Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/28/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/28/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena is standing alone as Roman comes in. She tells him that she worries Sami and Austin are marrying the wrong people. Roman says that they are adults and need to make their own decisions. She listens to him and agrees that she may be worrying for nothing. He tells her that she looks beautiful as John walks up.

Shawn Sr. and Caroline ask Bo and Hope about Shawn. Caroline feels guilty because Shawn was at the pub when he drank too much. Hope reminds her that Shawn did this on his own and no one is to blame. She does tell them that he is going to be fine, and Caroline and Shawn tell her that they are glad she changed her mind about coming to the wedding. Even though Hope tells Caroline not to read too much into it, Caroline smiles and says she thinks she’s reading it [just right]; they leave Bo and Hope smiling at each other.

Belle asks Chelsea why she wouldn’t be here with Phillip; he’s her husband. Chelsea laughs and says that she just expected them to be at the loft helping Mimi take care of Shawn. Belle reminds her that Sami is her sister and she’s also a bridesmaid. Chelsea asks if everything went okay at the hospital and Phillip wants to know what she means by that. She was just wondering if Shawn is still going to be fine or if there were any complications. Belle starts to say something, but Phillip interrupts and tells Chelsea that there was a little snag with the paperwork, but everything was taken care of. Belle frowns at Phillip as they walk off. Billie noticed Chelsea’s questions were a little odd and asks her about it. Chelsea says that she was just concerned because Shawn is her brother.

At the hospital, Lexie stands over paperwork as Tek comes in dressed in a suit. He is in good spirits and reaches out for her. She stops him and tells him not to touch her; her inability to say no to him has cost her marriage to Abe. She tells him about wanting sole custody of Theo. He reminds her that if Abe had been there for her she would have never turned to him, and she is a wonderful mother. Their affair does not change that. Lexie tells him that there are other things going on here as well; things that could put a lot of lives in turmoil. She says that they could all be in for a whole lot of trouble.

Lucas, Austin, and Kate wait in the groom’s room for word on Sami. Lucas can’t believe that Sami has pulled a no-show considering all the times she’s been left at the alter. Austin reminds him that they do not know that she is not coming. Kate is quick to step in and defend Lucas’ comment. She pulls the boutonniere off his jacket because it’s wilted, and throws it aside telling him that he won’t need it anyway. He tells both of them that there is no way Sami would stand him up. He knows something must have happened to her and she could be in trouble. There is a knock at the door, and as Kate opens it, Sami walks in and tells Austin she’s sorry; Kate’s mouth drops open. Sami jumps into Austin arms and kisses him.

Austin asks where she was and why she didn’t call. Sami spits out bits and pieces of the story as Kate and Lucas shake their heads. Sami tells him that she will explain later because they have a wedding to get to. She says that she wouldn’t miss marrying him for anything. Kate reminds her that she has now seen the groom before the wedding and knows it is bad luck. Normally Sami would agree with her, but not today; she’s won and nothing will stop her from marrying Austin. She rushes off to get ready and Kate huffs about Sami calling her mom. Austin tells her to get used to it because this wedding is going to happen and Sami will be her daughter in law.

In another part of the church, John tells Marlena how beautiful she looks as Roman watches. Marlena tells John that she made the right decision because she’s already starting to feel better. He’s glad to hear that and hopes to move back into the penthouse soon. Roman warns him not to pressure her, and Marlena excuses herself to go check on Sami.

Hope felt awkward in front of Bo’s parents, and Bo tells her that they just want to see them get back together. Hope tells him that it’s not Shawn and Caroline’s decision. She says that it’s their decision. Bo, looking very pleased, tells her that it’s her decision now, and he has to go talk to John about an investigation.

Jennifer and Frankie come in as Bo leaves. Jennifer asks if she is here with Bo. She is and asks about Jack. Frankie leaves the two of them alone to talk.

Kate, Stephanie, and Steve enter the church. Stephanie is happy that they are all here together as a family. Steve is uncomfortable in the suit and tie and Kayla knows it has to be difficult to be here with a bunch of people that he doesn’t recognize. He promises to try and she says that’s all she can ask.

Belle asks Phillip why he stopped her from telling Chelsea about the hospital file. He tells her that it’s ridiculous because he’s Claire’s father and he doesn’t want his sister and niece finding out about it; if they know, that means his mother will know. He still believes the same person that switched the embryos is the same person that left the file in Shawn’s room.

Lexie has told Tek about the file someone left in Shawn’s room stating that he, and not Phillip, is Claire’s father. She tells him that Belle and Shawn say that they have never slept together, and that Phillip believes the same person switched the embryos. Lexie does think that this is a conspiracy, and believes that there are more people’s lives at stake now than Mimi’s, Shawn’s, Belle’s, and Phillip’s. She takes him aside and tells him that she thinks the same person interfering in their lives is the same person that made the threatening phone call to her.

E.J. comes to the groom’s room to apologize for getting Sami here so late.

Hope tells Jennifer not to read anything into her coming to the wedding with Bo. Jennifer is smiling as Hope explains her reasons for coming with him. Jennifer tells her that her eyes are saying something different, and whether she admits it or not, things are looking up for her and Bo. Hope smiles.

Caroline is happy to see Frankie with Jennifer, Kayla with Steve, and Bo with Hope. She thinks Sami’s wedding may be the turning point of the whole Brady family.

Steve and his girls come into the chapel and Stephanie leaves to see Max. Billie comes in and tells Steve that he should be smiling because he’s at a wedding. Kayla tells her that she looks beautiful and Steve agrees. Billie says that she had a great time playing darts and is looking forward to a re match; she’s been practicing. Billie and Steve exchange words and Kayla the way they are looking at each other.

Carrie notices the red streak on Sami’s neck and they all wonder what happened. She tells them she got burned helping E.J. fix his car. Marlena sits down next to Sami and asks her if she is sure that she really wants to marry Austin. Sami reminds her that marrying Austin is all she’s ever wanted, and after everything she went through to get here today, she wouldn’t miss it for anything. Marlena says that we sometimes put obstacles in our paths and it’s a message from our subconscious. Sami defends her “problems getting to the wedding” and pushes her Deanna, her hairdresser, to get busy. She tells them that she loves Austin and nothing is going to stop her from marrying him.

Tek is upset with Lexie for not telling him about the threatening call she received. She tries to calm him down so that no one else will hear them talking. She says that after their affair was exposed and she was about to expose Sami, she got a phone call threatening that something horrible would happen if she did.

Bo joins John and Steve in the back of the church. He wants the two of them to help him prove that he is innocent of stealing the evidence at Chelsea’s trial. John says that he will see Eve around 7o’clock, and if she’s involved he’ll know before the night is over. Steve says that he got a bit of good information that says John is on the right track.

Max and Stephanie come back inside the church joking around about who will be the winner of the Salem Grand Prix. He asks if she wants to put her money where her mouth is. She tells him that betting on a race is a violation of their ethics laws, but if the bet didn’t involve money [she would consider it]. Chelsea walks through and Max tells her that he has to leave because his date is here now. She leaves as Chelsea walks up. He tells her that Sami is going to be upset because she is going to upstage her; she looks beautiful. Chelsea’s mind is obviously elsewhere and Max notices. He wants to know what’s going on; is it about her father or the paternity secret that she found out at the hospital. Chelsea can’t believe that Abby told him and says that she has such a big mouth. He tells her that Abby is her friend and asks if she told the people involved, promising that it won’t go any farther than him. She says that she left the file in a place that she knew they would find it. He asks if all hell broke loose and she says that it didn’t, but she’s going to find out why. She walks off.

E.J. tells Austin that his car broke down. Austin tells all of them it wouldn’t be a Sami Brady wedding if something didn’t go wrong. E.J. tells Austin to treat her right, and that he will be watching.

Marlena gives Sami a bracelet her grandmother gave her when she was born for her “something old”. Carrie’s “something blue” is a garter and Belle’s “something borrowed” is the strand of pearls Roman gave her on her wedding day; the ones her mother wanted her to have. She thanks Belle and shows them the earrings that E.J. gave her which is her “something new”. They admire the earrings and Deanna tells them to quit talking so she can finish Sami’s hair. Marlena leaves to tell Father Jansen that she is almost ready. Sami tells Belle that she heard about Shawn and they wonder if everything is alright. Belle looks down and tells them that everything is not okay. Sami asks Deanna if she would excuse them so they can talk in private for a while. As Deanna walks out of the door, Chelsea walks up and overhears Belle talking to Carrie and Sami; she listens by the door. Belle tells them about the file someone left in Shawn’s room. She also tells them that she doesn’t think it’s true because she and Shawn have never been together. Carrie asks if she wishes it were true because she can see it in her eyes.

Stephanie is standing alone as Max walks up. She asks him if he would like to sit with her during the wedding. He says that would be fine if she doesn’t mind sitting next to the next winner of the Salem Grand Prix. She laughs and tells him that he’s been breathing way too many exhaust fumes. They sit down together.

Bo asks about the information Steve found out, and he promises to tell if Bo promises not to bust him. He says that a geek buddy of his did a little “hack attack” on Eve’s bank account and found that she made a heft deposit the day after the surveillance disk disappeared. They all agree that Eve is involved and need to figure out who paid her off.

Kate comes into the chapel and thanks E.J. She tells him if he was going to occupy Sami, the least he could’ve done was occupy her until the wedding was called off. He says that she’s assuming that he kept her late on purpose, and Kate tells him not to play games with her. He smiles and she says that she has a feeling that even if Sami and Austin do get married, he still won’t be out of the picture.

Belle says that it doesn’t matter what she wants because there is no way Shawn is the father. Sami wants to know how that file got into his room. Chelsea listens with a scowl on her face as Belle tells them what they know so far. Belle wants Sami to finish getting ready and Chelsea runs off as Lucas and Will come toward the door. Belle and Carrie leave to get Deanna. Will tells Sami that he’s happy for her and hopes nothing goes wrong this time.

Lexie tells Tek that the voice on the phone was mechanized. It said if she told anyone about Sami blackmailing her that it would hurt Abe and Theo. She’s afraid that the person will find out she has told him. Tek doesn’t understand the connection she sees with everyone else. She tries to explain; the blackmail, the IVF mix up, and the file in Shawn’s room all involve the Brady’s. He thinks it’s a long shot but will check it out. She hopes she’s wrong but is afraid a lot of people will be hurt.

Sami promises Will that everything will be fine this time. He was hoping that she and Lucas would get back together, but knows she loves Austin and is happy for her. Lucas admits to Sami that he thought she and E.J. would turn out to be more than friends but realizes he was wrong. He tells her that she’s spent half her life chasing Austin and trying to get him to fall in love with her and, if she anyone were to ask him, he thinks Austin is the lucky one to end up with a catch like her. Sami is touched by Lucas statement to her and promises Will that she will never disappoint him again.

Carrie knocks on the groom’s door and Austin opens it. He tells her that she looks beautiful. She just came to tell him that Sami is almost ready and Father Jansen wants him to take his place at the alter. She wishes him the best, and as she turns to leave, he asks her to stay with him.

Everyone is taking their seats and Frankie asks Jennifer if she’s having second thoughts about leaving Jack alone. She tells him that she was just thinking of their wedding day here at this church. She remembers looking in his eyes and everything seemed so clear. Then, Jack and Steve came back and nothing seems clear. They sit down and Kayla and Hope walk in. Kayla asks Bo and Steve what is up with them because they look like two cats that ate the canary. Bo is amused and suggests they find their seats. Chelsea comes in to see Max and Stephanie sitting together. She starts to go over but Caroline stops her and tells her that Sami needs her bridesmaids now. Kate orders E.J. to save her a seat and informs him that the two of them are sitting together through the entire wedding. She walks up to John and pulls him aside to ask a question. Roman tells Marlena he thinks it’s time to walk the bride down the aisle. Marlena jokes that he’s had plenty of experience being the father of the bride. She leaves to check on Sami to see if she’s ready to go.

Phillip is standing alone outside the chapel rubbing his head. Billie comes out and scolds him for drinking too much and tells him to call her the next time he decides to do something like this. She confides in him how left out she feels with all her siblings already being married.

Austin says that he never would have thought things would have ended up this way six months ago; her married to Lucas and him married to Sami. She laughs and tells him life is all about accepting changes thrown at you. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him that she hopes his life with Sami is everything he hopes it to be. She leaves to check on Sami.

Sami has her dress on as Marlena and Carrie walk in. The gasp at how beautiful the dress is. Marlena tells her that it’s time and asks if she’s ready. Sami asks for a minute alone before the wedding starts. She stands in front of the mirror and, as she starts to leave, the phone rings. She thinks it must be Eric and answers. A voice interrupts her and tells her to listen carefully. It says, “If this wedding happens your secret will be revealed.” She says that she doesn’t know what it’s talking about and the voice says, “Remember what you blackmailed Lexie Carver into telling your sister? Marry Austin Reed and it will all come out. It would be a pity to disappoint your son again.”

Lucas and Will come to get Austin and tell him it’s time. Austin is nervous and Lucas tells him to relax because nothing is going to stop this wedding from happening.

John asks Kate if this could wait until after the wedding. It can’t and she wants to know how his date with the rookie cop went. Marlena is standing behind him and asks if he had a date. He turns around and tells her that he can explain but she says the ceremony is starting and it will have to wait. Kate walks off as Austin enters the room. The music starts and Phillip and Belle walk down the aisle first, followed by Chelsea and Will. Next comes Lucas and Carrie and Austin watches her until she stops up front. Roman waits as Sami walks up looking like a zombie. He asks if something is wrong and she says nothing. He tells her they can call the wedding off if she’s having second thoughts. Freeze frame on Sami’s distraught face.

Previews for tomorrow:

Lexie: When Shawn was here, Claire's medical file was found in his room.

Bonnie: What?

Tek: Keep your eyes on all the entrances -- windows, too. We don't know who we're dealing with or what his M.O. Is.

John: [ Sighs ]

Marlena: What?

John: Nothing.

Sami: Austin, I -- I don't think I can do this.

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