Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/12/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

E.J. walks along the pier talking to Sami on his cell phone. He is trying to encourage her, promising that they will find Will when he hears something that catches his attention. He hangs up with Sami and walks up on Chelsea, who seems to be almost passed out. He calls her name and she tells him to go away; she never even opens her eyes as she’s laying there.

Max is drowning his sorrows in beer at the pub as Billie comes in and sits down next to him. She tells him that Chelsea told her about everything that happened and she asks if he’s sure that he wants to cut her loose without giving her the benefit of the doubt. He looks at her for a second and angrily asks her how she could even ask him such a question. He reminds her that HE is the one that has always given her the benefit of the doubt, and has always been burned by Chelsea every time. She understands and promises that he’s wrong this time, and all Chelsea was trying to do was help Shawn out. He refuses to believe that she’s innocent and thinks she “doctored up” the file to continue to make Shawn’s life miserable. He tells Billie that he has had enough this time and he can’t keep defending her anymore. She tries to reason with him by telling him how devastated Chelsea is, and Max is sure she is devastated this time; she will have to do jail time for falsification of records. That’s not what she’s talking about and tells him that Chelsea is devastated over loosing him; not the trouble she’s in with the file. Billie tells Max that she’s really worried about Chelsea and Max is sorry for her but tells her that it’s just not his problem anymore. As he is saying this to Billie, Stephanie walks in to hear Max tell Billie that he’s not trying to be cold, but she is not his problem anymore. He tells her that he and Chelsea are through and she’s just going to have to accept it. Stephanie smiles to herself.

Kayla has ordered room service for her and Steve and signs the bill and the attendant leaves the room. They have rented a room at the Salem Inn, and Steve comments on how expensive this is and she shouldn’t have gone to all the trouble. She says it is no big deal and that it was getting a little too cozy at the pub and she thought this would be a treat. As they sit down to eat, Steve comments that there are three forks. You can tell that he is really feeling out of place. He takes the top off the plate and just stares at it. Kayla explains that it is Seviche, a dish that he liked before. She tells him a little about the food and she urges him to try it. He takes a bite and seems to like it. They talk about Kayla wanting to start cooking for herself but she says that she needs a place with a kitchen. He mentions a motel by the waterfront that has kitchenettes. She makes a funny face and he automatically assumes that would be beneath her. She was just hoping for something more permanent, like a real house; a home. She is hinting for them to be a family, but she’s trying not to pressure him and is hoping he wants to live together with her. She tells him that she was thinking that, after dinner, they could do a little house hunting on line, and asks him what he thinks about that. He lays his fork down while telling her that he wasn’t looking for a place in the suburbs since they aren’t going to be living together at all. She looses the hopeful smile that she had on her face. This upsets her and she wipes her eye as she’s getting up from the table, telling him that she thinks it is the peppers getting to her. He jumps up and apologizes telling her that he’s not saying that they aren’t ever going to live together, but right now he just needs some space to figure everything out. He needs to get to know her again and she does understand that. She wants to finish dinner and they sit back down at the table. He tries another dish and likes it. She reminds him that he used to order it all the time. She believes with time and patience, his memory will return. She makes a toast; to them, and reconnecting with their past, and more importantly, to their future.

Back at the pub, Stephanie walks up to Max and Billie at the bar. She tells Max that she couldn’t help but overhear that he and Chelsea broke up. She thought that they were finally getting along and wonders if this is over the scene at the press conference when Bo took Chelsea down to the police station. Max says that she’s right and Stephanie looks at Billie and tells her that she’s sorry and will leave so they can talk. Billie stops her and asks her to stay and help her convince Max that he’s making a huge mistake. Max says that it’s not going to happen this time. Again, Billie pleads with him to understand that Chelsea was trying to do a good deed and help someone. She tells him when everyone realizes what she did, they are going to feel really bad for treating her this way. Max is angry and hopes he’s wrong, but he knows that he’s not this time, and he’s finally realized that Chelsea is the way she is and never going to change.

E.J. pats Chelsea on the face trying to wake her up. He asks if she’s been drinking while he tries to get her up on her feet. He comments that he doesn’t smell any alcohol and asks what she has been taking. She doesn’t remember and he grabs her purse and pulls out a plastic bag with pills. He holds it up and tells her that she’s taken Extacy. She’s really out of it and smiles at him and says, “Oh yeah.” E.J. scolds her and tells her that this could kill her and throws it in the water. He wants to know if this is the first time she’s taken this. It is, and she tells him that she heard this stuff could take away all her problems. He promises that this could destroy her and it is not the solution to her problems. She reminds him that what happens in her life is none of his business; she’s still calm and smiling. He says that it is her family’s business, and also the business of her probation officer. She grabs her purse out of his hands and takes off running.

Max, Billie, and Stephanie have moved into a booth at the pub. Max finds it hard to believe, after everything Chelsea has done, that she’s completely innocent this time. Billie promises that she did not try to hurt Shawn. She tells him that Chelsea is trying to be a better person, and Billie believes that she’s not the same person that tried to cover up her involvement in Zack’s death, and not the same person that changed Bo’s e mails. Max didn’t know about the e mails and asks her what she’s talking about.

Kayla sits down on the couch beside Steve and tells him that she has reserved peach pie for dessert. She knows that it seems like they have nothing in common, but says that she does come from a hard working, blue collar family. She says that none of that matters and she’s sure that, in time, he will realize they belong together. She talks about all the good things that attracted her to him and about how he would never let anyone get close to him. He wonders what changed, and she says, “You did.” She says that one day, he finally trusted her; the day he let her take his patch off. She has a flashback of that day. She tells him that he let her see a part of him that he’d never let anyone see, and at that moment, she realized that she loved him. She pulls him into a passionate kiss.

Max presses Billie to tell him about the e mails. Billie thought he knew and tells him about Chelsea intercepting Bo’s e mails and making it seem like Bo wanted the divorce from Hope. This makes Max even madder. Billie tries to explain why she did that and Max says that there is no excuse for what she did. Max feels like Hope may have never slept with Patrick if she had known the truth, and he knows Chelsea is responsible for breaking them up and keeping them apart. He goes on and on and tells them that he doesn’t want that kind of person in his life. Billie knows he’s made up his mind, but feels like he will feel bad after he learns the truth about what Chelsea did with the DNA file. She tells him that she knows he’s always been good to Chelsea, and if they can’t be together, she hopes he finds someone else that will make him happy. She says she’s sorry and gets up to leave.

Chelsea stumbles into the Cheating Heart and makes her way to the bar. She asks the bartender for a drink, but he needs to see an I.D. E.J. walks in and tells him that it will not be necessary because she is under age and asks him to give her a root beer. Chelsea turns around to face E.J. and says for a hot and sexy race car driver, he’s really a drag. She can’t even seem mad because of the drugs. E.J. is concerned about her. She tells him how great she feels and that she’s ready to party. She turns on the juke box and grabs two men and starts dancing with them as E.J. watches.

Steve pulls away from Kayla, holds her face in his hands, and stares at her. She asks if he’s remembering something and he pulls her back into their kiss. They are hot and heavy and he pulls away again. He says this is wrong because he’s not the same person she used to know, and he won’t let her kid herself into believing that he is. He is fighting her about who he is and she pleads with him. He tells her to do herself a favor and steer clear of him. She says that she won’t do that, but he’s not going to give her a choice. He says that this isn’t going to work and leaves. She picks up a glass and throws it against the door as it closes.

Stephanie and Max sit at the bar and talk about Chelsea and all the things she’s done lately. She tries to comfort him, but tells him that Chelsea needs a lot of help. He’s done talking about Chelsea and she tells him that it’s okay. She thought he may need a friend after what happened at the press conference.

Chelsea continues to dance with the guys and E.J. comes over to take Chelsea out. She throws her arms around him and lays a big kiss on him.

Max looks at a picture of Chelsea as Stephanie comes back to the table with food. She talks about how much she loves racing, but would trade it all back to have one day with her father when she was a kid. He reminds her that he’s back and it’s better late than never.

Steve plays the harmonica while sitting on the pier. Billie walks up and tells him how good he is. He says it’s weird that he can’t remember anything about his past, but plays the harmonica like he’s played it all his life. He wonders why she’s out here all alone. She tells him about seeing his daughter at the pub and notices a change in his facial expression. She asks if it is a touchy subject, but he says it’s just a little complicated.

E.J. pulls away and asks where Max is at. She says that he broke up with her and she isn’t going to waste her time on a relationship that isn’t going anywhere. E.J. reminds her that Max cares about her deeply. She said that was before the press conference and tells him that she’s responsible for everything bad that’s happening to her family right now. She mentions the egg switch, terrorizing Shawn, and kidnapping Will. He looks at her and tells her that he knows for a FACT that she’s not the one terrorizing her family. He picks her up and sits her down on a stool at the bar, and takes off his jacket and puts it on her.

Stephanie tells Max that he reminds her of her father and maybe that’s why she likes him so much. Kayla walks in and says that she’s looking for Steve.

Steve and Billie talk and he confides his fears and frustrations in her. She asks about Kayla and he says that it’s just not going to work out. He can’t give her what she needs and he has too much to do to think about it right now. Besides, he has to kick her but in darts again. She tells him that she is good at more things than darts.

E.J. walks Chelsea out on the pier and asks her to promise him never to take this drug again. She does and he tells her to call Max in the morning and get everything worked out.

Kayla explains to Stephanie and Max what happened earlier with Steve. Stephanie tries to make light of it and Kayla has to leave to find Steve and make things right.

Steve wonders what else Billie is good at besides darts, and she names off a few things, and then says one thing she’s good at is picking the wrong men. She tells him that she is like him; flying solo, she’s single. She says that she’s all about romance and living in the moment. Steve says that it sounds like they are a lot alike as they have “that stare”. He leans into her and they kiss. It’s a long kiss as they hold onto one another.

Previews for tomorrow:

Patrick: You all right?

Hope: Yeah, I'm fine.

Bo: He loves you. Eventually he'll remember that.

Kayla: And what if he doesn't?

Billie: What do you say we go somewhere where we can get to know each other a little better?

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