Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/2/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/2/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi and Shawn are in their apartment listening to Claire cry through the vents. The air conditioning is out and no one can sleep. Shawn goes across the hall to see if Belle needs any help and Mimi calls someone and tells them that she really needs them. Shawn picks Claire up and she calms down right away. Belle watches him with Claire and tells Shawn that he is amazing with her. She asks him what happens when this baby that she’s carrying, is crying in the middle of the night. He tells her that Phillip will be here to take care of it, and she reminds him that Phillip is not this baby’s father. She tells him that Phillip wanted her to have an abortion because Shawn is the father, and that it’s not right because the two of them should be raising this baby together.

Lexie is in Jacks room bathing him. We see Jack’s image rise up, away from his physical body, and get out of the bed. He is having an out of the body experience, and is talking to Lexie, although she cannot hear him. She leaves the room and he is now talking to himself. Abby comes into the room and lies on his body, still in the bed, begging him not to die, as Jack’s image watches her from beside the window. Outside his room, Jennifer is asking Lexie if it’s really over and if he is in any pain. Lexie tells her that she is sorry, but she believes that Jack doesn’t have much longer to live now. Jennifer tells Frankie that she doesn’t understand how God could bring Jack home only to take him away again. Frankie believes that it happened this way so Jennifer and her children would have a chance to say goodbye, and knows in the long run, it will mean a lot to them. He asks her to follow him somewhere.

Austin is holding the letter the hand left for Sami, and starts to open it when she grabs it from his hands. Everyone watches as she reads the letter, and are curious to know what it says. She says that she can’t tell them.

They all want to know why she can’t tell them what is in the letter, and she quickly comes up with an excuse. She says that she has been planning a surprise all day. E.J. says her name out loud, as if he’s saying, “Tell the truth”. She continues to elaborate on the “fake” plans that she’d made for Austin, and tells them that his plans have side-tracked the previous plans that she had made. She says that they will all find out later what she’s been up to. Lucas wants to know why the person that dropped of the letter would run when he saw him if that’s all it was about. She says that she left strict instructions for the person not to be seen because it was supposed to be a surprise. E.J. speaks up and tells her maybe she should just go ahead and tell them the truth, but she refuses. She tells them that E.J. has been helping her get everything organized and that he promised to keep her secret. She goes into the kitchen to get wine and Lucas follows her. He tells her that he’s got his eye on her and he knows something is going on.

Jennifer follows Frankie into another room of the hospital. She tells him her fears of loosing Jack, and he tells her that he has something for her from Jack. She opens it and reads the letter. Abby is by Jack’s bedside holding his hand and telling him how much she loves him and needs him. His image is watching her from across the room. She is in tears telling him that she can’t go on without him, and that she knows he can fight and make his way back to them. He is asking himself how he can leave them and break their hearts again.

Patrick shows up at Mimi and Shawn’s apartment. She tells him that she needs a shoulder to cry on. She says that Shawn has run to Belle’s rescue again to help with Claire. Patrick feels like something inside of Shawn knows that she is his daughter. He tells her that she has got to stop lying to Shawn and tell him the truth, because she’s starting to use Bonnie’s logic. Mimi just can’t stand the thought of Shawn leaving her for Belle when Patrick tells her that she has to tell him the truth tonight.

Belle is telling Shawn that she’s just being honest, which is something he values, because that’s the only way she knows how to deal with this. She wants to know why he came over tonight, and he tells her because he and Mimi heard Claire crying and he thought he might help with her. She thinks it’s more than that because he comes over a lot. He agrees and says that when Zack died, he became a part of her and he feels the bond every time he is around Claire. She knows all that, but also knows that he felt a bond to her before the transplant. She believes she knows why he feels so close to her. As they are talking, Mimi and Patrick walk out into the hallway to listen to Shawn and Belle’s conversation.

Belle tells Shawn that she thinks he feels so close to Claire because she is her daughter and because of the way he still feels about her, and this baby is going to bring them closer. He says that they just can’t let it be that way and she wants to know how they can stop it. She tells him that she was hurting so badly when he ran off with Jan Spears but she was still in love with him when she married Phillip. She reminds him that he told her that he was still in love with her when he married Mimi. Mimi is still outside in the hall listening to everything. Belle continues on saying that Claire is the only reason she and Phillip have stayed married this long, but once the two of them have their own baby, everything is going to change.

Frankie explains that Jack asked him to give Jennifer this letter when it was obvious that he was going to die. As she reads it, we hear Jack’s voice repeating the words. In the letter he tells her that he always wanted to be a great journalist and leave his mark in the world, but he made peace with that because there are other ways to leave a lasting impression. His was through the love that they shared and the beautiful family that they created. He says that Jennifer made him a better man, a better journalist, and a better husband and father. She will live on in his spirit as well as he will live on in hers, forever, until the day they are reunited.

Abby is still sitting by Jack’s bedside telling him all the reasons why he can’t leave. She reminds him that he promised to be at her wedding to walk her down the aisle. Jack’s image is seeing pictures in his head of dancing with Abby on her wedding day. She is absolutely beautiful. She tells him that it’s not fair and he agrees with her. He is talking to God and telling him that he’ll do anything, and not to take him right now because his family still needs him.

Sami wants to know why Lucas is so suspicious of her. She has no secrets and is just upset for Carrie right now. That is hard for him to believe. She says that she loves the both of them and he apologizes for doubting her. He tells her that he never meant to hurt her, and if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t even be alive right now. She knows he would have done the same for her. They share a moment of looking into each others eyes, and then Lucas changes the subject, and decides to go outside to look around. He is still worried about the person that ran from him in the hall. E.J. joins Sami in the kitchen and tells her that she is on borrowed time. Whoever is writing these notes wants everybody here to know exactly what she did. She thinks she handled it and knows she’s got to throw a big surprise party now to keep the charade going. He wants to know what she’s going to do now. Austin follows Carrie to the other side of the room to talk about the fact that she’s not pregnant. She thinks that has nothing to do with them, but he says that it changes everything. He knows she would have never married Lucas if she had known she wasn’t pregnant, and tells her that was the only reason he stopped fighting for her. He believes that was the only reason she stopped fighting for what she really wants. He begs her to be honest and tell him the truth.

Jennifer continues to read the letter. The second page, she says, was written to Frankie. She reads it to him. Jack says, in the letter, that he is the best friend anyone could ever ask for and he’s been able to make peace with his mortality knowing that Jennifer would not be alone. He knows Frankie will be a loving supportive husband and father to his family. He wishes him happiness. Jennifer is overcome with grief after reading the letter and Frankie holds her. Abby prays to God for her father as Jack continues to listen to her in his “out of body experience.” He is proud of her as remembers scenes from their past. All of a sudden, his body flat lines.

Shawn agrees that this baby will bond the two of them forever, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are married to other people. Mimi decides to walk in to Belle’s apartment, and Patrick follows her. She tells them she was just checking on Shawn and wondered what was taking him so long since Claire had stopped crying. Belle doubles over with cramps. Shawn rushes over to her.

Carrie insists that things happen for a reason and this is the way things are supposed to be now. E.J. reads the letter the hand left for Sami. It says, “Sami Brady, you are a blackmailing Bi*ch. You forced Lexie Carver to tell your sister that if she tried to have a baby with Austin, it would be born with severe birth defects. That was a lie and if Carrie knew the truth, she would be with Austin. And your sister, fiancé, and your former fiancé, would never speak to you again.” He tells her that whoever wrote this means business. Lucas comes in and tells Sami he figured it out.

As Jack’s monitor flat lines, his image goes back into his body, as he is saying that he isn’t going down without a fight. Abby grabs his hand and he squeezes it. She believes it is a sign that everything is going to be okay. The doctors rush into the room and call a code blue and demand a crash cart.

Lucas thinks that the guy that he saw isn’t the same one that dropped off that note. He saw a window open outside in the hallway beside the fire escape. He thinks maybe someone was trying to rob the apartments, and, it makes more sense than someone dropping off information about a surprise party. Carrie interrupts and tells them that she’s going to take a bath and unwind before bed. She and Austin exchange glances and Austin announces that he’s going up to the roof alone. Sami thanks him for the dinner and the beautiful ring.

Shawn wants to take Belle to the hospital and she agrees to go. Mimi and Patrick are going to stay with Claire.

The doctors make Abby leave the room. Jennifer rushes to Abby and Lexie runs into Jack’s room.

Shawn carries Belle into the emergency room yelling for someone to get a doctor. Belle is in a lot of pain and thinks she is loosing the baby. Mimi talks to Claire and tells her that she can’t believe that she’s the reason she is in this mess. Then, she corrects herself saying that it is her (Mimi) fault she is in this mess. Patrick turns the fan on and asks Mimi if she still needs him. He asks her what she’s going to do.

Jennifer tells Abby that no matter what happens, they all had a chance to say goodbye and they promised him they would be strong. Lexie comes out and says that it is a miracle. Jack’s fever broke and the experimental drugs may be working after all. They are elated! Lexie believes Jack will pull through this. Jennifer and Abby rush to be by his side. Lexie feels sorry for Frankie and says that she just doesn’t know what to say to him. He tells her that this is the way it is supposed to be. He is happy for them and watches them from outside saying, “Way to go Jack.”

Sami tells E.J. goodnight as he walks out the door. He turns to say that she cannot put off telling Austin the truth. She knows, just not tonight. She’s going to sleep on it and he kisses her cheek and tells her to call him in the morning. Lucas comes out from the bedroom, and he and Sami share an awkward moment. (You can tell they still love each other) He knocks on the door to the bathroom and tells Carrie that he’s going to bed. After he retires to the bedroom, Carrie slips out and climbs out the window to the fire escape. She goes up to the roof to meet Austin. He is happy to see her and she goes to him. He touches her face and pulls her close to him, and they share a passionate kiss. Freeze Frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Sami: You know, I haven't thought about that in a long time, but --

Lucas: It seems like it was yesterday, doesn't it?

Austin: You're keeping something from me, and I want you to tell me what it is.

Mimi: Oh, my god. I don't believe this.

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