Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/18/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/18/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Abby works in the office at Max’s garage and he walks in, asking about an invoice for parts, when he notices that there is something wrong with her. She is crying and tells Max that her parents have been missing for 24 hours; Max is shocked. She tells him about how she and Frankie finally realized that were missing when they didn’t return home the night before. She confides her fears in Frankie and he holds her.

Jack stumbles around Jennifer’s comment about this cave reminding her of the one they first made love in. She notices the difficulty he has saying it out loud and asks him why it’s so hard for him to talk about. He makes another joke, telling her that if you’ve seen one cave, you’ve seen them all. Again, she asks if it doesn’t remind him of that time long ago. He says that a lot has changed since then.

Kate presses Roman to tell her why Bo ran out of here so fast, and tells him that she knows it has to be about the Eve Michael’s case. E.J. reminds Kate that technically, they don’t have to give them any information, but Kate refuses to accept that since she was accused of being linked to Eve over a silly disk. She is sure Bo has a lead on the real murderer and she informs Roman and E.J. that she is going to stay right here until he brings this person into custody; she will not leave until she is completely vindicated. E.J. agrees to wait with her as Abe comes into the room wanting to know why they are so interested in this case. Lexie and Tek stand behind him. E.J. explains to him, again, that it’s because of Kate’s association with the deceased and he’s assuming they have new evidence that will exonerate Kate. E.J. tells them about the business he and Kate have together, partners in a communications company, and they also happen to own a television station which leaves them with a certain amount of responsibilities; they have to know what’s going on so they can correctly pass that information along to their viewers. Tek asks if the name of their television company is called “Mythic Communications”, and Abe, being a little sarcastic, asks if they are supposed to be confident that their information is accurate with a name like “Mythic”. Kate points out that Mythic is supposed to be “legendary” not “fictitious”. Abe then turns his attentions to Lexie and asks her why she is hanging around here.

Patrick is furious with Bo and demands to know why he and another officer are in his house. Bo is following up on a lead and shows him the legal search warrant that has given him permission to be here. Patrick denies killing Eve and says that he never even met her. Hope thinks this is ridiculous and Bo pulls out the pair of shoes, in a plastic bag, that match the prints found at the church where Eve was murdered. He then pulls out the gun that they believe was used to shoot her. Patrick promises Hope that he’s never even seen this stuff and it amuses Bo; he asks why the evidence that ties him to the murder is in his house. Bo tells Hope that this is her proof and this (Patrick) is the creep she never should have trusted.

Jennifer talks about the past and Jack seems a little frustrated and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because he feels all that time was wasted because of him. Jennifer disagrees and reminds him that she has loved being married to him; the only time she didn’t is when they weren’t together. He says that it definitely was never boring and has been one adventure after another. They joke about Enid, the crazy old lady, and then Jennifer wonders where this next adventure will take them. He thinks it will take him out to look for food right now. Jennifer wants to come along, but Jack wants her to stay in the cave so they don’t get separated from their shelter. He heads off into the woods.

Lexie reminds Abe that she was here to see him; they had dinner plans. He apologizes for forgetting and tells her that there has been so much going on around here lately that his mind has been elsewhere. The expression on her face changes and she says that he sounded so suspicious toward her, and Tek agrees; especially for a man trying to make his marriage work. Kate, overhearing the conversation, can’t believe that Abe would even consider taking Lexie back after the way she treated him. Lexie is like, “Excuse me? Who the hell are you to judge me on the way I treat someone…..” E.J. stops the cat fight by saying that we’ve all done things in our lives that we have lived to regret. Roman smiles and asks E.J. just what it is that he has done in his past.

Patrick stands behind the fact that he did not put these things in his house. Bo wants to know how they got here and sarcastically asks if he would like to blame it on Chelsea. Hope is open to this but the idea is quickly dismissed. Bo informs Patrick that he has enough to hold him and turns him around, cuffs him, and tells him that he is under arrest; he reads him his rights. Hope stands in the doorway watching them walk away.

E.J. tells a story about a time in London when he had a couple of drinks with some friends. They were on a double decker bus and the driver got sick and left, running down the street. He got behind the wheel of the bus to continue the tour and drove to Big Ben and then to Buckingham Palace where he thought it would be a good idea to run off the bus and knock the busby off one of the solders. The solder didn’t find it too funny and neither did the police. He was arrested but the officer was a fan of his and he got away with a slap on the wrist. Roman agrees that it was a good story but he’s sure that there is a lot more. At this time, Bo hauls Patrick in the station and Patrick is jerking around and telling Bo to get his hands off of him. The first person to greet him is Kate. She says, “So Patrick killed Eve.” Again, he denies it and Bo sends an officer, with the evidence, down to forensics and tells him not to take his eyes off of it until they sign for it. Hope tells Bo that he is not going to find Patrick’s prints on any of that evidence. “We will see”, is Bo’s reply and he takes Patrick into his office and pushes him down into the chair. Abe, Roman, and Bo surround him as Bo tells him that he always knew he was no good.

Abby doesn’t want to hurt Max’s feelings, but tells him that she wishes Frankie never came back to town; everything’s been so complicated since he showed up. Max reminds her that Jack may not be alive today if it weren’t for Frankie. She is appreciative of that, but she wanted to spend the last months with her parents as a family. She doesn’t even know if that will happen now.

Jack comes back and Jennifer has prepared a fire pit. Jack brought roots and berries for them to eat. He tries to strike up a fire and Jennifer says, as she reaches in her pocket, that she got these from Enid’s house before they left. Jack never turns around to see what she has and interrupts her saying that he has two pieces of flint that he will strike together to make a fire. He strikes them together over and over to no avail. Jennifer just sits there looking frustrated and then hands him the box of matches, telling him if he wants to use these, here they are. He stops for a minute, looking at the matches, and puts the flint down. He takes the matches and starts a fire. Jennifer jokes that she knows he would like to do it “caveman” style. Jack and Jennifer talk about times they have shared together in the past and we see a memory of the time they were trapped on a train while wearing costumes. Jack wonders if he will survive and Jennifer promises that both of them will survive. He still doesn’t know if he’s in remission, but Jennifer has hope, and she pushes him to eat the berries; they are good in antioxidants. They get close; face to face.

Hope talks to Lexie and Kate about the court hearing and tells Kate about the surprise visit and confession from Billie. You can tell that Kate is disappointed about this and seems okay because she believes that the divorce continued anyway since Bo didn’t show up. To her dismay, Hope informs her that it did not go through and that the judge ordered a continuance due to some late evidence coming into play. Lexie speculates that it was information from Bo about the Eve Michaels case. Hope isn’t sure, and they can’t believe that Patrick would do something like this.

Bo, Roman, and Tek question Patrick about the evidence in his house, and Patrick implies that Bo had something to do with this. He refuses to answer anymore questions until his attorney arrives. Bo bends down close to Patrick’s face and tells him that he tried to set him up, he knows it, but this time, he didn’t succeed. He grabs his shirt around the neck and promises that he will get the death penalty; he will see to it.

Max reminds Abby about the incredible odds Jack has overcome over the years, and he knows Jack would do everything to protect Jennifer. Frankie walks in the office telling Abby that Max is right and there is no way that her father would ever let anything happen to her mother. She thanks him and Frankie says that he just wanted to stop by to see how she is holding up. She gets up and walks out of the room saying, “Not good.” Max is concerned about Frankie and how he’s holding up.

Jack and Jennifer start to kiss and he pulls away; something seems to be wrong with him. Jennifer does the Heimlich maneuver and he coughs up a berry. She is relieved to know that he was just choking, and not having a relapse. Jack decides to go to sleep so he will feel well enough tomorrow to get them home.

Roman grabs hold of Bo and pulls him off Patrick while Abe demands that he not jeopardize this case. Bo leaves the room and Kate wants to know if Patrick confessed. He tells her that she will get the information along with everyone else when they release it. He is disgusted with her and asks her to leave. Lexie asks Bo to have Abe call her and Bo walks over to Hope. She says that she thought they would be divorced by now. He says that he knows it must be hard knowing that the father of her child….She cuts him off, telling him not to go there; nothing has been proven yet. Bo thinks Patrick will try and convince her that he set him up and hopes that she would never believe that he would do a thing like that. He tells her that an officer was with him the whole time and he followed the law to the letter; he would never set up an innocent person to take a murder rap, no matter what was at stake. He asks if she does know that much about him. They sit down together at a desk, and Hope says that she doesn’t know what to think or who to believe. Bo tells her that Jack and Jennifer tipped him off about Patrick, and she wants to know what their involvement is in all of this. He tells her that they were investigating the murder of Eve for the Spectator. He says that Jack was apparently following the ownership of the gun that killed Michaels, and that led him to Patrick. Bo reminds Hope that Jennifer was one of Patrick’s supporters, but now she’s not. He’s hoping since Jennifer believes he’s guilty, Hope will too. She wants to talk to Jennifer.

Jack prepares them a place to sleep and they lie down together. She says that it seems too early to go to sleep. Jack wonders what else there is to do as they catch each others eyes. They lie down and tell each other good night.

Kate and E.J. take a table at Dune and talk about the case. She thinks she’s figured out why she thinks Patrick would want Eve dead. She explains that Bo needs Chelsea’s evidence disk to prove to Hope that he is innocent. If he does produce the disk, there is a pretty good chance that she will take him back. E.J. asks if she thinks Patrick paid Eve for the disk and then killed her to keep her quite. She does, but E.J. can’t help but think that they have missed something.

Abe hangs up the phone and tells Patrick that his attorney is on her way over and Patrick asks about his one phone call. Roman informs him that call Abe made to his attorney was it. Patrick doesn’t like this, but Abe says he made if for him and it is within the bounds of the law, in fact, it’s part of the police academy curriculum next week, but he guesses Patrick will not make it that far. Tek is pissed and states that he allowed Patrick to help him on the case and he was the one they were looking for all along. Patrick starts to speak, but Tek tells him to shut up.

Bo tells Hope about Jack and Jennifer being ambushed, but does know they are safe; he has a search party out looking for them right now. The phone rings and Bo answers, he talks to them and tells them to bring it up. He sits down with Hope and tells her that was forensics; they have a preliminary report on the fingerprints from the evidence he found at Patrick’s house.

Frankie tells Max how upset he is about Jack and Jennifer. Max comments about the trouble with Chelsea and that he is done with her now. He can’t believe how many times he allowed her to make him look like a fool. He doesn’t want to talk about her anymore and asks what is being done about Jack and Jennifer. Frankie has no idea; it is a waiting game. Max tries to reassure Frankie by telling him that he knows they will come out of this alive and he will win Jennifer back.

Jennifer can’t sleep, turns over toward Jack, and has a memory of the two of them when she asked him to make love to her in the cave. She notices that Jack can’t sleep either and they both talk about how their minds have been wondering. She thinks they are right back where they started and have come full circle. She asks Jack what if they are here because of fate; she can’t ever get away from loving him and doesn’t want to. She kisses him.

As Frankie and Max talk, Abby stands outside the office door listening to them. She hears Frankie tell Max that even if Jack and Jennifer do make it back, he isn’t so sure he will get Jennifer back. He says that he has been fooling himself because Jack is the only one who will truly have Jennifer’s heart. Abby walks in and asks Frankie if he really means that. Before he can answer, his phone rings. He turns to Abby and tells her that her parents are alive. Max runs to take Abby in his arms.

As Jack and Jennifer share a passionate kiss, she tells him that she loves him; he tells her that he loves her too.

Kate doesn’t think anything is missing and everything fits together. That is what bothers E.J.; it fits together too perfectly. He thinks there is more to this than meets the eye.

As Roman, Abe, and Tek bring Patrick out of the office, Hope stands up. Roman says that he’s taking Lockhart down to booking. Patrick asks Hope if she believes them; she doesn’t want to, but she doesn’t know. He pleads with her to trust him and tells her that he is the father of her baby and he would never do anything to hurt either of them. Roman takes him out as a messenger comes in with the results to the fingerprint test. Bo opens the file and asks Hope to step into his office and close the door. He takes out the evidence and hands it to her. It is the missing disk that he was accused of taking; the one he found in Patrick’s house. He says that the disk wasn’t put into this cover (it’s in plastic) until it was entered into evidence, so there is no reason for anyone’s fingerprints to be on it unless they handled it; after it was taken from the evidence room. He holds up the file and tells her that according to this report, there is a positive match to Patrick Lockhart. He tells her that this is her proof and he didn’t steal the disk to keep Chelsea out of jail; Lockhart was manipulating people and it wasn’t him.

Previews for tomorrow:

Bonnie: I know this is wrong, but I'm doing it for my kid.

Shawn D.: There's no easy way to say this, but your brother, Patrick -- he was arrested for the murder of police officer Eve Michaels.

Bo: I have never stopped loving you.

Hope: And I never stopped loving you.

Jennifer: Jack, if you die on me, I will never forgive you.

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