Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/15/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/15/06


Written By Kristy

We begin in the court room with Hope and Frankie waiting for the divorce hearing to start. The judge takes her seat and it is apparent that Bo and his attorney are absent. Maggie and Alice sit together and Maggie is concerned because she knows Bo wouldn’t miss this hearing without good reason; he was going to contest the divorce. Alice is sure Bo is working on a plan as they speak to stop the divorce.

Kate and E.J. show up at the police department to inform Roman that the two of them want to arrange an on air appeal for Will’s safe return. They have decided to donate free time on a local T.V. station. She wants to know who to talk to about setting this up, and request to talk to Bo. He tells her that Bo is indisposed at the moment and she wants to know what’s more important than Will right now. He reminds her that the Eve Michael’s murder investigation is on going and is important as well. E.J. asks about the progress of Eve’s murder investigation and wonders if he has found a suspect. Kate seems frustrated with E.J.’s inquiry of Eve and asks him why he is asking so many questions about that. Roman is equally suspicious of E.J.’s questions as well, and wants to know why he is so interested in this. Roman wants to know if it’s possible that he knew Eve Michaels.

Bo is on the phone and frustrated with bad news again. He slams the phone down and tells Abe, who is in the office with him, that he believes Kate paid Eve to steal the disk and somehow it ended up in somebody else’s hands. He has a number that he believes could lead him to that person, who he believes is Eve’s real boss. If he can find the disk, he believes they will find the murderer. He’s upset and knows that he is already late for court. Abe tries to calm him down, but Bo knows that if he can’t find the disk, his marriage is over. He is running out of time and is desperate to find the disk now.

Jennifer rises up to find Jack is knocked out. The old lady fires her shotgun again and tells them to leave. She goes back inside the house and Jennifer pleads with Jack to wake up. He is unresponsive to her.

The judge decides to give Bo ten minutes to show up in the courtroom or they will proceed without him. Hope is worried about Bo because she knew he was going to fight the divorce and asks Frankie why he thinks Bo isn’t here. Patrick walks up behind her and tells her that maybe Bo realized there was nothing left to fight for. She takes in what he says and tells him that maybe he is trying to make it easier for her by not coming today. Patrick goes on to say that she has told him a thousand times that it’s over and that they are having a child together. Alice speaks up and tells Patrick that they shouldn’t count Bo Brady out so fast.

Bo keeps going through files and telling Abe and Tek that there has to be a break in this case before Hope finalizes the divorce. Abe suggests he tell Hope about Kate’s confession, but Bo reminds him that Kate recanted her confession and hates Hope; she wants this divorce to go through so there might be hope for him and Billie. Abe tells him that it doesn’t matter if Kate recanted; Roman will back his story up because he is the one that got the confession from her to begin with. Bo says that Roman is his brother and that Hope needs irrefutable proof. Besides, Bo needs to make sure that Hope trusts him and believes that he will not turn her world upside down again. Abe says that he’s running out of time.

Roman and Kate wait for E.J.’s answer regarding his interest in Eve’s murder. E.J. states that he knows Roman feels like Kate had some sort of involvement with the missing disk and he says that surely they don’t think Kate could have ever killed Eve. Kate appreciates the support and E.J. reminds her that they are business partners, and at the very least, friends. Roman says that they all agree that they would all like to have this murder solved and Bo might get that done real soon.

Tek asks Bo if they are still under the assumption that the person that killed Eve is the same person trying to cause trouble for his family. Bo believes this is true and says if they find Will and Jack and Jennifer, they find Eve’s killer.

Jennifer finally revives Jack and he is fine. She was afraid he was shot. He says that they need to get out of here quick, but they need to sneak into the old lady’s house and use the phone before she finds them again. Jack opens the door very quietly and Jennifer promises that she is gone. Jennifer tells him that she wants him to call the police and tell them that they have been kidnapped and that they know who murdered Eve Michaels. She also wants him to call Frankie because she knows that he must be very worried. He picks up the phone to hear another old lady talking and quickly covers the receiver up with his hand so she won’t hear him. They listen to her conversation and argue over what they need to do. The lady on the line hears them and tells them that this is a party line and she’s talking; so hang up. Jack tells her that he needs to use the line and it’s a matter of life and death. He gets frustrated and yells at the lady through the phone demanding for her to get off because this is an emergency. She laughs at him and tells him that she has eight minutes left and she’s not getting off a second sooner. Jack slams down the phone and tells Jennifer they have to leave now before the crazy lady comes back. Too late; she comes through the door carrying the shotgun and can’t believe that they are in her house. Jack and Jennifer try to compromise with her but she doesn’t believe them. Jennifer makes up a quick story telling her that they came back to warn her that they saw an airplane, they thought, but it was really a saucer in the field. It had blinking lights and made a whirling sound. The old crazy lady asks if they think she’s a fool.

Lexie comes into the station and asks Roman to speak to Abe. He tells her that he’s really busy right now. Kate speaks to Lexie and in turn she greets her and E.J. Kate wasn’t aware that the two of them knew each other, and E.J. explains how they met. Lexie also throws in that he made assumptions about her that weren’t true. E.J. says that he has a pretty good assumption of what is going on here; Roman, Kate, and Lexie stare in wonder.

Pointing to a chart, Bo explains that the shoes are identical to the prints left at the church. Tek says that they have found the store that supplied them and he is awaiting a fax from the store any minute. Abe tells Bo to go to the courthouse and let him and Tek handle this. Bo isn’t going to leave the fate of his marriage up to some judge and he can’t walk into that courthouse without proof of his innocence. Abe begs him to go and show her that he cares enough to be there. Bo reminds him that Hope believes he stole the evidence and he needs answers and proof before he leaves for court.

The judge comes in and decides to proceed in Bo’s absence anyway; she has given him enough time. She says that she has read Mrs. Brady’s petition for divorce and asks Frankie if it’s true that she wishes to dissolve her marriage with no conditions. He agrees and the judge tells Hope that it is unusual for a woman to walk away from a lengthy marriage without seeking alimony or some division of property. She reminds her that, under state law, she is entitled to half of her husband’s estate and half of his income. Frankie tells the judge that his client understands this, and before he can say anything else, Hope interrupts. She stands up to address the judge, and asks her if she can speak for herself. The judge allows this and tells her to go ahead. Hope says that filing for divorce was the last thing she ever wanted to do but now the marriage is over and she doesn’t want anything from him. She says that child support is no longer an issue and as far as alimony, thank God she’s healthy enough to support herself. The judge asks about their house, cars, boat, stocks, and savings. Hope says that Bo agreed to let her have the house and, other than that, nothing matters and there is no reason to continue with the marriage. Hope thanks her for listening and says that she hopes she grants the divorce.

Jack and Jennifer hold on to one another while being backed up against the wall by the crazy old lady pointing the gun at them. Jack promises that Jennifer wasn’t implying that she was foolish; she was just making a joke about the space ship landing. The lady lowers the gun and says that everybody knows that space ships don’t land before dark. She says that it must have landed last night and the aliens must be abducting animals. She fears loosing her prize cow that won first place in the county fair for three years running. Jack and Jennifer look back and forth at each other in amazement of the mental state of this old woman. The lady says she must leave to do some “alien hunting” and picks up the phone to carry with her. Jennifer pleads with her not to take the phone, but the lady insists that she may need to contact the “mother ship” to negotiate the release of her cow if she has been taken. She walks out of the door with the gun and the phone. Jack and Jennifer wonder what to do next. They start looking around the house for another phone and Jack finds an old antique phone that Jennifer believes will be impossible to use. Jack promises to fix it and asks for her to have a little faith in him; he will not let her down this time.

Tek sees Lexie in the station and comes over to ask her how she’s been lately. She is nervous to talk to him and Abe comes out of the office to tell Tek that she’s been busy getting back together with her husband. Tek asks Lexie if it is true and she stares.

Roman asks E.J. and Kate to wait outside. As they leave, Roman walks over to Abe and says that he’s leaving too to give them (Abe, Tek, and Lexie) some privacy.

Bo is receiving a fax from the shoe store with a list of the people that bought the shoes that match the print at the church as Roman comes in. He and Roman start reading the list and are hopeful this will lead them to the murderer.

The judge thanks Hope for explaining her position, and says that the record will show that she desires no financial support, and since Mr. Brady isn’t here, she sees no reason why they can’t wrap this up. All of a sudden Billie walks into the courtroom and addresses the judge. She asks for the courts permission to speak for Bo Brady.

Lexie fumbles around and apologizes to Tek for not telling him sooner that Abe withdrew the divorce petition and is giving her another chance. Tek asks if she’s serious. She says that they are taking things slowly. Abe hasn’t moved back in yet, but she’s hoping that will change. As Abe watches Tek’s reaction, he says to him that he seems surprised. Tek is surprised and tells Abe that he has been bad mouthing Lexie for months, telling everybody that he is fed up with her. Tek tells Lexie that Abe even compared her to her evil father and brother. He then turns to Abe and asks why all of a sudden he’s decided to forgive her.

The phone in Bo’s office rings and he answers. It’s Jack! He made the antique phone work. Jennifer runs over to him and Jack tells Bo that he and Jennifer were ambushed by thugs and taken in the middle of nowhere. He tells him that they were investigating the murder of Officer Eve Michaels and they got a tip from an anonymous source and they know the make of the gun that killed officer Michaels. Bo, who is having a little trouble hearing them, says that’s great. Jack says that isn’t all; they know who the killer is. Jack obviously tells Bo who it is (the scene switches to Bo) and Bo asks him to say it again. Back to Jack; “Do we have concrete proof? No. But I’d be seriously surprised if we were wrong. When we get back to Salem…” The phone goes dead. Bo hangs up the phone and immediately starts dialing another number as Roman is asking what is going on. Bo tells him to give him a second; he’s got to get on this. Whoever Bo calls, he tells them who he is and he needs a search warrant as soon as possible.

Hope stands up and tells the judge that she resents Billie coming in here like this because she is her husband’s mistress and she should have absolutely no say in this proceeding. Billie looks at Hope and tells her that she’s here for Bo. Frankie stands up and tells the judge that Ms. Reed’s presence is upsetting his client, and before he can say another word, the judge tells him to sit down; she has a question for Ms. Reed. She asks Billie if Bo asked her to come down here today and speak for him. The answer is no, but with the exception of Mrs. Brady, she knows Bo better than anyone else. She turns to Hope and tells her that she knows she doesn’t like her, but she really needs to hear what she has to say. She goes on to say that everyone in this court room including Frankie knows that Bo deserves to be represented. Frankie looks over at Hope and Alice, speaking out loud, tells Hope that she thinks she should allow Billie to speak. Hope agrees. Billie walks up front while the judge tells her it’s not necessary because she hasn’t been called as a witness. Billie walks to the witness stand anyway and tells the court that she would like to be sworn in. The judge allows it since she insists. First, Billie thanks everyone for allowing her to speak here today because she believes that if Bo were here himself he would be arguing like crazy to stop the divorce. Billie tells Hope that she believes she will change her mind when she hears what she has to say. “Everyone here knows the horrible loss that Bo and Hope suffered when their son Zack died and they also know that her daughter Chelsea caused the accident. Chelsea is also Bo’s daughter which put him in the difficult situation of defending her and protecting her; protecting the very person that took his son’s life because she was driving his car. Hope blamed Bo for not telling her the truth, and I blamed myself for asking him not to. But because Bo mistakenly listened to me, you and Bo grew farther and farther apart. And one night after you two had a horrible argument, Bo went to a bar. He had too much to drink and he got into a fight and the bartender, who was a friend of mine, called me and asked me to come and get him. So I did. I drove him to a motel where he could sleep it off. Absolutely nothing happened between us.” Hope stands up and asks Billie if she has forgotten that she is under oath and asks how she can sit there and tell one lie after another. She tells her that she saw her in bed with Bo. Billie tells Hope that she saw what she wanted her to see. Hope stands there in amazement and confusion. Billie tells her that she slept in a chair and the next morning Chelsea called her to tell her that Hope was on her way over there. Billie turns to the judge and says, “My daughter was facing criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter and I was desperate to do something. I wanted Bo on her side against you (looking at Hope now). So I did a terrible thing. I left the door ajar. I got undressed and got into bed with Bo so that it looked like we had slept together, but we didn’t. And to this day Bo has no idea what happened. He slept right through it and I was afraid to tell him because I was afraid it would turn him against Chelsea or me. I’m not proud of what I did, especially since seeing Bo and I in bed together is the reason you left town Hope; and eventually got involved with Patrick Lockhart.” Hope tells Billie that she’s forgetting something; she knows she slept with Bo because he told her. Billie says that was after she filed for divorce. Hope says that she did that because she thought Bo wanted the divorce, and that was because Chelsea altered the e mails. Billie turns back to the judge and says, “Your honor, this break up would have never gotten this far if I hadn’t been helping my daughter try and break up Bo and Hope. What I did has been eating away at me and I am SO sorry for what I did and I don’t expect you to forgive me Hope. But I had to be here to tell you the truth; I wanted you to know that in his heart, Bo has never been unfaithful to you. He loves you today just as much as the day he married you. You see, to me, you are the luckiest woman in the world to have Bo Brady’s love and I know he has hurt you very much, but it is because of what my daughter and I did. He wanted to tell you the truth about the accident; that’s my fault too. But he also didn’t want our daughter to go to jail for the rest of her life. He loves you Hope and he wants to be with you; only you.”

Jack is upset because the line went dead, but is pleased that Bo knows who they think killed officer Michaels. Jennifer sees the old crazy lady coming back with “steam coming out of her ears” and they run out the back door. She comes in looking for them.

Abe tells Tek that this is between him and Lexie and no one owes him an explanation. Tek tells Lexie if she wants to believe that Abe has all of a sudden changed, that’s fine, but something tells him he is up to something. He doesn’t buy his change of heart and that’s all he’s saying. As Bo comes out of his office, and officer comes in with a man from the court. He gives Bo a search warrant and Kate is nosy and wonders who he’s going to search now. Bo and Abe take off.

Billie says that she has one more thing to say. “Loosing a child is every mother’s worst nightmare, but it’s also a father’s. Bo hasn’t been able to forgive himself for what happened with Zack and he never will. Don’t you think you two have been through enough? If you go through with this, it will only cause you more pain. I am begging you; please forgive him, because, despite everything that’s happened, neither one of you will ever be happy with anyone else. Don’t give up on Bo; don’t give up on your marriage. Thank you for indulging me your honor; thank you Hope. Frankie.” The judge thanks her for her heartfelt, moving plea and she asks Hope is she still wishes to continue with her divorce. Hope starts to speak and then the court officer approaches the judge and whispers something in her ear. The judge apologizes to Hope and says that a matter of the utmost urgency has come to her attention and she has to order a continuance. She says that council will be notified of a new court date.

Jack and Jennifer have found a cave to hide in and they bicker over the circumstances.

Hope, Frankie and Maggie wonder what or if Bo did to make the proceedings stop. Patrick suggests taking Hope back to his place because she’s looking a little worn out. Maggie agrees that she looks tired. Alice tells Patrick to enjoy his dinner because she has a feeling that this is going to be his last dinner with Hope.

Bo is digging through someone’s closet saying that he has a feeling he’s going to find what he’s looking for right here. He picks up a towel with something wrapped up in it. He smiles and finds an Italian made pair of shoes, size eleven, with mud on them. He puts them in a plastic bag for an officer to take into evidence and continues to dig through the closet. He comes across a safe and picks the lock. He finds a gun and a disk. He is so happy and believes he’s just found the proof he needs to clear himself.

Jack and Jennifer wander through the cave and find a lantern. The battery is weak but it still works. Jack lies down and Jennifer sits down beside him. Jennifer says that this place reminds her of the first time they made love.

Abe is telling Tek one more time that whatever goes on between him and Lexie is none of his business; so stay the hell out of it.

Kate presses Roman to tell her where Bo went. He says it is police business, but E.J. asks for a hint. Roman refuses and Kate speculates it has to do with Eve’s murder. Again, Roman doubts she would be the last person he would say anything to anyway. E.J. asks if Kate is still a suspect in this investigation and Roman says that it is very suspicious that both of them seem so interested in this case.

Bo takes off his gloves as the door opens and Patrick and Hope come in. Patrick is furious and asks what they are doing in his house. Bo says, “My job. Turn around, you know the drill.” While Bo puts the handcuffs on Patrick, he tells him that he is under arrest for the murder of Eve Michaels.

Previews for Monday:

E.J.: Patrick paid Eve for the disk and killed her to keep her mouth shut.

Kate: Umhumm..

Max: Jack and Jennifer are going to come out of this alive and you’re going to get Jennifer back.

Jennifer: I love you so much…..

Jack: I love you.

Bo: I’ve got your proof. This creep; he’s the one you never should’ve trusted.

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