Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/22/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/22/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Austin is having his morning coffee when Lucas and Carrie show up to get ready for the wedding. They ask where Sami is, and Austin tells them that she slept across the hall at E.J.’s apartment. They both are disturbed by this.

Sami is still asleep as E.J. comes into the room. He sits on the bed next to her and pulls her hair away from her eyes. She rises up, eyes still closed, and says good morning as she pulls E.J. into a passionate kiss.

Everyone still waits at the hospital as Mimi comes out from the room with Shawn. They all rush to her as she comes into the waiting room. There is no change, but he is still stable. Phillip thinks Shawn must have drunk a lot before he met up with him at the pub. Belle stands alone holding her stomach as Phillip walks up behind her. He wants to take her home, but she doesn’t want to leave. He reminds her that she is pregnant and insists that she let him take her home. This time, she is very firm in telling him that she will not leave the hospital until she knows Shawn is alright. Billie also wants to take Chelsea home, but she too, refuses to leave. Chelsea remembers that it was Shawn who rescued her from the sewer, and she wants to make it up to him. A nurse comes out and tells Bo and Hope that they can go sit with Shawn, but Hope can’t go in; she can’t see him like this.

Hope apologizes to Bo, but being here feels so much like the night Zack was here. She can’t go through the possibility of loosing another child. Bo promises that this is different and reminds her that Shawn needs them. She and Bo come into the room and stand by his bed. Outside the room, Chelsea and Billie wait and Chelsea tells her that she knows Shawn will never forgive her; she can’t even forgive herself. Billie wants her to look at all the positive things right now and not dwell on anything else. Chlesea takes off and, as she’s headed out, she tells Billie that she has to do something for Shawn.

Hope talks to Shawn as she holds his hand, telling him to fight and pull through this. She kisses him and tells him how much she loves him. She is hardly able to hold herself up and Bo sits down beside him, reminding him of all the things he has to live for. He asks him to come back and give him another chance. He promises to be there for him and Hope.

Mimi, Belle, and Phillip wait together behind the desk. Phillip tells them that today is Sami’s wedding, but Belle says she does not care about that at all. The only thing she’s focused on today is Shawn.

Sami wakes up and is freaking out when she realizes she is kissing E.J. and not Austin. She starts apologizing and explaining right away. He understands and knows how much she is looking forward to marrying Austin. She notices the time and realizes that she has overslept. She is frantic and grabs her things and rushes out of the room.

Carrie is trying to reach Sami at E.J.’s, but there is no answer. Austin wants to go over and check, but Carrie stops him, saying that it is bad luck to see her before the wedding. Lucas volunteers to go to E.J’s and find Sami. After he leaves, Carrie wants to know if Austin thinks something will go wrong today.

Sami is unable to calm down, and is running all over the apartment trying to get ready. Lucas comes in and wonders what’s going on and why she didn’t answer the phone when Carrie tried to call. E.J. says that he had turned the phone off last night so they could get some sleep and forgot to turn it on this morning. Sami stresses to Lucas that they slept in separate bedrooms. Lucas tells her to hurry up.

Austin denies thinking anything will go wrong. Carrie asks about E.J. and Austin tells her that he trusts both of them. She wants to help him get ready for the wedding, and tells him how lucky Sami is to be marrying the man of her dreams. They find themselves on the subject of them making love on the roof. She doesn’t want to talk about this ever again.

Sami is still frantic and she already thinks she’s ruined her wedding. Lucas and E.J. try to calm her down, and Lucas reminds her that he and Carrie already have everything taken care of. He tells her that they will make sure this wedding happens for her. He leaves to get Carrie and E.J. notices the feelings Lucas seems to have for her. She promises him that Lucas has always wanted Carrie, and does not feel the same way for her anymore. E.J. isn’t so easily convinced, but Sami continues to tell him that their relationship is over. She says it’s like a love hate thing with her and Lucas. It seems like Sami is trying to convince herself as much as she is E.J.

Mimi tells Belle to go in and sit with Shawn. Belle thanks her and she looks at Phillip as she walks toward Shawn’s room. Hope hugs Mimi and tells her that was a very unselfish thing she just did. Belle sits by Shawn and talks to him, begging him not to leave them. Chelsea comes out with Claire’s DNA file in her hands. She stands behind the curtain watching Belle with Shawn.

Carrie and Austin hug each other and she tells him that she is so glad they are still friends. Lucas comes back in and tells them that Sami overslept. Carrie gets her dress and leaves to help Sami. Lucas asks Austin if he’s sure he’s ready to marry Sami, and says that, one minute she can drive you crazy, and the next, you’re in love with her. He understands why he loves Sami and says that she can be impossible to stop caring about. Austin listens and asks if he is still in love with her; it sounds that way by the things he’s been saying.

Sami is on the phone with Will, and he doesn’t have a ride home from camp. They decide that Carrie will pick him up and E.J. will drive Sami to the wedding. Carrie promises her that everything will be fine. They all rush out of the room.

Belle tells Shawn how much all of them love him as she rubs his head. Chelsea listens as Belle tells him that she will never let anyone take this baby away from him. She knows she told him that she would let him go and not interfere in his marriage, but she can’t settle for just friendship. She tells him that she still loves him, and even though she’s married to Phillip, and he’s married to Mimi, she knows that they are supposed to spend the rest of their lives together. Belle says that she can’t spend her whole future trying to talk herself out of wanting to be with him; she can’t live her life without him. She begs him to get better so they can find their way back to each other. She doesn’t know how, but says there has to be a way. Chelsea starts to go in after hearing this, but Bo comes up from behind her and pulls her away. She holds the file behind her back as Bo tells her to stay away from his son.

Chelsea walks through the waiting room with the file in her hands. Billie notices that something is wrong and asks what is in the file. She says it’s just some work she needs to finish. Chelsea tells her that she’s going to prove to her and everybody else that she can do the right thing. The doctor comes out to tell everyone that Shawn’s vital signs are improving, even though his condition is still critical, he is responding to stimuli. There is also a possibility that he could suffer from some type of brain damage. This upsets everyone, and he reminds them that this is only a worst case scenario. Billie and Chelsea listen from the back of the room, and Billie wishes there was something they could do. Chelsea looks down at the file and says that maybe there is.

Hope is in the chapel, lighting a candle and saying a prayer for Shawn. She talks to God about loosing Zack and begs him to let Shawn live. She is afraid if Shawn dies, that her family will die with him. Bo is listening.

Lucas says that he’s not in love with Sami and wonders why Austin would even ask him that. Austin just says that he was so much in love with her at one time, and he just thought, by the way he was talking about Sami, that he may still have feelings for her. Lucas denies having any romantic feelings for Sami, and tells him how much he loves Carrie.

E.J. has been pulled over by the cops and Sami asks why he had to drive so fast.

Chelsea slips into Shawn’s room and tells him that she knows he hates her because of what happened to Zack. She knows there is nothing she can say or do to make anything better, but she can do this. She lays the folder containing Claire’s DNA on the table next to his bed. She says these are the answers that Belle has been looking for, and she thinks these are the answers he’s been looking for too. She tells him that Zack was right; he and Belle belong together, and hopefully this file will make things right again.

Austin is ready to go, and Lucas tells him that he’s happy for him. They shake hands as Lucas wishes him luck.

Sami and E.J. wait in the car for the cops to finish. She asks if he did this on purpose because he doesn’t want her to get married today.

Bo comes into the chapel and promises Hope that Shawn is going to be okay. He holds his hand out and asks her to go with him to see their son. Mimi paces the floor and Phillip tries to get her to sit down and relax. Chlesea tries to talk Shawn into waking up to see what is in the file she’s left for him. She leaves and Shawn starts to open his eyes. He looks over toward the table where the file lies waiting for him.

Previews for tomorrow:

Sami: I have been through every single possible worst-case scenario that a bride can go through on her wedding day. Oh, god, I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Mimi: I'm the one who deserves to be punished for lying to shawn about claire all these months.

Hope: Don't you have a wedding to go to?

Bo: You're not going?

Belle: It's a file with Claire's name on it. Oh, my god.

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