Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/25/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/25/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Billie and Chelsea are having dinner together at Dune as Lexie comes to the table to thank Billie for the advice she gave her about not giving up on Abe. Lexie joins them and tells them that she finally feels like their marriage has a chanced.

Abe gives Bo the results to Shawn and Claire’s DNA results. He is shocked and Roman comes in to share in the good news. Roman reminds Abe about his dinner date with Lexie. Abe says that he wants to tie up all these loose ends with Lexie; he doesn’t want to spend any more time with her than possible. Tek walks in and overhears his confession to Bo and Roman. He says that he’s been playing Lexie the whole time.

Sami sits on her couch crying when she hears a knock at the door. E.J. stands there with the razor he promised to get for Austin. Sami tells him that he went to the roof for air. E.J. then tells her that he saw Carrie headed toward the roof as well.

Carrie and Austin are involved in a very passionate kiss when Lucas comes through the door. He tells Austin to get his hands off his wife.

Tek walks up to Abe, telling him that it’s bad enough that he put his own wife on the murder suspect list, but reminds him that their murderer has been caught. He wants to know what is going on. Abe clearly points out that this in none of his business, but Tek insists that he is involved in this case too. Roman steps in and tells Tek that they do have reasons to suspect Lexie. Tek still defends Lexie and tells Abe that Lexie will be much better off when he is out of her life for good.

Sami asks if E.J. saw Carrie and Austin together. He didn’t, but he saw her come out of her apartment, upset, and headed up the stairwell. Sami comments that they had better not be up there comforting each other, and E.J. wonders why she would even think that. Sami explains to him that after she broke things off with Austin, she told him that she realized he was still in love with Carrie, and she knows he will always love Carrie more than he does her. She thanks E.J. for pointing that out because, although she knew it in her heart, she had avoided the truth. Sami goes on to say that she told Austin, if he truly loved Carrie, he should go for it and be with her. She feels like Carrie would be doing Lucas an injustice if her feelings for Austin were the same as his feelings for her. E.J. thinks that Sami is the only person who is being honest with herself and everybody else. Sami comments on the rough start that Carrie and Lucas have had since she found out that she wasn’t pregnant and couldn’t have children; now Will is missing. She tells him her fears about Lucas’ well being, and knows that he needs Carrie to be here for him now. She tells E.J. that Carrie had better not let him down.

Lucas is so angry and hurt. Carrie apologizes to him for kissing Austin and says that they didn’t want him to find out this way; Austin stands in the background putting his shirt on. Lucas wonders if she’s sorry for kissing his brother or sorry for being caught. Lucas is livid and he screams at her, telling her that she is supposed to be his wife, on their honeymoon, and his son is missing. He is totally out of control when Austin finally comes into the conversation. He says that the only thing that he and Carrie are concerned about right now IS finding Will, and that’s why they haven’t said anything to him about their relationship at this point. Lucas doesn’t want him to act like he even cares about him. He knows that he has been after Carrie from the second he proposed to her, and accuses Austin of always having to win. This comment upsets Austin, and he tells Lucas that he (Lucas) already knew how much the two of them loved each other and he went ahead and married Carrie anyway. Austin admits that this is wrong, but says that it is more wrong for them all to keep pretending. Lucas turns his focus toward Carrie and asks her if she’s been pretending to be his loving wife this whole time, and asks Austin if he went after her as soon as Sami turned him down. Austin says that he takes full responsibility, but Carrie interrupts and tells Lucas that this had to come out. Lucas says that he blames the both of them. He points at Carrie and says that he tried to give her an out, but she wouldn’t take it, and asks her why she would stay in something that she didn’t want to be in. Carrie promises that she does love him, but it’s different than her love for Austin. Lucas cuts her off and tells her that she doesn’t know the meaning of the word love. Lucas never thought he had anything to worry about, and as he rants, he says that he thanks God for E.J. Carrie asks about E.J. and Lucas says that he’s the one that told him she was up here. He explains that E.J. saw Carrie crying headed for the roof, and thought he may want to know since he is her husband, and may need to comfort her. Lucas is screaming that she didn’t need him because she has her brother-in-law to comfort and kiss her. He lunges toward Austin but Carrie stands between them.

As Abe and Tek exchange words, Roman interrupts and warns him not to make this personal. Bo says that it is personal; someone is out there with a vendetta against the Brady’s. Tek says that since Patrick has been arrested for the murder, a lot of the connections they made during the case are starting to unravel now. Roman reminds him that Will is still missing. Tek asks if they really believe that Lexie would take Will and accuses Abe of just wanting to get back at Lexie for the affair. Roman points his finger at Tek and tells him that he is out of line; this wasn’t even Abe’s idea, it was his. Tek points out that Abe was more than happy to go along with it anyway; he wants her to feel as rejected and hurt as he did. Abe tells Tek that he is in no position to talk to anyone about morality. He warns him that if he crosses this line again, he will have his badge. Abe excuses himself and leaves the office.

Sami looks at her watch and thinks that Austin should be back by now. E.J. says that he probably bumped into Lucas. Sami questions his statement, and E.J. says that when he saw that Carrie was so upset, he didn’t know that Austin was already on the roof, and he knocked on Lucas’ door to let him know that his wife was in tears. Sami asks E.J. if he minds watching the phone for her; she wants to go to the roof to find out what is going on up there. She heads out and we see Lucas screaming out of control, trying to get to Austin. Lucas says that he can’t believe that he just went to bed with her. Austin looks at Carrie as he realizes that she and Lucas have just slept together. He says, “Oh Carrie” as he drops his head. Lucas asks if she was thinking about Austin while they were making love and asks if it was “pity sex” that she was giving him. He tells her that he doesn’t need her in his life at all. He screams at Carrie, telling her that he made love with her, and five minutes later she was ready to jump into bed with Austin. We see Sami standing behind Lucas as he says this to Carrie. Sami asks if this is true. She walks up to Carrie and asks her how she could do this to Lucas, telling her that he loves her and does everything for her. Sami says that she’s got everyone else fooled into believing that she’s perfect, when in truth, she’s nothing but a whore.

Roman tells Tek to sit down, and tells him that he is removing him from the Eve Michael’s case. He tells Tek that he is a good detective, but after what he has pulled, he’s lucky that he still has a job. Tek says that he knows where this is coming from. Roman wants him to explain, and Tek tells Roman that his wife did him wrong and he now feels justified in taking his anger out on him. Roman starts to comment, but Tek tells him to listen. He says that Lockhart asked him to help prove his innocence, and now that he has gotten Patrick to trust him, he can’t take him off the case.

Abe comes into Dune looking for Lexie. He walks up to the table where Lexie sits with Billie and Chelsea. Lexie thanks the two of them for keeping her company, but excuses herself to be with Abe. Chelsea asks Billie what she wanted to talk to her about, and asks if it’s about Bo and Hope’s divorce not going through. Billie admits to Chelsea that she is partly responsible for that. This gets Chelsea’s attention and she asks what she is talking about. Billie says that this has been eating away at her for a long time. She goes on and says that she went to the divorce hearing. Chelsea can’t believe that she did this. Billie tries to reason with Chelsea; she says that Hope had a right to know that her husband didn’t cheat on her during their marriage. She says that they did despicable things to them. Chelsea disagrees and asks if keeping her out of prison was despicable. Billie reminds her that she didn’t go to prison; she was given a reduced sentence, and Bo deserved the truth as well. Chelsea wonders why she has waited this long to tell the truth then. Billie says that she was afraid, but she has no desire to get back together with her father. Chelsea is upset and Billie tells her that part of her job as a mother is to set a good example; she admits that she a done a terrible job at that. She hates the fact that she had to grow up without her; her mother. Chelsea blurts out that she had a mother, Mrs. Benson. Billie knows, and she hates that. Chelsea says that she didn’t grow up without love and she never even knew about her real parents. She says that she was a mistake for her and Bo and comments that Billie didn’t even know that she gave birth to a living, breathing baby; she just let them take her away from them. That hurts Billie’s feelings. Chelsea says that if Bo and Hope really had that great of a marriage, it wouldn’t have taken them this long to talk to each other and find out the truth for themselves. Chelsea thinks the only reason Hope can’t forgive Bo is because of her.

Abe tells Lexie that she looks great and he had a great time the other night. They talk about Theo, and Abe asks what else she has been up to. Bo walks into Dune, and over to Billie and Chelsea’s table. He reminds Chelsea that he told her he didn’t want anything else to do with her unless she could prove to him to be decent person. He just wants to tell her that he’s proud of her.

Sami tells Austin how hard she worked to be a good person for him so she could be worthy of him. She says that, after all this time, she doesn’t know him at all. He reminds her that she’s the one that told him to follow his heart. Lucas looks at Sami and looks confused, thinking she knew about this. She says that she’s not the one that told him to sneak around behind his brother’s back. Austin says that they were going to tell her and Lucas, but Will was kidnapped, and they didn’t want to hurt them anymore. They decided to wait. Sami asks if they couldn’t keep their hands off each other for a couple of days while they are dealing with Will’s abduction. Sami says that everybody else says that she has no self control, and then looks at Carrie and asks her how she could do this again. She screams at her, saying that she and Lucas just got married, and asks how she could do this to him. Lucas steps in and asks how she could even marry him. He says that his first marriage lasted for two months because his mother bribed the bride, but asks what her excuse is, and tells her not to say that it was because of the baby; she accepted his proposal before she even knew about the pregnancy. He knows that he pushed and pushed her, but she could have said no. Lucas asks Sami and Austin to leave him alone with Carrie. She looks at Lucas and tells him that she doesn’t know what to say to him. He says that there is nothing she can say; he wants her out of his life. Lucas says that he keeps thinking about the night before his and Sami’s wedding when he thought she had cheated on him; it wasn’t true, but he didn’t believe her. He lost her, and instead, he chose to believe in Carrie. He reminds her how she knew that he had trust issues because he feared in not having something stable; something that lasted for the rest of his life. Instead, she lied and cheated on him. Carrie agrees with him and she knows that she has really hurt him. She starts crying, which makes him even madder. He tells her to quit playing the victim, and says that she’s been playing the victim ever since she got back to Salem. He quiets down and tells her that she left Austin for Mike, and now she’s left him for Austin. He wonders what is next for her, and how long it will take for her to do this to Austin again. He tells her not to cry to him; it serves his brother right; he deserves a woman like her. He leaves her standing alone on the roof.

Downstairs in Sami’s apartment, E.J. apologizes to her, saying that if he had any idea of what was going on up on the roof, he never would have told Lucas. Austin is listening to their conversation as he packs his bags. Sami tells E.J. that he did them a favor and has nothing to be sorry for. Austin finally comes into the conversation and walks up to E.J. and asks what his problem is. He tells him that he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. He tells E.J. that this is none of his business and tells him to get out of here. Sami jumps in and tells Austin that this is her apartment and he doesn’t have any right to tell her friend to get out. Sami says that she doesn’t want him (Austin) to leave, or fight, she just wants to find her son. E.J. says that he will leave because he has a lot of work to do to get ready for the plea on television tomorrow. While looking directly at Austin, he says that the ONLY thing important here is to find Will. As E.J. is leaving, Sami thanks him again for all his help. She turns to Austin and tells him that she knows he is feeling bad right now, but he has no right to take it out on E.J. He starts to say something about E.J. and she screams at him, telling him that she’s not the cheater here; he is, and has brought all this on himself. She talks about how hurt Lucas is, and says that if he “falls off the wagon” after this, it is his fault entirely.

Bo tells Chelsea that Shawn really is Claire’s father. Chelsea is happy and Bo says that he owes her an apology. Bo turns his attentions to Billie and says that Hope told him about what happened in court. She says that she can’t apologize enough about what she did to keep them apart. He thanks her for finally coming forward and Billie says that she hopes it’s not too late. Bo looks at Chelsea and tells her that he hope it isn’t too late for them either. He has no idea how happy that makes her, especially when she thought he hated her. He tells her that he doesn’t hate her. She hugs him and tells him that she is happy to have him back in her life.

Roman and Tek are still in his office, and Roman calls Bo to tell him that they have the phone records they subpoenaed from Lockhart. He says that Patrick did call Sami at approximately the same time that Sami said she received the threatening phone call. They both feel like this proves that he is involved with the kidnapping, but wonder since he’s in jail, where could Will be.

Lucas enters his apartment, out of breath, and walks into their bedroom. He pulls off his wedding ring as he paces around the apartment.

Sami tells Austin that she wanted to believe that he was upset because of Will. When Austin says that he was upset because of Will, this angers Sami and she informs him not to use her son as an excuse for his adultery. Austin promises that he had no idea Carrie would be up on the roof tonight. Sami talks about how she was second choice to Carrie. Austin tells her that he does care a lot about her, but it’s just different from what he feels for Carrie. He says that his and Sami’s relationship meant a lot to him. Sami felt the same way, saying how much she looked up to him and how much his thoughts mattered to her. She says that she would never cheat and is grateful that he never cheated on her. He tells her that when they started dating, he thought he and Carrie could never be together, which hurts Sami’s feelings. It makes her realize even more that he just settled for her. He refuses to let her play the victim because he knows that she still loves Lucas, whether she admits it or not. He talks about not understanding why Carrie chose Lucas to begin with, and how it took her a long time to realize the mistake she’d made; they have all made mistakes. Austin is concerned that Carrie and Lucas have been up on the roof for a long time. Sami warns him not to go up there and make it worse, but he has to go check on Carrie. We see Lucas open the door to his apartment and put Carrie’s suitcase out in the hallway. As Austin comes out of Sami’s apartment, he notices the suitcase.

Chelsea tells Billie that she can’t believe that Bo forgave her and realizes that she is not going to jail. Billie says that she can have a clean start again, but it’s her choice what she will do with it. E.J. walks up to their table and Billie attempts to introduce him to Chelsea; he informs her that they met the other night at the pier, which Chelsea doesn’t remember right away, and E.J. passes it off by changing the subject. You can tell Chelsea’s mind is wondering about meeting him.

Lexie is excited about Abe ordering champagne, but a little disappointed when the toast he makes is only to their son, and not to them as a couple. She makes the toast, and he notices the change in her expression. He asks if something is wrong, and she says that, thinking how close she came to loosing custody of Theo, it hurts her, and she thanks him for giving their family another chance. He tells her not to get her hopes up; they have to get to know each other again. She knows that she has a lot of work ahead of her trying to regain his trust, but she knows that she can always trust him. This time, his expression changes and she wonders what is wrong. He says that it feels like a date and he feels a little nervous. She suggests making another toast; to the future and whatever it holds.

Billie asks E.J. to join them and he gladly accepts. They talk a little about Will, and then Billie excuses herself for a minute. Chelsea finally remembers that it was E.J. that helped her the other night after taking the ecstasy. She says that she doesn’t remember much from that night, and he warns her that it could have been much worse, and she’s lucky he found her when he did. She thanks him and asks him if he would promise not to say anything. He says that they will make a deal; if she promises not to ever take that stuff again, he promises to keep her secret. She agrees.

Roman tells Bo that it seems like his theory was correct. The person that killed Eve Michaels was the same person making the threats against the Brady’s. Tek wants in on this, but Roman says no. He tells him that if Patrick trusts him, he needs to stay out of it. Bo agrees with Roman and says that they can’t play good cop/bad cop because he will see right through it. Roman is afraid if they make one slip up, Will may not make it home. Bo promises that Will will come home and he will get the information he needs out of Lockhart.

Carrie is still on the roof alone, crying, as she takes off her wedding ring. Austin comes out on the roof and he says, “You slept with him.” She knows and is sorry. He understands and takes her in his arms. They hold each other and she wonders how she will ever face Sami or Lucas again. She knows the truth would have been awful no matter how it came out, and asks how loving him so much can cause such pain.

Sami is pacing the floors of her apartment and walks out of her apartment to see Carrie’s suitcase sitting in the hall outside of Lucas’ apartment. She knocks, and as he opens the door, he obviously thinks she must be Carrie because he starts to say, “Go away.” She just wanted to tell him that she’s sorry, but he tells her that she did nothing wrong. He walks back into his apartment as Sami follows. She tells him that he is better off without Carrie; just as she is without Austin. He never thought he’d hear her say that, but agrees that she’s right. She tells him that he deserves to have a woman that really loves him. He thinks if he hasn’t found her by now, he never will. She tries to encourage him, but he’s having a hard time. She believes that he can’t give up on true love. He is still angry, not at Sami, and as he is in her face yelling, he says that he probably wouldn’t even recognize his true love if she was two feet in front of him. (Ha) Sami just stares at him.

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Partick: The truth is, there is only one person who could have set me up to take the fall for all of this, and that’s Bo.

Bo: Is Lockhart's gun the murder weapon?

Roman: See for yourself.

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