Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/22/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/22/06


Written By Kristy

Sami paces back and forth across the floor and it is driving Lucas crazy as he sits on the couch. She is out of her mind with grief since Will has been missing for 24 hours with no word at all. She can’t understand why he is so calm, but he is just trying to deal with things rationally without wanting to take a drink. He reminds her that they need to stay strong for Will; he needs them. She knows that he is right and apologizes to him as she sits down next to him. She worries that it may be too late or that someone may have hurt him, but Lucas holds her and assures her that everything will be fine. He tells her that Will is strong and he will hang in there; he has the best of both of them. There is a knock at the door and Lucas runs to answer it. E.J. is there to go over plans for tomorrow. He tells them that he wants them to plead with the captors for Will’s release. (On television) He tells them to speak from their hearts and not to worry about going to the station; the crew will come here to tape. He is going to set up a live feed so it will air nationally. Sami and Lucas thank E.J. and he reminds them that Kate and Austin have also worked very hard putting this together. Lucas mentions that Carrie and Austin have been gone for a long time and should have been back by now.

Carrie and Austin share a drink at Dune and talk about all the flyers and posters they hung up for Will. They share memories of Will and Austin says that a part of him still considers Will his child; that’s one reason why he tried so hard to make it work with Sami. He reaches out for Carrie’s hand, but she pulls away and asks him to stop.

At the police station, Belle rushes in crying with Mimi behind her. She runs to John begging him to help her. Roman comes out of the office, and Bonnie comes into the station, both wondering what is wrong with Belle. Belle tells them that Phillip ran off with Claire and Mimi steps in and says that Shawn went after him; they haven’t seen or heard from them since. Belle talks about how crazy Phillip was and she’s worried what he might do. John doesn’t understand why she is so worried; Phillip is her father. Bonnie, Mimi, and Belle just look down and Belle tells him they just found out that Shawn is Claire’s father.

Phillip comes into the lab with Claire and speaks to the guy at the computer. The same guy Mimi tried to keep occupied the other day while Bonnie tried to change the DNA results. Phillip asks to speak with the manager and the guy tells him he is the only one here. Phillip wants to see the results, but the guy is afraid to show the results to anyone because the police department had sent them over and they are the only ones allowed to have the results. Phillip threatens the man as Shawn walk in behind them. Shawn tells the man to show Phillip the results. Phillip pulls himself and Claire away from Shawn and tells him to get away from them. Shawn explains to the guy that his father is the one that ordered the test and he said that it will be fine to show Phillip the results. He holds out his phone if the man wants to call the police station. The man agrees and tells him to look as he pulls out the results.

Lucas is leaving Carrie a message because she still isn’t answering her phone. They don’t understand why she or Austin hasn’t called. Sami tells him that they have enough on their minds without having to worry about Carrie and Austin too.

Carrie tells Austin that they cannot be together as long as Will is missing. He understands, but hopes to be able to tell them soon.

John can’t believe what he is hearing. Roman steps in and tells John that is was the results from the DNA test that Bo ordered. Belle talks about the night in the barn and thinks that it had to be the night that they conceived Claire; neither she nor Shawn remembers having sex. Bonnie says that she’d bet the results are wrong because Claire is the spitting image of Phillip. Roman says that the tests were run twice. Belle tells about Phillip loosing it when he heard the news and running out with Claire. Bonnie can’t keep her two cents out of it and says that she doesn’t blame Phillip. John realizes that Phillip wasn’t in a rational state of mind and they need to find him.

Back at the lab, the lab tech pulls out the paperwork and shows Phillip both tests. Phillip shakes his head and throws down the papers. He still will not believe it. Shawn tries to calm him down and tells him to go home with Belle. Security guards show up and ask for Phillip to hand them the baby, and tell him that they will take him to jail if he refuses. Phillip agrees to give them Claire if they give her right back. They agree, but when Phillip hands over Claire, one officer grabs him from behind and puts cuffs on him. They drag him out while he is screaming for Claire.

E.J. talks about the broadcast and the things they need to do while they are on air. Sami tries again to reach Austin and Carrie. They worry that something could have happened to them as well. Lucas leaves to go look for them.

Austin wonders if she has changed her mind about leaving Lucas. She hasn’t; she just can’t do it while Will is missing. She promises that she wants to be with him and it is killing her, but she has to be there for Lucas right now.

John tries to calm Belle by telling her that once Phillip calms down, he will come home with Claire and that he would never hurt her. Belle knows this, but she also knows that he would do anything to keep from loosing Claire. At this time, they hear Phillip screaming that he hasn’t done anything. They turn around to see Phillip being hauled into the station in hand cuffs. Belle asks for Claire and the officer tells her that she is with her father. Phillip screams again that he is her father. Roman asks why he has been arrested and the officer tells him that he threatened one of the lab techs and for disorderly conduct in the hospital. Shawn comes in holding Claire as Phillip stares with an evil look over his face.

Roman tells Belle that Phillip will be booked, and as soon as the paperwork is finished, he will be able to go home. Shawn wants to take Claire home with him and Mimi while Belle waits to get Phillip out. Bonnie wonders if that is such a good idea; they don’t want to upset Phillip again. Mimi agrees and tells Shawn that he may want to steer clear of Claire for the time being. He wants to take her home and feed her and give her a nap. Shawn takes her and Belle thanks him for finding Claire. Shawn and Mimi leave with Claire and John comes in and asks how Claire is doing. Belle is so upset and wonders if anything will ever be okay again.

E.J. brings Sami a cup of tea and tries to comfort her. She thanks him again for being her friend and always being here for her. She blames herself for Will being kidnapped, but E.J. doesn’t believe that.

Carrie realizes that it is getting late and checks her phone. She has no reception in Dune and is worried because she knows Lucas has tried to get through to her. Austin looks up and Lucas walks in, seeing the two of them together. He wants to know what is going on.

Shawn, Claire, Mimi, and Bonnie enter Belle and Phillip’s apartment. Bonnie tries to get Shawn to let her keep Claire so he and Mimi can spend some time together. He wants to take care of Claire, so Mimi starts to heat up her dinner. Shawn leaves the room with Claire to change her diaper and Bonnie, who is upset over Shawn’s actions, tells Mimi that he is already starting to act like he is her father. (Duh Bonnie) Mimi says that this is exactly what she knew would happen if he ever found out the truth. She says that this is the beginning of the end for them.

Roman is sorry Phillip was arrested, but Belle, knowing how out of control he was, says that it was probably for the best. She talks about having two children with Shawn and both of them being married to other people. John knows that she’s been struggling with this for some time, but reminds her that she made a commitment to her marriage. He promises her that it will work out. She can’t see Phillip getting past this. John knows what it is like to find out that children you’ve raised don’t belong to you, and it hurts, but over time you realize it doesn’t matter because you still love them the same. Roman tells Belle that Claire will end up with two fathers that will love her very much. John wonders what Belle is thinking and she tells him that she thinks Claire is the reason she stayed married to Phillip. He tells her to ask herself how she sees this situation playing out in the end for herself; her daughter also.

Lucas looks at Austin and tells him that he is unbelievable. He can’t believe that they are chillin’ having cocktails at Dune while Will is missing. They explain that they have been hanging posters all day, and came here to hang more; Lucas apologizes. Austin takes responsibility, saying that the manager offered them drinks while they wait and he pressured Carrie to relax for a while and have one. Lucas understands and says that he shouldn’t have over reacted. He appreciates their help. He hugs Carrie and she frowns at Austin after he tells her that she is the best wife and Austin is the best brother a man could have.

Sami runs and hugs Carrie; she’s glad that they are okay. Carrie explains and tells her that she is sorry for giving them one more thing to worry about. Sami understands and Lucas tries to get her to nap for a while. Lucas doesn’t want to leave her alone, but Sami says that Austin has offered to stay with her tonight. She hugs Carrie again, telling them to get some sleep. Austin comes in as Lucas and Carrie leave.

Bonnie and Mimi bicker back and forth about the baby food. Bonnie defends her ability as a mother and apologizes for not being able to change the test results. Mimi tells her that it is out and there is nothing they can do about it now. Bonnie says at least he doesn’t know everything. Mimi knows she’s talking about her knowing about Claire’s paternity the whole time. She is glad that Shawn doesn’t know about that because he would divorce her, not to mention, hate her forever.

Belle asks John if he’s asking her if she wants to leave Phillip. That wasn’t what he was implying, but he can understand why she would consider it under the circumstances. She says that she loves Phillip and this shouldn’t change anything. Roman tells her that there is a big difference between shouldn’t and won’t. John tells her to be honest with herself and Phillip. She is having a memory of her and Shawn together talking about baby names that will go with Claire. He is holding her stomach as Belle says that she will love her namesake; his great gran. He thinks it is perfect and tells her that he loves her so much. John brings her back and asks what she is thinking. She has no idea.

Sami thanks Austin for staying with her tonight and he has forgotten his razor. E.J. offers to get one for him at his apartment. Sami notices that he is upset and asks if he is okay. She tells him that she was worried that Lucas wanted to take a drink, and then she mentions the fact that she was worried that he and Carrie were off somewhere talking about getting back together. She says that she knows it is crazy, but she is glad that he didn’t take her advice. He doesn’t understand, and she reminds him that she told him that he and Carrie belong together, but she is glad he hasn’t said anything to her yet because she doesn’t think Lucas could handle that right now.

As Lucas and Carrie get ready for bed, she reassures him that Will will be found and not to worry. He thanks her for her love and support and tells her that he don’t know what he’d do without her. He tells her that he needs her right now and they kiss.

Shawn feeds Claire and talks so sweet to her as Mimi sits behind him with a frown on her face. Phillip and Belle get off the elevator and head toward their apartment. The door is cracked open and Phillip watches Shawn with Claire. He is angry and walks away from the door while Belle asks him to please not start another fight; and if not for her, please do it for Claire. He says that he’s not going to do anything crazy, but Claire is his baby with his name and there is nothing he can do about it.

Sami says that she knows it must have been tempting to go talk to Carrie right away, but she’s glad he didn’t because Lucas really needs her right now. He says that he’s sorry, but he has to get some fresh air. He walks down the hall and stands in front of Lucas and Carrie’s door for a second, and then heads to the roof. Inside, after Lucas and Carrie have made love, he sleeps and Carrie heads out the door; she is crying. Buttoning up her shirt, she heads toward the roof. E.J. notices and knocks on Lucas’ door. Austin is on the roof punching a punching bag as Carrie comes through the door. She goes to him and the lock in a passionate kiss and Lucas comes in to see them kissing. The look on his face is complete horror.

Previews for Monday:

Lexie: There's one thing I know for sure. I can always trust you.

Bo: I don't hate you.

Chelsea: I'm just really glad to have you back in my life.

Sami: I just know exactly how Lucas feels right now and I know that he needs Carrie to be there for him. And she had better not let him down.

Lucas: Obviously you don't need me 'cause you got your brother-in-law to kiss you and make you feel better! You damn bastard!

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