Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/10/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/10/06


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John is preparing the penthouse for Marlena’s return as she comes through the door and rushes into his arms. They kiss and catch up after a couple of days of being apart. She has been to a seminar for therapists, and talks to him about the doubts and fears she has with herself. She worried about coming back to face the reality of what happened with Alex and the physical abuse. She apologizes for everything she put him through. Belle sticks her head in the door, and rushes in to greet her mother.

Shawn is going through some paperwork at his desk as Abby comes in to visit. He asks about Jack and is pleased to hear things are looking up for him. Abby tells Shawn that she needs a job, and was hoping to be able to do some office work, not drive a race car. He says that he needs to talk to Max when Mimi comes in. Abby leaves the two of them alone. Mimi pulls him into a passionate kiss.

Sami and Austin are working side by side and Austin seems a little on edge. They are missing some paperwork and Sami says they were here until the “competition” moved in with them. Austin snaps that it’s Carrie she’s talking about, and not Lucas. She disagrees and says it just upset her that he asked them to move in without checking with her first because they are supposed to be making decisions together; but, she would have said yes. He says that he’s sorry, but they just need to learn to co-exist with them since they are all family. As he is saying this, Lucas and Carrie are coming out from the bedroom and Lucas tells them not to worry, that they are moving out. Now we see E.J. standing on the outside of their apartment door which is cracked open, listening to their conversations.

Lucas and Carrie tell them that they are going to move into a hotel for a while because the contractor is giving them the run around. They are afraid it will take a lot longer and they do not want to impose on Sami and Austin any longer. E.J. suddenly knocks and says that he couldn’t help but overhear their conversation, and has a proposal that they might like.

Marlena, Belle, and John all lock together in a big hug. They ask Belle how everything is going, and she tells them she’s pregnant. They comment on how happy Phillip must be, and she says that’s just it, he’s not the father, Shawn is.

Shawn tells Mimi that he’s got a lot of paperwork he needs to finish, and pulls away from her. He apologizes about the incident at the hospital and she reminds him that he’s already explained. He knows, but feels the need to explain further. He tells her that he’s totally committed to her, and that he loves her more than anything. She believes that he is committed, and tells him that commitment can get you through a lot, but it doesn’t mean anything if there is no love.

Shawn professes his love to Mimi, but she’s afraid that he loves Belle more and always will. The most important thing to Shawn is his marriage and all they have to do is believe in each other. She trusts him but not Belle, especially after the things she read in her diary. He thinks it would have been different if Phillip had been there, and he will do anything to make her feel more secure in their relationship. She says there is something he can do.

Belle informs Marlena and John in on the IVF procedure that went wrong. They find it so hard to believe because they know Salem University has one of the finest infertility teams in the country. Belle goes on to tell them that Phillip believes it wasn’t an accident and he is suing Dr.Jaynes and the staff. She tells them how angry Phillip was after the mix up and asked her to have an abortion, then, he wrecked Max’s race car. John asks her if Phillip thinks she wants to have Shawn’s baby. She tells them they know how she feels about Shawn, and she can’t help it. She loves Shawn and feels like this is a sign that they are meant to be together.

E.J. wants to help them finish their apartment and he does have some expertise in this area. They agree to let him help and they leave to check out their apartment.

Mimi says that she’s having a really hard time with Belle having his baby and wants a court to decide in advance what the custody arrangements will be for both babies. He asks if she’s serious. She is serious and she wants piece of mind that Belle is not going to use this baby to try and get him back.

Marlena understands her feelings that this baby might be a sign that she and Shawn are meant to be together, but it’s not. She says it was an accident and Shawn is married. John knows what it’s like to see the person you love belong to someone else, but Shawn made it clear to her that he wanted Mimi. Marlena tells her that Shawn is no longer hers to love and she is going to have to find a way to come to terms with this. They just want to help her, but she’s so upset. Belle reminds Marlena about the family she had with Roman, and then moved on with John, and their family was fine and happy. She says that Shawn was her high school sweetheart and he broke her heart. She tried to move on with Phillip, but she doesn’t know how to do that anymore, now that she’s pregnant with Shawn’s baby.

As E.J., Lucas, and Carrie look over the apartment, E.J. says it’s not that bad and he can have them back in here tonight. Lucas goes to the back and Carrie asks E.J. why he is really doing this.

Austin promises Sami that he’s not disappointed that Lucas and Carrie are moving out. She tells him how special last night was to her. He wants the two of them to go ahead and get married as soon as possible. Sami is overjoyed and throws her arms around him.

Marlena knows this is difficult, but this baby was an accident, and unlike with her, this baby wasn’t created out of an act of love. She tells her to focus on making her marriage to Phillip work. Belle thanks them and says she knows what she has to do now. She hugs both of them as she is leaving. After she leaves, they talk about their worries for her. John notices that there is something else on Marlena’s mind and asks if it’s about them.

E.J. says the real reason he is helping is because they are friends. She feels like there is something more. He explains that it’s no secret that he’s grown very close to Sami and he doesn’t wish to see her get hurt. She thanks him and leaves to go downstairs. Lucas comes in and he also thanks E.J. for all his help. E.J. asks him if he and Austin are close. Lucas says that their relationship is a little rough around the edges because of Sami, but he doesn’t want to talk about his brother.

Sami is so excited about planning their wedding and she asks if it’s going to be for real this time. He kisses her. She gets started on the arrangements right away and Austin tells her to calm down.

E.J. tells Austin he has to leave and will return a little later. Carrie tells Lucas that she just couldn’t stay in Sami’s apartment any longer because of all the memories. She says how happy she is and kisses Lucas passionately. Sami rushes in dragging Austin behind her, telling them the news of moving up the wedding. They wonder why they changed their minds and Sami says that it was all Austin’s idea.

Shawn agrees to talk to his uncle Mickey and Mimi feels like he has a problem with it. He says he doesn’t but he wonders what she is really afraid of. She is afraid Belle is going to use this baby to wind up in his bed. He says it’s not going to happen but he will call Mickey and take care of it for her. As they hash this out, Belle walks in a wants to know what is going on.

Marlena tells John that it is about them, and when she was away, she had a lot of time to think about the two them. She realized she’s not the same strong woman she always thought she was. Alex abused her and she let it happen. She reminds him of the things Stephano and Tony did to her as well. She knows she always turns to him for help, or to lean on. He says that’s what marriage is all about. She feels that she can’t be strong for him if she isn’t strong for herself and she has to stand on her own two feet. She wants them to separate.

Carrie is happy for them but thought Sami wanted a big wedding. She does, but thinks she can have a “sudden” big wedding. She spoke to Father Jansen and he still has the date that Lucas and Carrie previously set for their wedding available, and they are going to use that. Carrie reminds them about family that will not be there because of the sudden change in dates. Sami has already taken care of that as well, and Austin speaks up and says, while looking directly at Carrie, that there is really no reason to wait.

Abby reads a magazine outside Shawn’s office door in the garage as E.J. comes in. He asks for Max and she says that she’s waiting for him as well. Belle can’t believe that they are plotting behind her back like this. Mimi says that they are not plotting, but she just wants some kind of custody agreement in place before the babies are born. Mimi tells Belle she doesn’t trust her anymore after what happened last night. Belle tells her it will not happen again, and she has come to say goodbye to Shawn.

John is upset about this and wonders how long she has felt this way. She doesn’t want him to misunderstand because she still loves him more than ever, but she just needs space. She has to find herself and become the person she always thought she was. He knows all the mistakes he’s made as well, but he wants them to be together and work through them together. She has made up her mind. He pulls her into a kiss.

E.J. is telling Abby a story about a race he was once in, and she says that he may be turning her into a huge fan. He offers her a job and she says that she had just asked Shawn for a job. He says the offer will still stand if she changes her mind. He touches her hand as he leaves and she looks all giddy and looks at her hand and smiles.

Carrie agrees there is no reason to wait and there is nothing like a summer wedding.

Mimi tells Belle that she is so full of it because she can never leave Shawn. Belle knows she was wrong and she can’t let it keep happening. She knows it’s time to end things and if Mimi wouldn’t mind, she’d like to talk to Shawn alone. Mimi rolls her eyes and walks off. Belle tells Shawn that this was a hard decision, but it’s for the best. Mimi stands behind the door listening to their conversation. Shawn says this is really it, this is really goodbye. Freeze frame.

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Marlena: No, no, no, John and I are really separating.

Frankie: For you beautiful.

Phillip: I’m starting to think it wasn’t an accident. I’m afraid somebody did this to us on purpose.

Mimi: What?

Shawn: Where did this come from?

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