Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/3/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/3/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope discuss Belles' pregnancy over dinner. Hope is concerned about the baby's heartbeat as well as the fact that she can't get in touch with Shawn. Against Bo's wishes she tries to contact their son again.

At Mimi's apartment, Bonnie stops by, hoping to calm a very emotional Mimi, who is upset because her marriage to Shawn has fallen apart. Bonnie consoles her daughter telling her that Shawn will come back to her.

Shawn, playing basketball alone, is clearly upset when a strange girl stops the ball with her shoe, offering him her "company". Shawn, seeming angry and uninterested, tells her he doesn't want to be cheered up as she rubs her hands up and down his bare, sweaty chest. Knowing she is a prostitute and wanting to be alone, he threatens to call the cops if she doesn't get lost.

Lucas, joking, labels Sami's cooking as cruel and unusual punishment, when EJ knocks on the door. EJ is surprised to hear that Lucas is her new roommate. Sami, explaining to EJ, thinks that Will was crying out for help when he ran away; and they feel that by living together they could help him more efficiently. Lucas shocks Sami when he implies to EJ that he isn't sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, at the courts, Shawn still can't rid himself of the strange girl. She asks him if he is having girl trouble; and they sit together while Shawn drinks a beer. An angel necklace that has very special memories associated with it, falls out of her handbag and bonds her with Shawn when she gives it to him. He asks for her name, Willow, and they learn that their grandfather has the same name.

Hope, still unable to reach Shawn, continues talking to Bo. Questioning him about his conversation with his daughter, Hope learns that Chelsea still wants her husband with Billie. Also when she discovers that Billie was kissing Steve, she, assuming the worst of Billie, accuses her of trying to take another man from his family. Bo blames the kiss on Steve and tells her that Kayla saw them dancing at the cheating heart. Hope is sympathetic to Kayla's situation. Bo assures Hope that there is no future for Billie in his life, other than parenting.

Sami assures EJ that the only thing she shares with Lucas is a child and that he does sleep on the sofa. She smiles while she rep remands Lucas for his joke. At the apartment, Mimi, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, is furious with Bonnie, who is making a new plan to get Shawn back, because Mimi blames her mother's plan for her broken marriage. Bonnie demands that Mimi go after Shawn saying "We've worked too hard our whole lives for this, Shawn is your future; he's our future." Mimi yells back at her accusing her of using Shawn for a meal ticket.

Willow and Shawn continue to talk at the courts. He tells her about his paternity trouble with baby Claire. Willow learns how vindictive Mimi was in keeping the secret and keeping Shawn from his baby. Hope and Bo, walking outside, are worried about Belle and the unborn baby, but are so glad that the baby is a part of their family. In a romantic moment, Bo kisses Hope's hand and brushes her face. Then, almost kissing her, he asks her to take a walk with him. Mimi attacks Bonnie for wanting Shawn's money. She blames herself for listening to her mother, knowing that she lost Shawn not because Claire was his baby, but because she lied to him for a year.

Sami is shocked and flattered that EJ is interested in dating her. Lucas tries to hide his jealousy, and accuses EJ of wanting her ever since he arrived in Salem. Lucas is obviously very upset when EJ asks Sami to accompany him to dinner for the evening. Sami eagerly accepts but makes the date for tomorrow, when Lucas reminds her that she has plans with him and Will tonight. Lucas argues that it will confuse Will for her to rush into anything.

Bo pretends that his destination with Hope was purely accidental. He attempts to kiss Hope and she stops him. Shawn admits to Willow that he still loves Belle, but that the situation is complicated by her marriage to Philip, which she has committed to for life. Bonnie and Mimi cry together. Bonnie spills her feelings to Mimi. She tells her that she always wanted to give her better things and couldn't. Also that she never wanted her to end up with a man like her father as a husband.

Sami, Will, and Lucas go out to eat. Everyone at the diner comments on the broadcast, asking for autographs. Will tells Sami that he hates her as she tries to fix his hair. Because his wife lied, Shawn considers his marriage to Mimi invalid. Willow gives Shawn advice before leaving, telling him to mend his relationship with his father.

Hope tearfully embraces Bo when she has memories of the past, with Bo and Zach.

Lucas is disappointed in his sons' behavior and forces him to apologize. Sami tries to repair her relationship with Will by explaining her actions at her last wedding. Lucas brings up EJ and his disapproval of their date, which upsets Will as well. He is tired of his mother's failed love life. Mimi and Bonnie hug, and care for the baby. Shawn gives Willow hope for her life and sweetly kisses her.

Bo and Hope hold each other, while he apologizes, again, for allowing Chelsea to drive. Hope blames herself for his death. She believes she didn't protect him, that she failed him. Bo grabs her, defending his wife.

EJ runs into Sami in the hall telling her he looks forward to their date tomorrow. Lucas wants to sleep in the bed with Sami!

When she refuses he accuses her of not being able to resist laying next to him in bed. She denies all of his accusations. Willow offers Shawn a freebie. He gives her some money, kisses her and tells her to apply for a position at Che Rouge.

Hope and Bo, aboard the boat, begin passionately kissing. They are about to make love!

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