Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/4/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/4/06


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Roman stops by the hospital to check on Eve’s autopsy report and runs into Marlena. Marlena and Roman discuss why Eve was murdered and how anyone at Sami’s wedding could be in danger. While they are distracted, the mystery stranger leaves a postmarked letter addressed to Marlena on the counter. Roman heads for the morgue.

Carrie seeks advice from Marlena as to why Sami could have called off the wedding. Carrie admits to Marlena what Lexie told her about having kids with Austin and how that is the only reason she married Lucas. Carrie admits to Marlena that she can’t stop wishing Lucas were Austin. Marlena cautions Carrie against seeing recent events as acts of God but also advises her not to stay married to Lucas out of obligation. Carrie decides what she must do and leaves to talk to Lucas.

Marlena receives the mystery stranger’s letter in a pile of mail handed to her by a nurse. Marlena reads the letter just as Roman returns to her floor of the hospital. Roman notices Marlena’s shocked expression and fears that the letter contains bad news. Marlena explains that the letter is from the commissioner of health and human affairs in New Jersey, Jeffrey Taylor. Jeffrey writes that he’s heard of Marlena’s work in Salem involving the women’s empowerment group and is asking her to come to Trenton to start a chapter there. The effort would mean staying in Trenton for at least a month.

Sami’s apartment:

Austin and Lucas nearly walk in on Sami and EJ making love but Austin changes his mind about going inside to talk to Sami despite Lucas’ urging to get to her while she’s still upset so she won’t do something disastrous like last time. Sami hears Austin and Lucas talking outside and sends a shirtless EJ out into the hall to investigate because she at first believes it to be the mystery stranger. Sami later joins them in the hall and backs up EJ’s use of Sami’s nightmare as to why he was inside Sami’s apartment. EJ claims he is without a shirt because he was about to step into the shower when he heard Sami screaming in her sleep. Sami agrees to Austin’s request to talk and they head inside Sami’s apartment while Lucas follows EJ when EJ returns to his apartment.

Austin confronts Sami about the truth behind her calling off the wedding. Sami notices the note from the mystery stranger sticking out from under a pillow on the couch and pretends to have a cough so Austin will turn his back to get her some water. While he’s not looking, Sami pushes the note all the way under the pillow. Sami tells Austin that the real reason she called off the wedding was because she saw how Carrie was crying over losing Austin during the wedding and she couldn’t marry Austin when he and Carrie still loved each other even though Austin would stay married to Sami out of obligation. Austin agrees with Sami and they decide to remain friends. They hug each other lightly to say goodbye but before Austin can step away, Sami runs into his arms and starts to cry. She wipes her tears and regains her composure enough for Austin to leave. Once he closes the door, Sami starts to sob but covers her mouth so Austin won’t hear.

EJís apartment:

Once EJ returns having put on a new shirt, Lucas confronts him about really being in Sami’s apartment to be romantic with Sami. EJ denies it and as they head back into the hall, accuses Lucas of being jealous of his friendship with Sami. Lucas warns EJ to stay away from Sami.

Carrie finds Lucas defending his decision to marry her to EJ and Carrie stalls when Lucas asks her to confirm how happy they are. Lucas doesn’t notice her hesitancy and leaves to run an errand for work. Carrie tries to head back to her apartment but EJ stops her to call her on how she didn’t answer when Lucas asked if she was happy.

Apartment roof:

Austin runs into Carrie in the hallway and leads her to the roof so they can talk privately. Austin runs his hand over their carved initials in the door and explains that he brought Carrie up here because this is their special place. Austin tells Carrie that he loves her and that he knows she loves him so it’s time that they got back together.

Sami’s apartment:

EJ returns to Sami’s apartment so she can fill him in on how things went with Austin.

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