Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/29/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/29/06


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Bonnie, working as a candy striper, stops Lexie to talk about Shawn’s prognosis. Lexie assures Bonnie that Shawn is expected to make a full recovery. Bonnie drones on about not being able to call Mimi but Lexie interrupts to assure Shawn that he needs peace and quiet and then will be fine. Bonnie starts talking about the embryo switch but Lexie makes a quick excuse to leave when she spots Tek.

Tek tells Lexie that he hasn’t found out anything yet about the threatening phone call and they discuss the validity of Lexie’s theory that the Bradys are being targeted.


Everyone stands in wait for Sami to walk down the aisle. Kate gloats to E.J. that the wait is a sign that Sami has bailed on the wedding. Lucas assures Austin that he and Will talked to Sami moments ago and she was ready for the wedding. Roman questions Sami about whether she wants to call off the wedding. Sami says she has made a decision.

Kayla whispers to Steve that she should have expected Sami’s wedding to not go as planned. Steve asks why everyone would still show up given Sami’s track record and Kayla suggests that for them, hope springs eternal. Kate apologizes to E.J. for being annoyed when E.J. didn’t keep Sami from the church completely but believes that now she’ll have the chance to witness Sami’s downfall in person. Chelsea complains that she is wasting a day off from community service for this possible non-wedding. Sami assures Roman that she is merely nervous and still wants to go ahead with the wedding. Roman and Sami hug as Sami starts to cry. Jennifer assures Frankie that Sami’s wedding will go off without a hitch. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when Sami appears at the back of the church. The wedding march begins and Sami and Roman begin their procession down the aisle. Sami and Roman reach the altar and Roman gives her a hug before placing her hand in Austin’s hand. Everyone takes a seat and Sami assures Austin that everything is fine. Father Jansen begins the ceremony.


Tek tells Lexie that he suspects Tony as being behind these attacks on the Brady family. Tek suggests that Sami’s wedding would be a target for this suspect but Lexie denotes it because her threatening phone call was in protection of Sami. Tek changes Lexie’s mind when he suggests that having the wedding go on as planned is the suspect’s way of getting all the Brady family together in one place. Tek assures Lexie that he’s already sent officers over to the church and leaves Lexie to head to the church himself.


Father Jansen lists Austin’s good qualities in relation to his predicted success as a good husband. Everyone laughs as Father Jansen turns to speak of Sami but has to clear his throat first. Father Jansen speaks sweetly about Sami growing up and her love for Austin. Father Jansen pauses as he talks about Sami’s transformation and Sami makes everyone laugh as she suggests using the term “miracle.” Father Jansen explains that he was talking about how Sami’s family has been blessed and she and Austin join hands.

Hospital & church:

Tek calls Lexie to update her on the quiet status at the church. Lexie urges Tek to be careful and Abe walks up behind Lexie and overhears her assuring Tek that she does care about him. Lexie ends the call and is surprised to turn and see Abe standing behind her.


Lexie explains that she was telling Tek to be careful while he is on a stakeout. Abe is obviously annoyed and Lexie tries to explain that she only cares about Tek as a friend. Abe interrupts to say that he doesn’t give a damn about Tek or how Lexie feels about him. Lexie asks to explain anyway and insists that she is no longer seeing Tek. Abe claims that Lexie’s personal life is none of his business but he thinks she should move on just like he has. Lexie believes that sharing a son in Theo entitles them to still be close and bonded. Abe bluntly tells Lexie that sharing a son doesn’t count for anything considering her actions with Tek. Abe steps away from Lexie to talk to a nurse about Claire’s file ended up in Shawn’s cubicle. The nurse can only tell Abe that she knows the file went missing for a short period of time. Abe asks to talk to the ER doctor that was working that night and Lexie speaks up to point out that she was the doctor working then. Lexie gloats that this means Abe will be forced to spend time with her anyway.


Everyone bows their heads as Father Jansen prays for God’s blessing over the marriage. Marlena stands at the pulpit to read from the Bible about the Lord’s love. The happy couples among the guests relish in the message. Will takes the pulpit next to also read from the Bible about love for one another. Kate rolls her eyes but Belle rubs her stomach. Carrie and Austin exchange glances. Will takes the opportunity to speak freely about how he is happy for Sami and Austin. Will commends Sami on becoming the good loving person they knew she could be. Sami hugs Will as the tears flow.


Abe confirms that Lexie has no idea how Claire’s file ended up in Shawn’s cubicle. Abe then asks how the file was discovered missing. Lexie explains that no one even knew it was missing until Belle found it on the table by Shawn’ bed right after Shawn regained consciousness. Abe remains cold to Lexie by calling her “doctor” when asking her to check her records for an exact time. Abe asks if Lexie saw anything unusual and Lexie says no before directing Abe to talk to Dr. Berman as well. Lexie suggests to Abe that someone wanted Shawn to see Claire’s file. Lexie explains to Abe that the lab claims the DNA information is correct but Shawn and Belle claim it can’t be. Abe asks how long the file was there before Belle found it but Lexie doesn’t know. Abe asks for a list of hospital personnel and visitors but Lexie can only rattle off the list of the visitors at the hospital that night. Lexie shows Abe Claire’s file but Abe pulls away when Lexie uses it as a chance to brush his hand. Lexie confirms that Abe can take the file to check for fingerprints and Abe asks for the list of names that have had access to Claire’s file. Bonnie overhears Claire’s name being mentioned and wants to know what is going on. Lexie and Abe try to get rid of Bonnie but Bonnie insists on knowing what is going on. Lexie admits to Bonnie that Claire’s file was discovered in Shawn’s cubicle and it contained the results showing Shawn to be Claire’s father. Lexie has to help keep Bonnie from falling over.


Austin recites his personal vow about being happy to be marrying Sami. Kate mutters under her breath that she couldn’t be unhappier about this moment. Sami shocks everyone when instead of reciting her personal vow; she declares that she can’t do this.

Kate starts to gloat again about the wedding not happening. Carrie checks to see if Sami is all right and Austin assures Sami that she needn’t be nervous. Austin tells Sami that all she needs to say is “I love you Austin” and Sami now feels confident to recite her own vows. Sami commends Austin for being so understanding and respectful despite her flaws and mix-ups. Sami refers to Austin as her real life hero and then likens the description to Roman, Marlena, and Will. Austin assures Sami that she could never disappoint him.


Bonnie is so hysterical from the news that she burns her finger when she spills coffee. Bonnie asks if Mimi knows and Lexie tells her that Mimi, Philip, and Belle know about the file. Bonnie freaks out at the realization that Belle knows too and rushes off to call Mimi. Lexie tries to stop her to fill her in on the rest of the story but Bonnie is long gone. Lexie and Abe complain that Bonnie will excite Shawn too much. Abe asks for the names again and turns to leave but Lexie asks him to stay. Abe turns her down because he plans to attend Sami and Austin’s wedding reception. Lexie urges Abe to be careful attending the gathering but Abe laughs at Lexie’s concern. Lexie covers by claiming that Sami’s weddings aren’t known for being normal occasions and Abe admits that he is shocked to see Austin going through with the wedding and not being with Carrie. Lexie offers hope that it will work out but Abe insists that it won’t work out for Austin and Carrie like it won’t work out for them. Abe walks away and Lexie wishes that she could stop the wedding.


Tek uses an earpiece to contact the plain-clothes officers about staying alert for anything suspicious but not to disrupt the wedding. John turns around and spots the two officers silently exiting the chapel but dismisses Marlena’s concern over his shock. Father Jansen leads Austin in declaring his consent. Father Jansen then leads Sami in declaring her consent. Father Jansen then asks the congregation to speak up if they have any objections.

Tek cocks his gun and while he is peaking into the chapel, someone slips out the front door. Tek turns around to aim his gun in that direction but no one is there. Tek steps through the front door and looks around with gun drawn. Kate fumes that no one is objecting when she believes everyone should be objecting to this marriage. E.J. asks if Sami usually gets this far in the wedding and Kate complains that Sami never makes it this far. No one objects so Father Jansen continues with the ceremony by asking for the rings. Sami spots Lexie walking through the back door of the chapel.

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