Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/19/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/19/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

In front of the fire, camp side, Jack and Jennifer cuddle, post lovemaking, and talk about making love together for the first time; as well as never letting each other go. Jennifer tells Jack that she never wants to leave his side. They romantically kiss, fireside, in the cave.

Shawn calls the station for the paternity results on baby Clair with no luck. Bo grabs the phone and tells Shawn that he and Mimi will be hit hard with the arrest. Meanwhile, Mimi and Bonnie plot to save Mimi's marriage to Shawn; and hurry to the lab. Of course an already guilty Mimi, doesn't want to do anything wrong; but Bonnie sets her straight about keeping Shawn away from the truth.

Bo tells Shawn about the evidence declaring Patrick as the murderer in the Eve case. Bonnie continues to convince Mimi to fight for Shawn. Bonnie plans on sneaking into the lab.
Jack and Jen continue to hold each other, and begin to discuss her other husband. As Jen pulls away, Jack tells her that he fears he will be left behind when they return to Salem. He knows that her vows to Frankie are very important to her. He presses for an answer about who she will choose. She stares away into the flickering fire.
Jennifer tells Jack that she loves Frankie but that she knows that Jack is her one and only true love. Jen admits that tonight she really feels like herself. They embrace and passionately kiss.

Bo shows Hope that Patrick's fingerprints were found on the disc. Refusing to believe that Patrick is guilty; Hope tells Bo that she will wait for the final ballistics test.

Jack and Jennifer continue to grow closer as they wait for a search party or anyone to rescue them. Jennifer comforts Jack about his illness.

Mimi, pouring on the Southern charm, gets the attention of the lab technician by flattering him. She pretends to be overwhelmed by his job, as Bonnie sneaks into the lab. Shawn enters the nurses station at the hospital and inquires about finding Mimi. The nurse tells him that they went up the elevator.

Mimi continues to stall as Bonnie starts typing to change the results of the paternity test. Shawn interrupts the act to defend Mimi from the goofy technician. Hope, watching the incriminating evidence against Patrick, is disgusted and apologizes to Bo for not believing him. She has realized that the father of her baby is the one who set Bo up and possibly murdered Eve. 

Bo tells Hope how sorry he is for allowing Chelsea to drive the night Zach died. He talks about his memories of his little boy. Hope reveals the shocking truth that came out in the trial when Billie took the stand. Bo, angrily blames Billie and Chelsea. 
Jennifer believes that fate brought them back together; she felt it in her heart while they were making love. Unfortunately, Jack collapses.
Bonnie, hiding under the table in the lab, waits as the technician calls in the paternity results. Shawn tells Mimi about Patrick's arrest. Hope, talking to Bo about her feelings after hearing Billie's testimony, has a pain in her abdomen. They weep together. Bo wants to remember Zach in a positive way without any animosity.

Jennifer yells at Jack and checks his pulse. Mimi suggests that Bo pinned the murder on Patrick to get Hope back. Shawn agrees that it is possible. Bo confesses his love for Hope and offers to prove his love to Hope. However, she pulls away because she is not ready. A disappointed Bo leaves, but not without first telling Hope he will wait for her.

Jennifer, trying to keep Jack warm, hears and signals a helicopter.  The lab tech finds Bonnie hiding underneath the table when her phone rings. Hope reasons with herself about Bo, as she visits her late son's grave. She still blames Bo for allowing Chelsea to drive. Bo, taking a walk in the night air, views a photo of baby Zach.

The rescue team rushes to save Jack.

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