car.

Mimi visits Patrick in jail to tearfully tell him the news about her destroyed marriage. Patrick, who is not surprised, tells his sister that he knew the truth would eventually be revealed. Mimi emotionally tells him that her husband is gone for good. Mimi discloses the details of how Shawn found out about the paternity secret. Patrick is preparing to have his preliminary hearing, hoping that Tek or someone will find information to clear him. Mimi is disgusted that the tip came from Jennifer Horton, his close friend.

Bo lovingly rubs Hopes arm, telling her that she is beautiful. Hope's mind drifts away as she worries about Belle and the baby. Bo offers to call and check on her; but Hope wishes to go in person.

Stephanie offers her support to Shawn, before making a phone call. When Max Brady asks Shawn about his marriage to Mimi he labels it a complete fraud. Max offers his support just before the conversation changes to the race, which both boys are confident to win. EJ promotes the upcoming race, and Stephanie during an interview. Kate arrives as the interview with the columnists closes, impressed. They are very optimistic about Stephanie winning, as EJ pointed out she has won every test run.

Abby momentarily stops in at the garage joking with Stephanie and Max about whose side she will choose during the competition. Stephanie asks Shawn about his expectations of a relationship with Belle. Mimi and Patrick continue to talk about Shawn running out on her. Patrick is unsure if Hope, the mother of his child, still wants a future with him.

Meanwhile, Bo brings his wife breakfast in bed. They share a laugh because he eats a nearly ruined slice of pizza, so she can have the muffin he would have ate. Bo offers to take care of her and her baby. He wants to move forward with their lives and ask her to come back to him.

Although she felt safe and wonderful last night in his arms, Hope still can't decide to commit to Bo. Bo continues to convince her to come back to him. Max, escorting Stephanie outside so she will stop asking Shawn so many personal questions, passionately kisses her goodbye. Max warns her to be careful on the track as she leaves for an appointment with Kate. Max apologizes to Shawn for Stephanie's insensitive behavior, regarding his situation with his wife. EJ upsets Shawn when he also talks about his marriage, having heard that he left Mimi. Bonnie, arriving at the last moment, gives support for her son. Patrick is dragged away, while Mimi and Bonnie cry.

At the office, Stephanie, arriving to meet Kate, is surprised that EJ has already left. Kate praises her, then asks her for a favor, another assignment. At the garage, EJ wishes the boys luck in the race. Hope rushes out of the boat as Bo attempts to discourage her. She tells him that she doesn't want to be pressured. Hope and Bo begin arguing because she is surprised that the hearing is scheduled for today, and decides to go. As they are talking, Hope feels her baby kick and kisses Bo in a warm moment. Patrick meets with his lawyer, who is really tough.

Kate gets directly to the point when she tells her that her new assignment involves her son, Philip. Bo arrives at the courtroom, surprised when Hope runs into him. Patrick's lawyer warns him not to talk to Bo. Hope tells Patrick about their baby kicking, when Bo interrupts. Shawn finds out that Belle is in the hospital, when Philip is unable to come. Shawn is shocked when he hears that it could be serious.

Kate continues to fill Stephanie in on the difficult situation her son is going through. Kate tells her that his marriage to Belle is falling apart; and do not have a future together. She wants Stephanie to be someone Philip confides his feelings to, in, since he won't have anyone. Stephanie accidentally tells Kate about Shawn leaving Mimi. Kate assures her that it would only be a friendship, nothing romantic.

A fight almost breaks out at the courthouse between Bo and Patrick.

Mimi tells Hope that Shawn dumped her last night.

Shawn rushes out to the hospital to be with Belle and his baby.

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