Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/14/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/14/06


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Frankie comes rushing into the Brady Pub on his cell phone, looking for Bo's parents. Abby tells him that Mrs. Brady went to light a candle for Bo and Hope's marriage. Frankie tells Abby that he believes Jack and Jennifer have disappeared, and could be in trouble. Abby is excited, convinced that they are together romantically.
Jack and Jennifer, tied up and held captive talk about where they are, and about the good old days.
At the courthouse, Alice and Maggie show Hope their support for Hopes marriage, and discourage her from going through with the divorce. A frantic Bo is desperately searching the station for the disc or some proof that he didn't tamper with the evidence in Chelsea's trial.
Frankie warns Abby that they may be in danger but Abby is certain that it is a romantic getaway. He wants her to, if only to humor him, speak with his parents.

Jack and Jennifer have flashbacks of working together as reporters. They remember the connection that brought them together to begin with, however, Jennifer blames Jack for abandoning her and the children when he was sick and; that Frankie knows them better than Jack.
Hope tells Alice and Maggie that she has made up her mind about Bo. Maggie suggests that Hope is running away from her marriage. Hope admits that she still loves Bo and is regretful that her marriage has come to an end. Hope challenges that the last straw was when Bo tampered with the evidence. Bo is determined to stay away from the courthouse until he finds the evidence to save his marital bond with Hope. Abe and Bo begin to look for a break and buy some time. Hope, believing that Bo did take the disc, cannot stop the divorce without proof of Bo's innocence. Hope storms out telling them that they don't know what she is going through, she has lost everything. Maggie, quickly following to comfort her, listens as Hope distresses over all of her pain and the loss of her son. Maggie tells Hope that she will make it past this tragedy, and when she does she will need Bo.

Patrick, trying to get information about the case, probes Tec; when Bo bursts in and attacks him. Patrick fires back and asks Bo if he is afraid he will steal his job like, he stole his woman. Bo hits him and Abe stops their fighting.
Frankie admits that he wants Jennifer but that he had rather think of her in bed with Jack than in danger. He also makes the point that Jack was too weak from his recovery to romance Jennifer. A frightened Abby asks what she can do to help. Frankie wants Abby to tell his parents to help. Abby is apologetic, hugging and thanking him.
Jack realizes that Jennifer really loves Frankie. Jen is angry because Jack left and caused her to be unfaithful to him, thinking he was dead, and has made Frankie put his life on hold. During their discussion Jack breaks free from the rope and they leave.
Patrick arrives at the courthouse to open arms from Hope, thanking him for coming. Alice speaks up saying that Patrick came to make sure Hope goes ahead with the divorce.

Bo, finding a nine digit number, believes that Eve may have had a secret bank account.
Jack and Jennifer believe they found the cabin they had Abby in. They start pounding on the door because they believe someone is in there. Abby visits Abe and Bo, telling them Frankie's worries about Jennifer and Jack. A less than sophisticated women answers the knocking with a shot gun!

Hope is caught between Patrick telling her to divorce Bo and; Frankie telling her to wait. Bo calls Frankie to tell him Abby is there, just as the hearing is starting and asks him about Jack and Jen. Bo also asks Frankie to stall just as Abe speaks out to say he may have found what Bo is looking for.  When Hope asks Frankie where Bo is, Frankie tells her that he
is at the station. She is more sure than ever that she made the right decision about the divorce.

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