Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/7/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/7/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Bonnie is dancing around Belle’s apartment as someone beats on the door. It’s Kate, and she wants to know what was so urgent that she had to come right away. Bonnie wants her to have a drink, because after she fills her in on the disaster their children’s marriages have become, she’ll need it.

Mimi tells Shawn and Belle that she saw them kissing, and she doesn’t want them to tell her it was a friendly kiss, or to show comfort or support. She tells Shawn that she knows how much honesty has always been to him, and she thinks it’s time they were finally honest about everything. He agrees with her. Mimi wants to start with Belle’s diary. She quotes part of the diary in front of both of them and asks if she loves her husband.

Kayla can’t sleep, and is downstairs in the pub having Caroline’s famous chocolate cake. Stephanie is having trouble sleeping as well, and joins her. Stephanie asks if being in love always hurts so much. Kayla says it doesn’t have to, but is usually part of the game.

Steve is sitting at the bar having a beer. Della wants him to go home, but he’s not sure where that is anymore.

Lucas holds a crying Sami, trying to comfort her. He tells her that he is with Carrie for the long haul, the same way she’s with Austin. Austin comes in the door as Carrie comes out from the back bedroom. They exchange glances as Lucas and Sami look up to see them, and E.J. comes in the door behind Austin. He has brought danishes in for everyone. Lucas then asks Austin if that’s where he was, at the bakery, and Sami asks Carrie where she has been for so long.

Carrie explains that she was on the balcony for a while, and before that, she was on the fire escape. Lucas tells her that they were just worried about her. Sami and Lucas make coffee for everyone since they are all up so late, and they all chat while eating, as Carrie and Austin sneak glances at one another.

Bonnie fills Kate in on everything that has happened while she’s been gone. Kate finds it all hard to believe, and thinks she’s lying. Bonnie tells her how happy Belle is about the situation and also about Phillip’s accident, which she knew nothing about. And, she informs her about Belle’s on line diary. Kate says that she and Bonnie are going to stop Belle before she ever gets started, and to make a pot of coffee because they are going to be planning a strategy. She tells Bonnie that this is war.

Mimi questions Belle about her diary, and asks if she’ right; does she want her husband. Belle cannot believe that Mimi read her diary, and Mimi says that coveting your best friend’s husband trumps diary reading anyway. She says that it was an accident that she found the diary, but that she’d do it again. Mimi repeats some of the things she read in the diary and tells her that she’s really a good friend. (Sarcastic slurs) Shawn tries to calm Mimi down, and she tells him to shut up! She continues to drill them by saying that she comes in here to find the two of them kissing. She is screaming at both of them and asks Belle if she doesn’t care who she hurts. Mimi demands for Belle to admit to her face, once and for all, that she is still in love with her husband.

Stephanie and Kayla finish their cake and Stephanie makes the comment that they are two girls unlucky in love. She says that she’s in love with a guy that’s in love with somebody else, and Kayla is in love with a man who doesn’t even remember that she’s his wife. Kayla apologizes to Stephanie for her never knowing her father, and Stephanie just can’t believe that he will stay gone. She turns on the radio and remembers the song that is playing because Kayla used to play it on cassette all the time. Kayla tells her that it was her father’s favorite song, or it used to be.

Back at the bar Della is reminding Steve that his home is here with her. He says that it just doesn’t feel real anymore and he misses Kayla.

As everyone finishes eating, Austin thanks E.J. for not telling anyone about him and Carrie’s lovemaking on the roof tonight, and that he is the one who initiated everything. E.J. says that he doesn’t have to explain anything to him because he is friends with all of them and wouldn’t gain anything by telling their secret. He says that Austin doesn’t need to feel grateful because his reasons for not saying anything are purely selfish. Sami and Carrie clean up in the kitchen, and Sami tells her how sorry she is that she can’t have children. Carrie tells Sami that she’s a great mother to Will. They talk about Will and Sami wishes there was something she could do to help her feel better.

Kate knows that they have to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Bonnie wants to know how they can do that, and that they are together right now. Kate says Mimi is going to play a big part in this, and she wants to know for sure if Shawn is even open to the advances Belle is making on him. Bonnie believes that Belle is going to use this pregnancy and milk it for all it’s worth to win back Shawn. Bonnie is getting more upset as they talk and Kate reminds her that they both want the same thing, their children’s happiness. Phillip comes home and wonders what they are doing in his apartment. Kate immediately wants to know about the accident he was in, and he tells her that he is fine, but asks again what they are doing in his apartment so late at night.

Mimi continues to drill Belle as Shawn just stands there with his hands in his pockets. He finally speaks up and tells Mimi that he knows she’s upset, but now isn’t the right time to talk about all this. She doesn’t want to put this off any longer and turns back to Belle, slurring her with every word. Mimi wants to hear Belle tell the truth and tells her to look her in the eye and tell her she is still in love with her husband. Belle sits straight up in the bed and looks Mimi in the eyes and says, “Yes-I-am. I will probably always be in love with Shawn.”

Kayla turns the radio down and Stephanie tells her that she’s sorry for playing the song that has obviously upset her. Kayla is still feeling bad about Stephanie not knowing her father, and Stephanie is happy she least she got to meet him, and that he seemed like a caring person. It’s harder for Kayla to accept his being out of their lives again because she knows he’s alive and she’s seen him.

Steve plays a song on the radio (the same song Kayla and Stephanie were listening to), and Della wants to know why he’s playing such a crappy song. That is something he would never listen to. Something about that song appeals to him. She says that he’s turning into someone she doesn’t know, and follows him as he returns to the bar. He thinks he’s heard the song somewhere before, and she thinks he’s remembering his past. She turns to leave and he calls after her, but he calls her Kayla. He mouth drops open and says that she’s lost him. She asks if he’s saying goodbye.

Bonnie and Kate tell Phillip that Belle is at the hospital. He’s upset that they didn’t tell him when he first came home, and he rushes to the hospital. Bonnie and Kate congratulate themselves for a job well done.

Mimi says that she’s not crazy after all, and she can’t believe Belle finally admitted the truth. Belle says she’s not ashamed of it because they were a committed couple for a long time, and she’s not going to pretend that it never existed. Mimi, being sarcastic again, asks if Belle remembers the part in her wedding about forsaking all others and cleaving unto her husband. She says that when she walked into the room, it looked like she was cleaving unto her (Mimi’s) husband. Belle tells her that when she wrote the things Mimi had read, she was taking high doses of hormones. Right after she wrote that, she called her doctor because she knew the feelings she was having were wrong, and it was reminding her of when she had post-partum depression, and it scared her to death. Mimi comments that she sure didn’t seem depressed to her. Belle goes on to say that everything she was thinking and feeling were taking a toll on her and the only way to deal with it was to write it all down. And, she thought that it would be private, because she was feeling like everything was out of control. Again, Mimi only has sarcastic remarks for Belle, making fun of her. Belle tells her that she loves Phillip and she is committed to her marriage. Mimi wants to know if that was why she was kissing Shawn, or is she going to blame that on the hormones too.

Mimi wants more answers and Belle apologizes and explains when she got here, she thought she was loosing her baby, and she was terrified. When the cramps started to go away, she felt like everything was going to be okay and she grabbed Shawn out of happiness and it just happened. She says that Shawn was just as surprised as she was. Mimi turns to Shawn and asks if that is really how it happened. Shawn says that it was and that the kiss was not out of love or being romantic. She is his wife and he loves everything about her. He goes on to say that if it wasn’t for her, he’d be completely miserable right now. She changed his life and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Belle is listening to Shawn confess his love for Mimi, and she cries. Shawn tells Mimi that what she walked in on is nothing for her to worry about.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she thought she used to know everything, and Kayla laughs. Kayla wants to know who the mystery man is, but Stephanie will not tell until she figures out what to do. Kayla wonders if it’s not working out because this guy is not “the one”.

But, Stephanie doesn’t agree with her, because she believes this guy is who she’s meant to be with. Kayla tells her that Steve is the only guy for her, and there’s never been anyone else, and says that she’s not giving up, but whatever happens, she is going to live a happy life. She tries to tell Stephanie that love will happen for her, but she wants her to go upstairs and get some sleep. Kayla turns the radio on again and remembers Steve.

Kate tells Bonnie that something just doesn’t make sense to her. She says that there are two eggs being fertilized, Mimi’s and Belle’s, but someone mixed it up. She wonders what the chances are of that happening more than once and being an accident. She thinks that someone did it on purpose to hurt their children.

Phillip comes into the hospital room and asks if everything is alright. He notices the tension in the room and wants someone to tell him what’s going on.

Kayla looks up and there is Steve outside the door of the Pub. She wants to know why he’s here and tells him she thought she was dreaming. He puts his hand on her face and tells her that he still doesn’t remember her or the life they had together but, she got to him. She was only gone for a couple of minutes before he realized that he couldn’t let her get away. He tells her that he wants her, and he wouldn’t blame her if she doesn’t want him anymore after the way he sent her off. He says if she would give him a chance. She stops him right there and kisses him. This time, he responds. Stephanie comes in and sees the two of them kissing. She stops and smiles.

Lucas thanks Sami for all the support she is giving to them, and it means a lot to the both of them. Austin tells E.J. that it is so hard for him because he can’t get over Carrie, and everyone told him that he would break Sami’s heart if he wasn’t able to do so. He says that Sami has turned her life around for him. E.J. knows that Sami has done this for Austin because she’s told him several times. Austin really does care for her, but she’s not Carrie. The phone rings and Lucas answers. He has to take the call and Austin goes to Carrie and tells her they have to talk. She says what happened can never happen again. She goes over and kisses on Lucas. Sami watches them and tells E.J. they are so happy and she just can’t ruin that. She tells him that they all are going to be happy as she looks at her ring. E.J. wants to know about this mysterious person sending her letters. She doesn’t know and hopes they will stop sending the letters once she and Austin are married, and says she’s got it under control. She goes to Austin and they hold each other. E.J. looks around the room at Sami and Austin in each others arms, and then at Carrie and Lucas, also in each others arms, and shakes his head. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Bo: I am a little concerned about you getting your memory back. You might want to kill me.

Sami: I am not gonna lose austin. I don't care what I have to do.

Austin: You got no business being with my brother. You don't love him.

Mimi: One thing that you will never have for the rest of your life, and that is my husband.

Philip: You and belle have the baby, and I think somebody did it on purpose.

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