Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/23/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/23/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

E.J. and Sami wait for the officer that has pulled them over to come to the car. Sami thinks E.J. may have done this on purpose because of the passionate kiss they shared this morning. He tells her that he knew that kiss was meant for Austin and it meant nothing to him. She says that he was also talking about her and Lucas this morning and it sounded like he doesn’t want her to get married today. He can’t believe she thinks that after everything he’s done to help her the last few weeks. The officer comes up to the car and asks for license and registration. He says that he’s been waiting for someone like him all day. E.J. hands him the papers and tells him that he got here as fast as he could. (haha!) When the officer realizes who he is, he bends down beside the car and tells him that not only is he a racing fan, he’s an E.J. Wells fan as well. He agrees to let them go if E.J. will give him his signature. They have a deal. Sami can’t believe the officer recognized him and let him off. As they start to leave, E.J.’s car will not start.

Mimi talks to Phillip and Belle about this bad situation. They talk about the problem Shawn had with drinking when Jan Spears was around. Mimi decides to go to the chapel and Phillip promises to come get her if they receive any word on Shawn.

Hope thanks Bo for telling Shawn he would always be there for him. It meant a lot to her, and he says that he will do everything he can to do just that. She wants to know if he still means what he said to Chelsea about always being there for her no matter what. He says that he can’t have any loyalty to anybody that doesn’t respect him or the people he loves, even if she is his flesh and blood. She’s going to have to earn his trust and respect if she ever wants to be in his life again. He really doesn’t believe that she can ever do that though.

Chelsea calls Abby from a pay phone in the hospital to tell her that she did her good deed by spilling the paternity secret. She says that she left it with the father so he could find out and deal with it on his own. She sees Billie and tells Abby she will call her later. Billie asks who she was on the phone with, and she tells her that she was giving Abby an update on Shawn. Billie reminds her that today is Sami’s wedding, and Chelsea refuses to go anywhere until she knows that Shawn is okay.

Shawn opens his eyes and reaches for the table where the file containing Claire’s DNA results are sitting.

E.J. gets out of the car to take a look under the hood, but he says that he knows a lot more about driving the car than fixing one. Sami tries to call someone but only gets their voicemail.

Lexie rushes in to tell everyone that Shawn is waking up. She is going in to check on him and will let them know as soon as possible. Dr. Berman asks Shawn a series of simple questions and he is able to answer all of them correctly. Lexie tells him that he had alcohol poisoning and Dr. Berman tells him that he had 3 times the legal limit and he is lucky to be alive. He tells him that he will come back to check on him after his rounds to day. Lexie asks him where they were drinking, who was serving him drinks, and how he made it home. He tells her and she reminds him that he falls into the highest risk of alcohol related injuries. He asks about Phillip and she tells him that he is okay. She also tells him that there is a room full of people waiting to see him. He asks if Belle is out there too.

Sami calls an operator and asks to be connected to Salem Cab Co. When she reaches them, they tell her that there is a 45minute wait. She is furious with them and they hang up on her. She tries to call back and her phone is broken because she threw it down in anger. E.J. gives her his phone, and he has no service. She believes this is a sign that she’s not supposed to get married today. He tells her not to buy into all that “sign” business today. He tells her to focus on marrying the man she loves and he will take care of everything else. He needs her help to fix the car.

Lexie tells Shawn if he continues to respond the way he has, he will be able to go home today. Lexie tells Bo and Hope that she believes Shawn will be fine. Chelsea asks when she can see him, and Hope turns around and tells her that she is the last person he would want to see. Phillip leaves to get Mimi. She is praying in the chapel, telling God that she loves Shawn so much, and if he allows him to live, she promises to tell the truth about Claire, even if that means she looses him forever.

E.J. is working on the car and Sami asks him what E.J. stands for, but he is illusive. He wants her to keep her hand on the hose and hold it there. Suddenly, steam blows from car.

Billie asks if Chelsea wants to see Shawn when Bo and Hope come out. She says that she doesn’t want to upset anyone anymore and they should get to the church for the wedding.

Hope and Bo run into Shawn’s room and Hope holds him. They sit down, one on each side of his bed, and tell him how happy and worried they were. He tells them that this was all his fault and this will never happen again. Bo wonders if he heard anything they had said to him before, and wants him to know that he loves him more than his own life. He is sorry for what he contributed to his being so upset that he almost drank his life away. Shawn tells him that he accepts full responsibility for what happened and wonders if he was so concerned about him, why did he let Chelsea in here. Bo asks if he remembers hearing her and he does. Shawn tells Bo that he is sorry for what he put him through, but he thinks if Bo lost him last night, it wouldn’t matter because he still has Chelsea and she’s the only one that matters to him anyway.

Hope knows that Shawn isn’t thinking clearly right now, but asks him not to do this right now. She tells him that Bo told Chelsea that he wanted nothing else to do with her until she straightened up. Shawn looks at him and asks if it was because of him. Bo tells him that he found out about something she’d done, and if he’d known earlier, it would have changed things. He talks about Hope leaving town and him trying to find her so they could put their marriage back together, but somehow, Chelsea intercepted the e mails to Hope and made her think that he wanted the divorce. Shawn looks at Hope and then tells Bo that she was devastated. He asks what he did when he found out the truth. Bo says that he put her out of his life. Shawn asks Hope, now that she knows the truth, will they get back together.

Mimi is still praying, telling God that she’s the one that deserves to be punished for lying to Shawn about Claire; she will take whatever happens if he will just let him live. Phillip opens the door and she turns around.

The burst of steam has burned Sami’s face and E.J. puts aloe on it to help with the burning. He tells her that makeup will cover it up. She starts crying when she sees it.

Hope tells Shawn that they have other issues between them besides Chelsea, and until those are resolved, they can’t work things out. Bo says that he has to prove to Hope that he didn’t steal the evidence during Chelsea’s trial. Hope tells Bo that as soon as he does this, they can talk. She knows that she blamed him for things that were out of his control, but there were so many lies. He knows this and tells both of them that they are his family and he’s not going to loose any more ground with them because the happiest times in his life have been with them. He’s going to spend the rest of his life making it up to them. They get up to leave so Shawn can rest as we see the file lying on the table.

Mimi tells Phillip that she can explain, but Phillip doesn’t know what she’s talking about and wonders why she is so nervous. Phillip tells her that Shawn just woke up and he’s going to be fine. Belle asks Hope if she could go in and see Shawn. She tells her to go ahead. Hope thanks Bo for the things he said to Shawn. He says he’s not taking anything for granted anymore; their son got a second chance, and he’s hoping for one too. Hope reminds him about the wedding he is supposed to go to, and he wants her to go too. He talks to her a little, and she doesn’t want to be alone. She decides to go to the wedding with him because it will be a happy day for the family.

Belle walks in and stands by the curtain until Shawn notices her. She sits down next to him and tells him how happy she is that he’s okay. She says that she doesn’t know what she would have done without him, and that he’s the best friend she’s ever had. She could not imagine the world without him in it. They look into each other’s eyes and hold hands.

Sami worries about the burn on the side of her face. E.J. wants to walk to the gas station down the road and asks what else could possibly go wrong. As soon as he says this, it thunders and starts to rain.

Belle tells Shawn that she was so worried that her baby was going to grow up without its father. Shawn tells her not to worry about that and he doesn’t care what Mimi and Phillip have to say, he’s going to be a part of this child’s life and no one is going to stop him. He has a terrible headache and Belle gets him a glass of water. She notices the file with Claire’s name on it and opens it up. She reads it and says, “Oh my God.” Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Belle: It says that Claire isn't Philip's daughter. She's yours.

E.J.: May I?

Carrie: I guess that belle and Philip will be here soon.

Chelsea: Oh, I wouldn't count on that.

Philip: Someone has a grudge against us. If the three of you want to sit there and do nothing about it, that's fine, but I'm not gonna stand for it.

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