Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/21/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/21/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Billie is pleading with Bo not to cut Chelsea out of his life. He says that he is finished with her behavior and he is cutting her out of his life. He lost two sons and his marriage, and he wished that she had the desire to learn from her mistakes and grow up. He says that they have quilted themselves over the fact that they weren’t there for her growing up, but she is who she is, and there is nothing they can do about that because Chelsea will never change.

Abby asks Chelsea what she meant when she said it was time to do the right thing. Belle and Claire come out of the bathroom and she asks Chelsea if she has seen Shawn or Phillip. She hasn’t, but asks Belle if something is wrong. Belle tells her about the fight they had and how Shawn and Phillip left mad at each other over the fact that they could not agree on a custody plan. Chelsea comments that it seems like she is matched with the wrong person. Belle just hopes for a miracle that will work this whole thing out, and Chelsea asks her what she would say if she told her that she could give her that miracle.

Mimi is trying to wake Shawn up and rushes to the phone to call an ambulance.

Belle wants to know what miracle Chelsea is talking about. She tells Belle that she knows that nobody expects anything good to come from her, but says she is trying to make up for some of the bad things she’s done. She would like to do a good deed for her. Belle says that she would just love it if anyone could help her sort out this mess, and then, her phone rings. Phillip finally calls and he is at home wondering where she and Claire are. She immediately tells Abby and Chelsea she has to go home to Phillip. After she leaves, Abby wants to know what that whole miracle thing was all about. Chelsea doesn’t have time to talk to her and tells her that she has to do the right thing before this night is over. She leaves.

At the hospital, as the doctors are working on Shawn, Mimi calls Hope and tells her about Shawn. Hope tells her that she is on her way. The doctor tells the nurses that Shawn is in “v fib”, and they rush after a crash cart.

Bo is still at Billie’s house, and she is telling him that he’s wrong, and that people do change. She says that she’s living proof of that. It happened for her because someone loved her and never gave up on her; Bo stops and listens. She says that he believed in her when she didn’t have the strength or faith to believe in herself. Bo tells her that there is no comparison between her and Chlesea. She continues to plead with him on Chelsea’s behalf, saying that Chelsea is just afraid that everyone will leave her. He is through blaming himself or anyone else; Chelsea is only to blame. He says that she deliberately murdered his marriage and because of that, his wife is having another man’s baby. Billie is just as angry with her as he is, but she says that she is still their daughter. Billie is crying and begging him, but Bo is not buying it this time. He says that there have been no consequences for her bad behavior and forgiveness and compassion are the last things Chelsea needs. He is finished with her.

Max comes into the office as Abby is working on his paperwork. Frankie comes in behind Max and Abby’s face drops. Max notices and asks if something is maybe wrong with Jack. She says it is, and that he was stabbed in the back by your brother; while looking right at Frankie.

Hope runs into the emergency room. Mimi tells her that he is still unconscious and has blood poisoning. Hope calls Bo and tells him about Shawn and he leaves Billie to come to the hospital.

Chelsea slips in the door at home, and Billie tells her it’s okay because Bo has left for the hospital. Chelsea realizes people die from alcohol poisoning and wants to go to the hospital right away. Billie warns her not to show her face there after what she has done, but Chelsea is afraid she will never see Shawn again. She doesn’t care what they will say to her, but she wants to be there for her family.

Belle comes home to find Phillip on the couch. She scolds him for putting her through all the worry. She realizes that he’s been drinking and he tells her about his and Shawn’s drinking contest.

Bo makes his way to the hospital wanting to know what happened. Mimi explains about the drinking and Bo reassures her that Shawn is a fighter. The doctor comes out and tells them that they are flushing his system with IV fluids to rid his body of the alcohol. He says they will have to try dialysis to remove the rest of the toxins if he continues to deteriorate, but it’s only a last resort. They tell him to do whatever they have to do and ask if he’s going to pull through. The doctor says that he is fighting for his life, and can’t tell them when or if he’ll pull through.

Max pulls Abby aside and tells her that he knows she has issues with Frankie, but thinks she is acting a little harsh toward him right now. Abby has a flashback of Frankie and Jennifer in bed together, and the fight she had with her mother right afterwards when she called her a slut. She tells Max that she’s not being too harsh and then tells Frankie to stay away from her mother. Frankie understands why she would view him as the enemy again, but he and Jennifer took a vow and he’s honoring that. She reminds him that her mother and father also took vows, and took them first, so those are the vows that count before God in the eyes of the church. Frankie tells her that he loves her mother, and if he’s learned anything from Jack, it’s that life is too short to stay away from the people you love. Abby tells him to back off and asks what he will do if her father doesn’t die. Frankie loves Jack and wants him to get better, but Jennifer asked him to stay; he’s not going anywhere.

Phillip has passed out on the bar and Belle picks up a lid and slams it down on the pot beside his head. She wants to know about what happened tonight between him and Shawn. He tells her about the drinking contest and to be happy they didn’t kill each other. He lays his head down on the bar again.

Mimi remembers Belle and Phillip, and calls to tell them the news about Shawn and to find out if Phillip is okay. Belle makes Phillip get up and they rush off to the hospital.

Hope is trying to pour a cup of coffee, but her hands are shaking too badly. Bo does it for her and holds her while she talks about her fears of loosing two children. Billie and Chelsea come in but no one sees them.

Max follows Abby out into the garage trying to convince her to stay out of this situation between Jennifer, Jack, and Frankie. She tells him how she feels about all this and what she’s been through. He doesn’t know what to say, and he feels sorry for her. He hugs her and tells her that her father isn’t going anywhere, and she needs to believe it too.

As Hope and Bo wait for news of Shawn’s situation, she notices Chelsea and Billie in the waiting area. She goes straight over to them and tells Chelsea that she has no business being here and she wants them to leave right away. Bo jumps on her too, and tells her that she’s on her own until she can prove to be a decent person. Chelsea tells them that she doesn’t want to cause any trouble and asks them to let her she Shawn before she leaves. Bo tells her to get out and then Billie jumps in telling them that Shawn is Chelsea’s brother, and she understands that Chelsea is the last person they want to see, but this is her daughter and she will not have them talk about her like she is a piece of trash. She tells them that they will leave, but that Chelsea is concerned about Shawn. Hope wonders if she’s as concerned about him as she was about Zack. Chlesea tells Hope that she doesn’t blame her for not forgiving her for killing Zack; she probably wouldn’t either if she was a mother, but she’s begging them to let them stay until they find out that Shawn is going to be okay. Hope walks off and Bo tells her to stay out of their sight.

Max gives Abby some tissues to dry her eyes. She apologizes for any inconvenience she has caused. Max says that he’s not trying to minimize any problems she might have; he knows she’s been through a lot, but he tells her that she shouldn’t let this affect her like she does. He tells her that he will be here for her if she ever needs a friend.

Belle and Phillip arrive at the hospital. Chelsea asks Billie if she notices how upset Belle is about Shawn, and tells her that she knows Belle still loves him. Billie says that it’s none of her business. Chelsea thinks if Shawn knew, he might feel like he had something to fight for. Hope and Bo see Phillip, and he tries to explain what happened. They scold him for being so irresponsible. The doctor comes out and tells them that Shawn is stable and can have visitors. Medically, they have done all they can, but it may help him to know that he has all their love and support. Mimi goes in first as Bo, Hope, and Belle wait outside the room.

As Abby and Max work in the office, she tells him that Chelsea came by and was acting bizarre. She explains about Belle being there looking for Shawn and Phillip, and the secret Chelsea found while working at the hospital. Max has a lot of questions, but Abby isn’t able to tell him anything. She’s just worried about what Chelsea is going to do with the information she found, but tells Max to talk to her about it. Abby does think Chelsea is trying to be a better person and do the right thing. Max isn’t sure if Chelsea knows what the right thing is anymore.

Chelsea is nervous waiting for information about Shawn. Billie tells her to be patient and that she has a lot of work to do before any of them ever trust her again. She knows this, but says that she does love Shawn because he is her half brother. Billie is going to go to the deli to get them something to eat, and warns Chlesea to stay away from Bo and Hope while she’s gone. She promises, but wishes there was something she could do for Shawn.

Phillip and Belle sit in the waiting room and Bo and Hope talk about Shawn’s situation. Hope wants to call Patrick and asks Bo if he minds. He doesn’t and she thanks him for understanding and tells him that she’s glad he’s here with her.

Mimi sits down next to Shawn and tells him that she is so sorry. She had no right to try and force him into those custody terms. She says if it were her, she’d want to see her child too, and, he could die and never know that Claire was his daughter. She is crying and tells him that she’s kept so much from him, but if he comes out of this, she promises to tell him everything. She promises this time. Freeze frame.

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Austin: Just listening to you talk about Sami, it sounds like you're still in love with her. Are you?

Sami: Did you do this on purpose?

E.J.: What?

Sami: You don't want me to get married today.

Bo: What the hell are you doing? Stay away from him.

Hope: If Shawn dies, I'm afraid our family will die with him.

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