Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/24/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/24/06


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Carrie is waiting for Sami when Chelsea and Billie come into the room. They ask Carrie where she is and she one has no idea. Carrie fears something bad has happened because she knows nothing besides an act of God could keep Sami from marrying Austin.

E.J. and Sami run into an abandoned house to get out of the storm. They are soaking wet and Sami worries about the wedding. He tells her that they can go nowhere until it stops raining. Sami opens to the door and disses Mother Nature.

Belle reads the file containing Claire’s DNA and she is in total shock. Shawn wants to know what it says, and she tells him that it says that Claire is not Phillip’s daughter, she’s his. He takes the file and says that it is impossible. They wonder why this file was left in his room, and Shawn says that he’s definitely not Claire’s father. She agrees, but remembers the two of them being stranded in the barn, and thinks that maybe they did have sex. The wheels in her mind are turning. Mimi and Phillip come into the room and Mimi can tell something is wrong. Shawn pulls out the file with Claire’s name on it.

Carrie is on the phone trying to reach Sami as Chelsea complains about the dress Sami picked out for her. Billie and Chelsea make jokes about Sami and her wedding disasters.

Sami asks for E.J.’s phone and finally gets a signal. She reaches Carrie, and Carrie is only able to understand that Sami is with E.J. before the phone dies. E.J. tries to lighten her mood, but she’s too upset. He surprises her by finding an old radio, and he believes he can get it to work. She hugs him and tells him how amazing he is. She finally has a glimmer of hope as E.J. plays around with the radio, trying to make it work.

Carrie is frustrated because the line went dead and she wasn’t able to find out when Sami will get to the church. Chelsea is amused with the whole situation as Carrie tries to defend Sami. Billie tells her that if something bad has happened they would have heard from someone, but she thinks this could also be a sign that this was not meant to be. Carrie knows what she’s referring to, and Billie tells her that this could be God’s way of giving her brother a break.

Phillip wants to know why Shawn has Claire’s file, and then grabs it out of his hands. He reads it and says it’s ridiculous because Claire is his daughter. Mimi acts like this is new information to her and asks if they think it could be true.

Carrie knows that Bille means well, but she doesn’t want to get into this again. Billie blurts out that Austin still loves her. Carrie reminds her that Austin is marrying Sami today, and she is already married to her brother Lucas. Billie says that when Lucas married her, it was like he was marrying a dream; he has an idealized dream of her. Billie tells Carrie that she’s not happy and Austin isn’t happy either. Billie just lets it all go and tells Carrie everything about Austin still loving her and wanting to marry her instead of Sami. She knows it’s eating her up inside and Carrie starts crying. She admits to doing some very selfish and stupid things and hurting a lot of people. She never wants to do that again. Billie asks Carrie if Austin still loves her, does she think he should be marrying her sister. Chelsea steps in and asks the same question; why is Austin marrying Sami. Billie tells her that her uncle Austin is a stand up guy and stands by his commitments. She turns back to Carrie and tells her she knows that Carrie thinks by putting other people’s happiness in front of her own, she is doing the selfless thing, but it doesn’t always work that way. Carrie wants to know if she thinks Lucas would be happy if she divorced him, or Sami would be happy for Austin to leave her at the altar again. Billie knows that would devastate the two of them, and Carrie says it’s just too late now. Carrie says that she and Austin had their chance and she wrecked it. What kind of person would she be if she wrecked everything for Sami and Austin? Billie says that they do not belong together and she hates to admit it, but Sami and Lucas do belong together. She asks Carrie to listen to her heart and do the right thing before it’s too late.

Sami looks for a towel to dry herself off with, and wonders if Austin has already given up on her. She finds an old trunk and opens it. She pulls out a WW2 Commanders Uniform. E.J. tries it on and it’s a perfect fit.

Back in Shawn’s hospital room, Shawn says that the two of them never had sex. Belle says that’s what she always thought but, that night in the barn they both suffered from hypothermia and were wheeled into the emergency room naked. She remembered having a dream about the two of them having sex. Phillip slurs her about it and she says that she never told him about it because she never thought it really happened. He tells her that people can’t have sex when they are unconscious. Mimi has a flashback of the conversation she had with Bonnie about the night Shawn and Belle were in the barn; the day she found out Claire was really Shawn’s baby. Mimi asks Shawn if he’s sure they never had sex and he says that he’s sure. Belle asks them if anyone could explain the transplant with Zack, and how Shawn’s little brother’s organs were a perfect match for Claire. Phillip says that Zack is also related to him. Mimi wants to know who left the file in here and Phillip says that they never had a DNA test run on Claire. Belle doesn’t remember that either, but says that there were a ton of tests run on Claire during her hospital stay, and Shawn did donate blood to her. Phillip says that it seems like she almost wants it to be true, and he’s telling all of them right now that someone has it in for all of them; the same person that switched the embryos.

Chelsea puts on the dress Sami picked out for her and feels like she makes the dress look good. Billie tries to talk more about the Carrie/Austin situation, but Carrie stops her, telling her that they are finished talking about it. She speculates that Belle and Phillip will be here shortly, but Chelsea says that she shouldn’t count on that.

Sami just stares at E.J. in the uniform and then finds a wedding dress in the same trunk. She tells him that she likes swing music and E.J. says it’s lovely if you’re into romance. She knows that he likes romance and talks about the two people that must have worn this dress and uniform. E.J. takes Sami’s hand and they dance to music coming from the old radio.

Carrie wants to know why Chelsea would think that Belle and Phillip wouldn’t come to Sami’s wedding. Chelsea says that she saw them at the hospital and it didn’t look like they were getting ready to leave anytime soon. She says that she’s going to call the hospital and check on Shawn whether he hates her or not; she still cares about him. After she leaves the room, Billie tells Carrie that Chelsea’s wheels are always turning and she’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Lexie reads the file on Claire’s DNA. Shawn wants to know if the file really is from the hospital lab and Lexie feels like it is. She is going to check with the lab tech and verify that it is real, but Phillip tells her that there is no reason to do that. She tells him that she has to check into it anyway. Phillip is sure that he is her father and he thinks the same person that left this file here is the same one that switched the embryos. Belle tells him that he’s coming up with a conspiracy theory and wonders if he really thinks it makes sense. He tells her that it makes a lot more sense that Claire being Shawn’s child by Immaculate Conception. He knows that someone has it in for them and he’s not going to stand for it.

Belle thinks this is unreal and Shawn knows that the Brady’s have had enemies for years; the same as the Kiriakis family. Lexie tells them if there is someone out to hurt them, that means they have been here in the hospital, and she’s stunned by all this. She knows she shouldn’t be, because she is Stephano’s daughter and he hurt a lot of people. She is going to alert security of a possible suspect in the hospital, and check with the lab to verify the results of Claire’s DNA. On her way out, she stops to look at the files again.

Chlesea calls the hospital and asks for information on Shawn. Lexie gets the call and tells her that Shawn is doing fine. Chelsea isn’t so sure because Lexie hesitated when she answered. Lexie says that it’s nothing health related but a situation has come up and she should talk to Shawn if she needs more information. She hangs up the phone.

E.J. and Sami finish their dance and they hear a child’s voice come over the radio. He tells the boy who he is and asks him for a favor. He says they are stranded in a storm and needs his help. He tells the boy where they are and asks him to call the Salem police department. The little boy says that he will try and then they loose the connection. Sami fears that he was a little boy and won’t be able to help them. She starts talking about all the things that have gone wrong today, and says that she’s never going to get to marry Austin.

Carrie paces the floor waiting for Sami. Billie tells her to calm down and relax. She says that either Sami will show up, or she won’t. Carrie tells her that she is making this much harder for her, and Billie apologizes; she doesn’t mean to upset her. She is just trying to help. Carrie asks if she should follow her lead and mentions Bo. Billie says that Austin loves her and Bo loves Hope. Billie gets upset and Carrie tells her that she’s sorry. Billie is just trying to do the right thing, but it’s hard to figure out what that is sometimes. She leaves to find Chelsea and tells her they will be waiting outside if Sami makes it here. Carrie calls Marlena and asks for her help.

Phillip asks a nurse if she’s noticed anyone suspicious going into Shawn’s room today. She hasn’t and has only seen family members, but promises to keep an eye out. Mimi tells Belle and Shawn that she is a Lockhart and her family isn’t in the spotlight like theirs are, and she shouldn’t have any enemies. Belle wonders what her point is, and Mimi says that if someone is out to get them, they failed; none of them fell for their trick. She says they should forget about this file like Phillip said because it can’t be true. Belle tells her that she wishes it were that easy.

Sami paces the floors and looks at her watch as E.J. sits by the radio. He suggests playing a game to pass the time. She doesn’t want to play a game and says that this is the worst day of her life. E.J. tells her from what he’s heard about her past, he definitely thinks this is NOT the worst day of her life. She agrees and says it’s not like being stuck on death row. He tells her that she has been through things most people can’t even imagine and she’s tough. He thinks she will laugh about this one day and tries to get her to relax, but she can’t. She starts to cry and it bothers him. There is a knock at the door and Sami runs to answer it.

Carrie was hoping that Sami had contacted Marlena, but she hasn’t. She tries to reassure Marlena that Sami should be here soon because nothing will stop her from marrying Austin.

Sami open the door to an officer and throws herself on him, hugging him telling him that she loves him. She thanks him for coming and E.J. introduces himself and Sami to the officer. Officer Peters places them under arrest for trespassing.

Billie asks Chelsea how Shawn is doing, and she tells her that he’s going to be fine. Billie wonders why Chelsea is so excited because that smile usually means that she’s up to something. Chelsea promises her that she has nothing to worry about this time because she’s finally done a good deed; it’s going to make all the difference in the world.

Belle tries to talk to Mimi, but she ignores her. Shawn asks Belle what she is thinking about. She tells him that she just can’t move on like Mimi is talking about. Mimi rolls her eyes at Belle’s comment. Belle thinks if someone is messing with their lives, she needs to know who it is, and why. Lexie comes into the room and tells the four of them that she’s spoken to the head of the lab and they say that the information in this chart is legitimate. There was no mistake. Phillip wants to know if the tech that did the test told her this. She says that particular tech is off today, but she is going to run the test again to be completely sure. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Officer Peters: That perp I brought in was telling the truth.

John: What the hell? You just arrested Samantha Brady?

Sami: Now, will you kindly take these handcuffs off me so that I can go get married?

Chelsea: Oh, my god. You two are still together?

Belle: What are you talking about, Chelsea? Why wouldn't we be?

Marlena: I guess a part of me wonders if you're hoping this wedding doesn't happen.

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