Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/27/06



Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

John is eating, as Abe, Lexi, and Isaac arrive. He looks very surprised to see them all together. Lexi wonders why Abe hasn't told his friends about their relationship.

Bo tells Tek that he didn't get anymore information out of Patrick during the interrogation. Tek wants to continue investigating the case against Bo's wishes. Bo tells him that they don't have time or men to spare; and that the case is a done deal. Sami embraces Will so tight that she chokes him. Everyone is glad to see Will; but they are surprised when he admits that he wasn't kidnapped. He ran away!

Roman calls John and asks him to immediately come down to the station, waiting to break the news in person of Marlena's disappearance. Bo continues to discourage Tek from further investigating the case against Patrick. Tek is concerned that, should Patrick be innocent, the killer will target the Brady family.

AJ pushes the TV crew, still filming, outside. Will admits that he ran away to Chicago because he was upset that Sami didn't marry Austin. Will attended two baseball games and slept on a park bench. He was afraid that the other students at school would make fun of him again, for Sami's misunderstood behavior. Kate brings up an important question by asking how the computerized voice on the other end of the phone knew that Will had ran away.

Just as Bo is leaving to find out the details concerning Will's reappearance, and to escape Tek's continuing defensive arguments, John meets Bo at the door. Bo suggest Dimera involvement. Carrie stops John as Bo is leaving; and tells him that there is bad news about Marlena. Roman speaks up telling him that she is missing. Sami is determined to protect Will.

Lexi and Abe share a meal and laughter with their son. Isaac plays their first anniversary song, and an emotional Lexi kisses Abe. Tek walks in and appears upset over the family bonding.

Abe is less than civil with Tek, who interrupts the special moment. Roman gives John the details leading up to Marlena's disappearance. Roman believes that maybe she went on her own free will, to clear her head. Carrie is extremely worried about her step mother. Roman wants John to go to New Jersey after her, he admits that there is no one he trusts more than John. John tells Carrie that Will is home. Not knowing the details, they think the broadcast worked.

When Bo arrives at Sami's apartment, she is focused on the call she received just before Will ran away and; she wants Bo to sweep the place for bugs. Bo blames everything on Patrick Lockhart. Austin suggest that given Patrick's past, he could be involved with the Dimeras'. Overreacting, Sami tells Will he can never leave the house again.

Lexi and Abe casually talk about Patrick and the Eve Michael's case. When Lexi takes Isaac to the restroom, Tek rushes over to taunt Abe about lying to Lexi. He can't understand why she loves him. Will sits to eat while Sami and Lucas question him. Sami reminisces about when she ran away while she was pregnant with Will. She starts to cry and apologizes for her mistakes.

John, Bo and Roman continue to discuss Marlena, when the police department calls. They discovered a blood stain in Marlena's hotel room.

Austin, Kate, and AJ have drinks, when Carrie arrives, kissing Austin. Kate congratulates them on finding their way back to each other.

Sami tries to explain why she ran out on her wedding. Will tells her that she always disappoints him, and he wants to be a part of a real family. He was embarrassed after he stood up in the church on his mother's behalf. Lucas speaks up about to tell him about his failed marriage to Carrie.

Carrie and Austin believe that Sami and Lucas belong together. They appear very much in love. Carrie tells Austin that Marlena is missing. Lucas tells Will that his marriage is over. He suggests that he should move in to watch Will more closely. Will seems pleased while Sami is shocked. John goes to look for his wife.

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