Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/18/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/18/06


Written By Kristy

Hope is cleaning up at home and stops to look at a family portrait. The doorbell rings, and when she opens the door, Bo and Caroline are standing there. Caroline knows they should have called first, but she wants the three of them to talk. They did not come to talk about her and Bo, but to ask a favor.

Belle continues to try and reach Phillip; she’s worried. Mimi isn’t able to reach Shawn either, and Belle worries because she remembers what happened to Phillip the last time he got so upset. Mimi takes offence to Belle’s comment about Phillip, and feels that she is blaming her for trying to talk about the custody arrangement. That is not what she is saying, but what Mimi suggested was unreasonable and now she has made Phillip just as paranoid as she is. Belle tells her they all know this whole custody thing is to keep Shawn away from his baby. Mimi disagrees and says that it is designed to keep Belle away from Shawn.

Phillip has come to settle things with Shawn. He tells him that there is no way he is going to let Shawn use the baby to get closer to Belle. Shawn wonders why he would think that and Phillip wants to take it outside. Shawn tells him to leave and asks Lisa for another shot. Phillip tells him that they are going to take care of all this tonight. Shawn just stares at him and asks for another shot, telling Phillip that he is not going to keep him away from his baby. Phillip tells him that he wants him away from Belle, and Shawn says that’s not possible. Phillip has a plan and Shawn says he’s all ears. Phillip expects Shawn and Mimi to move out of Salem and as far away as possible.

Abby comes over to Chelsea’s house because she can’t wait to hear this big secret she stumbled across in those boring files. Chelsea is excited to tell and says the file she came across contained the results of a very interesting DNA test. She says it had to do with a blood donor, and a certain baby’s father wasn’t the real father after all. The biological father is going to be blown away when he finds out the truth.

Shawn and Phillip continue to drink at the Brady Pub. Shawn can’t believe he has suggested this and tells him that he is not leaving his kid, and asks him what does he not understand about this. Phillip says he’s not going to live in denial any longer with Shawn. Shawn orders another drink and tells him that he is just going to have to deal with the situation. Phillip orders another drink and turns this into a competition.

Belle had never thought about the two of them being together and fears they may have run into each other. (Shawn & Phillip) She’s afraid they might do something stupid like fight. Mimi slurs Belle saying that the two of them would be fighting over her and she would like that. Belle reminds her that she never wanted any of this to happen, and if Mimi would think back, she and Phillip have been trying to have a baby together for a while. Now that this has happened, Belle says that they just have to figure out a way to deal with all this. Mimi tells her that is exactly what she has been trying to do, but it’s going to be a lot easier for her to deal with because Shawn and Phillip are both in love with her and she has nothing to worry about. Belle reminds her that she is Shawn’s wife and he is in love with her. Mimi reminds her that she was the loyal best friend for all those years that she and Shawn were together, and she knows how much Shawn wanted to have a kid with her some day, and now he’s going to. Belle asks if that means they are just supposed to get back together because of this baby, and if she doesn’t remember, she has a daughter with Phillip. With that said, Claire starts crying and Belle goes after her. She brings her over to see her godmother Mimi. Mimi says that Claire really does adore Phillip, and Belle says that of course she does, he’s her daddy, and thank God there will be no confusion about that.

Abby wants to know why Chelsea thinks the biological father would ever find out if it’s such a big secret. Chelsea wonders if Abby thinks she should be the one to tell. Abby doesn’t even know who she’s talking about, but she feels so sorry for all of them not knowing the true paternity. Chelsea is sure if the mother knew, she would use it to get out of her marriage. Abby thinks Chelsea must know who these people are by the way she’s talking about them and asks who they are. Chelsea tells her that anybody with half a brain knows that this woman is still in love with the real father of the baby. Abby wonders if anyone else knows about this. That, Chelsea has no idea of, and Abby says in this case, it would be wrong for her not to tell the parents. Chelsea says that this is valuable information and shouldn’t go around blabbing about it all over town. She thinks she should wait until the time is right so that she will be able to use it to her advantage. Abby snaps at her telling her to, for once, do the right thing. Billie comes in and wants to know what Abby meant by doing the right thing.

Bo and Caroline come inside and get right to the point. Bo wants Hope to go to Sami’s wedding with him because it’s a Brady family event. Hope can’t believe they want this because Sami has never been good to her or Bo. Caroline is quick to tell Hope that family means more to Sami than she realizes. Hope says that she’s not family anymore because she and Bo are getting a divorce. She is sorry to blurt it out to Caroline, but she says the sooner everyone knows about it, and accepts it, the better. She feels that showing up at the wedding together would serve absolutely no purpose, except to send the wrong message. Bo says there is still hope for them because she said if he proved his innocence, she would have him back. Caroline is so upset she has to leave. On her way out, she tells Hope that she had hoped she wouldn’t turn her down because she’d be doing her and her grandpa Shawn a big favor. She leaves and Hope is mad at Bo for trying to use his mother to get to her. Bo promises that it was Caroline’s idea, and tells Hope that she knows what family means to her. Hope calms down, but doesn’t understand the point. Bo tells her that this is Chelsea’s fault, and if she hadn’t altered those e mails, they may still be together. They argue and she tells him that he can’t put all this on Chelsea; she did what she did because she knew she would get away with it. Chelsea knows there are no consequences when it comes to Bo. He promises that there are going to be very serious consequences for Chelsea once he gets to her. She says that she will believe that when she sees it. He tells her that it is going to happen and he is going to make things right, and he is going to get her back. He leaves and Hope turns around with her famous “eyebrow” and smiles. (We can see that there is still HOPE)

Billie demands to know what it is that she should do the right thing about. Chelsea quickly comes up with the community service excuse. Billie accepts the response. Abby has to get back to the garage because Max is behind in his paperwork and she offered to work overtime to help him catch up. Billie goes to the kitchen and Abby is upset that she has gotten caught up in another one of Chelsea’s lies. She wants to know why she just can’t tell the truth for once. Chelsea says that she needs to weigh her options first. Abby wants to know why Chelsea says that she’s going to change when she knows it’s not the truth. Chelsea promises that it is the truth and Abby tells her to prove it and for once do something for someone else without thinking what is in it for her. Abby is disgusted and leaves.

Phillip and Shawn are getting drunk by the minute. Phillip says that if Shawn refuses to leave town he will call an attorney and set up a custody hearing. Shawn tells him to do what he has to do, but to know that he’s not going to agree to his terms. There is no way he’s going to have a couple of days a month with his kid. Phillip reminds him if they go to court, it doesn’t matter if he agrees or not, they have to go by the judge’s decision. Shawn tells him that he too will have to go by the judge’s decision. Phillip isn’t worried because he has Gene Briscoe as an attorney and he has political connections up the wazoo. He thinks it’s a guarantee that any judge in Salem is going to rule in favor of a Kiriakis. Shawn laughs and says that he is a Kiriakis too. Phillip gets up and turns on the radio behind the bar and Shawn tells him that is the song he and Belle danced to during the Last Blast Competition. Phillip says, “Of course it is, cause no matter what I do, I can’t get away from Shawn and Belle’s greatest hits.”

Mimi is on the phone again and can’t get in touch with Shawn. Belle is holding Claire and worries about the wreck Phillip had before when he was so angry. She decides to give Claire a bath. They talk about having the babies and Belle hopes she doesn’t get depressed again. Mimi asks if she thinks it would be her fault if she did get depressed after the baby is born. Her answer is no. Belle talks about how much Shawn has always wanted to have a child of his own, and asks Mimi not to take that away from him. She says that if she does, she thinks Shawn will always resent her for it. Belle promises her that she’s not saying this to be mean, and this baby she’s carrying is not going to ruin her marriage; there is only one person that can do that, and that’s Mimi.

Shawn and Phillip are still drinking and Phillip tells him that he could drink him under the table any day. Their mood is lighter and they push each other to drink more. Phillip falls on the floor and they both burst out laughing. Shawn tries to help him up and falls too.

Mimi is tired of waiting and leaves to find Shawn. Belle and Claire decide to go too.

There someone at the door, and when Billie gets there, it’s Bo. He storms in telling her he needs to speak to Chelsea. Billie asks what it is she’s done now. Bo tells her that she ruined his marriage; she schemed and plotted and she is sick and twisted. Billie wants him to calm down and tell her what happened. He tells her that Chelsea intercepted the e mails he sent to Hope while she was away. She remembers the beautiful e mail he had sent to Hope telling her that he wanted their marriage to work. He tells her that she never got it because Chelsea hacked into his e mail and changed it to make Hope think he agreed to the divorce. Billie wants to know if he’s sure. He says that he used her laptop and forgot to log off. That gave her the perfect opportunity to destroy his marriage. She can’t believe this and rants about Chelsea. Chelsea comes out and asks what’s wrong. Bo says, “You are; everything about you.” He tells her that he found out what she did and that it’s time to pay up.

Mimi runs into Hope on the pier and tells her that she is looking for Shawn. She notices that Hope is crying and asks if she’s okay. Hope says that she came here to say goodbye to the past. Mimi knows about the divorce and tells her that she is sorry, but is also happy about being an aunt. They talk about Patrick and about the IVF mix up. Mimi talks about her fears of loosing Shawn now that Belle is having his baby. She tells her that she is worried about him because he was so angry when he left and afraid of what he might do.

Phillip and Shawn just stay on the floor and talk. Shawn tells him that he has everything; financial security, Claire, and he starts to say something else, but just says “everything”. Phillip rises up and tells him that he knows he was about to say Belle. Shawn says that it doesn’t matter what he was going to say because she’s committed to him, and told him so. Phillip seems surprised that she told Shawn that. Shawn tells him not to blow it because he’s got everything a man could want. Phillip agrees and says that he does, except for one thing; his left leg. They both bust out laughing.

Belle shows up at Max’s garage and tells Abby that she is looking for Phillip and Shawn. She knows she may seem a little paranoid, but she just wants to know everything is okay. Abby tells her that Phillip hasn’t been there, but says that it seems like she cares more about Shawn than Phillip.

Shawn reaches up on the bar and grabs the whole bottle of liquor and turns it up. Phillip tries to take it away from him, but Shawn insists. Lisa takes the bottle away from him and threatens to call his grandparents if he doesn’t leave. She goes to call them a cab.

Mimi tells Hope that she is worried Shawn could be getting himself into trouble right now. She tells her that it is her fault for insisting on strict visitation terms. Hope knows this is difficult for her, but she doesn’t blame her for wanting to have things settled. Mimi is so happy that she agrees with her, and Hope says that it is very wise of her to set some boundaries for Shawn and the baby that he’s having with Belle. She tells her that it will not be an easy situation and it’s bound to bring them closer. Hope doesn’t want her to misunderstand what she saying, and tells her that she has nothing to worry about because Shawn tells her how much he loves her, and that he trusts her more than anyone in the world. Hope wants to help her look for Shawn, and they leave.

Chelsea tries to pretend that she doesn’t know what Bo is talking about. He lets her have it. He tells her to stop with the innocent little girl act; he knows about the e mails she sent Hope. How she made her believe that he wanted the divorce, and asks if she thought they would never find out or talk about the e mails. He is yelling at her and gets up in her face. He says that she took his son and asks if she had to take his wife too. Billie stops him and he wants to know if she’s going to defend her again. She’s not, and steps in telling Chelsea that she’s disappointed in her as well, and that she promised her that she was going to stop lying and scheming. Chelsea says she’s sorry, but she thought if Hope came back and they got back together, she would go to jail. Bo tells her that she belongs in jail and this proves that she didn’t learn a thing from what happened to Zack. He tells her that she’s irresponsible and thinks about no one but herself. This makes him sick and ashamed that he ever stood up for her. She says that he doesn’t mean that. He immediately tells her that, yes, he does mean that, and he lied to protect her. Every time she screwed up, he gave her the benefit of the doubt; forgave her and believed her over and over again. He tells her that until she can straighten up and be a decent person, she’s on her own. He washes his hands of her right now. She runs out.

Belle tells Abby that she’s worried about both of them. Abby tells her that she and Phillip are very lucky. Belle knows this and tells her that Claire keeps them together and if it weren’t for her, life would be very different. Belle has to change Claire and leaves for the restroom.

Mimi comes home calling out for Shawn. All of a sudden, she hears Shawn and Phillip singing, coming off the elevator. She is angry and asks them if they have any idea of what they have put her and Belle through tonight. She yells at them, telling them they have been worried sick. Phillip goes into his apartment and Mimi helps Shawn into theirs. She fusses at him and he lies down on the couch. She turns around, still talking to him, and notices that he’s passed out.

Mimi tries to wake Shawn up, but he does not respond to her. She notices that he’s not asleep, but unconscious.

Billie understands that Bo is angry with Chelsea, and doesn’t blame him. She tries to tell him that he didn’t mean what he said about washing his hands of her. He knows she’s had it rough and been through a lot, but that excuse wears thin after a while, and at some point she has to grow up and take responsibility for what she’s done. Until she can do that, she’s out of his life; completely.

Chelsea walks into the office at the garage asking Abby if she has a minute. Abby jumps up and is concerned as to why she is crying. Chelsea says that her father disowned her, and Abby wants to know why. Chelsea tells her that she did something bad again and he just found out about it. She tells her what Bo said to her and she can’t believe that he has treated her this way. Abby tells her that it’s called tough love and maybe that is just what she needs. Chelsea tries to play the “everybody that loves me always leaves me” card. Abby tells her that it doesn’t have to be this way and actions speak louder than words. Belle and Claire walk out of the restroom and Chelsea says that maybe now is a good time to do the right thing. Freeze frame.

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Chelsea: What would you say if I told you I could give you that miracle?

Hope: I can't lose another child, Bo. I just can't.

Max: Does it have to do with your dad?

Abby: Yeah. He got stabbed in the back by a brother.

Mimi: I've kept so much from you. I promise, and I really mean it this time, I will tell you everything.

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