Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/11/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/11/06


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Mimi take Bonnie out for dinner at Chez Rouge. After some choice insults swapped between Bonnie and Maggie they are seated. Shawn fills them in on Chelsea being brought in for questioning.

At the police station, Chelsea makes a written statement admitting to leaving the file in Shawn’s room but denying the embryo switch. Bo makes Frankie leave them alone to talk and once alone, he vows to make Chelsea pay. Chelsea suggests that Bo prove that the file is incorrect before pressing charges so Bo calls Shawn down for a DNA test. Bo and Shawn discuss Shawn’s drinking binge reaction to the custody talks.

Mimi and Bonnie pretend to find the file’s claim impossible in Shawn’s presence though they stress over Shawn finding out the truth while they enjoy dinner without him. Mimi jokes about changing the DNA results like Sami once did and Bonnie starts to form a plan to do just that. Mimi stops her in favor of facing the consequences and Bonnie promises Mimi that she won’t do anything. Mimi fears that Bonnie is insincere when she gives in so quickly. Shawn returns to Chez Rouge and after pressing him for specific details about the DNA sample, Bonnie rushes out of dinner.

Billie arrives at the station and Bo leaves her and Chelsea alone to talk. Chelsea pleads her case of innocence to Billie and Billie realizes that this was the good deed Chelsea hinted at. Billie assures Chelsea that she believes her. Chelsea figures that since this good deed has ended in nothing but trouble, she no longer should try and be good. Billie tries to talk her out of that idea. Bo agrees to let Chelsea leave with Billie on the condition that she doesn’t leave town and then calls a messenger to come escort Shawn’s DNA sample to the lab.

Jack and Jennifer pay for Sal’s help in contacting Deep Throat II by handing over Jack’s watch. Jack and Jennifer play checkers to pass the time while they wait for one of Sal’s prison contacts to come through with contacting Deep Throat II but Sal throws them out when they fight. Jack and Jennifer return to the Spectator to start working on the story and Jack calms Jennifer’s worries about his health. Jack receives a call from Deep Throat II and arranges a meeting at the warehouse. Jack argues with Jennifer upon arriving because Jack wants to take the lead on the investigation. Jennifer reluctantly gives in and hides behind some boxes while Jack walks around calling for Deep Throat II. A bird like call is heard and as Jack heads toward the sound, two thugs throw a sack over him and drag him away. Jennifer rushes out to see what is going on and a third thug throws a sack over her and drags her away with Jack.

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