Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/8/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/8/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Steve walks into Bo’s office at the Salem P.D. They chat for a while and Bo tells Steve about his situation with Hope and his efforts to prove that he did not switch the evidence in Chelsea’s trial. Steve tells him that he really needs his help; he needs to save his marriage too.

Phillip joins Belle, Shawn, and Mimi in the hospital. Mimi wants to talk to Belle alone, and Shawn leaves the two of them to talk. Mimi pulls the curtain around them as Belle gets out of bed to get dressed. Mimi tells her that Bonnie read her diary as well, and tells her to stop with the self-righteous crap. She says that she knows Belle is out to steal her husband, and she’s putting her on notice right now. Mimi looks her in the face and says, “It’s going to take a better Bitch than you.”

As Phillip is signing Belle out of the hospital, Shawn informs him that he has pulled the car up front so Belle won’t have to walk so far. Phillip never even looks up when he asks him why he would do that. Shawn is a little stunned with the question and tells him that it was a close call with the baby tonight and it’s really humid outside tonight, and he just didn’t want to take any chances. Phillip tells him not to worry about that because he can take his own wife home, and just because Belle is pregnant with his child, it doesn’t mean that he needs to go around acting like her husband.

Carrie is in the apartment with Sami, Austin and E.J. as Lucas leaves to take Will a consent form to play football at camp. Carrie announces that she’s going to bed, and Austin decides he’s going to bed too. Sami is walking E.J. out and he tells her that he wouldn’t be any kind of friend if he didn’t warn her that her relationship with Austin is in serious trouble. He says that she’s in serious danger of loosing him to Carrie forever.

While Sami and E.J. are talking by the door, Austin tells Carrie that he doesn’t think they have to worry about E.J. telling Sami the truth. He thinks he is a man that will keep his word. She prays he’s right because she feels so guilty. Austin says that he doesn’t want to hurt Sami and Lucas either, but what happened was not a mistake. She can’t end her marriage and he wants to know what would change her mind. She doesn’t even trust herself to be around him and they need to put this behind them and move on. Austin wants to know if she can really do that and tells her he loves her and he knows she loves him. He just wants to talk about all this and she agrees, saying that she will meet him on the roof, but they can’t let what happened before happen again.

Sami wants to know why E.J. would say a thing like that. He says it’s obvious, the person sending these letters will find a way to tell Austin, Carrie, and everybody else what she did to keep them apart, and once that happens, it is over for her. She wants to know why the change all of a sudden. He’s been the one that’s been positive about the whole Austin situation, while she’s the one that’s always predicted disaster. He thinks if it’s not handled very delicately, and she doesn’t tell Austin herself, that Carrie and Austin could find their way back to one another. She doesn’t believe that and says that Austin is meant to be with her. E.J. agrees that she’s very “plucky” (?), but he thinks she’s setting herself up to be disappointed. Sami gets this confident, smirk on her face, and tells him that he just doesn’t know her very well, and says, “When my back’s up against the wall, and time is running out, I’m at my best.” With that, she turns around and looks at Carrie and Austin and says that no one is taking Austin away from her.

Carrie makes her move and tells everyone she’s going to bed. Austin informs Sami that he has to make a very important phone call to Tokyo. E.J. tells her that she needs to learn how to get out of her own way because she is her own worst enemy. He knows she’s a very smart girl, but tells her that she thinks she has control over people. Most people can’t even control their own lives, let alone other’s lives as well. She repeats that she will not loose Austin, no matter what it takes or what she has to do.

Carrie and Austin meet on the roof again. Carrie goes on again about being at fault for all of this and making too many mistakes. Again, Austin says this was not a mistake and they belong together. He tells her she has no business being with his brother because she loves him.

Steve explains his situation to Bo and says that he is one of the few people that he knows who can help him, and if he does help him with this, he will in turn help Bo prove his innocence to Hope. He wants to get his memory back so he can be a proper husband to Kayla and father to his little girl. Bo says he will do anything to help him and Kayla get back together, but he may be the last person Steve wants to work with, and may even want to kill him.

Shawn is trying to convince Phillip that he’s just trying to be there for him and his wife as a friend, and that he’s sorry if he feels like he is trying to take his place. Phillip asks Shawn if he expects him to believe that a part of him isn’t happy that he and Belle are having a baby together. Of course a part of him is happy, but Shawn thought they had all gotten past that. Phillip is glad that he helped Belle, but tells Shawn to call him the next time something like this happens. Shawn tells him that he wanted to call him but Belle thought she was loosing the baby and didn’t know how he would react. Phillip wonders if Belle thought he’d be happy, and then tells Shawn that he might be the father, but it’s his kid, and he will love this baby as much as he loves Claire. Phillip knows this wasn’t Shawn’s fault and he has come to realize that he has no reason to be jealous. Shawn says that’s not true.

As Belle is behind the curtain changing clothes, Mimi stands in front of her and asks her when she’s going to stop lying. She wants to know, if her raging hormones were behind all the things she wrote about Shawn in her diary, how does that explain the rest of the stuff she wrote later. Belle cannot believe she read her diary and is finally getting a little pissed. She tells Mimi that she thought at first, she just happened across it, but knows she thinks she’s memorized all of it. Belle screams at Mimi telling her that she totally violated her privacy and Mimi screams back at her for totally violating her marriage. Belle tells her to believe what ever she wants, and she’s not after Shawn. Mimi sarcastically says yes, that her hormones were to blame here. Belle starts crying and tells Mimi that she loves her and Phillip, and she doesn’t want to hurt either of them. Mimi accuses Belle of faking this episode with the cramps tonight so Shawn would have to stick around and baby her like he always does when she pulls this crap. Mimi asks if she’s supposed to play the part of the retarded stepford wife now and pretend that miss goodie two shoes Belle would never do anything like use the baby she’s carrying to win back the only man she’s ever loved. Mimi continues, saying that Belle does not love Phillip and she needs to admit that too. She says there was a time that she felt bad for her and guilty for dating her best friends ex, but she doesn’t owe her anything anymore, especially when she treats her and her husband like this. Mimi reams Belle and it seems like Belle has about had enough. She accuses Mimi of following her mother’s opinions, because it sounds like something Bonnie would do, or tell her to do. Mimi walks up and points her finger in Belle’s face, and says, “…Don’t you dare, and let me get one thing straight with you tonight before I leave. You can daydream, you can type in your little diary until your hands turn crooked with arthritis, but there is one thing you will never have for the rest of your life, and that is my husband.”

Steve and Bo continue to discuss Steve’s proposal, and Bo tells him about their past together and about how Bo was to blame for Steve loosing his eye. We see a vision of their past fight, and Steve tells him that Kayla has already told him everything. He asks if Bo will help him, and he says they’ve got a deal. They shake hands.


Carrie tells Austin that she’s been thinking about Belle’s life and how she was totally in love with Shawn, and then she married Phillip and they had a baby together. Now, they are totally happy together. Austin thinks they’ve had a hard time putting their lives back together, and Carrie agrees but knows that they are doing it anyway, and she can too. He can’t understand why she’d want to work so hard to do that when it would be easier if she chooses to be with the man she loves. He’s frustrated and tells her that she’s only been married to Lucas for a couple of days and wonders if that is worth a lifetime of unhappiness for all of them. He says they are so worried about hurting Sami and Lucas, and they should be, but how much more are they hurting them by staying in a marriage of convenience. She takes in everything he is saying, and drops her head. He tells her that what they have was sent by God to last a lifetime. She knows this, but she ruined it by cheating on him, just like she cheated on Lucas, and wonders what is wrong with her. She becomes more upset and Austin tries to hold her, but she won’t let him touch her. She doesn’t feel like she deserves for him to love her or to be comforted by him. He tries to reason with her by pointing out why she did the things she did, and now, because of her actions, her marriage is a lie. She has decided that she just can’t do this to Lucas and asks, since he has never told Sami no in his entire life, if he’s going to tell her no now and renege on their marriage plans. She asks if that’s what he wants.

Back in Sami’s apartment, E.J. is still trying to convince her that everything is going to start spinning out of control if she doesn’t handle it appropriately. Her interest is now peaked and she wonders if he knows something that he’s not telling her. He says he knows nothing, but he worries because the person doing this to her seems to have enough information on her to blow her out of the sky, and doesn’t think they’ve gone to all of this trouble to just turn around and walk away. He points out that they want to hurt her and they are going to try. She doesn’t care what he says, she’s not telling the truth. She has a brainstorm and says that she doesn’t have to tell anyone about anything.

Belle tells Mimi that she can yell and scream at her but they both know this is not the real Mimi; she’s just angry. Mimi continues to badger Belle, and talks about her wedding to Phillip and how she had second thoughts right after the wedding. She also states that Belle wanted to leave Phillip for Shawn while he was overseas, and then Phillip was held captive and once again, sweet little Belle gave Shawn up. Mimi tells Belle that Shawn thought it was for good that time and fell in love with her, proposed to her, not Belle. He chose her. Belle knows all this because she was there and thinks Mimi is just being mean. Mimi informs her that when she married Shawn, it meant that Belle lost and asks if she understands what that means. She spells out L-O-S-T, and tells her that it’s over between her and Shawn, and he will never be hers again. Belle starts to cry and tells Mimi that she forgot one thing; she’s pregnant with his baby and that changes everything. Now, Belle has the smirk on her face.

Outside in the hall, Phillip is up in Shawn’s face asking him if he’s saying that he has reason to be jealous. Shawn just says that if Mimi were pregnant with another man’s child, he would be jealous too, especially knowing he history that he and Belle have. He knows it’s an honest reaction to an absolutely crazy situation. Phillip wants to know how he’s going to handle the fact that he is going to raise his baby with Belle. Shawn stops in mid sentence and stares at him.

Sami has gotten out the rubber gloves, and E.J.’s curiosity is peaked. She explains that her father works for the police and she’s going to take the envelope down to the P.D. so they can fingerprint it, then she’ll know who is sending the letters and have them arrested before they come between her and Austin. E.J reminds her that she didn’t want to go to the police because she didn’t want her father to know she’s being blackmailed. Her idea is to take only the envelope and no one will ever see the letter. She knows that she, Austin, and Lucas were the only ones to touch the envelope, so if there is another set of fingerprints on it, that will lead to the person responsible. He wonders if she’s sure she wants to track this person because he/she might be dangerous. She’s not afraid and says that nobody blackmails Sami Brady and gets away with it. He is amused with her idea, and as he turns his back to her, he has a strange expression on his face.

Carrie continues to remind Austin of the promise he made Sami and wants to know how he’s going to take it all back. He points out that Lucas is really the love of Sami’s life and he feels like, in the long run, he’ll be doing her a favor. He professes his love to her again and she reminds him that she promised Sami that she wouldn’t come between the two of them again. She can’t rationalize all this because it’s something that she wants, and in a perfect world, they could be together, but now, it’s never going to happen. He says if this is the last time that they can be together, then he wants something to remember her by. He bends down to kiss her and she fully embraces him.

Bo and Steve finalize their plans and Steve thinks Bo’s prime suspect is Chelsea. Bo disagrees and says she could never do something like that, and whoever did this, has inside knowledge of the police station. Steve asks about Billie, and points out that if he lost Hope because of this, it’s a win win situation for her. Bo is struck with an idea and says Billie wouldn’t do something like this, but he knows someone who would. He thanks Steve for giving him his first real lead.

Mimi tells Belle that her thinking that Shawn is going to drop her to be with Belle and the baby has got to stop. The fact is that she is still married to Phillip and Mimi is still married to Shawn and that will never change. Mimi doesn’t know what it is about spoiled “princesses” like Belle that think they are entitled to everything. Belle interrupts her and tells her she hates to dessert her in her crisis, but she’s got to get home to her husband and daughter. Belle turns to leave and Mimi comes up behind her demanding that she will listen to everything she has to say. Belle knows that she is afraid of loosing Shawn and she would never deliberately hurt her. She knows she’s made mistakes, but it’s time for her to fix those mistakes before it’s too late. Mimi tells her it is too late and she’s already made her bed with Phillip, and she can lie in it with him for the rest of her life, or be alone. But, she is warning her with every fiber of her being to keep her filthy hands off Shawn.

Shawn doesn’t know how he’s going to deal with Phillip raising his child, but knows he will have to somehow and move on. They agree that it’s not going to be easy, and Phillip says that he’ll try not to take his frustrations out on Shawn, but if he does, he wants Shawn to reassure him that he has nothing to worry about. Phillip feels like someone switched the eggs on purpose. He makes his case to Shawn and says that it was too much of a coincidence to be a mistake.

Mimi declares war on Belle. Belle is upset that she would even feel this way, and Mimi wants her to know that she’s not fooling her. She has blames Belle for her loosing Rex and says she will not allow her to be the reason she would loose Shawn too. She says she’s a Lockhart and they don’t fight, they win. Belle urges Mimi not to threaten her, but Mimi thinks it’s the only way to get through to her, and tells her the day that she does anything to come between them, all she can say is God help her.

Shawn finds it hard to believe that someone did this on purpose and wonders if he thinks he or Belle did this. He doesn’t think that, but he does think someone did this to ruin their lives. We see the gloved hand spying on Shawn and Phillip as they talk.

Carrie pulls away from Austin (again), saying that she feels guilty. Austin doesn’t understand why they can’t be together when they love each other so much, and doesn’t know how to just let it go. Carrie insists, but Austin says that he’d rather be wrong and be happy. They lock lips again.

Bo is on the phone with someone telling them that he doesn’t care, but to get Kate Roberts in here as soon as possible. Bo thanks Steve for the help and tells him that he will return the favor as soon as he can. They will find out who staged his death and erased his memory. Steve is leaving as Sami and E.J. come barging into Bo’s office. She needs a favor, and tells him she needs fingerprints on this envelope. She wants a DNA test done on the saliva, and requests the results as soon as possible. He wants some answers on why she wants this done so quickly. She’s not willing to go into detail with him and asks that he just trust her. He laughs out loud and feels like she’s hiding something, like maybe she’s the one who committed the crime. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Jack: I wish I was able to clean up this whole mess there is that I made, but I don't think I should be going home with you. I can't.

Austin: Say yes.

Carrie: I want to be with you.

Kate: What is that little tramp up to?

Eve: The only one I'm worried about is Bo Brady. This isn't just a case to him. He's not gonna give up.

Sami: Oh, my god.

E.J.: What?

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