Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/17/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/17/06


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In the Deveraux house, Abby asks Jack and Jennifer to sit down because she has a surprise for the two of them. They are excited and she is illusive about what she has planned for them. She gives in and tells them she has planned a family picnic for all of them. Jack is a little hesitant about going anywhere due to his health, but Abby has already cleared it with Lexie. Abby has everything planned and Jennifer says that she has plans with Frankie tomorrow and can’t go.

At the Brady Pub, Chelsea is on the phone with Max and is telling him that she will have to break their date, and whines that she has to work extra hours to make up for time wasted yesterday. They chat for a while and she continues to complain about the community service and thinks she may be able to slip out early. Billie walks up and hears the comment and grabs the phone away from her, telling her they could haul her butt into jail if she skips out early. Billie tells Max that Chelsea has to cancel and that community service is more important; Max agrees. She hangs up the phone and listens as Chelsea complains a little more about missing her summer because of this stupid job. They sit down at a table and Chelsea says that she could have snuck out and not got caught. Billie wants to know why she is having such a hard time with this. Chelsea says that doing good deeds is not going to make her feel any less sorry for killing Zack, and it’s not going to bring him back to life. Billie understands, but says it might help turn her life around. Chelsea is adamant that she doesn’t do stuff that is just complete bull. Billie says that she doesn’t know everything.

Mimi and Shawn come into Belle and Phillip’s loft apartment to discuss the custody arrangements. Belle wants to wait for a few days and Mimi wants to get it over with now; Phillip agrees with Mimi.

Chelsea is telling Billie that filing records at the hospital is boring and is not going to make her a better person. Lexie comes in and stops to chat. Billie asks her to join them and she sits next to Chelsea. As soon as she sits down, Chelsea puts earphones in and listens to music. They place their order and Billie asks Lexie how she’s been. Lexie talks a little about work, and Billie says that she wasn’t talking about that; she was speaking of Abe. Lexie tells her that he moved out, and Billie is trying to be positive about her situation. Abe walks in and speaks to Billie and Chelsea, but not Lexie.

Mimi tells the others that she has been doing a little thinking about all of this, and says that the most logical thing would be for her and Shawn to raise the baby that the surrogate is carrying, which is her baby with Phillip. She says that Belle and Phillip should raise the baby that is Belle’s and Shawn’s, since Belle is giving birth to it. She says that they can also set up a number of hours a month that Shawn and Phillip can have with their biological children. Phillip agrees with this and Mimi says that they can also agree to be first choice babysitters if need be, which would add bonus time. Shawn and Belle’s faces do not look to happy about this. Mimi is the one doing all the talking while Phillip agrees with her. Belle comments that Mimi has really thought this through, and Shawn says (out loud), “Yeah, she’s thought about it a little too much.” He gets up and walks around the apartment. Mimi turns to him, a little agitated, and tells him that he agreed to talk about this and call a lawyer. He says that he did, but also points out that he said that he didn’t think it was necessary. Mimi says, given everything that has happened, she does think it’s necessary, and Phillip speaks out that he agrees with Mimi again. Shawn understands, but says that when these babies are born, they all may feel differently and have new ideas. Belle finally speaks up and she agrees with his idea. She says that it would have been nice for Mimi to have talked about this with all of them before she sat down and mapped out their whole future. Phillip says considering what a ridiculous mess this is, what Mimi is proposing is fair. Shawn says, “Of course you do because you don’t want me anywhere near your wife or my child.” Phillip stands up in his face and says, “You’re right, I don’t.”

Lexie is upset that Abe never even spoke to her and Billie tells her that he’s just angry. Billie tries to pick her spirits up and tells her that she still loves him, and to go over there and talk to him. She says that the Lexie she knows is not a quitter and would never give up on her husband without a fight. She tells her that she and Abe are an inspiration to her and she only wishes she had a love like theirs. Lexie isn’t so sure because she doesn’t think he still loves her. Billie says if that were true, he wouldn’t be hurting so much and he would’ve been able to stop at the table and say hello to everybody because it wouldn’t have meant anything. Lexie says that he will never forgive her and she will have to pay for this for the rest of her life. Chelsea removes her earphones and says that she knows how that feels. Lexie turns to Chelsea and says that she guesses Chelsea does feel the same way. Chelsea just looks at Lexie for a minute and says that she didn’t think anyone like her would ever understand how she felt. Lexie tells her a story; a long time ago, she also made a huge mistake with Zack. When he was a baby, she kept him away from Bo and Hope and hurt them terribly. But, eventually, they forgave her. She tells Chelsea that she is going to make a real effort to not be so hard on her in the future if she will promise her to really make an effort to make her community service count. This pleases Chelsea and she promises to do this for Lexie. This also makes Billie happy and she tells her that she should try and reach out to Abe the same way she just reached out to Chelsea. She tries to coax her to go to Abe.

Abby is very upset with Jennifer and wants to know what she has planned for tomorrow. Jennifer says that she is going to Sami and Austin’s wedding with Frankie. She tries to explain why she is going, but Abby rants and throws slurs at her. Jennifer can’t believe that Abby is talking to her like this and tells her that she did not raise her to treat her this way. Abby can’t believe that she would go to a party knowing Jack is so sick, and she would think Jennifer would want to spend every minute she could with him. Jennifer tries to speak, but Abby interrupts again saying that this could be their last family outing and it is more important to Jennifer to go to another one of Sami’s weddings. Finally, Jennifer agrees that she shouldn’t go, but Jack stands up and says no. He wants her to go to the wedding with Frankie. Abby can’t believe he’s saying this, but he insists. He tells Abby that they will plan another picnic. Abby is furious with Jennifer as Jack tries to reason with her. She finally tells him that it was supposed to be for him and Jennifer above all else. Abby says that she is just going to go to the track with E.J. tomorrow. Jack says that he knows who E.J. is and he doesn’t want her anywhere near him.

Chelsea finishes eating and excuses herself to go back to the hospital. Lexie watches Abe and tells Billie that she has been thinking about what she said, and she has decided to go talk to him. She walks over to his table and asks to sit down. Abe says nothing. She sits down anyway and tries to talk to him. She tells him that she and Theo miss him, and talks a little about Theo until Abe stops her. He hates being away from Theo and he doesn’t appreciate her using Theo to get back in good graces with him. That was not her intentions; she just wanted him to know Theo missed him. Abe tells her that will all change very soon. He is putting a bid on a town house and he plans on suing her for full custody.

Chelsea walks down by the river front on the docks and turns around and screams.

Shawn tells Phillip that he better get used to it because there is no way he’s not going to be around his child. Phillip says that he’s talking about Belle, and that Shawn knows what he’s saying. Belle stands up between them and Shawn says this is never going to work. Phillip tells them that Mimi is trying to do something here that benefits all of them. Shawn asks if he hears his baby crying one night, is he just supposed to ignore it because the custody says it’s not his day to see the baby. Phillip says that yes, he’s supposed to ignore it because he’s going to be the baby’s father. Shawn says, “The hell you are!” Mimi tries to make peace saying that nobody is going to be denied access to their children, but there has to be some kind of boundaries. Shawn says there is no way he is giving into this.

Chelsea was screaming at Max, and he apologizes for scaring her. He was just making sure she wasn’t going to play “hookey” from work. She tells him about the things Billie said to her and how nothing ever goes right for her. She hugs him and says that everyone that has ever cared about her has always left. He tells her that she is making herself more miserable.

Shawn is not going to agree to a custody arrangement. Nobody is going to tell him when he can see his child, especially when Phillip doesn’t want him in this baby’s life at all. He turns to Phillip and tells him that he doesn’t care whose house this baby is in, it’s still his. He walks out leaving the three of them. Belle tells Mimi and Phillip that they are making a big mistake pushing this custody arrangement. Phillip tells her that he and Mimi have just as much say about this as she or Shawn does. Belle says she’s not saying that, but Phillip doesn’t seem to have as much of a problem giving up his biological child as Shawn does. He says this isn’t about the babies, it’s about her and Shawn, because everything seems to be about her and Shawn. Phillip walks out too.

Lexie asks Abe to please think about what he is throwing away. He tells her she is the one who should have thought of that before she jumped in the bed with Tek. She knows that he is right and tries to explain, but he is not giving her any space. He thinks if she loved him she would have had a little more patience with him. Lexie takes full responsibility and asks if there is anything she can do to make this right. He says that there is, and tells her to get an attorney. With that said, he gets up and walks out on her.

Max understands where she is coming from because he’s been there. He tells her about being adopted by the Brady’s and how he was afraid it wouldn’t last, and he shut down. That was his way of rebelling. He thought if he shut everyone out, when they left him, like his parents did, it wouldn’t hurt so much. He says it’s kind of like pushing away all of the good stuff. She agrees and he tells her that is why he is so attracted to her; they are so much alike. She tells him that he’s the best thing that has happened to her in forever and hopes she doesn’t push him away. He tells her he is not going anywhere.

Lexie is crying as Billie comes over to ask her what happened. She tells her that he wants a divorce and is determined to get full custody of Theo. Billie feels bad for pushing her to talk to him. Lexie tells her she has to get to the hospital and picks up her purse and heads toward the door. On her way out she hears Abe on the phone with Andy, a lawyer, telling him he’s ready to move on with the divorce, and no matter what it takes, he wants sole custody of Theo. Lexie bows her head and cries and leaves the Pub. Billie meets her outside to walk her to the hospital. As they walk off, Shawn walks into the pub and sits at the bar with Abe. Abe has heard about the mix up with the babies and he is sorry. Shawn tells him of his fears concerning the babies, and Abe tells him whether or not he is with the mother, he’s got to be there for his baby. He tells him he should fight for the right to play an active part in his child life because nothing is more important.

Back at Belle’s apartment, Mimi tells her she is leaving. She is hateful to Belle, telling her she doesn’t feel good about being here with her. Belle reminds her that they are friends and Mimi says that she thought a lot of things, like Belle pretending to say goodbye to Shawn. Belle meant that, but Mimi thinks Belle was doing everything in her power to hold onto Shawn while ago. Belle says that just because she agreed with him over the custody agreement, doesn’t mean that she’s trying to hold onto him. Mimi doesn’t believe her. Belle tells her that she and Shawn are over, and she didn’t agree with her and Phillip because she thinks it’s a bad idea for the babies. They deserve to know who their fathers are, and the father’s deserve to be as much a part of their lives as they want to be. Mimi points out that Phillip isn’t the problem here; Shawn is, and her feelings for him are. They continue to argue over Belle throwing herself at Shawn last night, and Mimi tells her that she will not risk her marriage to make Belle’s life easier. Mimi thinks it would be best if they never told the babies who their real father’s are.

Abby tells Jack that she is a little too old for him to be telling her who to hang out with. Jack says that he knows E.J. from Europe while he was covering the racing circuit for the A.P. He says that E.J. uses women like Kleenex, and maybe he’d like to add her to his tissue box. (haha!) Abby says that she’s not a baby, and says that maybe she’s not thinking, just like Jennifer with Frankie. And, that they are just a couple of girls who are being controlled by hormones; like mother like daughter. Abby leaves the house and slams the door behind her.

Lexie runs into Chelsea and gives her a stack of files to be filed. Chelsea picks up the phone and calls Abby. She notices something is wrong with her and Abby wants her to meet her at the Java Café so she can tell her what’s going on. Chelsea can’t meet her because she’s still working. They talk about Max and her job, and Abby is proud of her. Chelsea wants to hear about her parents and, as Abby is telling her, Chelsea turns her back to the files on the counter, and the hand puts a file on the very top of all the others. Chelsea turns back around and picks up the file. She holds it up and reads the name. It says Claire Kiriakis.

Jack sits down on the couch and Jennifer says that she doesn’t blame Abby for being upset with her. He is worried about E.J. Wells and knows she could get herself into a lot of trouble.

Shawn thanks Abe for the advice and they shake hands as Abe is leaving. Shawn asks Lisa, the bartender, for another beer, and Phillip walks in and tells her to make it two.

Belle cannot believe that Mimi doesn’t want to tell their babies who the real fathers are. As far as she’s concerned, they deserve to know. Mimi rolls her eyes and tells her that lots of kids have grown up not knowing who their fathers are, and they have turned out just fine. Belle tells her that when she was born, Marlena thought that she was Roman Brady’s daughter, and Sami knew, but tried to keep it from her. She could not imagine having to spend her life not knowing who her real father was, and then just accidentally finding out one day. Mimi knocks down everything Belle says. Belle tells her that no matter what, their babies will know who their fathers are.

Chelsea opens the file and is astonished. The file reads, “CLAIRE KIRIAKIS DNA MATCHES BLOOD DONOR SHAWN-DOUGLAS BRADY”. She tells Abby that this community service thing is paying off after all. Abby wants to know what she’s talking about, and she says that things just got really interesting really fast. Freeze frame.

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Shawn D.: Don't blow it, man. 'Cause you got, like, everything a man could ever want.

Philip: Except for one thing.

Hope: Shawn loves you. He tells me all the time how much you mean to him, that he trusts you more than anyone in the world.

Bo: I found out what you did. It's time to pay up.

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