Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/4/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/4/06


Written By Kristy

Stephanie is walking up to the Brady Pub, and before she goes inside, she sees Max and Chelsea having a romantic dinner. Max had this special dinner set up for Chelsea after closing time. Chelsea thanks him for going to all this trouble and she can’t believe he did this for her after the way she acted at Dune. She tells him that it was stupid and that she only did it to make him jealous, and she should have never listened to the advice in the magazine. He was unaware of the magazine article and questions her about it. She explains how she and Abby found it and how she tried to make it work for her. Chelsea tells Max that she knows that he is sick of her playing games, but asks him to admit that he’s been playing them too. He says that he has not been playing games and he’s made it perfectly clear that he only wants to be with her. She wants to know why he keeps hanging out with Stephanie. Max explains about loosing his car and she was only helping him salvage what was left of it. They agree to forget about all this and move on.

Shawn and Belle are kissing and Shawn pulls away. Belle wants to stop lying to Phillip, Mimi, and to each other. She says the truth is that they love each other and they are going to have a baby together that will bond them together for life. She wants them to quit denying the way they feel. Shawn says, “Have we ever denied it?” and pulls her into a passionate kiss! Outside the room, we see Mimi walking into the hospital!

On top of the roof, Austin and Carrie continue their passionate kissing. Carrie tells him to make love to her and he gets a blanket and lays it on the floor. She comes to him and they lie down on the blanket. E.J. opens the door and sees them.

Sami and Lucas have found themselves face to face and Lucas suddenly remembers Carrie. He goes to the bathroom door and knocks. There is no answer and he opens the door to find that she’s not there. He is immediately upset and Sami wonders what is taking Austin so long on the roof. They look at each other and both of them are thinking that Carrie and Austin are on the roof together. They head up there to find them. E.J. stops them and tells them that he just saw Carrie and Austin and they are too late.

Lucas wants to know what they are too late for. E.J. tells them that he just came from the roof and they had just finished cleaning up. Lucas and Sami are a little uneasy about this and E.J. tells them to calm down. He said that he didn’t see them together. Austin was by the dumpsters and Carrie was on the fire escape getting fresh air. (HE LIED) He comments that the two of them seem very nervous that they may have been up on the roof together. Sami and Lucas look at each other and both decide they need to go up to the roof right away. E.J. stops them again.

Back on the roof, Carrie and Austin are making love, and she asks him to promise to never leave her.

Chelsea tells Max that she does want a relationship with him and that’s all she’s ever wanted. Stephanie comes into the Pub and says that she’s glad to hear that too as she closes the door. Chelsea says that once again, she’s followed them. Max reminds her that she lives there right now, and that she just told them that she’s happy for them. Stephanie says that she already told her that she wasn’t after Max. She tells her if he’s thinking of her, that’s a good thing because she will use it to her advantage and wipe the race track with him. Max and Stephanie joke with each other back and forth about who’s going to beat who on the track. Chelsea just watches the two of them. She gets up and joins the conversation, and then lays a big kiss on Max right in front of Stephanie.

Belle and Shawn continue their kiss and then he pulls away again. He reminds her that they are married to other people. She tells him that she’s carrying his baby, and he says it was only by accident. Belle thinks it was fate, and they never should have been separated in the first place. It was a series of misunderstandings and things that were completely out of their control and she never stopped loving him. He remembers trying to get back with her and then she married Phillip. He had to move on. She questions if he really did move on, because she thought she was doing the same thing, but realized she couldn’t. She doesn’t want to hurt Phillip, but thinks he deserves someone that loves him with their whole heart and Mimi does too. He understands, but the right thing to do is not what she wants. She says that she gave her marriage an honest chance, but she can never really fall in love with Phillip because she is still in love with him, and it’s never going to change. She thinks, if Shawn is honest with himself, he really wants to be with her too. He goes to Belle and they kiss. Mimi is at the nurse’s desk and asks for Belle’s room. The nurse tells her that she is in cubical one and Mimi heads that way. As she walks in, she sees Shawn and Belle from behind the curtain kissing. Mimi walks in and asks what is going on.

E.J. tells them that no one is on the roof right now. He thinks Lucas should give Carrie some space because she looked a little upset. He tells the both of them he can see the doubt on their faces, but asks what reason he would have to lie to them. Lucas agrees that they have nothing to worry about because Carrie would never do anything against him. Sami is mad and she and Lucas argue because she took Lucas’ statement to mean that he would worry if it were Sami instead of Carrie that they were talking about. She reminds him that he thought she cheated on him the night before their wedding and does he not know that when she loves, that it is completely and with her whole heart. Sami and Lucas just stare at each other for a minute. She continues to bash Lucas for insinuating that she and E.J. have something going on. Lucas accuses her of putting words in E.J.’s mouth because she’s just paranoid that something is going on between Austin and Carrie. She tells him that she’s not paranoid, just insecure. E.J. tells her that she has nothing to be insecure about, and Lucas tells him that is the way Sami has always been. She does something stupid because she’s insecure, and then she does something even more stupid to cover it up. E.J. and Lucas tell Sami that it’s just about time she break this cycle of insecurities. They talk for a while and Lucas leaves to see if he can find Carrie on the fire escape. E.J. wants Sami to tell him why she fights so hard to keep Austin when it is obvious that she still has feelings for Lucas. He asks her if she thinks that Austin is still in love with her. His saying this makes her think he knows something, and asks if Austin has done something. He denies it and tells her he is here if she needs him.

Carrie and Austin have just finished making love and she is so happy. Austin tells her when he lost her, he gave up on all his dreams. He is happy too. They both talk about how much they love each other and how right it feels. She starts to worry about Lucas and Sami and Austin tells her that they will figure out what to do. The door opens as they kiss.

As Max and Chelsea continue to kiss, Stephanie decides to leave. Once outside, she runs into Abby. Abby tells her about Jack’s recovery and about how she was a little jealous of Stephanie when she got her father back because she thought her father was dead. Stephanie asks her about Frankie and she tells her that Frankie knows his marriage to Jennifer is null and void, and how it was because of Frankie that Jack is alive today. Stephanie comments on how unselfish that was of him, and that Max and Chelsea are inside if she wants to share her good news with them.

Shawn and Belle are a little uncomfortable now that Mimi has come into the room. He tells her that they are waiting on the test results. The doctor comes in and Belle asks if she is loosing the baby.

Austin and Carrie lay talking on the roof. He knows they have gone through so much, but he also knows they can make it work this time. She apologizes for messing it up before and asks him if they can have a future. E.J. comes in on them and says that they should be more careful. Carrie says that it just happened, and E.J. understands, but he tells them that Sami and Lucas were on their way up here and he pointed them in another direction. Austin and Carrie hurry to get their clothes on and E.J. tells them that he just came back up here to warn them. They thank him and Austin tells Carrie it’s time to come clean and tell the truth. E.J. tells them that they should wait because Sami and Lucas were so upset earlier, and telling them now would kill them. Carrie knows he’s right and she’s not ready to tell them the truth right now. E.J. says that they need to make a decision and Austin doesn’t think it will get any easier by lying. Carrie doesn’t want Sami to think this happened the night Austin proposed to her, and they should find another way to do this. She says they owe Lucas and Sami that much. Carrie wonders what she’s going to say when Lucas asks where she’s been. E.J. steps in and tells them that he has an idea and they will have to act fast and trust him.

Lucas and Sami come back into the apartment after looking for Carrie and Austin. They cannot figure out where the two of them could be. Lucas is worried about Carrie and Sami understands. Sami reminds him that she does care about him and Carrie. He tells her that he also cares about her, actually he loves her. She looks stunned after hearing this. He says that they share a child and he’s sorry things didn’t work out between them. She wonders if he means that because he thinks she’s changed. He says she has changed, and he wishes that he would have seen this side of her before and maybe things would have worked out for them. She knows he really means that as he tells her that even though he’s with Carrie and she is with Austin, a part of him will always love her. He’s happy that she’s become the person he always knew she could be. This statement from him upsets Sami terribly. She walks off and he wonders why he shouldn’t say that. She says, “Because I’m a total fraud.”

As Abby and Stephanie watch Max and Chelsea from outside the window, Abby comments how things have obviously worked out for the two of them after the little incident in the garage. Stephanie thinks she should go in and share the good news with them. She goes inside and tells them the good news about Jack. They are so happy for her, and invite her to stay and celebrate with them. Abby says that they should invite Stephanie as well. Chelsea half –heartedly agrees.

The doctor tells Belle that her baby is just fine, and sometimes in early pregnancy, the stretching of the uterus can cause cramps. She just needs to take it easy for a while. The doctor leaves and Belle is excited that everything is okay. A nurse comes into the room to give Belle her vitamins and comments on the kiss she and her husband shared. Mimi asks if Phillip is here. He’s not and Mimi says obviously she was kissing her husband.

Abby comes outside to invite Stephanie to join them. She’s not sure about how Chelsea would feel and Abby reassures her that it is fine. She agrees, and they join Max and Chelsea inside the pub. Stephanie goes to the back to get drinks and Max helps her. They talk about Chelsea and her feelings about Stephanie. She asks if he still wants her help at the garage. Abby is trying to talk to Chelsea, but her attention is focused on Max and Stephanie behind the bar. Abby notices and wants her to tell her what is bothering her tonight. She tells her that she still thinks Stephanie is after Max.

Shawn says he can explain and Mimi cuts him off, telling him that she doesn’t think he can this time. She doesn’t want any kind of spin put on this, and says that she saw them kissing. She does not want to hear that it was some sort of friendly kiss for comfort or support. She tells Shawn that she knows how honesty has always been so important to him and it’s time they were finally honest about everything.

E.J. tells Carrie it’s time for the two of them to get downstairs because Austin is probably getting back now. He tells her that these things always come out in the wash, but they shouldn’t carry on like this forever. She agrees and leaves the roof top.

Sami tells Lucas that no matter how hard she tries, she is still the same lying, manipulative, bitch that she has always been. He tells her not to do this to herself because she’s not like that anymore and she should be happy. She knows Austin will leave her on her wedding day. We see Austin come in the door, and Carrie come out of a bedroom while Lucas is saying to Sami, “You are afraid Austin is still in love with Carrie. Is that it?” She says that she’s not afraid because she knows he is. Austin and Carrie look at each other and Lucas holds Sami telling her not to worry about anything because he is with Carrie for the long haul, the same way she is with Austin. Again, we see Austin and Carrie exchange glances, and E.J. walks up behind Austin standing in the doorway. E.J. says out loud to himself, “This won’t end well.” Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Mimi: Look me in the eye and tell me that you're still in love with my husband.

Belle: Yes, I am.

Kate: What if it wasn't a mix-up? What if someone did it on purpose?

Bonnie: Why?

Kate: To hurt our children.

Steve: I want you.

Kayla: Shh.

Sami: I'm not gonna ruin everybody's happiness by telling austin the truth about my little secret.

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