Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/28/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/28/06



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Max is at the hospital, embarrassed that he lost the test run to Stephanie he kicked the car and broke his toe. They get close, almost kissing. She teases him about it as he waits for the doctor. Bo tells Hope about the DNA test revealing Shawn as Claire's father. She is surprised that Chelsea finally did the right thing. She also is shocked that Belle shares two children with her son. She knows it will not be an easy situation. Frankie stops by the garage to see Shawn for legal advice. Shawn prepares Frankie for the case, and tells him that he wants custody of Claire. Chelsea is filing folders at the hospital, when she overhears two nurses talking. When she questions them, they tell her that a celebrity is being treated, Max Brady. They also refer to Stephanie as his girlfriend.

Victor demands to know why Philip was jailed. Philip, lying, tells his father that while out drinking some army guys were mouthing off. Victor goes to spend some time with baby Claire; while Belle, wondering why her husband would lie, questions Philip. Philip firmly declares that he is Claire's father, end of story.

Shawn talks with Frankie about a custody arrangement for baby Claire. Frankie informs Shawn that, because Philip will put up a fight, it will be difficult. Shawn tells Frankie that they will need an even bigger fight. Bonnie stops by to see Mimi with gifts, very strange gifts, to enhance her sex life with Shawn. Mimi informs her that she doesn't need them, as last night Shawn was amazing in bed. She is confident that Claire isn't going to change their marriage.

At the hospital, Stephanie helps Max up off the hospital bed. Max is worried that word will get out about his loss to Stephanie. Just as he swears her to secrecy, Chelsea walks in having heard everything. At the garage Frankie discourages Shawn from ripping the baby away from Philip.

Bo and Hope have coffee together. Hope is surprised to know that finally Chelsea did the right thing, speaking of the hospital file she left in Shawn's room. Bo explains the situation involving Philip and baby Claire. He tells her that Philip ran with the baby and got arrested for disorderly conduct. Hope feels sorry for everyone involved, knowing first hand how devastating the effects can be of raising a baby and discovering that it isn't your baby, biologically. They share a sad moment as they remember baby Zach. Max is less than welcoming to Chelsea. Stephanie, confident and happy, asks if Chelsea will be going to the big race. Chelsea looks at Max and asks if she has a reason to go. Bo and Hope can't believe the new addition to their family and they remember spending time together on the boat. Bo suggests that although they have been though so much since then, they can still be just as happy.

Just as Victor brings Claire down, Philip gets served. Shawn wants his daughter! Bonnie goes through her wild and wacky gifts, showing Mimi some of her own outrageous outfits. She gives her daughter an article on a town home, suggesting that Shawn should buy it next week when he gets his money from the races. Bonnie warns Mimi to get as far away from Belle and Claire as possible. While, Mimi is certain her marriage is stable. Shawn returns with good news, he is suing for custody of Claire! Mimi and Bonnie do not look happy.

Chelsea is excited to tell Max the news about her case but he refuses to listen. But unfortunately Max doesn't want to hear another plea of innocence on her behalf. To her disappointment he leaves her standing in the hospital room. Belle is shocked and can't believe that Shawn is doing this. Victor finally learns the truth about the paternity. Philip gets upset anytime someone refers to Shawn as Claire's father. Bonnie helps her stumbling daughter through the shock of Shawn suing Philip. Mimi appears to be supportive.

Stephanie cares for Max's broken toe with ice. Victor sympathizes with Philip about the baby; while Philip wants Victor to use his connections to fight Shawn. Bo and Hope arrive shocked over Shawn's actions. Shawn is ready to build a nursery in the spare bedroom, where he planned to decorate for their baby. Mimi is very disappointed, while Bonnie encourages her to be supportive. Shawn, overhearing Mimi's worries, asks Bonnie for some time alone with her.

Chelsea arrives at the garage to find Max. She thinks of tampering with his car when Frankie comes in and questions her. Meanwhile, Max and Stephanie relax in the sauna, wrapped in towels! Victor leaves. Shawn, overwhelmed by the thought of being a father to three children, asks Mimi if she will be able to handle it. Chelsea tells Frankie about the accident. He assures her that Max will be persuaded when he hears the truth.

Stephanie and Max kiss in the steam!

Mimi and Shawn make love. Bo tells Belle that Marlena is missing.

Belle has horrible abdominal pain.

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