Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/29/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/29/06



Written By Kristy

Max and Stephanie share a passionate kiss inside the steam room.

Kate, Billie, and Chelsea are together for a lunch date. The head into the restaurant and Kate isn’t happy about being here because she worked here years ago. Billie and Chelsea insist, so Kate caves in and they head inside. Once inside, Billie sees Steve and then decides that they should go somewhere else. Too late; Steve has already seen Billie and gets up to talk to her. Chelsea asks if he’s Stephanie Johnson’s father, which he is, and asks if she’s a friend of Stephanie’s. The answer is no, and then Billie speaks up and introduces Chelsea and Kate to him. Billie says that they have to leave now, but this time, Kate insists they stay. She tells Billie that Chelsea did say that this place had the best “meat” in town.

Bo and Hope sit with Belle, and she’s feeling better now. Bo and Hope urge her to see her doctor, saying that she doesn’t want anything to happen to the baby. Phillip comes in and asks what is going on. Belle starts having cramps again and Phillip holds her.

Bo is pounding on Shawn and Mimi’s door as they make love on the couch. As soon as Bo mentions that it is something with Belle, Shawn jumps up and runs to the door. Bo tells him that they are taking Belle to the hospital and Shawn insists on going along with them. Bo asks if Mimi will watch Claire while they are gone; she agrees. Mimi plops down on the couch, frustrated that she and Shawn have been interrupted again.

Steve sits at the table with the “Robert’s Girls” and asks Billie where she’s been lately. She reminds him that she is a mother and has been spending a lot of time at home. Kate has a few comments about Billie’s love life, or lack there of, and Billie informs Chelsea to never take relationship advise from her grandmother.

Phillip paces the floor at the hospital as Shawn sits with Hope and Bo; they await word on Belle’s condition. Shawn asks Hope how this could have happened, and Phillip, listening in on their conversation, asks how he thinks it happened. Shawn immediately takes offense and feels like Phillip is blaming this on him. Phillip says that Belle started having cramps soon after he served them with the custody papers, and tells him to do the math. They bicker back and forth about the custody issue and Phillip says that he should have discussed the issue with them before he shoved it down their throats; he thought they were friends. Bo comes in between the two of them, trying to calm them down as the slurs continue. Phillip tells Shawn not to blame this on him because he blames Shawn if she were to loose the baby.

Max asks Stephanie if she’d like to go somewhere for dinner with him. She would love to, and as he gets up to walk out of the steam room, she makes a “happy face” smile to herself. She likes where this is going.

Mimi opens the door to Belle and Phillip’s apartment to let Bonnie in. Mimi comments that it is about time that she got over here. Bonnie is ranting about the price of gasoline when a thought hits her. She wants to know why Mimi is in Belle’s apartment and why Mimi has the long face. Mimi informs her that she is babysitting AGAIN, and Bonnie slurs Belle for not being there with her own child. Mimi tells her that Belle had cramps AGAIN and everybody, including Shawn, ran to her rescue. Bonnie wonders if Belle miscarried, and Mimi says that’s what everybody is thinking. She says that she does not want anything to happen to her baby, but Bonnie says, if she does loose the baby, that is one less tie she has on Shawn.

Shawn and Phillip get louder and Hope comes in between them, along with Bo, to quiet the situation. She tells them that the two of them fighting like this is the reason Belle is in here, and if they want her to have a healthy pregnancy, they have to support her. She warns both of them not to make things any worse than they already are. Shawn tells Hope that Phillip doesn’t want her to have the baby anyway because it’s his baby. Phillip never speaks up to deny the accusations. Shawn continues to badger Phillip, saying that he hates that Belle is carrying his kid and tells Phillip to admit that fact that he doesn’t want this baby, that he wished it had never been conceived, and that he wishes like **** that it never had to be born. This pushes Phillip over the edge and he grabs Shawn by the neck and starts punching at him. Bo rushes in and pulls Phillip away.

Max and Stephanie have brought Chinese take out back to the garage. They joke around about the Salem Grand Prix and Max admits that he is a little nervous about the all this too. She asks if there is a reason and he says that Shawn has a lot riding on this new engine and he doesn’t want to let him down.

A security guard pushes Phillip down into a chair and tells him to calm down or he will call the cops. Bo pulls out his badge and tells the guard that he is with the Salem P.D. and he will handle this. Bo asks Phillip what he’s doing, and tells him that if he keeps this up, he will loose his family. Hope tries to get through to Phillip by telling him that she knows what he is going through and Shawn says that he’s sorry. Phillip doesn’t want to hear from Shawn and tells him to shut up. Dr. Ross comes out and Shawn asks her about Belle and the baby.

Mimi pouts and walks around the apartment, telling Bonnie that she hates the way she (Mimi) has been acting. Bonnie doesn’t blame her for wanting to keep her husband all to herself; it’s what every woman wants and deserves. She blames Mimi’s guilty feelings on Belle’s superior acting attitude, and tells Mimi that she is a good person; a much better person than Belle. Bonnie asks about their love making and Mimi says that they were in the middle of making love, and Bo came over with news of Belle’s cramps. She blames Belle, saying that it seems like she has radar for every time she and Shawn get close, and manages to come between them. Mimi says it’s like a tug-of-war with her regarding Shawn. Bonnie tells Mimi how strong she is and to pull him on over to her side. Mimi says that if it was just her, she would, but Belle’s got Claire and this new baby on her side; she’s afraid that the three of them are a lot stronger than she is.

Dr. Ross tells Phillip and Shawn that Belle’s blood pressure is slightly elevated, but that it’s down from what it was when she came in. Shawn asks about the baby, and the doctor tells him that the baby’s heartbeat was a little slow; she’d like to keep them for observation. Shawn wonders, since she had cramps before, if this is normal. Dr. Ross says that this time is more concerning, and she understands that Belle has been under a lot of stress lately. She turns to Phillip and says that he can go in to see her, but she needs to take it easy; both for her sake and the baby. Shawn speaks up and tells the doctor that it is HIS baby. Phillip says that she is HIS wife. Dr. Ross tells the both of them to work it out, but no stress. Hope wants Phillip to take a couple of minutes to calm down, and asks him to do it for Belle. He agrees and Hope and Bo look at each other. Both of them seem to have an uneasy feeling. Shawn goes in to see Belle first, while Phillip calms down, and Shawn tells Belle that everything is going to be okay. Belle is crying and tells him that she was so scared that she was going to loose their baby. He bends down and holds her.

Stephanie is having trouble using the chop sticks and Max laughs at her. He gets up from the table and comes behind her. He takes her hands to teach her how to hold them. She obviously likes the extra attention. They find themselves face to face once again. She tells him that he is unlike no one she’s ever met before and she feels safe when he is around. He makes fun of her ever being scared. She says that she is mostly afraid of loosing her dad again.

Kate asks Chelsea to put her napkin in her lap and turns to Billie and says that she hopes that she’s not overstepping her boundaries. Billie says that “yes she would” overstep her bounds. Steve asks Billie if she is afraid Kate is going to corrupt Chelsea with manners. Billie says that it’s much worse; she will try and control her. Kate blows at Billie’s comment and tells her that she’s not trying to over take her daughter; she’s just trying to groom her a little. Billie tells her to get a dog. Kate insists that someone needs to teach Chelsea how to get to the top and stay there. Billie says that her mother can do that, but Kate says someone with experience needs to help her. Chelsea tells Billie that she has to admit, when it comes to success, Grandma Kate is an expert. Billie says that depends on her definition of expert. Steve comes in and tells the “ladies” to go back to their corners and Chelsea, a little amused by the bickering, says that they are acting like this is some boxing match.

Max asks if Stephanie is afraid that Steve is going to leave them again and go back to Cincinnati again. That’s not what she is afraid of. She says that you can loose somebody while they are still here. She says that he is back in Salem, but he feels farther away than ever now. Max thinks Steve may need some more time, and this frustrates Stephanie a little and she says that they have lost so much time already. Max says that he knows what it feels like to be so close to something, but be afraid that you will let it slip through your fingers. She wonders if that is what her father is afraid of; if he’s afraid of his feelings or if he’s afraid of disappointing her and her mother. She says that the only way he could ever disappoint either of them is to leave again. She wonders why he doesn’t understand that and says that it seems like something is pulling him away from her and her mother; something really strong.

Chelsea says that she is going to leave to start the fun part of her life. Kate offers to walk her out, and leaves Billie alone with Steve, suggesting they have desert together. Steve asks Billie if she’s up for it.

As Hope sits with Phillip, Bo brings him a cup of coffee. Phillip tells Bo that he knows he’s been in this situation before and asks how he felt. Bo says he felt like he wanted to kill somebody. Phillip understands and says that he feels like Shawn wants to take everything away from him. He says everything he has ever believed in has turned out to be a lie. Hope says that nothing can ever change the way he feels about Claire. He points out that someone could take Claire away from him, and if that ever happens, he doesn’t know what he’ll do.

Shawn and Belle are looking at an ultrasound picture of their baby and he can’t believe that they can see the fingers and toes. He says that he was immediately drawn to Claire when she was born and already feels so close to this baby. He puts his hand on her stomach and the baby kicks for him. He lays his head down on her stomach and talks to the baby. Belle puts her hand over Shawn’s and he puts his arm around her; they share a special moment together.

Mimi has just talked to Hope, and tells Bonnie that Belle and the baby are doing well right now. She makes a face and sarcastically tells Bonnie that Shawn couldn’t talk to her because he was in with the “little mother”. Bonnie says that Shawn should be home soon and she wants Mimi to march her butt across the hall and cook her man a good dinner. She also tells her to put on one of those sexy outfits she brought her. Mimi wonders who would watch Claire if she does this. Bonnie picks up the baby monitor and asks Mimi if this would work over at her house. Mimi says that it will work, and they take the monitor and head across the hall.

Shawn tells Belle that he needs to get back home, but promises that he will work things out with Phillip because he wants them all to remain friends. She wants that too and he gets up to leave, telling her that he needs to get back to Mimi; they were in the middle of something when he left. He tells her that he is here for her.

Billie and Steve share desert together. All of a sudden, she’s lost her appetite. She says that she likes him a lot, but they can’t do this. He wants to know what is wrong. She says that the way he looks at her is like she is the only woman in the room, and asks about Kayla. Steve says that she is not in the room, but Billie wants to know what he would do if she was. He says that he plans on asking Kayla for a divorce.

Stephanie and Max clean up after eating. She wonders where the fortune cookies are, but Max doesn’t believe in them. She calls him a skeptic and he calls her a realist. They talk about Steve and Kayla and their relationship. He wishes he could tell her that everything is okay. He holds her. Chelsea is digging through her purse and can’t figure out where she put “it”.

Billie is concerned that they have just gone from Steve propositioning her to divorcing his wife. She thinks they missed a few steps here, but Steve says that he knows that she’s not interested in committing adultery. He promises that she is not the reason he decided to end things with Kayla. She worries that he is about to throw his life away because he still hasn’t recovered his memory. He says that it is not his life; it belongs to a guy named Steve Johnson that he doesn’t even know. She asks him, “Why me.” He gets up and sits next to her in the booth. He doesn’t know, but she feels familiar to him somehow, and they are two people looking to connect. He touches her face and asks what they are going to do. He kisses her and Chelsea walks in and then turns around and shuts the door. She is shocked.

Bonnie and Mimi are preparing dinner for Shawn. Mimi has changed into something a little sexier, and Bonnie helps her adjust her “cleavage”. Over the monitor, they hear Claire start crying, and they both leave to go across the hall to check on her.

Phillip comes in to sit with Belle. He touches her stomach and says that he hopes the baby will be okay. She doesn’t want to make things any harder for him, but he says not to worry about him because he will be fine. He just wants to take care of his family.

Shawn comes out of the elevator and knocks on Belle’s door. The baby is crying and they don’t hear him. Mimi doesn’t know what to do because Claire will not stop crying. Bonnie picks her up and sits down in the rocker with her. Mimi gets the pacifier and it doesn’t work either. Bonnie gives Mimi instructions on how to handle Shawn when she gets home. Shawn goes into his apartment looking for her and hears Claire crying over the monitor. He hears Mimi say to Bonnie that she wishes she could be as sure about all this as she is. Bonnie tells her that everything is going to work out just fine. Shawn is listening to their conversation and then Mimi says, “Yeah, but if Shawn ever found out that I have known all along that Claire is his daughter, he would never forgive me.”

Previews for Monday:

Chelsea: You say one thing and then do another. I saw you kissing Steve Johnson. I love you. I just made a terrible mistake.

Shawn D.: Yeah, so did I -- the biggest mistake of my life.

Chelsea: If hope can't forgive you, then maybe you're better off with somebody else.

Belle: When two people love each other, nothing should keep you apart.

Hope: Maybe you should try taking your own advice.

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