Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/30/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/30/06


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Tek returns to the vestibule having been unsuccessful in his search of the suspect. Tek uses his earpiece to order one of the plain-clothes officers to check the perimeter and tells the others not to call attention to them but to let him know if they see anything.

Father Jansen blesses the rings. Lexie watches Sami’s reaction from the back of the church. Father Jansen has Austin repeat the vow as he places the ring on Sami’s finger. Kate is shocked that the wedding is actually happening and E.J. advises her to accept what she cannot change. Lucas watches as Carrie silently cries. Sami accidentally drops the ring when Father Jansen hands it to her to put on Austin’s finger. Lexie smiles at Sami’s sudden nervousness.

Sami is shaking so much that she can’t seem to coordinate her hands to get the ring on Austin’s finger. Sami spots Lexie grinning as everyone in the wedding party urges her on. Sami declares that she can’t go through with the wedding and runs out. Sami trips on her way back down the aisle and Roman rushes to help her. Sami pushes Roman away and runs out the church in tears. Lexie slips out of sight. Roman tells Marlena about Sami’s apprehension shortly before walking down the aisle. Lucas tries to calm Will’s worries about Sami. Austin calls for everyone’s attention to ask the guests not to leave and heads out of the chapel to find Sami. Lexie stays out of sight in the back of the church. Kate gloats to E.J. about this latest turn of events. Bo asks Hope why Sami’s weddings always end up like this and Hope retorts that it’s better for the wedding to end like this than the marriage.

John notices an officer using his earpiece to talk with Tek and leaves Marlena to see what is going on. Marlena regrets not spending more time with Sami over the past few weeks but Roman tells Marlena not to blame herself. They feel bad for not knowing why their own daughter just walked out of her wedding.

Tek orders an officer to stand post outside Sami’s door and not let anyone in. The officer leaves as John comes out of the chapel to talk to Tek. Tek informs John that they are on threat alert but while they don’t know who’s behind it, they know everyone inside the church could be in danger.

Austin knocks on the bridal room door but Sami yells at him to go away. Sami decides to open the door to let him in when Austin refuses to go but still refuses to change her mind. Sami apologizes for letting the wedding plans get this far. Sami turns to look at herself in the mirror and claims that she doesn’t deserve to wear this wedding dress. Austin tries to convince Sami that she does deserve to get married but Sami doesn’t want him to be nice to her. Sami tells Austin to get over his feelings for her but Austin points out that they did already take their vows. Sami feels ashamed that she took sacred vows with no intention to live up to them. Austin tries to make Sami realize that the past is the past and this is their chance to move on and start a new life together. Sami insists that she will never put Austin’s ring on his finger and takes off both her wedding band and engagement ring and asks him to take them back.

Shawn Sr. offers a reassuring pat on the back to Roman before walking away with Caroline. Caroline and Shawn Sr. reminisce about their own wedding. Steve confirms with Kayla that this is part of a typical Brady wedding. Bo asks Roman what John is doing talking to Tek. Roman complains that he’s not in the loop about it and he and Bo head to talk to Tek. Bo stops on the way out to ask Hope, Jennifer, and Frankie to keep their eyes open. Stephanie asks Max if he should remain sitting next to her since Chelsea is so jealous. Max doesn’t see a problem with it but Chelsea sighs in annoyance as she turns away from them. Belle and Philip wander out into the vestibule to talk and Philip comments that today Austin is the lucky one because Sami called off the wedding. Carrie and Lucas talk of the impact this has on Will. Lucas whispers with Carrie over whether Sami and E.J. did something more than trespass on the way to the church. Chelsea comes up behind them and suggests that Austin isn’t the man Sami truly loves.

Austin refuses to take back the rings despite Sami’s insistence. Austin wants to fix whatever Sami thinks is wrong. Sami doesn’t feel worthy of being Austin’s wife but Austin points out his own mistakes. Austin asks for help in understanding and Sami claims she hasn’t changed. Austin doesn’t believe her but Sami explains that she’s done things to keep from losing the ones she loves. Austin thinks Sami is only acting out of fear but Sami doesn’t believe him. Sami worries that Austin will see through her best behavior façade once they get married. Austin insists that he loves Sami for who she is. Sami places the rings in Austin’s hand but refuses to explain why she can’t marry him. Sami asks for some time alone. Austin stands frozen so Sami turns her back on him. Austin vows that this isn’t over and then reluctantly leaves. Sami starts to sob when the door slams.

Tek tells Bo, Roman, and John after some prodding about Sami’s blackmail of Lexie and what she made Lexie tell Carrie. John is more worried about the mechanical voice that called Lexie. Tek asks them to keep this latest revelation quiet. Tek then tells them about chasing after the suspect. Roman orders Tek to call the crime lab to check out the church grounds. John and Bo leave to take a look around. Roman pauses outside the bridal room door.

Chelsea suggests that Sami wanted to be with someone who wasn’t settling for her. Lucas tells her to mind her own business and Chelsea walks away. Carrie is bothered by Chelsea’s comment but Lucas urges her to forget Chelsea’s words. Austin returns to the chapel and tells the guests that the wedding really is off. E.J. warns Kate to not look too happy. Austin thanks everyone for their support and tells them to go home. Kate asks E.J. to take her dancing but E.J. insists on taking care of Sami first. Will complains that Sami is a freak but Lucas sits him down to assure him that everything will be fixed. Carrie offers her condolences to Austin and hugs him. Lucas doesn’t like seeing Carrie hugging Austin.

Austin complains to Carrie that he couldn’t get through to Sami. Carrie offers her and Lucas’ support and Austin asks her to give Sami a ride back to her apartment for he plans to find someplace new to live. Carrie offers to let Austin stay with her and Lucas. Austin turns her down. Marlena, Shawn Sr. and Caroline discuss whether something happened on the way to the church. Marlena wants to go see Sami but Caroline advises her to leave Sami alone for a little while longer. Lucas joins Austin and Carrie and Austin tells them about his conversation with Sami. Lucas urges Austin to convince Sami that she and Austin belong together.

Roman ignores Sami’s order to go away and enters the bridal room. Sami runs crying into his arms.

Jennifer mentions being hungry and Frankie offers to take her to Chez Rouge. Jennifer and Frankie say their goodbyes and leave. Max talks with Chelsea about signing the new contract with Austin’s company. Chelsea looks annoyed as she watches them flirt. Belle mentions being tired after a long night at the hospital and Marlena inquires as to why they were at the hospital. Before Belle can answer, Philip interrupts to brush off Marlena’s concern and wants to get Belle home. Belle makes plans to meet Marlena tomorrow and she and Philip leave. Billie complains about Sami to Austin but Austin cuts her off. Billie offers to help and Austin asks for help in figuring out Sami.

Sami apologizes to Roman for making everyone hate her. Roman complains that he will now most likely be the one drying her tears for life. Roman asks Sami to fill him in on what happened and Sami claims that she couldn’t live up to Austin’s image of her. Roman doesn’t believe Sami’s claim but commends her for calling off the wedding. Roman tells Sami that she never is willing to be happy. Roman shocks Sami when he advises that Sami will reap what she sows.

John and Bo rejoin Roman in the vestibule. Roman tells them about his talk with Sami and how she neglected to admit her wrongdoing. Roman decides that telling Carrie the truth is too late now and the three agree to still keep it quiet. Bo leaves to take Hope home so they can check on Shawn. John steps away to keep looking around.

Steve tells Kayla that being at the wedding didn’t help spark his memories. Steve hates how him not remembering is hurting Kayla and he suggests they take a break for a while. Kayla refuses and they leave. Austin says goodbye to Billie, Shawn Sr. and Caroline. Carrie watches as Kate approaches Austin. Austin doesn’t want to hear what Kate has to say. Kate insists that the marriage to Sami would have been a complete mistake. Austin tells Kate that the relationship isn’t over and storms off. Carrie stops him to ask if he really still plans to pursue Sami.

Sami has now changed out of her dress and is packing her things to leave when E.J. knocks on the door. Sami surprises E.J. with her anxious reaction to his arrival.

John steps into the vestibule and is surprised to see Eve talking to Tek.

Lucas pulls Will aside to continue consoling him. Will doesn’t believe that Sami will rebound after this. Carrie regrets asking Austin but Austin insists that he will stick to his word. Austin admits though that if Sami still turns him down, then he will have to move on.

Sami locks the door behind E.J. and explains that she’d been waiting to tell E.J. the real reason she called off the wedding. Sami tells E.J. about the phone call. Sami tells E.J. how she intended to go through with the wedding until she saw Lexie arrive. E.J. allows Sami to cry on his shoulder.

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