Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/3/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/3/06


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Mimi is sitting with Claire at Belle’s apartment as Bonnie walks in. Bonnie talked to Patrick, and he told her about Shawn taking Belle to the hospital. She had to come to remind Mimi that the more time Shawn and Belle spend together, the more trouble her marriage will be in.

Shawn sits with Belle in the emergency room and she is so worried about loosing the baby. He wants to call some of her family to sit with her, but she just wants him.

Sami is asleep, tossing and turning in her bed, dreaming about Austin getting into bed with her. They start to make love and she opens her eyes and it Lucas making love to her. In another room, we see Lucas dreaming about Carrie. She gets into bed with him and they start to make love. He opens his eyes, and it’s Sami. We go back and forth watching the two (Sami & Lucas) dreaming about each other.

Carrie has come up to the roof to meet Austin. She goes to him and they share a passionate kiss.

Austin starts to pull off her robe and she pulls away. She talks about Sami and Lucas and he tells her that she should have never married Lucas, as he should have never turned to Sami. He tells her that they love each other and they are meant to be together. She takes in everything he says as she stares into his eyes.

Sami is still dreaming about making love to Lucas and he does the same from another room. In Lucas’ dream, he tells Sami that he is so stupid, that they belong together, and he should have never let his mother come between the two of them. She confesses she should never have turned herself into Stan or doing Tony’s dirty work. He tells her he should have never married Carrie. She says she only chased after Austin because she thought that she could never have him again. She tells him that he is her true love and always has been. He tells her there has never been anyone else. (Some dream!) Sami and Lucas both call out to each other while they are sleeping.

Austin and Carrie continue to kiss, passionately, on the roof. They can’t get enough of each other. (Hot!)

Mimi tells Bonnie that she’s not listening to her anymore and wonders why Shawn hasn’t called her. She hopes that he has sent her a message and sits down at Belle’s computer to check. When she looks at the screen, she is shocked.

The doctor is with Belle as Shawn comes back into the room. Belle’s cramps have lightened up a little, and the doctor tells them she is going to run some tests to make sure everything is okay with the baby. She tells them she is also going to run an ultrasound and for Belle to calm down because her blood pressure is high. She leaves the room and Shawn wants to call Mimi. Belle doesn’t want him to, and her excuse is that she doesn’t want the phone to wake Claire up from her nap. He suggests calling Phillip, but Belle is adamant that he not know about her being at the hospital.

Bonnie and Mimi discover Belle’s electronic diary on her computer. Bonnie wants to read it and Mimi tells her that it would be an invasion of privacy. Bonnie reminds her that Belle has been hung up on her husband her whole life and now carrying his child. She tells her they would be crazy not to read it. Bonnie tells her that this is war and Belle is her enemy. Mimi disagrees with her and says that Belle is her best friend. Bonnie tells her if she wants to keep her husband, she had better read it to find out what Belle is up to. Bonnie insists and starts reading from Belle’s diary out loud. “Ever since I found out I’m carrying Shawn’s child, I’ve been so happy. Knowing our baby is growing inside me, it’s like proof our love was meant to be. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I love Shawn more than ever.” Bonnie tells Mimi that her best friend is trying to nab her husband, and she wants to know if she’s going to let her get away with it. Belle’s words upset Mimi and she grabs the computer and starts reading for herself.

Belle reminds Shawn that Phillip hates the fact that she’s carrying his baby and wanted her to abort it. She feels that Phillip would be happy, hoping that she is loosing the baby. Shawn thinks that Phillip was just upset because he said those things right after the mix up at the hospital, and he thinks that Phillip is okay now. Belle doesn’t want to talk about Phillip anyway and tells Shawn that this baby is his and a part of her can’t help but believe this is a sign that they are meant to be together.

Lucas and Sami are still making very passionate love in their dreams. Sami wakes up quickly and realizes the dream she was just having. She lies back down and says, “I love you Lucas.” Lucas also wakes up and he calls Sami’s name out loud. He asks himself why he is dreaming about Sami. We see both of them (in separate rooms) lieing in their beds unable to sleep. They both get up and come out of their rooms at the same time. They have uncomfortable looks on their faces when they see each other. They make small talk and they think Carrie is still in the bathroom and Austin is still on the roof.

Carrie pulls away from Austin again and reminds him of Lucas and Sami. Austin says their connection is stronger and he only turned to Sami because she chose Lucas. He says that she never told him why either. He wants to know what the reason was and she says that it is too late. He knows that she’s keeping something from him and wants her to tell him what it is.

Bonnie pleads with Mimi to read more of the diary and Mimi wants to know why she is always trying to get her in trouble. Bonnie says that she’s already in trouble and that she’s just trying to get her out of it. And, that Belle is going to try and use this pregnancy to take Shawn away from her. She tries to reason with Mimi by telling her that it wasn’t like she came looking for her diary, Belle just left it out in the open, and, what would have happened if Phillip came in and saw it first. He would have been heart broken. Mimi agrees and Bonnie starts reading it out loud again. “I love Shawn so much; I can’t wait to have his baby. I hope it’s a boy who looks just like him, but another daughter would be wonderful too, as long as she’s Shawn’s and mine. Oh God, if I could just follow my heart, Shawn and I would be together when our baby is born. It would be so wonderful if we could finally be a family and live happily ever after.” Bonnie asks Mimi if she feels the knife in her back now. She says that Belle made a mistake leaving her computer on, but if Mimi doesn’t take advantage of it, and she looses Shawn, it will be her mistake. Mimi takes control of the computer and reads more out loud. “Even though Shawn and I didn’t conceive this baby together, I know it wasn’t an accident. I truly believe this pregnancy is God’s way of telling us we should be together.” Mimi can’t believe it. (Why not?) Bonnie tells her it is the best thing that could’ve happened.

Belle tells Shawn that she can’t help the way she feels. She remembers when they were at the hospital with Claire, waiting to see if her body would accept the transplant, they had the same dream about Zack. She talks about Zack telling them that Claire was going to be okay and that they belonged together. She says she will never forget that, and Shawn says he will not either. She believes this baby is somehow connected to what Zack said, and it’s a sign that the two of them are not supposed to be married to other people. Shawn thinks it is too late for them but he looks at it as a wonderful gift. She makes him promise to always be there for her and the baby. She pulls him close and they share a kiss.

Sami and Lucas talk in the kitchen and she wonders why he is breathing heavy and looks a little sweaty. Pushups are his answer. He also notices that she has goose bumps and insinuates that it has something to do with sex. Her excuse is a new moisturizer. They are both acting a little skittish towards each other, and you can tell they are still in love. They remember a vacation they had taken together and making love on the beach. He tells her that it meant a lot to him then.

Carrie tells Austin that she’s just upset about Lexie telling her that she can’t have children, and he knows that is not why she chose to marry Lucas. She says that Lexie told her she should start trying to have a baby soon because it may be hard for her to get pregnant. He wants to know if Lucas was just convenient because she was already living with him. She says she doesn’t know what she was thinking and she was afraid it was her only chance of having a baby. It’s hard for her to admit it, but yes, she chose having a baby of her own instead of being with the man she loves. He asks her if she does want him and she tells him that she shouldn’t have married Lucas. She rushed into it for all the wrong reasons. He knows this is hard for her, but everything has changed, and there are other ways to have a family. He wants to know why she would even consider having a baby with Lucas after admitting marrying him was a mistake, and tells her she needs to do some serious soul searching. She goes to him and pulls him to her and they kiss.

The nurse comes in and sees Belle and Shawn kissing. She quietly leaves so as not to interrupt. Shawn quickly pulls himself away from Belle saying that they can’t be unfaithful to their spouses. She tells him that they have already been unfaithful, but only to each other. She knew she was still in love with Shawn when she married Phillip, she was just too proud to admit it. If she hadn’t married Phillip, he would never have married Mimi.

Mimi wants to know why this could be the best news possible. Bonnie says because she hopes it will light a fire under her butt and she will fight for her husband. Mimi knew Belle was still in love with Shawn, but she didn’t know how much. She agrees with Bonnie and says she should never have let Shawn go to the hospital with Belle. She decides to call the hospital. The nurse tells her that Belle’s husband is there, and Mimi thinks it is Phillip, but the nurse says her husbands name is Shawn, or she thought it was by the way they were kissing!

Mimi tells Bonnie the news that Shawn and Belle were kissing. They are pissed and Mimi declares war. She says that Belle picked this fight and she’s going to regret it. She is Bonnie Lockhart’s daughter, and she’s going to make her proud. Bonnie agrees to keep Claire while Mimi goes to the hospital.

Belle tells Shawn that they can’t go on like this, and Mimi and Phillip deserve to know the truth. She tells him to admit the fact that neither one of them has ever stopped loving the other, and having this baby together will make their love grow stronger. And even if they wanted to try and stop it, they couldn’t because that’s just the way that it is. Shawn goes to her bedside and pulls Belle into a kiss.

Sami and Lucas stand really close to each other and Lucas pulls himself away to check on Carrie in the bathroom. She’s not there and he is immediately upset. Sami comments that Austin has been on the roof for a long time. They look at each other and they are thinking the same thing. That Austin and Carrie are on the roof together. They run out of the apartment to see if the two of them are on the roof.

Austin and Carrie are on the roof all over each other. She tells him to make love to her. He gets a blanket and she pulls the straps of her gown off her shoulders. They drop down on the blanket together. Freeze frame.

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Mimi: I know how important honesty has always been to you, so I’d say it’s time we were finally honest about everything. What do you say?

Austin: We’re together the way it was always meant to be.

Lucas: You turned your life around. You changed.

Sami: I’m still the same lying, manipulative, bitch that I have always been.

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