Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/13/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick makes arrangements for a very special meal, on a private jet.

Kayla runs into Bo, on her way to the pier to find Steve, and tells Bo that Steve told her it wouldn't work out between them. She admits to Bo that it was her fault because she pushed and pushed him. Bo offers to help Kayla find him.

Billie and Steve are kissing on the pier and decide to head to some place where they can spend time together. Bo and Kayla go to the club for a drink and then head out to look for Steve, just missing him, with Billie.

On the plane headed for New York, Patrick, making small talk about Hope's new diet, gives her some milk and cookies. They discuss baby names; and Patrick suggests Addie, her mothers name. Hope is touched by the gesture and; thanks him.

Kayla and Bo are outside looking for Steve. She and Bo sit down and Bo tells her that they should call it quits for the night. Kayla thinks Bo wants her to give him some space, not push him so hard. Bo comforts her by saying that when Steve sleeps on it all he will realize he made a mistake by walking out. Bo assures her that Steve loves her and will come to realize it in time. Meanwhile, Steve and Billie have drinks at the club.  Bo and Kayla talk about Hope and the upcoming divorce; the hearing is tomorrow. Bo agonizes over not having the proof that he didn't tamper with the evidence in Chelsea's trial. He tells Kayla about Kate's involvement.

The plane has a turbulent moment, and Hope is thrown into Patrick's arms! They look into each others eyes and share a deep kiss.

Steve and Billie laugh and joke at the club. Billie tells Steve about her past troubles with drugs. She admits she caused serious trouble in a "friends" marriage, speaking of Bo and Hope. Steve asks if she is over Bo and she kisses him.

Kayla and Bo vow not to give up on their loves and; hug each other. Bo and Kayla laugh over past lovers, and decide to go to the Cheating Heart for drinks. Bo asks for advice on convincing Hope to stop the divorce.

Patrick jokingly thanks the captain for the turbulence. He gives Hope a basket full of wonderful gifts but it leaves her wondering where he got the money for all of it. Hope confronts him about it. Patrick is vague but tries to alleviate Hope's worries.

Billie and Steve continue talking and Billie stops the kissing because she doesn't want to come between Kayla and Steve.
Steve tells Billie that he doesn't remember Kayla and that its not happening. Billie doesn't want to be a temporary substitute and worries that Steve will get his memory back and want Kayla. Billie gives in to one dance with Steve as a farewell; just as Kayla walks in appearing shocked.

Hope says that Patrick has a good heart, and he tells her that he loves her. Hope, having not yet finalized her divorce to Bo, tells him that she is not ready.

Kayla is rude to Steve and Billie because she saw them dancing. Kayla realizing that Steve wants something to happen with Billie, tells him that he is not the man she used to know. Steve comforts and apologizes to Billie about what happened. Steve tells Billie that they are not done yet and that he doesn't know what he will do about his so called marriage. Kayla admits to Bo that she has lost Steve. Bo assures her that it will work out, just as it will with Hope once he finds the disc. Hope talks about her love for Bo, and how he protected Chelsea during her trial. Hope cannot continue waiting for Bo to prove his innocence. Hope tells Patrick that once the divorce hearing is over, her marriage is over.

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