Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/16/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/16/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla is visiting Hope and they talk about Hope’s baby. Kayla tells her about being at the Pub with Bo when he received the divorce summons.

Billie is folding clothes and cleaning as Patrick comes in. She tells him that she and Chelsea are moving into another apartment. He’s not sure if he’ll be there much longer either; he and Hope have decided to see each other. Billie warns him that Hope and Bo still love each other and he should not fool himself.

Bo and Steve are having a drink at Dune. Bo asks Steve if he’s happy to be back in Salem. Steve is happy and Bo talks a little about his and Hope’s past. Bo and Steve believe that Stephano Dimera may be the person who is responsible for Steve’s memory being erased. Bo tells him that, the night Steve died, it was supposed to be him and he feels responsible. He promises to do everything in his power to find the person or persons responsible. Steve knows if things went down the way he said they did, that Bo was not responsible, and he wants to know what he can do to help Bo prove his innocence. They see John and Eve Michaels enter Dune as Bo is telling Steve that he has also asked for John’s help. Bo thinks, by seeing the two of them together, that John may be onto something. Eve tells John that she has never been to Dune before.

At the Brady Pub, Austin is eating dinner when Chelsea comes in and asks to join him. She sits down and asks what he is doing here alone the night before his wedding. She jokes around with him saying that he doesn’t have any guy friends, just girls that fight over him all the time. She says it’s a shame that Sami is trying to make him jealous. He swallows hard and asks what she’s talking about. Chelsea tells him it is no secret that Sami will do anything to make sure he marries her this time, and that is why she wanted to sleep in E.J’s bed tonight. Austin wants her to get things straight and tells her that E.J. is sleeping on the couch, not with Sami. She tells him not to be so sure about that.

E.J. opens the door to Sami as she waits in the hall. When she walks in, she is amazed. He has prepared a very romantic candle lit dinner. She starts to ask why, and he says it is her last single night and he wanted to make it special for her.

Chelsea does not want him to think she is butting in, but she has been reading a lot about relationships lately. She knows Sami thinks she’s not the woman Austin really wants to be with, and thinks Sami doesn’t want to put all of her eggs in one basket. Austin comments that she sure learned a lot about psychology in her one day of filing at the hospital. She says that if Sami really wanted to spend the night away from him, she would have picked another place to stay that was not directly across the hall from him. Chelsea believes that Sami is not his first choice anyway. With that, Austin wads up his napkin and throws it on his plate as he pushes it aside. He reaches over and grabs Chelsea’s hand. He tells her that he will see her later, and gets up and walks out the door.

E.J. has had oysters flown in especially for Sami and sits them on the table in front of her. He pours her a glass of champagne as she discusses the fact that the oysters are still alive and she’s never opened one before. She thinks for a second and tells him that he couldn’t have known she would be here tonight. He quickly tells her that he was hoping and she sits there with her mind racing. Sami takes the top shell off the oyster and there is a pearl in it! She is excited and wonders what the chances of that happening are. He tells her to try the other one and there is another pearl. He tells her that if she will look closely, she will see that it is a set of pearl earrings. He says that he is sure she has already decided what dress she will wear tomorrow, but he is hoping that the pearls will look beautiful with it. Sami, very sincerely, thanks him. She doesn’t know what to say or do. You can tell she is shocked and amazed at the same time. He takes the pearls and tells her that he will have them put in a box and delivered to her tomorrow. He wants them to eat now, and he gets up and goes over to her side of the table to help her open the oysters. He feeds her the oyster and he reminds her that they are an aphrodisiac. All of a sudden, she hits the table and gets food all over her dress. He gets up to close a window, and Sami is shaken.

Billie apologizes to Patrick and tells him that she does not mean to sound harsh. She just doesn’t want him to get his hopes up. He knows, and tells her that he is sorry things didn’t work out between the two of them. She is too and says that she should never have blamed him for the things involving Chelsea. She knows he was just trying to help out. She continues to fold clothes as they talk. He picks up a police book of hers, and tells her about filling out an application to join the police department. She is shocked and happy for him. He would like to borrow it to study and she tells him to take anything he needs that may help him. He thanks her and tells her he will see her later. Billie wishes him luck and he leaves. She stands there alone with a look of regret after he is gone.

As Hope and Kayla sit on the couch, Hope tells her that she will always love Bo, but hates what he has done to their marriage and family. She can’t wait around for something to fix itself and Kayla knows this. Kayla asks her if she filed for divorce because there was nothing she could do. Hope reminds her that she is having Patrick’s baby. Kayla knows that Bo would want to help her raise this baby. Hope knows that Bo says he would, but he hates Patrick and she doesn’t want her child growing up in that kind of environment. She talks about Bo’s temper and when she thinks of Bo with Billie, and all the lies, it makes her sick. She doesn’t want to talk about this anymore and asks Kayla about her life. Kayla says that when Steve told her he wanted to stay in Cincinnati, it was almost as hard as the day he died. It was the fact that he was choosing to stay away that hurt more than anything. Hope points out that he wasn’t able to stay away long. Kayla thinks that he was being selfless because, she says, he seems to be afraid of hurting her and Stephanie. She also doesn’t think that he thinks he deserves them. It sounds like the old Steve to Hope. Kayla agrees and says it’s like when she first met him. She knows she has to be patient, but tells Hope that something seems to have changed him after that. She tells her that today, Steve called her sweetness. Hope’s eyes light up and she says that she doesn’t think it is a coincidence at all. Kayla tells her he is convinced that someone, probably Stefano, erased his memories and he’s afraid he’ll never get them back. She tells Hope that she got her memory back and found her way back to Bo. Hope drops her head and she knows that Bo will always be a big part of her life, and so will Patrick. Hope tells Kayla that she and Patrick have decided to start seeing each other. Kayla asks if this was Hope’s idea and how she feels about it.

Steve sees Stephanie and Bo tells him to go sit with her. Steve tells him, if there is anything he can do to help, to call him. Steve and Stephanie find a table and Stephanie asks him why he would go to Cincinnati and never come back. He knows he hurt her and her mother, and he is very sorry, but he felt like they would be better off if he were to stay gone for good.

John pours Eve another drink and she says that she should probably stop. He reminds her that she isn’t working tonight. She’s not, but will have to work a double to make up for it. John says that she’s worked at the force for a couple of years and asks if she never gets any time off. She doesn’t like to talk about this, but her mother has been sick and her father died a while ago. John concludes that she needs the money to help the family out. She says that she does okay, but works a lot of overtime to make ends meet. She asks about him and his wife being separated. He tells her it’s been hard for a couple of years now. She says, “Yeah, Kate was telling….” And she stops in mid sentence. John says, “Kate Roberts? How do you now her?”

Hope and Kayla come out of the kitchen as Hope is telling her that if it weren’t for Patrick, she wouldn’t have been able to get through these past few months. She feels like she owes this to him and this baby to give their relationship a chance. Hope wants to take it slow and see where it might go. She knows this is difficult for Kayla because Bo is her brother and she wants to see him happy. Kayla reminds her that she loves the both of them and wants to see both of them happy. She just doesn’t want to see her give up on the guy she says that she’s still in love with. The doorbell rings and Hope goes to the door. It is Patrick and she introduces him to Kayla. Kayla leaves to meet Stephanie. Patrick tells her that there is a shortage of recruits at the academy and they have already put him in. She is thrilled for him. He says that he still has to pass the exam and catch up with the class, and was hoping that she would be his study partner.

As Bo stands near the bar, he suspiciously watches John and Eve. Eve tells John that she doesn’t really know Kate Roberts, but she was at the station earlier planning the fundraiser. She says that she happened to mention her date tonight and Kate had a lot of good things to say about him. He wants to know what else the two of them were talking about and she says it was mostly about work. She excuses herself from the table and tells him that she will be right back. After she leaves, John walks over to Bo and tells him that he is sorry he didn’t have time to hook up with him earlier, but he had to move on this right away. Bo understands and asks if he thinks she had something to do with the missing disk. John says it’s possible because she is in need of money, and could be doing somebody’s dirty work.

Stephanie wants to know how he could say that it would be better for them if he never came back. He doesn’t want to upset her, but tells her that she knows he’s trying to find out who took him away from them to start with, and whoever that was might not be too happy that he’s back. He’s afraid he could be putting her and Kayla in danger. Stephanie is not so forgiving, and sternly tells him that she is a race car driver and Kayla was about to go to a war zone to practice medicine; they can handle danger. What they can’t handle, would be loosing him.

E.J. is shirtless and Sami just has a little tank top on and she is feeling a little under dressed, covering herself with her arms. She asks for a shirt and he says he will get something for her, but he’s not embarrassed and she shouldn’t be either. He tells her that she is a beautiful woman. There is a knock at the door and E.J. heads that way. It is Austin and he just stands there looking at the both of them with a shocked look smeared all over his face.

Austin asks if his timing is bad. Sami is obviously ashamed and knows what Austin must be thinking. He comes in the door and walks over to her saying that it is after midnight and he just wanted to see his fiancé. Sami automatically becomes defensive and wants to explain, and tells him it’s not what it looks like. He plays dumb and she explains what happened. E.J. tells them he is going to give them a moment alone. Austin picks up the oysters and tells Sami that she looks really flushed. She thinks he looks a little green, which, he says, she is enjoying. She admits maybe a little, but she’s usually the one who is jealous. He wonders if he has a reason to be jealous. She can’t believe that he would even ask her that; she’s been in love with him since she was fifteen years old. She has always wanted to be his wife. He plays around with her for a minute and they share a passionate kiss.

Chelsea comes home and Billie asks if she shouldn’t still be at work. She is on lunch break and goes through the mail. Billie tells her that she is looking for an apartment and Chelsea is excited. Billie tells her that Hope is going through with the divorce and moving on with Patrick. Chelsea has a big grin after she learns this and tells Billie it’s no wonder she looks so happy.

Hope is teaching Patrick the procedures involved in making an arrest. He pulls out handcuffs and asks what they should do with these.

Back at Dune, Bo asks John if he thinks Eve could be working for Kate. John reminds him that he trusts Kate with his life, but says that is interesting because Eve mentioned her earlier. Eve walks up to the bar and asks them what they are up to.

John walks over to her side and tells her that he and Bo were just catching up. Bo says that he didn’t know the two of them were seeing each other. Eve says that this is just their first date. Bo apologizes for interrupting and leaves for the station.

Stephanie makes a toast to the best dad in the whole world. She says she grew up loving a man she never knew, but knowing him now makes her love him even more.

Billie wonders why it is so important for Chelsea to have her and Bo together because they love her whether they are together or not. She asks her if that’s why she keeps putting her and Bo through all these tests; because she doesn’t believe that. Billie thanks they need a major self esteem boost.

Hope cuffs the two of them together while explaining the reasons he might do this when arresting someone. She asks about the keys and he can’t find them.

Sami and Austin are kissing as E.J. walks out while announcing himself. Austin has to leave and E.J. promises to be a perfect gentleman. Austin takes off his shirt and gives it to Sami. She puts it on and Austin leaves. E.J. says that was awkward. Sami tells him that Austin was actually jealous, and E.J. wonders why she would be surprised at that. She is almost about to cry because that meant so much to her. She says that she can’t let Lexie ruin this wedding. E.J. says that’s why he is on the guest list and he will never let that happen. She hugs him, telling him that she doesn’t know what she’d do without him.

Steve can’t speak and tells her that he’s not very good at this stuff. She knows that it will take some time for him to get used to all this. She’s known her whole life she’s had a father and he just found out he has a daughter. He’s here and that’s all that matters for now. He puts his hand on her face and stares at her.

John pours the last of the wine from the bottle and Eve says she has to get up early and should call it a night. He asks if she’s sure because he was hoping to get to know her better.

Bo is in his office as Hope and Patrick come in with a jacket over the handcuffs that bind them together. Bo asks what she’s doing here and she pulls the jacket off to expose the cuffs. Bo gets a key and unlocks them. Bo and Patrick exchange words and Patrick tells him, as he’s walking out the door, that it is his (Bo) job that’s on the line here. Hope is angry with Bo and orders him to stop blaming Patrick for everything that is wrong with his life. If he keeps this up, she says that she will loose any respect that she has left for him. She walks out of the office and leaves him standing there alone.

Billie tells Chelsea that they need to concentrate on finding things that make them feel good about themselves. She knows she’s not crazy about the community service, but she thinks Chelsea will find that she likes helping other people. Chelsea complains about her situation and Billie suggests that she dedicate her community service to Zack.

Stephanie asks if Steve is going to come see her race at the Salem Grand Prix. He says that he will be there, and tells her to go slow and be safe. (joke) He understands that she loves to race and supports her. She gets up and hugs him and Kayla walks in and sees them. She stands there smiling, watching the two of them together.

John takes Eve’s hand and asks if they can do this again sometime soon. She says it’s a date. He kisses her hand.

Sami tells E.J. that she feels like someone is watching her. He asks if she thinks it could be the person sending the notes. She hopes not and thought it might be Austin checking up on her. She walks over and opens the window and looks outside. She leaves it open and tells E.J that after tomorrow, she’s going to be Mrs. Austin Reed forever. Outside the window, the hand is lurking on the ledge. Freeze frame.

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Lexie: Isn't there anything that I can do to make this right?

Abe: Get an attorney.

Shawn D.: You don't want me anywhere near your wife or my child.

Philip: You're right. I don't.

Jack: The guy's 10 years older than you. What are you thinking?

Abby: Maybe I'm not thinking, just like mom's not thinking with Frankie.

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