Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/26/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/26/06



Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

At the jail, Hope visits Patrick, and he immediately asks her if she believes he is innocent. Bo tells Roman that he wants another shot at Lockhart (Patrick) to help them find Will. A sad Carrie sits alone at the Brady Pub, when Austin arrives joining her. Carrie struggles to deal with the fact that she cheated on Lucas when he needed her most. She admits to Austin that she is a slut. She wants to be there for Lucas while he is worried about Will; but she knows he won't even look at her after her betrayal. Then, she tells Austin that she has to find a home, soon, because she has no where to live. He tells her he needs one also, they smile and sweetly kiss.

Lucas knocks on Sami's door, making a remark because Austin is out, probably with Carrie. Lucas wants to focus on finding their son. Another knock on the door, reveals Kate, AJ and an entire crew. Sami thanks Kate for allowing them to use her new TV station to find Will. Because they have shared so much together, Hope visits Patrick to hear his side of the story, pertaining to the Eve Michael's case. Hope tells him that the evidence against him is overwhelming.

At the station, Bo is determined to break Patrick Lockhart before the broadcast airs. Kate explains to Sami and Lucas how the broadcast will air. While, AJ gives them advice on how to effectively reach the audience. Back at the pub, Austin tells Carrie that he doesn't want to hide his feelings for her now that Lucas and Sami know the truth. Carrie doesn't want anyone to talk about them. She is afraid for everyone to know she broke her marriage vows.

At the station, Bo takes off to question Patrick. However, the ballistics report arrives just before Bo leaves. Hope discusses the details of Patrick's case. She tells him that his fingerprints were found on the jewel case. Patrick pleads his case; and attempts to blame Bo. Outside the pub, Austin defends Carrie, who is putting herself down. Carrie wishes that she had Marlena to confide in. Austin kisses her goodbye, and is on his way to Sami's apartment to offer his support for Will. Kate is shocked to hear that Lucas's marriage is over. Lucas admits that even if Austin was out of the picture, he would never be with Carrie again.

Everyone is ready to begin the broadcast. Kate nervously interferes as Sami and Lucas sit closely and hold hands. It is important that they appear as loving as possible during the plea for information on Will. Visiting the station to see Roman, Carrie breaks down about her affair with Austin. Carrie admits that she hurt many people and is unsure about what to do. Bo privately overhears Hope as she passionately defends Bo to Patrick. Bo is pleased. Bo then begins interrogating Patrick.

Carrie tells Roman that she and Austin have gotten back together. Austin is her one true love and she cannot get him out of her heart. AJ tries to ease Kate, who is worried about Sami and Lucas growing closer. During a break, Lucas consoles Sami. When Austin arrives, Kate suggests that he should leave considering his affair with Lucas's wife. Lucas jumps off the couch, while Sami attempts to stop him from verbally attacking Austin. Lucas tells her that if anyone holds her hand, supports her and helps her through this traumatic time, it will be him.

Bo confirms, in front of Hope, that the ballistics report was a one hundred percent match. Patrick doesn't have any answers for Bo's questions. Bo also reveals that Patrick made a call to Sami Brady on the day Will was kidnapped. Patrick denies calling her, along with everything else. Any faith Hope had in him appears to be destroyed.

Roman assures Carrie that Lucas is strong and will make it through this. Roman tells her not to let Austin by punishing herself for her mistakes. Lucas and Sami send an emotional message to Will and his abductors. Lucas pleas to whomever is holding Will to let him come home. He offers money, and pours out his heart to his missing son. Carrie feeling much better hugs Roman.

Roman calls for Marlena and receives disturbing news. Marlena is missing!

Hope is asked to leave, while Bo continues to question Patrick. Sami apologizes to Will for all of his disappointments. She remembers back to his birth. Just as she finishes her heartfelt plea Will walks through the door!

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