Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/11/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/11/06


Written By Kristy

John and Marlena are sharing a very passionate kiss and she tells him that she loves him, but it’s not going to change her mind about the separation. She reminds him that it does not have anything to do with him, and he understands, but wants to show her how much he loves her. They come together in another kiss as he starts to undress her.

At the Deveraux home, Jennifer comes out with a sandwich she has prepared for Jack as he waits on the couch. She watches over him as he eats and continuously questions him about how he is feeling. Frankie comes home for lunch carrying flowers for Jennifer. They kiss as Jack listens from the other room.

Max returns to the garage to find Abby waiting for him. She tells him that she needs a job. In the office, Shawn and Belle discuss their “goodbyes”. Belle knows that she can’t keep doing this and never meant to cause so much tension between him and Mimi. Mimi is still behind the door listening to their conversation. She tells him she is sorry and Shawn understands. She tells him about her mother and father’s return to Salem, and she says that they made her realize that she and Shawn can’t be together just because she’s having his baby. He tells her that he is married to Mimi now, and his life is with her. Belle says the same thing; her life has to be with Phillip now. Belle says it’s so hard for her to say goodbye because he’s been a big part of her life for so long, and she never dreamed it would ever come to this. Shawn stands up and says that maybe they will not have to. Shawn’s response to Belle surprises Mimi and Belle.

John and Marlena have just made love on the couch and she tells him how much she loves being with him. They both agree that Europe was a lot of fun, but not as much fun as getting home and back to their real lives. Marlena isn’t sure what her real life is anymore and needs to find herself. She doesn’t think she’ll be any good to anyone else until she does so. They talk a little about Belle and her situation, and Marlena knows she’s been torturing herself for way too long, and needs to make a decision once and for all about who she wants to be with. She goes on to say to him that this separation is only about her and has nothing to do with how much she loves him. She needs to find herself and he doesn’t know why she can’t do this under the same roof with him. He agrees not to pressure here in any way, and says he will move into a room at the Inn for a while. She appreciates this.

Shawn knows they have to say goodbye as far as their past together goes, but not to each other. Belle isn’t sure what he means. He thinks if they can convince Mimi and Phillip that things are really over between the two of them, they can still be friends, and he can still be a part of her life. This pleases Belle as a big smile comes over her face. She hopes so because they are Claire’s godparents and she and Shawn are having a baby together. He reminds her that the pregnancy was by accident, and Belle looses the smile she had on her face. She tells him she’s sorry for making it into something more. He says that he married Mimi because he loved her, not because things didn’t work out for the two of them. Now this pleases Mimi. He just has to convince Mimi of that, and now that he and Belle are having a baby together makes things a lot harder for them. Belle knows she hasn’t helped with that much, but they agree to get through it. He reminds her how much Phillip loves her, and she loves him too, but she says a part of her will always love Shawn, even though she knows there is no future for them. He has to know that she finally accepts that because his heart and soul belongs to Mimi. Mimi is relieved.

Abby pleads her case to Max regarding the job she’s just asked for. Since she’s majoring in business, she says this would be a great opportunity for her. He’s not sure this is the best place for her, and talks about how dirty the place is. She says that she’s really good at organizing and will have this place cleaned up in no time. He asks about Jack and knows how close they are and wonders if she doesn’t want to spend more time with him before she goes off to college. She says she has evenings and weekends, and it’s not like he’s going to die now. She says it’s just a matter of time before things get back to normal at her house. He wonders what she means by that, and she tells him she’s talking about her mother and father getting back together.

Frankie tells Jack how good he looks and how good it is to see him up and around again. Jack appreciates everything Frankie has done for him. Frankie goes into the kitchen to get the sandwich Jennifer made for his lunch. Jack tells Jennifer if he doesn’t make it, Frankie will be a wonderful husband for her. She and Jack reminisce about an earlier trip to the aquarium with the whole family as Frankie listens from the other side of the door.

John is making a call from the penthouse to Joelle. He asks her to call the Salem Inn and book a sweet for him tonight, and tells her it will be for an indefinite amount of time.

Marlena returns to her office at the hospital. She looks around for a minute as Roman comes to the door.

Max is glad her father is doing better, but tells her that it doesn’t mean that things are going to go back like they were. She knows he’s talking about Frankie and Jennifer. He reminds her that Frankie has loved her mother all his life. He says it’s not their call, but the three of them will work things out. Max tells Abby that she has got herself a job. She’s ready to start right now and he gives her his appointment book to start with. She tells him about E.J. Wells coming in and he forgot that he had an appointment with him earlier today. Abby says that she will call him to reschedule.

Belle talks about the fact that she and Mimi have been best friends for a long time, but she hasn’t really been a good friend to her lately. She wishes she could take back some of the things she’s said and done to her, and hopes when she apologizes, Mimi will forgive her. Shawn believes that she will. Belle knows Mimi was always jealous of her because she had money, and agrees that she had an easier life than Mimi, but she thinks she was most jealous of her because Shawn was her boyfriend. She says Mimi loved him even then, but denied it because she knew how Belle really felt about him. Shawn says that she also knew how he felt about her. (Belle) It never occurred to Belle that some day Mimi would come between them, and Shawn says that she didn’t. Belle says she is jealous of her now. Shawn knows how that feels. When he finally got away from Jan and returned home, he had to face the fact that Belle was with Phillip. He didn’t think he’d ever get over it, but he did, and he’s happy with Mimi. He’s not saying these things to hurt Belle, but she knows it’s the truth and says it’s good for her to hear, and wishes it made things easier. She needs to face reality. She turns and digs in her purse telling him she has something to give him before she goes. It is the ring he gave her a long time ago. He asks where it came from.

Frankie joins Jack and Jennifer and they tell him about the adventure they had at the aquarium some time ago. Frankie gets a page from Max and he has to leave. Once he gets outside, he stops and turns back to see Jennifer and Jack still sitting on the couch talking about good times; he leaves. Abby comes in the living room from the kitchen, to see her parents laughing and talking. Smiling, Abby says this is how it’s supposed to be.

Marlena jumps up from behind her desk and rushes over to Roman to embrace him in a big hug. He was doing some police work in the hospital and he saw that she was back. She tells him about the seminars she attended and how much she learned about herself. She tells him about the seminar on physical and verbal abuse, and how it made her look at herself and the abuse she endured from Alex. She wants to use the experience that she has to help other women, and is going to start a self-empowerment group here at the hospital. He thinks it’s great and says from his knowledge at the police department, and the women he sees coming in and out, this will be a huge public service. He thinks it’s a very brave and wonderful thing for her to do. She wants to know about him and what’s been going on in his life since she’s been away. He tells her about Carrie and Lucas’ wedding and that she’s not pregnant after all. He says that he really doesn’t think Carrie was ready to walk down the aisle with Lucas and hopes things work out for them. He believes she hasn’t gotten over Austin, but he’s engaged to Sami now. Marlena mentions Belle too, and Roman is aware of that as well. He mentions John and can tell by Marlena’s face something is wrong. She tells him that they are separating.

Mimi is coming off the elevator headed to their loft apartment when she runs into Phillip. He tells her she looks happy. She says she’s decided to stop being a victim and take charge of her life. He asks if that has to do with Shawn and Belle, and she says yes. Mimi tells Phillip about her and Shawn’s plans to see a lawyer regarding the custody arrangements when the babies are born. Phillip agrees with her, but she tells him it goes farther than they had discussed before. She wants to make sure their babies are protected from each of them. (The quad)

Shawn holds up the ring and remembers giving it to her, but also remembers her giving it back to him and wonders how she got it. She says that when he and Jan were living together in the loft, she saw it on the table and took it so he wouldn’t give it to Jan. The ring meant so much to her because Caroline said it was an old Irish tradition that symbolized friendship and trust and love. He says it’s been in his family for generations. She just wanted to hold onto it because she was clinging to anything that might help them find their way back to each other. She wanted them to hold onto each other like that and never let go. She is unable to hold her emotions and starts crying. Shawn tells her that’s what he wanted too when he gave it to her. She thinks Mimi should have it now, and he appreciates that. He did want to give it to her, but didn’t know where it was. He tells her all he’s ever wanted is for her to be happy. She says she needs to go and he asks her to stay.

Phillip wants to know why they have to protect their kids from themselves. Mimi says that it’s not just their kids; it’s her and Phillip as well. She doesn’t want Shawn hanging around Belle every free second and she doesn’t think he’d like it too much either. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that, but he understands where she’s coming from. Phillip tells her that he doesn’t think Dr. Jaynes wasn’t responsible at all. He believes it wasn’t even an accident and someone did this to them on purpose.

Roman is a little shocked at the news of John’s and Marlena’s separation. She tells him that they are more in love now than they ever were before, but she needs to find herself after all that she went through. He asks if it is just temporary. She says that it is, but after all she’s been through, she’s always relied on him or John to rescue her, and she’s grateful, but now she needs to be able to rely on herself from now on. Roman knows that she is going to succeed and he gives her a big hug.

Frankie rushes into Max’s garage apologizing for being late. They talk about the bad day they’ve had, and Frankie wonders what the big secret is about. Frankie tells him about hiring Abby as an assistant and he’s pleased because it might take her mind off Jack’s health. Max asks how Frankie is doing with all the Jack and Jennifer drama going on right now and knows it must be hard. He says they are all dealing with it, and he does hope Jack recovers for Jennifer. He just doesn’t want to see her suffer anymore. Max wants to know what he will do if Jack goes into remission. Frankie doesn’t know what he’ll do, but he does love her and can’t stand the thought of loosing her again.

Abby, Jennifer, and Jack sit around the living room talking, and Abby is so happy, saying that this reminds her of the way it used to be. She thinks their life is finally getting back to normal, and shares the good news of her getting a job for the summer. She wants to go tell Chelsea her good news and leaves the two of them sitting on the couch together. Jennifer and Jack both reach for a plate and find themselves face to face.

John has gotten his things together, ready to leave the penthouse, and stops to look at a picture of him and Marlena. He sits it back down, takes one last look around, and leaves.

Roman says that it’s so good to see Marlena back to her old self. She has a whole new outlook on life and he can tell she’s very excited about getting her life in order.

Max is still wondering about Frankie’s situation and Frankie gets a little upset with the continuous questioning and tells him that he does not know, but will deal with it when it’s time.

Jennifer and Jack just sit there in each other’s face for a minute, you can tell she’s a little uncomfortable, and gets up quickly to get him a piece of pie. He watches her walk away and as she reaches the kitchen, she stops and just stands there.

Mimi is shocked at Phillip’s suspicions about the IVF switch and can’t believe that they never even considered the fact that it could have been done to them on purpose. She could understand if someone had a grudge against one of them, but not all of them. He knows, but says the more his attorneys dig into this; it looks like Dr. Jaynes did not make a mistake at the clinic. He thinks that someone has it in for them.

Shawn wanted to thank Belle for being a part of his life and he’s glad they had this talk. She is too, and says that she knows now that they can only be friends and nothing more. Shawn looks upset, but says this is the only way they can move on with their lives. They just stand there looking at each other not really knowing what to say. Then, Belle says goodbye to him and he runs out after her to watch her leave. As he stands there, he looks up with sadness in his eyes. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Hope: It’s time for me to move on with my life and start focusing on myself and this baby. Our baby.

Bo: I’ve been served with a summons to divorce court.

Kayla: It’s not over yet Bo.

Bo: You’re damn right it’s not.

Chelsea: I’m not interrupting anything am I?

Austin: So, in 24 hours, we’ll be man and wife.

Sami: Finally.

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