Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/25/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/25/06


Written By Kristy

We are in Shawn’s hospital room and Lexie has just suggested that she run another DNA test to make sure the one in the file is correct. Phillip tells her that it would be completely unnecessary because Belle and Shawn never slept together, and there is no way Claire could be his little girl.

Carrie and Marlena finish getting everything together for Sami when she finally makes it to church. Marlena wonders if there has been any word from her and Carrie says that she spoke to her briefly on E.J’s cell phone. She tells her that E.J. was supposed to drop Sami off at the church because she had to pick up Will. Billie comes over to tell Marlena and Carrie that Deanna (Sami’s hair dresser) is threatening to leave for another appointment. They ask her to wait a while longer and she agrees.

Lucas tells Austin that everything is ready to go. They talk about Will and Lucas says that he has picked out the music for the reception by Blue October. He also tells Austin if he wants to back out, now would be the time to do so. Austin says that Sami is the one he’s supposed to be with and he wants to go tell her right now. Lucas warns him that it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, but Austin does not believe in bad luck and leaves to tell Sami how much he wants to marry her. Lucas follows him.

Officer Peters brings E.J. and Sami into the precinct for booking while Sami tries to convince him, in handcuffs, that they have done nothing wrong. He does not believe them and then E.J. tries to explain the situation they were in. He doesn’t believe him either and tells both of them to tell everything to the judge.

Belle agrees with Phillip; that Claire can’t be Shawn’s baby. Lexie understands, but she is still going to investigate the origin of the paperwork and who may have left it in here for Shawn to find. Phillip is going to look into it too. Lexie wants to check Shawn out one more time before she releases him, and the others leave the room to wait outside. As they leave the room, Lexie has a concerned look on her face. Phillip is upset over this whole DNA thing and vows to get to the bottom of this. Mimi says, “Thank God” and turns away from Belle and Phillip. Belle wonders why she said it like that and asks if there is something she’s not telling them.

Lucas warns Austin one more time, but he still insists on seeing Sami. He talks to her through the door and Carrie panics. He continues to talk and there is no answer. He turns to leave and Carrie steps outside; closing the door behind her. She tells him he needs to go away. He just wanted to talk to Sami, and Carrie covers for her absence. Austin tells Carrie that she looks amazing and asks why Sami didn’t answer him. Carrie tells him that she didn’t hear him because she having her hair blown and is listening to an mp3 player. Austin asks her to get Sami anyway, and that he will not see her, but talk to her through the door.

Sami is getting even more frustrated with the officer and threatens telling her father. The officer doesn’t care who her father is and E.J. asks if he would care if her father were Commander Roman Brady. Thinking this is all it will take; Sami insists he take the handcuffs off so she can go get married.

Mimi says that she’s just relieved that none of them fell for the phony DNA test, and that’s all she meant by saying that. She thinks that whoever did this will stop harassing them now.

Chelsea wonders what’s going on outside with Austin and Carrie. Carrie is still lying to Austin and Lucas about why Sami doesn’t come to the door. Lucas tells her to go ahead and get Sami because Austin isn’t going anywhere. Carrie is stressed and says that she can’t get Sami and says that she has to tell them something. Now, Chelsea opens the door behind Carrie and steps out with the rest of them. She tells Austin that she hates to be the one to tell him, but it looks like Sami has flown the coop.

Officer Peters asks, sarcastically, if Roman Brady is her father as Officer Eve Michaels walks into the room, listening to their conversation. He does not believe her father is Roman and tells her that they will find out soon enough, but that the Commander has taken the day off. Sami tries to tell him that he is off waiting for her at the church so that he can walk her down the aisle. He laughs at her because he believes that she is making the whole story up. He thinks that he would know if the Commanders daughter was getting married, and calls out for Officer Michaels to take Sami down to booking. She asks for a phone call, but E.J. has already tried to call Carrie at the church, and no one is answering. E.J. motions for her to keep quiet.

Lexie has checked Shawn out and he is free to go. She gives Mimi instructions and Phillip and Belle take off for the wedding. Mimi asks Lexie if Shawn is really okay, and she says that he will be fine in a few days. Mimi goes to him and hugs him, telling him that she will take him home and take care of him.

Back at the precinct, John comes in and sees Officer Michaels. He walks up behind her and tells her that he can’t wait to pick up where they left off the other night. She smiles and is glad to see him. He wants to take her somewhere that they can get to know each other on a much deeper level. Officer Peters comes in telling Eve that the perp he brought in really is Samantha Brady. John scowls and asks if he just arrested Samantha Brady.

Austin laughs because he can’t believe that Sami has flown the coop. He tells her that she’s in there getting her hair done. Chelsea says that she is not in there and Austin asks Carrie what’s going on. Carrie snaps at Chelsea and asks what is wrong with her. Chelsea says that Austin should know the truth and Carrie tells her that she knows that’s not the way it really is. Carrie turns to Austin and tells him that she’s just running a little late. Austin finally gets that Sami really isn’t here now, and Chelsea says something about E.J., and Austin freaks again. He asks if she is with E.J., and Carrie has to explain that she had to go pick up Will and E.J. offered to bring Sami. Chelsea has to add her two cents in as well, making it sound like there may be something going on between Sami and E.J. Here comes Kate now, saying that she knew Sami would run off with E.J., and thank God because her prayers have been answered.

Sami is behind bars and there are two other women (hookers) in the cell with her. One of the girls asks Sami if this is her first time in here. Sami tells them no, that she actually made it all the way to death row one time before. They ask why she is in here now and Sami snaps back at them telling them it’s all a big mistake. She tells them about being in this house minding her own business with a guy, and the girls (hookers) tell her that they know exactly how that is; a girl has got to earn a living. Sami’s face is shocked once she realizes what their comment was about and tries to explain that she doesn’t do that for money. (LOL) She tells them that she’s not in the “entertainment” world, and that she was supposed to get married today. Sami runs over and sticks her face between the bars and looks up, asking God to tell her what she did to deserve this. She thinks about what she just said and tells him (God) not to answer that.

Shawn is dressed to go home as Mimi goes over the instructions Lexie left for him, telling him that she’s going to make sure he follows every one of them. He asks where Belle and Phillip are and has a disturbed look on his face. He tells her that he was just thinking about one good thing that could come from this terrible situation; they don’t have to go to Sami’s wedding. They laugh and Mimi tells him that there will definitely be another one. They head for home.

The girls in the cell with Sami try to convince her that everything is going to be okay. Sami looks up and sees John and cries out for him, running over to the bars. She begs for his help. John is amused and asks Eve for a minute alone with Sami. He wants to know what kind of mess she’s gotten herself into this time. She doesn’t have time to explain and John plays around with her. She’s not amused and John finally tells Eve to get Sami out. She thanks him and runs out.

Kate is happy and pretty much rubs it in. Austin tells everybody that he knows how much Sami has dreamed about this day and would never just bail out like this. Kate keeps it up and Austin sets her straight, telling them that Sami and E.J. are just friends. Chelsea joins in with Kate and Carrie tells them to quit because nobody is calling off this wedding. Austin agrees with Carrie and tells Kate and Chelsea that Sami will be here. He is going back to the groom’s room if anyone else needs him, otherwise, he will see them at the altar.

Sami is anxious to get to the church, but has to wait for the paperwork to be finished. She badgers the officer that arrested her while she is waiting. He apologizes to her and is sure that she can still make it to the wedding. She promises to tell her father about the man that almost ruined her wedding day. John and E.J. come into the office and John tells her that she is free to go. She says that she still doesn’t have a ride to the wedding, and again John plays with her, saying that the number 9 bus is just waiting outside for her. She never cracks a smile and John says that he will drive her to the church. He tells her to suck up, and finally, Sami smiles and thanks him as she running for the door.

Mimi and Shawn come out of the elevator when Maggie comes out of Phillip and Belle’s apartment holding Claire; Shawn smiles.

Maggie reminds Shawn that he frightened all of them and, since she’s a recovering alcoholic, she feels it necessary to preach a little to him about the dangers involving alcohol abuse. He promises her that it will never happen again and wonders why she is here with Claire. She explains and tells him how much she loves spending time with this little girl. Shawn stares at Claire and says that she is an amazing little girl, and nervous Mimi tries to rush him inside to get some rest. Maggie is glad that he’s okay and Shawn thanks her and says that he feels he has been given another chance.

Marlena and Carrie are still waiting in the bride’s room for Sami, and Marlena just got off of a call with Roman. He’s going to call the police station hoping for word on Sami. They talk about what may have happened with her and agree that she’s just running late because she wanted everything to be perfect. Marlena notices something in Carrie and asks how she is, saying that it was very good of her to be Sami’s matron of honor. Carrie was glad she even asked her, and Marlena asks Carrie how she feels about it deep down. Carrie stumbles over the question and knows Marlena means does she wish it were her marrying Austin. She tells Marlena that she knows her so well, and that she did think she could make things work with Austin. She just hopes everything works out like it’s supposed to. Lucas has been good to her and she’s incredibly lucky. Marlena senses that Carrie is trying to convince herself of this, and Carrie agrees that maybe she is. Carrie gets emotional and she feels that she lets so many people down. She doesn’t want to let Sami down too because she’s so happy for her. Marlena tells her that it’s hard to forget an old love, and she and Austin were so happy together. She knows it has to be hard for her to watch Austin marry Sami; deep down she wonders if Carrie hopes this wedding doesn’t happen.

Maggie tells Shawn to get rest like the doctor says. She holds Claire’s hand out so she can wave goodbye to Shawn and Mimi. Shawn watches Claire, smiling at her, as she goes inside. Mimi walks toward their door and Shawn keeps standing there watching, and looks off with the smile still on his face. I wonder what he must be thinking about.

Billie and Chelsea walk through the church and Billie hopes they don’t have another crisis today. She asks Chelsea if Shawn is okay and she tells her that he’s been released. Billie is glad that something good has happened today, and Chelsea has a big grin on her face when she says, “Let’s hope so.” Billie is immediately suspicious and wants to know what that comment meant. Belle and Phillip walk through the door and the grin on Chelsea’s face drops as she says, “You two are still together?” They stop, and looking puzzled, Belle asks what she’s talking about, and wonders why she would think they wouldn’t be together.

Austin is counting down the minutes and Lucas promises him that Sami wouldn’t miss this for the world; he doesn’t care what their mother says. Kate comes into the room to apologize. She just wants him to be happy. Austin tells her that Sami will show up, and if she really wants him to be happy, she will wipe that smile off her face. She’s sorry but she can’t help it. She thought today was going to be the worst day of her life, and now it is looking like it won’t be after all.

Marlena knows that Carrie is happy for Sami, but wonders with all the history she’s had with Austin, if this isn’t a bit rushed. Carrie takes responsibility for this because of that stupid home pregnancy test. Marlena tells her to stop taking responsibility for everything. She wonders if she’s doing this out of a sense of guilt, and tells Carrie that she’s not helping Sami by doing this. Suddenly, the door opens, and John comes in telling them to look who he found at the Salem P.D. Sami doesn’t have time to explain right now, she’s going to marry Austin today. Freeze frame on a smiling Sami.

Previews for Monday:

Lexie: There are other things going on here, too.

Tek: What do you mean?

Lexie: I mean that we could all be in for a whole lot of trouble.

Kayla: What's up with the two of you? You look like two cats that swallowed canaries.

Bo: Nothing.

Carrie: I can see it in your eyes, belle. You wish that Claire was Shawn's baby, don't you?

Roman: Do you want to marry Austin or not?

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