Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/21/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/21/06


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Hope and Maggie finalize the decorations for Jack and Jennifer's going away party.

At the Deveraux house, Abby helps Jack and Jennifer pack for London; later, Jacks' parents stop by. Bo and Kayla talk at the Brady Pub about their relationship trouble. Mimi wakes and joins Shawn, staring out the window, in their apartment. She immediately begins talking about Claire; in disbelief that her brother was arrested for murder the same day that her husband learns that he is the father of her best friends baby.

Bo is thankful to rid himself of Patrick, referring to his arrest for murder. Hope sits with Maggie, drinking some water to settle her stomach, and she is unsure if she trusts Patrick anymore. Maggie uses the recent miracle involving Jack and Jennifer to help convince her not to give up on Bo.

Steve stops by to say goodbye to Jack, who tells him that every time he and Jennifer are pulled apart something, (fate) pulls them back together. He is implying that Steve shouldn't give up on Kayla. Mimi and Shawn discuss the reality of baby Claire. Outside the window, he sees Philips car and; is anxious to tell Belle and Philip. Meanwhile, Philip is feeding Claire in her highchair, and makes an upsetting comment to Belle about her pregnancy. Belle questions Philip about weather he will be able to care for a baby that is not biologically his.

At the party, Alice, Abby and Jack Jr. share some cake. While, Jen apologizes to Hope, because the investigation she and Jack were working on led to Patrick's arrest. Maggie gives out the gifts. Jack's parents annoyingly bargain over how often they will visit. Kayla admits she will not be going to the party for Jack and Jen. Bo informs her that Brady's do not give up. Bo encourages Kayla to go after what she wants, fight for him. Deciding to go to the party, they leave.

Mimi and Shawn head over to Belle and Philip's apartment to tell them the news. Philip is in the middle of telling Belle that he is not happy about her carrying Shawn's baby, when the doorbell rings. Shawn and Mimi are moments away from telling them the truth and changing their lives forever.

Shawn reveals the shocking paternity truth to Belle and Philip. A surprised Belle almost falls, while Philip, still processing the news, pulls away with Shawn's daughter! Shawn tells Belle they must have made love the night of the fire. Mimi asks Phillip if he is okay. Kayla arrives the party to an awkward moment as Steve answers the door. After a few moments of silence, Bo asks Steve if they can come in.

Maggie is taking pictures with the rest of the family; while Alice tries to pull Bo and Hope together. Jennifer grabs Bo, hugging and thanking him for sending out a rescue squad. Hope also thanks Bo for not giving up on Jack and Jen. Jack says he is going to be around for a long time; promising to dance with his daughter at her wedding. He gives a heartfelt speech; thanking fate for finding Steve and reuniting him with Jennifer. Also he motivates Steve to reach out to Kayla. He warns him against wasting years of their remaining lives.

Philip will not accept the news about baby Claire. He talks about bringing her home from the hospital, counting her little fingers and toes; and now he promises her to always be there for her.

Kayla tries to talk to Steve about the speech but he coldly turns away. Bo breaks the ice with Hope by reintroducing himself; and romantically asking Hope to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course, she is still not ready. Jack and Jen start to say goodbye.

Phillip begins yelling at Shawn. Ignoring the fact that Claire is not his daughter, he warns Shawn not to touch her when she begins screaming.

Jen and Jack hug everyone at the party. Jen especially hugs Hope and they share a warm, tearful, goodbye. They speak to each other about their ongoing, never ending friendship, and all of the memories they have shared. Jack asks Abby to dance. Everyone crowds around as Jen says a special goodbye to Alice, the foundation of the family. Jack runs in and it is time to go. Everyone yells a final goodbye. Alice looks toward and touches a picture of Tom.

Phillip hits Shawn, grabs baby Claire and runs away with her!

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