Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/14/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/14/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Chelsea is at home and obviously upset about something when Billie comes out of the kitchen. Chelsea tells her that she needs her help.

At the garage, Max is doing some paperwork when Stephanie shows up to see if he needs any help fixing his car. He thanks her but says that she’s done enough. She jokes around asking if he’s afraid of the competition getting a little too close, and then thinks that maybe he doesn’t see her as competition. He tells her that he’s got the new turbo engine plans, and he’s pretty confident it will help him succeed. She asks to see them but he can’t allow that. They play fight over the plans and find themselves face to face.

Patrick knocks on Hope’s door, and she opens it quickly, in tears, and throws herself into his arms saying that she’s glad he’s here.

Bo enters the Brady Pub and Caroline thinks he looks tired. He tells her about the endless hours he’s spent trying to prove his innocence to Hope. Steve comes in and tells him he thought they had a deal, and he should be helping in the investigation. Steve says that he’s drawn to Kayla, but he also feels like something else is there. Kayla comes through the door and Steve has a smile on his face from ear to ear.

Austin and Sami are both on the phone trying to get the wedding plans in order. There is a knock at the door, and Austin answers it. It is E.J., and as he’s coming in the door, Sami announces that she and Austin are getting married tomorrow. At the same time, Kate has walked up to the door as well, and hears Sami’s announcement. She says to please tell her that isn’t true.

Billie is worried until she finds out that Chelsea’s big problem is that she’s going to have to work at the hospital as a file clerk for her community service. Billie can’t believe that this is what she is so up about. Chelsea says it isn’t fair, and Billie tells her it is very fair, and she should be down on her knees thanking God that she isn’t going to spend the entire summer or who knows how long in jail for accidentally taking her little brother’s life. Chelsea tries to play a guilt trip on her by thanking her for reminding her about Zack, like she really doesn’t feel guilty enough about it. Billie doesn’t think she does feel guilty enough and she’s lucky that she just got community service. And, if Chelsea thinks she’s going to try and help her get out of it, she’s sadly mistaken. Chelsea tells her that’s not what she meant. She was hoping she could just get a postponement or something. Billie’s only reply is, “NO.” Then, Chelsea flops on the couch complaining that she hasn’t had time to let this sink into her head and they are already wanting her to start work. Billie tells her that the sooner the better. Chelsea continues to complain, and says that she’d rather rot in prison than work in the hospital after Billie tells her if she does a good job, it could turn into something permanent; AKA a job. Chelsea leaves to go enjoy her last few hours of freedom.

Max and Stephanie are still stuck in their face to face positions for a minute before Max finally takes the plans away from her. Stephanie tells him that’s fine because she already knows everything about that engine anyway. She goes after them again and they find themselves in the same situation again. This time, Max has his arms around her back as they look into one another’s eyes.

Kate is beyond upset and Austin tries to calm her down. He doesn’t expect her blessing, but would like for her to be there, unless she is not able to show Sami some respect. He asks her to come to the wedding, and she agrees to come because he is her son. Sami says, “Thanks mom.” Kate does want to know why they are moving the wedding up. Austin says that it’s just because they love each other and they decided that they should just go ahead and do it. E.J. asks if they have a band scheduled and they do not. He tells them he has a friend that is the lead singer of a band touring nearby. When he tells them the name of the band is Blue October, Sami is overjoyed because she loves that band. Austin agrees that they are incredible and they both thank him. He says for them to consider that his wedding gift to them. Kate tells him that she’s impressed which, he says, reminds him of the real reason he came by here. He has had something on his mind and wants to talk to the three of them about it.

Hope and Patrick sit down on her couch. She tells him that she’s having a hard time today because she just got the phone with Frankie, telling him to go ahead with the divorce. Bo hasn’t signed the papers yet, but she doesn’t need his consent or his cooperation. He wonders why she finally decided to go through with it, and if she’s absolutely sure. Hope can not forgive the fact that he went so far as to steal the evidence to keep his daughter out of prison. She says there is no point in dragging this out any longer and she has to move on with her life, especially now. She has to focus on taking care of herself and this baby; their baby.

Kayla makes her way to the bar where Steve and Bo sit. Caroline announces that there is a back up in the kitchen and lunch will be a while, and they should play darts to pass the time. Kayla tells Steve about the severe rivalry between Bo and himself when it came to darts. Bo and Steve talk it up between themselves, and Steve challenges Bo to a game to see which one of them really is the best.

E.J. was thinking about the publicity shots he had with Sami, and the idea of using his “celebrity status” as a way to market and sell their market line came to him. Kate thinks the campaign is going to be very successful anyway. E.J. says it could be better and they could make more money if they thought a little bit bigger. It is going to involve a little more risk, and they are going to have to trust him to be more than the proverbial “pretty face”. Austin is curious and E.J. says that he wants the three of them pooling their resources and going into business as equal partners

Max and Stephanie break apart again right before Chelsea walks in asking if she’s interrupting anything.

Hope tells Patrick that she thought she and Bo would always be together, and he will always be the love of her life, but she thinks she’s at peace with her decision. Patrick hopes he will be a part of her life, and she says of course he will because he’s the baby’s father. He is looking forward to that, but he was hoping for a relationship with her, not just as this baby’s father. He wants the two of them to be together.

Steve and Bo throw darts as Kayla watches. They antagonize each other and Kayla puts her two cents in as well. Billie comes in and congratulates Bo on a nice shot. He introduces her to Kayla and Steve. They chat for a while and they invite Billie to play with them. Kayla decides it will be the girls against the guys. Steve goes on about how good he is and wants her to stand in front of the dartboard for him to shoot around her. She says she’s just not going to do that even though she trusts him with her life. Steve says, “Don’t worry Sweetness, I never miss.” Bo and Kayla’s mouth drops with those words and they just look at each other in amazement. Steve wonders what he did.

Austin, Kate, and Sami are all curious as to what E.J. has planned for them. He tells them that he thinks they should build a race car, state of the art, and sponsor a driver on the national tour. Kate comments on the small fortune it would take to do this, and E.J. admits that it will cost more money, but the returns would be staggering. Kate thinks the exposure would be great for Basic Black and Sami says it would be for ARC as well. Austin assumes E.J. would be the driver, but he says he has someone else in mind. He’d rather stay more on the money making end of things. He thinks Kate should oversee the marketing and publicity and Austin the day to day operations. They could still use his name for promotions whenever they need to, but the bottom line is that they all bring something onto the table. E.J. believes the four of them would make an excellent team. Kate and Austin slip off to talk about it. Austin is in if Kate is. They agree and E.J. is happy. Austin wants to know about the driver he had in mind and he says it’s someone they all know.

Max tells Chelsea that she didn’t interrupt anything and Stephanie just came by to help him work on his car again. Max wants the two of them to pack a lunch and head down to the beach. She can’t and Max looks worried. Chelsea explains that she has to work at the hospital today for her community service sentence. Max is kind of surprised (thinking Chelsea saw him and Stephanie together) and says, “Oh, that’s all.” Chelsea asks why he said that to her. She looks back at Stephanie and then looks at Max suspiciously.

Max tells Chelsea that he wasn’t thinking anything. He just wondered why she wouldn’t be able to go after she came all the way down here. He thought she wanted the two of them to do something together. She did, and complains about it starting today, and that it sucks. She wishes she could get out of doing this today. Stephanie says it doesn’t sound so bad. Chelsea says that she requested dog walking for an animal shelter or being a big sister to an underprivileged little girl. Stephanie wonders if they let her make requests and Chelsea says no, but she didn’t think it would hurt to try. She goes on to say that of course they gave her the exact opposite of what she wanted to do on purpose she’s sure. Max can’t believe that she’s complaining about the assignment when she got off so easy. She tells him that he sounds like her mother. He says that if she goes in with the right attitude, she might enjoy the work. She hates hospitals because they are full of germs. E.J comes to the garage and joins the conversation telling Chelsea not to look at it as punishment, and it could end up being some of the most rewarding work she’ll ever do. She doesn’t act too excited and walks off. Max apologizes to E.J. for missing their appointment. He says that the real reason he is here is to see Stephanie. He tells her that he has a proposal for her and wants the two of them to talk in private.

Hope doesn’t really know what to say to Patrick. He notices and says that he’s not looking for her to make a commitment to him; he just wants them to start spending a little more time together. She turns around and says that she’d like that too. He pulls her into a kiss.

Kayla just continues to look at Steve with hopeful eyes. She tells him that he just called her sweetness. He’s afraid that he offended her. She tells him that he used to call her sweetness way back when and maybe he’s on the verge of a breakthrough. At this time, a man comes into the Pub and asks for Bo Brady. He hands him an envelope and tells him to consider himself served. Bo opens the envelope and says that he has been summoned to divorce court. He rips the papers up as Kayla says it’s not over yet. He leaves the Pub.

Stephanie wants to know about the proposal and she says to just tell her here. He tells her that he formed a new company today with Kate Roberts and Austin Reed and they would like to sponsor her in her races. He says that they are going to make the fastest car on the circuit and they want her to drive it, and in turn, she would be the company spokesperson and she would endorse their products. Not only that, but she will have a state of the art training facility. This part over joys Chelsea and she shows her excitement out loud. E.J. tells her that it is a fantastic opportunity with nothing to loose and everything to gain. She wants to know why he chose her out of all the other drivers. He says with her talents in their car, they all win. He says that she’s a beautiful, feminine, extremely desirable woman who is at the top of her game in a male dominated sport; of course it’s going to work out. She is flattered and says that she will think about it. He is disappointed because he thought she’d jump right on it. He wants her to come with him to the training facilities so he can show her around. He tells her that she will be extremely impressed. She agrees to go with him and would love to hear more. She tells Max that she will talk to him later and leaves. Chelsea is very happy about the proposal Stephanie has been given (hoping to keep her away from Max), but Max doesn’t seem too happy about it. She notices and asks what is wrong. He hopes Stephanie is not getting in over her head.

Billie can’t believe that Hope is really going to divorce Bo. Kayla tells her not to count Bo out yet because he’d do anything to get her back. Billie says Hope is making a big mistake letting him go. Kayla says it will never happen because they love each other too much. Billie gets her food and tells Kayla and Steve she hopes to see them soon. Steve says that he’ll be around, and Kayla turns to look at him. After she’s gone, Kayla asks him if he meant that; would he stay in Salem. He says he’s committed to getting his life back, and everything that came with it. She is sure more than ever that will happen and mentions that he called her sweetness.

At Hope’s house, she and Patrick stop kissing. Patrick knows they need to take it slow. She asks why he really came and he says that he wanted to talk to her about some thoughts he’s been having. He thinks he should settle down and get a real job. He asks her to sit down for this one. He is considering becoming a cop. Hope thinks he should go for it and thinks he’s a natural born hero. She is going to put in a good word for him at the department. He puts his hand on her stomach and tells her that she and the baby have already made such a difference in his life and he is grateful. She hugs him as Bo busts through the door.

Austin and Sami are excited about the new company they have started with E.J. She says that she is so happy and things couldn’t be better. They kiss and outside we see the hand rub across the numbers on the apartment door. Freeze frame:

Previews for tomorrow:

Hope: I love my daughter, I love my wife. You can’t have it both ways, not anymore. Bottom line is I am going through with this divorce.

John: Marlena and I are separated.

Lucas: Let me tell you something about Kate Roberts alright. She’s a monster.

E.J.: If this is your last night as a single woman, we have to make it special. Especially if you’re spending it with me.

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