Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/20/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/20/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Abe relieves Frankie's worries, telling him that Jack and Jennifer were found. Jack, who was found unconscious, was rushed to the hospital. Bonnie, outraged over Patrick's arrest, threatens the station, demanding to take Patrick home. Tek attacks Patrick, now in jail, over Eve Michael's murder.

At the hospital, Lexi questions Jennifer about what happened to Jack; while an upset Jennifer begs her to save his life.

Abe gives Bonnie, Shawn and Mimi the details of Patrick's arrest. Because Hope is pregnanct with his child, they all believe that Bo had perfect opportunity and reason to frame Patrick. Abby talks with Jennifer about her worries that Jack may not be in remission and may be dying. Lexi comes in and, interrupts them, with news.

Bonnie wants to take Patrick home; however Abe is certain that Patrick will not be allowed bail. He makes arrangements for them to see him. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to convince Tek that he is innocent and that the real killer is still out there. Tek agrees to investigate the case further.

Lexi, smiling, tells Jen and Abby that Jack is awake! But because of his illness, his is weak. She also gives the family some exceptional news; Jack is cured. She just received the fax letting her know he is well. The reaction they have is heartwarming.

Bonnie grabs Patrick tearfully. Mimi tells Patrick that Bo could have set him up; and that Shawn admits that its a possibility. An angry Patrick, says if he finds out that Bo is involved in framing him, he may really commit murder.

At the hospital, Lexi clears Jack to go home and; congratulates him for beating the disease. Jen, Abby and Jack, leave arm in arm, as a family, when they run into Frankie. Frankie is glad to hear that Jack is cured. Jennifer tells Frankie, while embracing him, that she is so grateful to him for everything he has done for them.

Bonnie continues to talk with Patrick. Patrick tells Bonnie that the divorce didn't go through. This also makes Bonnie angry as she thinks Bo is to blame.

Shawn waits at the station for the DNA results. He insists that Bonnie and Mimi be present for the results. Abe defends Bo, and tries to change Shawn's mind about his father. An emotional Jack thanks Lexi for the good news. While Abby apologizes to Frankie for her past attitude toward him and asks for another chance, a chance to start over. Frankie and Jack hug each other. Jennifer starts to tell a disappointed Frankie something when he stops her, and finishes her thoughts. He tells her that he has known for awhile that she is in love with Jack, and is going back to him. He knows her so well, he can see it in her eyes.

Abe informs Bonnie and Mimi that their visit with Patrick is over. They are shocked when Abe tells them that the DNA results are almost ready. Meanwhile, a police officer signs for the results; while a nervous Shawn looks on. Jen and Frankie have an emotional goodbye, and share one last tearful kiss. As she leaves, Frankie breaks down.

Nervous, Mimi and Bonnie realize that there is nothing they can do about the results of the DNA. Frankie plans to give Jack and Jen some time, pack, and move on. Lexi feels horrible for him. At the Deveraux home, a family celebration is planned. Harold calls with an incredible job for Jack and Jennifer, in London.

Lexi confides in Frankie that Abe is holding something back; and she is unsure if he really wants to work out their marriage. Jack and Jennifer decide to go to London for the new job, while Abby plans to stay in Salem.

Shawn receives the DNA results proving he is Claires' father!

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