Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/2/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/2/06



Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope are still waiting at the hospital for more word on Belle. Hope is exhausted and Bo encourages her to let him take her home, but she doesn’t want to leave until she knows that everything is going to be okay; she wants to see Belle herself. Even though Hope loves Mimi, she’ll never get over the feeling that Belle was and is Shawn’s true love. They talk about Shawn and Belle having two children together, and about the funny way things seem to work out.

Belle tells Phillip that everything with the baby is good right now, and he promises to take care of her and the baby with her having no more problems from him. She thanks him for being so supportive even though the baby is not his. He tells her that the baby is part of her and he loves her. She feels guilty for everything he’s been through, but he tells her that this baby and Claire wasn’t her fault, but they have to figure out a way to get past all this and move on. He promises never to abandon his family and he needs to hear her tell him that they can put all the pieces back together and make things like they used to be. She says that she can’t tell him that.

Shawn is listening to Bonnie and Mimi talk over the baby monitor about Shawn finding out about Claire, and how that is the one thing that they never wanted to happen. Bonnie tells her that it is probably better that he found out this way so she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. Mimi says that all sounds good, but she’s known about Claire being Shawn’s for all this time, and if he ever found out, he would leave her. Bonnie tells her to keep on keeping her mouth shut and she and her husband will live happily ever after, and nobody will be none the wiser. Shawn has just heard every bit of their conversation and, although he says nothing, he slams his fist down on the bar and stands there.

Billie comes home to find Chelsea waiting for her. Chelsea confronts Billie about kissing Steve Johnson.

Kate comes into the hospital and ask Bo and Hope what happened to Belle. They tell her that Belle is fine, she did have some complications, but she is doing much better now. They tell her not to worry. Kate wants to see them, but Bo stops her, telling her that they need time alone; if she cares about her son, she’ll let them have it. Kate rolls her eyes and waits.

Belle tells Phillip that so much has happened that they just can’t go back to where they were. He knows it can’t be exactly the same, but says the one thing that won’t change is their commitment to each other and their love. All of a sudden, the baby’s heart monitor goes off and Phillip screams for a nurse. A nurse runs in and tells them that the baby’s heart rate is dropping. She tells Belle to try and stay calm while she goes after Dr. Ross. Belle is starting to panic.

Mimi and Bonnie walk out of Claire’s nursery into the living room. They jabber back and forth about babies, and Bonnie tells Mimi that she can get ready for her romantic dinner with Shawn. The door flies open and Shawn walks in, right up to Mimi and says, “You knew? All this time you knew?” Mimi still tries to act like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Shawn tells her that it’s not a good idea to leave a baby monitor lying around when she’s got secrets that she doesn’t want to be heard. Mimi turns to Bonnie and she steps up and tells Shawn whatever he thinks he heard is a misunderstanding. She tries to convince him that they were talking about a surprise romantic dinner for the two of them. Shawn screams at Bonnie and tells her to stop lying to him. Bonnie starts to say again that it’s not a lie, but Mimi interrupts and says that it is a lie and she can’t do this anymore. She tells Shawn that she did know that Claire was his daughter. He asks how she knew, and she tells him that she overheard a couple of nurses at the hospital talking when Claire was waiting for her liver transplant from Zack. She goes on to say that the nurses said Shawn’s DNA matched Claire’s and Phillip’s didn’t. Bonnie did some checking around and she found out that it was all true. Shawn grits his teeth and tells her that he can’t believe that she knew all this time and never said anything. She tells him that she is so sorry, but he yells at her, telling her that she knew he had a daughter this whole time. Mimi says that she tried to tell him so many times, and she knows that it doesn’t make it right, but she’s hated herself for not having the guts to tell him the truth. He asks her if that’s supposed to make him feel sorry for her, to which she says no. He tells her that he loved her and trusted her with his life; she was the one person he thought he could always count on who would never lie or keep a secret from him. Bonnie comes in and tells him to stop; it was her fault, not Mimi’s. She says that Mimi wanted to tell him the truth but she insisted that she keep it from him. Bonnie tells him to be angry with her and not Mimi.

Billie tries to play off the kiss with Steve telling Chelsea that it was no big deal. Chelsea says that it was disgusting and wrong, not to mention the fact that she wasn’t even trying to hide it. Billie tells her to grow up, but Chelsea wants to know if the two of them are getting involved. The answer is no, and she tells her that they have run into each other a couple of times and happen to like each other. Chelsea wants to know if she is sleeping with him. Billie is upset that Chelsea even mentioned that, but she says that they have not slept together as she fumbles through her purse. Chelsea accuses her of wanting to sleep with Steve and she thinks that she is going to. Billie has had about enough and asks what Chelsea’s problem is. She thinks that it is Billie that has the problem. Chelsea raises her voice and says that she thought her mother was through with married men, especially after what happend with Bo. She tells Billie that she has sit here and told her to straighten out her life and do the right thing, but asks how she’s supposed to do that when Billie says one thing and then does another.

As the nurse runs out of Belle’s room, Bo and Hope stop her; they know something is wrong in there. The nurse says that it seems like the baby is in some sort of distress again. When they ask what it is, she tells them that they will have to speak to the doctor. Dr. Ross is listening to the baby’s heartbeat when she asks Belle if anything happened just before the alarm went off, or did something upset her. Belle says no; she and Phillip were just talking. Phillip adds that Belle’s mother could be missing, and the nurse says that stress could have triggered the episode. Dr. Ross says that the baby’s heartbeat is erratic and may potentially indicate a physiological problem; whatever is wrong, she’s afraid it could be serious.

Kate, Hope, and Bo wait outside Belle’s room and Hope comments on the hard time that Belle has had over the past couple of days. She says after finding out about Claire, and then her mother, it’s no wonder she has ended up in the hospital. Kate is listening and asks what it is about Claire that Belle found out. Hope looks at Bo and says that she thought Phillip would have already told her. Kate wants to know and Bo tells Hope to tell her. Hope tells her about the DNA test, and that it was correct; Shawn is Claire’s father. Kate asks if Phillip knows, and Bo tells her that everybody knows now, but he notices that she doesn’t seem too surprised by the news. Kate says that she is in shock and can’t believe it. Hope says that they ran the tests twice; it is true. Bo reassures Kate that everyone is going to find a way to work through this. Kate asks how Phillip took the news about Claire and Hope says that he didn’t take it very well.

Phillip asks the doctor if Belle is going to be okay, and she says that they have to run more tests; she leaves to set up another room. Belle is worried that this baby could have the same thing Claire had, but Phillip reassures her that Claire’s issue with her liver wasn’t hereditary. Phillip promises that if there is a problem, he will use his father’s connections to bring in the best specialists to fix whatever is wrong. He holds her.

Chelsea tells Billie that she can’t believe that she is trying to steal her aunt Kayla’s husband, and says that after all the lectures she’s heard from her about doing the right thing and taking the “moral” highroad, she can’t believe she’s doing right the opposite. To defend herself, Billie says that she is not trying to steal Steve away from Kayla, and anyway, she says they aren’t really together in the first place. Billie says that he kissed her first, and Chelsea wants to know if she feels the slightest bit guilty about what she’s doing to Kayla. She does feel guilty because she knows Kayla is a great person and is desperate to have Steve back. Billie doesn’t think that is going to happen, but Chelsea says that it could happen if she wasn’t in the picture. Billie tells her that Steve said that he is going to ask Kayla for a divorce, and stresses to Chelsea that it has nothing to do with her. She also says that Steve isn’t the same person that Kayla knew before, and you just can’t force a connection between two people if it isn’t already there. Chelsea thinks if they had more time, and SOMEONE wasn’t in between them, they may find their way back together. Billie stops Chelsea right there, and tells her that if Steve and Kayla decide to work things out, she will not stand in the way. Chelsea says that no matter how many times Billie tells her to be a better person, she (Billie) isn’t going to practice what she preaches.

Shawn says that he does blame Bonnie; he blames her for raising Mimi the way she did. He asks her what kind of a mother teaches her kids to lie, cheat, and manipulate. Bonnie agrees that he is right, and that’s why he can’t hold Mimi responsible. Shawn can’t believe that, and he says that of course Mimi is responsible. He grabs Mimi’s arm and tells her that she did have a hard “upbringing”, but that she’s not 5 years old anymore; she chose on her own not to tell him about Claire. He looks right in Mimi’s face and says that she chose to keep lying to him everyday. Mimi wants to explain, but he says that there is nothing to explain. He tells Mimi that he was there and he saw what she did to Rex, and her lies destroyed him and everything that they had together. He thought she would have learned her lesson, but says that he should have known better. Bonnie steps in and says that Mimi never knew for sure, just like he didn’t believe it the first time he saw the file. She screams that he also told Mimi that he never slept with Belle, and asks him if he lied to her. Shawn tells her that this is between him and Mimi and he wants to have this conversation in private; he asks her to stay with Claire. He takes Mimi home. As soon as they get home, Shawn says if she’s known the truth about Claire since the transplant, that means she’s been lying to him since before they got married. He also says that means her wedding vows were a lie too. Mimi tells him that she loves him, but she just made a terrible mistake. He said that he did too; he made the biggest mistake of his life.

Billie wants to know what is going on with Chelsea because she’s not buying all this concern that she has about marriage, especially after what she did to Bo and Hope. Chelsea jumps up out of her chair and tells Billie that she admitted what she did was wrong, and that she has been trying to change. She says this is why she feels so bad about what Billie is doing to Kayla, and even more than that, it’s the whole principal of the thing; it’s not fair for Billie to interfere, especially after what has already happened to them to begin with, which was so unfair. She wants Billie to leave them alone. Billie wants to believe that Chelsea has turned over a new leaf, but when she starts lecturing her about principals, she knows that something is up. She wants Chelsea to tell her what is going on with her.

Dr. Ross comes in and tells Phillip that she has to take Belle up to another room. Phillip reassures her that he will be waiting outside and everything is going to be okay. He walks out and hugs his mother. Kate asks if he is alright, but he tells her that Belle is the one she needs to be worried about. Kate asks if there is a chance she might loose the baby.

Mimi begs Shawn to listen to her before he makes any decisions. She says that there is no excuse for what she has done, but she says that she was desperate. When she found out Claire was his, she panicked and says that he knows how insecure she has always been when it came to him and Belle. She says that she has always lived in fear that someday they would end up back together; she was sure it would happen if he knew about Claire. She says that she had convinced herself that he would leave her the minute he found out. Shawn reminds her that he told her over and over that he loved her and wanted their marriage to work. She knows he told her, but she could feel in her heart that there was a part of him still holding back; the part of him that still loved Belle and always would. She knew that he loved Belle in a way that he could never love her. He tells Mimi that she was wrong; what he and Belle had was over, and had been for a very long time. He says that he wasn’t in love with her then, and he’s not in love with her now. Mimi rolls her eyes and asks him who is lying now.

Billie demands an answer as to why Chelsea is all of a sudden worried about marriage and doing the right thing. Chelsea says that she’s bothered by this because she (Billie) is acting like a total hypocrite. She tells Billie that she made her feel like the worst person in the world for trying to keep Bo and Hope apart. She says that now, Billie is trying to come in between a married couple, and asks her what kind of example is that. Billie’s response: Steve and Kayla aren’t married anymore; in name only. Billie wants Chelsea to admit that the real reason she doesn’t want her with Steve is because she can’t imagine her with anybody else but Bo. Chelsea denies that and says she’s not plotting, trying to get “mommy and daddy” back together. Billie understands that, but she thinks that deep down, that’s what Chelsea was hoping for. She knows that “once upon a time” she had a family that loved her very much, and she was devastated when she lost them. She knows that she wants to be a part of a family again; to feel that security again. Chelsea gets a little smart with her and says that it is a shame that she missed her calling as a therapist. Billie doesn’t pay too much attention to the slur and tells her that she (Billie) thinks she knows her better than she thinks; better than she knows herself. “Whatever” is Chelsea’s response and she says that she has to get back to work; she doesn’t have time to talk about this with her anymore. Chelsea storms out.

Phillip asks Bo and Hope to excuse him and Kate; he needs to talk to her alone. He turns to Kate and asks what she’s doing. She doesn’t know what he is talking about. He tells her to go ahead and say that she hopes Belle looses the baby. She denies that, but he knows her too well. His words to her and everybody else are: he is going to love this baby as much as he does Claire, and Belle is his wife. He sees Belle being wheeled out by the nurse and he tells her that he will be right in with her as soon as she gets to her room. Kate says she needs to leave, but Phillip isn’t done talking to her yet.

Bonnie tries to listen to Shawn and Mimi’s conversation through the door. Mimi is telling Shawn that he knows that she is right; he’s never really gotten over Belle. She tells him that she knows that he loves her, but there will always be that little part of his heart that belongs to Belle. She says that she knew she could never fill the part that Belle does, and asks him if he knows how that makes her feel. His back is turned to her and he closes his eyes. Mimi says that, from day one, she has felt like she has had to fight for him, and that he never should have made those vows to her when he still had those feelings for Belle. She also says that she never should have agreed to marry him knowing what she knew. She describes herself as a desperate, pathetic, fool for allowing herself to believe that she could make him forget about Belle. She also blames Belle for not making that easy for either one of them. Mimi says that these are the things that she has lived with and the reasons why she wasn’t able to tell him the truth. She is sorry for deceiving him, but she isn’t the only one that is lying here; the last time Belle had cramps and went to the emergency room, she walked in on him kissing her. She talks about him telling her over and over again that it was her he wanted, but she says if that were true, he should understand what this has been like for her and somehow find it in his heart to forgive her. She stops and Shawn speaks. He says that he can understand why she did what she did given his history with Belle and how much they loved each other, and maybe there were some unresolved feelings between them, considering the way things ended for them. He is trying to say that he can understand why she would feel threatened by Claire being his child, but what he can’t understand is why the only one she thought about during all this was herself. He says all she thought about was her happiness, her future, and what was fair to her. He says, “What about what was fair to an innocent child.” He blames her for depriving her of her natural father for a year of her life, and he knows if she had it her way, she would have kept him from her forever. He talks about Phillip and what she’s put him through now. She says that’s another reason she didn’t say anything; she didn’t want their family ripped apart either. He says that she took four lives and trashed them to get what she wanted. He says that he will never forgive her for what she has done.

Phillip tells Kate that Belle and the baby are in trouble and they can’t handle anymore stress, so unless she is here to wish them the best, and mean it, he wants her to leave. She understands, but she wants him to remember that it wasn’t so long ago that he wanted Belle to abort the baby. He remembers, but that is when he thought something was going to come between them, and he doesn’t think that anymore. He says that they are connected as much as they have ever been and assures her that they are going to raise this baby just like Claire. She says that now he has two children that have another man‘s DNA. He says that he can deal with it. She is trying to say that she thinks it is time for him to reconsider; he always tries to do the honorable thing, but a time comes when enough is enough. He wants her to just come out and tell him what is on her mind, so, she tells him that he needs to walk away from Belle and her children. She says that she thought Belle was the one and that she could make him happy if she could get Shawn out of her system, but now they have not one, but two children together. She thinks he’s fighting an uphill battle and thinks he deserves better; a woman that loves him as much as he loves her. She says it’s not Belle and it’s never going to be.

As Hope and Bo get up to go check on Belle, Chelsea walks in and calls out for him. She wonders what they are doing here and he tells her about the trouble with Belle. She wants to talk to him in private for a minute and Hope tells him that she will meet him upstairs later. Chelsea tells him that she’s worried about him and asks if Hope has taken him back yet. He tells her that they are working on it, but Chelsea says that he has already proven to her that he didn’t steal the evidence. She wonders why he thinks Hope will forgive him if she hasn’t already. Bo asks if there is a point to this, and she says that she thinks, if Hope isn’t going to forgive him, that he should be with someone else who loves him. He knows that she is referring to Billie, and she says that is exactly who she is talking about, and if he wants her, he better do it before it is too late. He wonders what she means by too late. This is when she tells him about seeing Billie and Steve kissing today. He has already seen them together at the Cheatin’ Heart, and he wasn’t too happy about it then. He also mentions that Kayla saw them too. She says that he can fix his problems; just go after Billie and get her back. She says that Billie still loves him and that they could be happy together. Bo tells Chelsea that his future is with Hope; Billie has accepted that and is moving on with her life. He asks her to excuse him, and he leaves to join Hope.

Phillip asks Kate how he is supposed to walk away from the best thing that has ever happened to him. Kate disagrees with that, and even though it’s taken her a long time, she has realized that now. She says that he has too much to offer, and was born to have so much better than this, instead, he’s playing house in some dingy apartment with a woman that doesn’t even appreciate him. She encourages him to find another woman and let Belle go back to Shawn and be done with it.

Hope knocks on Belle’s door and asks if she is up for some company. Belle is glad to see her and invites her inside. Belle talks about her fears with the baby, and says she knows that the whole embryo thing was a mistake, but it doesn’t feel like a mistake to her. Hope asks if she feels that way because the baby is Shawn’s. Belle knows she shouldn’t think that because it isn’t right to Phillip, but she does. Hope tells her that she should take this time to think about what she really wants for her future and her children. She says that maybe this baby and Claire is a sign. Belle says that she thought that at first, but says that she’s not the only one who is married to someone else; Shawn is married to Mimi. Hope knows it is complicated, but says that nothing is impossible. She talks about her own situation, and Belle says that she and Bo were meant to be together, and when two people love each other the way they do, nothing should be able to keep them apart. Hope says, “Exactly. So maybe you should take your own advice.” Belle smiles.

Shawn picks up the baby monitor, and when Mimi asks what he is saying to her, he slams it down and turns to her. He asks her what she thinks he’s saying. He says, “You betrayed me. You betrayed your best friends and my daughter.” He turns and heads for the door and she runs after him, grabbing his arm, promising to make it up to him. She thinks now that everything is out in the open, they can start to work on things and make their marriage stronger than it has ever been. She begs him to give her a chance to earn back his trust. His answer is no. He says it’s too late and their marriage is over. He leaves her in the apartment and she screams “NO!” Freeze frame:

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Sami: Would you stop it?

Lucas: Been after you ever since he got to Salem. You know that.

Bonnie: We are gonna get Shawn back.

Mimi: It was one of your plans that got me in this mess in the first place, mother!

You think I'm nice?

Bo: I will not let you do this to yourself.

Hope: [ Crying ] Bo.

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