Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/15/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/15/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

John joins Tek in Bo’s office. He wants to help with the investigation into Bo’s innocence because he too believes Bo was set up, and also, he believes it was an inside job. He asks Tek if he knows anyone out to hurt Bo.

Officer Michaels is talking on the phone with the hand requesting more money because the investigation is escalating. John watches her from inside the office.

Bo barges into Hope’s house as Patrick comforts her. Hope tells him this is not his home anymore and he should call first. Bo is upset and Hope realizes that he heard from her lawyer. They argue and Hope tells him that she’s moving on without him.

E.J. has Stephanie on the phone pressuring her to give them an answer about the job offer. She is at a table at the Pub and Lucas is sitting at another table listening in on her conversation. E.J. is trying to reason with her in hopes she will break another contract to join their team. She knows that she would be able to compete with Max if she had a new car. She tells him that she will talk to her agents, and if he can work out a deal with them that makes everyone happy, she will commit. Lucas walks over to Stephanie after she gets off the phone, and tells her if she takes that deal, she is crazy.

E.J., Kate, and Austin talk about the conversation with Stephanie, and E.J. thinks it a matter of time before she accepts their offer. Sami comes into the room and tells Austin to put away the papers. She needs his help inviting people to the wedding tomorrow. Kate reminds him that this meeting is very important, but E.J. steps in and says that the wedding is more important right now. They leave and Kate says that this wedding can’t happen and he may be the only one who can stop it.

Lucas has joined Stephanie and asks if she’s sure she’s making the right decision by signing with a company that has no track record in the car promotion or automotive industry. She knows that Titan already has a top driver, Max Brady, and she wonders why he’s trying to talk her out of being Max’s competition on the track. It is not his intention, but his brother’s company is a “start up”, and not that he’s not smart, but Titan is a multi-national corporation. He thinks E.J., Kate, and Austin are no match compared to what they can offer. Lucas thinks E.J.’s company will go under, and he just wants her to think about it. He tells her that Kate is his mother, but she is a monster. Lucas asks how well she really knows E.J. Wells.

Kate thinks Austin’s life will be a disaster if he marries Sami. E.J. thinks Austin is very capable of choosing a partner all by himself. He concludes that she doesn’t believe that Sami has changed. E.J. gets close to Kate and suggests they open a bottle of champagne and see where it leads them. She suggests he take it to Sami and see how far he can get with her, and if he really is interested, he’s running out of time. She is counting on him to maybe stop the wedding. She gets her things together, and leaves the apartment.

Sami and Austin come to the hospital and she is hanging all over him. She is so happy.

Chelsea is on the phone with Abby and is telling her how upset with this assignment she has been given for community service. Lexi comes out and catches her on the phone. She is not too pleased with the complaints she heard from Chelsea, and when Chelsea comments that life can be so tragic, Lexi agrees and says like little Zack being run over by a careless driver reaching for her cell phone. She tells her that cell phones are not allowed in the hospital and she better not have to tell her again. Chelsea reminds her that she is not in the hospital, but standing outside. Lexi says that she should be in there working and for her to get back to filing now. As Chelsea comes back inside the hospital, she overhears Sami talking to Austin about the wedding plans. Since Chelsea is supposed to be a bridesmaid, she wonders why Sami has left her out.

Bo rips up the summons and throws them in the trash can in front of Hope and Patrick. He continues to declare his innocence and she says that she has seen no proof. Patrick jumps in and tells him he’s upsetting Hope and Bo goes ballistic. Patrick tells Hope that he will leave and is going be headquarters to drop off an application. Bo wants to know what that is about and Hope tells him that he wants to be a cop. Bo laughs out loud and tells Patrick that he will be a cop over his dead body.

Tek hands John a copy of the duty roster for the day of Chelsea’s trial. He looks over it and asks about Eve (officer Michaels) with suspicion. Tek tells him that Eve is a good cop who had high marks at the academy. John says in his experience, when you find corruption, ambition is lurking in the background. He says that some people try to take a short cut to the top, and for them, the ends justify the means. He wants to run a little test. Tek reminds him that he is undercover, and John says that’s even better. He wants to set a little trap for a little blonde rat.

Bo is still amused that Patrick wants to be a cop and reminds him that cops work “within” the law, not something that he is used to since he worked for the Dimera’s. Working for an international crime family disqualifies him from meeting the Salem P.D.’s standards for their officers. He says that he will do him a favor though; he will take his application to the academy and put it in the trash along with his divorce papers. Hope says she will not allow him to treat Patrick this way and she will write him a letter of recommendation. Bo says that his background check will take care of that for him anyway.

At the Pub, Lucas continues to try and convince Stephanie to reconsider her decision. He says Titan has exclusive access to Shawn Brady’s cutting edge engine, and they both know that she doesn’t stand a chance. She didn’t care too much for that comment and gets up to leave. Lucas stops her and apologizes for making her angry, and he’s just trying to look out for her. Kate comes up behind them.

Patrick says that he is going to be a cop and if Bo does anything to try and stop that, he will see him in court. He leaves and Bo tells her she is backing up a criminal. He asks how she could sleep with him knowing that he loves her and wanted her back. She says he made it perfectly clear that if she spoke out about Chelsea in court that their marriage was over. He says he never said anything like that. She wants to know if he didn’t say that, then who did. He tells her that is a very good question.

Chelsea can’t believe that she moved the wedding up to tomorrow and didn’t even tell her. She worries that her dress may not be ready. Sami assures her that she has already taken care of that, and her dress is ready. Besides, she says that nobody will be looking at her anyway. Chelsea says that she is younger and Sami tells her that she is not going to upstage her at her own wedding and suggests that is why she chose her anyway. (ouch) Austin wants to leave and Chelsea asks if she has money in the pool. Sami has no idea what she is talking about. Chelsea says there is a bet going on at the hospital on whether or not Sami will make it through the wedding this time and really get married. And, the odds are against her to make it through the I DO’s. (ouch) They exchange slurs for a while, and Sami wants to leave with Austin because she’s got to find somewhere to sleep tonight, since it’s the night before her wedding. E.J. walks up and says that she can sleep with him.

E.J. knows that comment came out wrong, and corrects himself. What he meant to say was that Sami could sleep in his bed and he would take the sofa. Austin says thanks, but no thanks. E.J. tells him that he came down here to give Sami the wedding plans list because she left it in his apartment. He thought she would need them. She thanks him and Austin tells Sami that she should stay with Carrie and Lucas. She does not want to do that and they toss around a few other ideas of people she might stay the night. They are unable to come up with anyone and Sami wants to take E.J. up on his offer. Austin doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but she talks him into it. Chelsea is still standing there and Lexi yells at her and tells her to get back to work.

Tek says that he has a good plan for officer Michaels. Patrick comes in and asks John to sign his application as a reference for the P.D. John is glad to help him since he helped save Marlena on Morgan Island. He believes that the Salem P.D. will welcome him.

Bo remembers writing that e mail and there was nothing in there about not testifying at Chelsea’s trial. She remembers it well and says it was definitely in there. He said that he did not agree with the divorce and goes over the things he had said in the e mail. He says that she knows this. She tells him that the e mail she got was completely different and it sounded like he couldn’t wait to end their marriage. He can’t believe this, and that she has thought this the whole time. All of a sudden Bo realizes that someone must have changed his e mail and says he thinks he knows who it might be. She tells him not to blame Patrick and he says it’s not Patrick. He turns around towards her and says it has to be Chelsea.

Kate asks Stephanie if she could speak to Lucas alone. Stephanie agrees and leaves the two of them alone. Lucas tells Kate whatever she’s planning, forget about it. He reminds her about the stunt she pulled with Brandon and Sami before their wedding night. She continues to diss Sami and Lucas stops arguing with her. She tells him that the wedding will not go through because she knows that Sami has probably done something already that will ensure this. She gets a phone call from the police station and Lucas wants to know if she’s in trouble again. She plays it off.

Lexi demands that Chelsea get back to work right now. She reminds Lexi that she will need off for Sami’s wedding tomorrow. Lexi can’t believe her attitude and tells her to take it up with administration. Chelsea leaves to do just that. Lexi comments on their wedding being moved up and wonders why. Sami tells her it was Austin’s idea. Austin invites her to their wedding in hopes it will help things between her and Sami.

Sami can’t believe he has invited Lexi, but she says that she can’t come anyway. She has other plans and acts suspicious toward Sami, leading her to believe that it may have something to do with her secret.

John tells Patrick not to worry about Bo or anything else because he has got him covered. Patrick thanks him and John turns to notice that Tek has handed Eve a folder of papers to file. As she drops them, John rushes over to help her. He puts his hand over hers when she reaches down for the papers. He is hitting on her and she is obviously flattered. He says he notices that she isn’t wearing a ring and would it be too soon to ask her out for a drink. She likes fast and accepts his invitation. They exchange cards as Kate walks in accusing him of hitting on Officer Michaels. He tells her that he and Marlena have separated.

Hope tells Bo that Chelsea has damaged their lives so much; she killed Zack, their marriage, and their family. She can’t believe that Bo even suspects her because she believes that Bo thinks Chelsea does no wrong. He says that he has always known she was selfish and manipulative and wanted his support. She believed that his support would help her out at the trial. He says that she did have his support because she is his daughter, but he would never choose her over his family or his wife. Bo says that if she did do this malicious, spiteful thing, he will never forgive her. He asks Hope, if Chelsea did do this, will she forget about the divorce and give them another chance.

Hope tells Bo that he has already chose Chelsea over her and his family, and he still hasn’t proven that he didn’t steal the evidence at the trial, and until he does that for her, there is no way she will ever believe in his innocence. He did not write the e mail and she tells him that he can’t have it both ways after everything that has happened. He tells her that the hurt and anger she’s been going through is all over a lie. He wants to know how it would be now if she hadn’t read that e mail. He pleads with her and he understands why she replied the way she did after reading the e mail. She says it’s over and she just doesn’t see how she can take him back. She will see him in court.

Kate is shocked at the news of John’s and Marlena’s separation. They talk a little and she leaves. John goes back into the office and Kate goes outside to talk to Eve. She tells Eve to relax because nobody is onto them at this point. She comments on John Black and tells her that he can not find out that she knows her or he could blow them out of the water.

Chelsea carries several files to the front desk where Lexi is working and tells her that she spoke to administration and they gave her the day off tomorrow for Sami’s wedding. She tells Lexi watching Sami’s wedding could be like watching the Titanic go down. This amuses Lexi and Sami has overheard that comment. She is standing behind them. Chelsea leaves and Lexi says that would be an understatement. Sami goes back to E.J. and says that Lexi is up to something and she’s afraid it is all about the secret she has been keeping from Austin. E.J. assures her that she would have already done it by now if she planned to expose her. He thinks she is going to be okay. As Sami rants, E.J. wants to know if she is going to stay with him tonight. He says that he has something nice planned for the two of them and we see Austin in the background listening to E.J. talk about her last single night. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Stephanie: I race cars for a living. Mom was about to go to a war zone and practice medicine. We can handle danger. What we could never handle would be losing you again.

Sami: Austin.

Patrick: We're really stuck with each other now.

Hope: What are you talking about?

Eve: I'd better call it a night.

John: I was hoping to get to know you better -- much better.

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