Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/1/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/1/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Lexie comes out of Jack’s room to tell Jennifer he has taken a turn for the worse.

Steve returns to the bar after looking for Kayla. Della is there waiting on him and tells him that it was just as well that he didn’t find her because they come from two different worlds. She tries to convince him that Kayla would only want to change him instead of accept him for who he really is. She also doesn’t think she loves him too much because she never would have given up so quickly and walked out the door. Steve reminds Della that Kayla left because he pushed her to, and by the way, she did change him. She turned him into a husband and a father. Della is upset and is trying to convince Steve that he belongs with her and not Kayla.

Stephanie is having dinner at the Pub and Kayla comes in and notices that something is bothering her. Stephanie questions her about her father and wants to know where he is. Kayla changes the subject and asks her again what is bothering her. Stephanie tells her that the guy she was interested in, the one she told her and Steve about earlier, can never be together.

Sami and E.J. come into the apartment and overhear Austin and Lucas talking about Carrie not being pregnant. She is disturbed by this and says that Carrie has to be pregnant.

Lexie fills Jennifer in on Jack’s condition. Jennifer is hopeful that the medication is working, but Lexie tells her that he has spiked a very high fever and is not responding to the medication. She goes on to say that a fever this high usually indicates that the patient is in the end stages of the disease. She thinks Jennifer should start preparing for the worst. Jennifer goes to Jack’s room to be with him. He is conscious and tells Jennifer that she has made him the happiest man alive, even now. Jennifer keeps telling him that it isn’t over for him yet, but he tells her that it’s time and he can feel it. He tells her that he has really tried to live, but now he thinks it’s time for her to let him go.

Sami goes to Carrie and tells her how sorry she is that she lost the baby and asks when she miscarried. Carrie tells her that she was never pregnant, but that it’s really hard for her to talk about. Sami thinks that they can try to get pregnant on their honeymoon and Lucas and Carrie exchange uncomfortable glances.

Della brings Steve a beer and a kiss. He tells her that he missed her while he was gone. She’s just glad that he is home now, but he’s not so sure. He doesn’t know where home is anymore.

Kayla wants Stephanie to tell her why she and this guy aren’t able to be together, but Stephanie doesn’t think Kayla will understand. Stephanie tells her mother that they aren’t close anymore and she misses that. She tells her that they don’t talk about anything that means anything anymore, and if Kayla doesn’t think that she opens up, it’s because she learned it from her. Kayla explains that she was just trying to protect her. Stephanie says it’s not strong to stick your head in the sand and hope all your problems will go away. She wants to know why her mother never brought her to Salem to get to know her family. She says that it was important to her. Kayla explains that when Steve died, she was a total wreck and didn’t want to frighten her. She wanted her to have the sense that she wouldn’t loose her mother too. She tells her that she is right and deserves to know the truth. Kayla tells her that Steve chose to stay in Ohio, and he told her to forget him and move on with her life and he was going to move on with his.

Jennifer tells Jack that he has to keep on fighting. He says that he just can’t anymore. He goes on to say that these last few weeks have been great because he’s been with his family. Abby comes into the room, and over to Jacks bedside, crying and begs him not to leave them.

Sami wants to know what they aren’t telling her. Austin speaks up and suggests they have some wine. Sami insists that someone tell her what is going on, so Carrie tells her that she can’t have children, not ever. Sami comes out with, “This can’t be happening to me.”

Steve and Della sit at a table and she asks what is on his mind. He asks her if she remembers when he showed up here and didn’t know who he was. He says that he was desperate to find out who he was, but no matter how hard he tried, he kept coming up with nothing. So, he decided that he had to move on and make a life for himself. He finally stopped thinking about it and now, it has all resurfaced. She wants him to stop thinking about it again and put it all behind him, otherwise, he’s going to drive himself nuts because it’s ancient history. He talks about Stephanie and how pretty and smart she is, and tells her that she drives a race car. He is really bragging on her. You can tell that he’s proud of her. Della also gets a kick out of the race car thing, but she doesn’t have many good things to say about Kayla, and portraits her as a “goodie goodie”. Steve will not have her talking down about Kayla and tells her not to even go there. Della says that she’s (Kayla) gotten to him and that’s why he ran after her, because he wants her.

Stephanie can’t believe that this has happened. She thought they would all get closer and find out about his past and they could be a family. Kayla tells her that she was really excited, and hopeful of finding out about his past and what all had happened to him, but after they got there, everything changed. It’s like he realized how much he missed his old life. She tells her that she never stopped loving him all these years, and when she saw him at the church that day, she had all these old memories like he was frozen in time. Kaya tells her that she just doesn’t know how to let go of someone that you desperately love, especially when he is just a phone call away. Stephanie tells her that she will always have her, and she’s glad they were able to have a talk like this and opening up to each other, but she’s sorry it had to be because of this. Kayla wants to know about the guy that she is interested in.

Jack tries to tell Abby that it’s out of their hands now, and the medicine just didn’t work for him. She desperately wants him to fight this and believes that he can because he’s come back to them so many times. Jack tells the both of them, if they are going to morn his death, not to make a career out of it. He wants them to move on and just remember the good stuff. He is starting to have trouble talking when Maggie comes to the door with Jack Jr. Jack gets emotional when talking to Jack Jr.

Lucas is a little upset with Sami’s remark and tells her that this has nothing to do with her. Sami hugs Carrie and tells her that she is so sorry and she didn’t mean that the way it came out. She knows things have been hard for her since the wedding and she is so sorry for her. She and E.J go into the kitchen and he asks her when she’s going to tell them the truth. She isn’t going to now, and he’s a little upset with her and tries to change her mind. He says that just because Carrie isn’t pregnant, doesn’t matter because she’s still married to Lucas. Lucas asks for a heating pad for his knee. Sami wants to know what happened to him, and he tells her that he twisted it chasing someone away from her door earlier. This upsets her and she wants to know why he hasn’t told her about this earlier. He didn’t want to worry her. Austin joins the conversation and tells her the person was probably dropping this off. With that said, he hands her the letter the hand slipped under the door.

Steve tells Della that he just ran after Kayla to make sure that she was okay, and he wants to be with her. (Della) He wants to stop talking about Kayla and tells her that he used to be a cop. She is amused by this, and he tells her that he was an undercover government agent. She laughs out loud and jokes about it. He is serious and tells her that he worked on some really dangerous cases and pissed off some really dangerous people. He thinks one of them staged his death and erased his memory, because he doesn’t have amnesia. He believes that he may have stumbled onto something he wasn’t supposed to see. He wonders if whoever did this to him finds out that he knows that he is Steve Johnson, and wonders if they will come after him again.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she met the guy earlier tonight and his girlfriend showed up. She tells her how great this guy is and how his girlfriend treats him horrible. She wonders what this other girl has that she doesn’t. Kayla tries to explain that people see different things in others. Stephanie goes on about how much alike she and this guy are and how different he is compared to his girlfriend. She wants to know why he would choose the other girl over her, and Kayla asks her if this guy even knows that she likes him or if she’s told him. She hasn’t because she’s been through this before. She meets a great guy and all he thinks of her is just as a friend, and when she tells him how she feels, it gets too complicated. She hasn’t told him out of fear of loosing him, and she can’t let that happen, especially with this guy. She likes him more than she’s ever liked anyone, and wonders if there is something wrong with her. Kayla hugs her.

Sami asks Austin if he opened the letter and he tells her that he didn’t because it was addressed to her. Lucas thinks it is way past time they opened it and wonders if it could be from the person sneaking around in the hallway.

Kayla thinks that it may not be Stephanie that has the problem. She thinks it may be the guy, but Stephanie doesn’t believe that. Kayla asks her if she’s thought about why this guy chooses to ignore the fact that his girlfriend treats him so badly. Stephanie says it’s because he’s kind, understanding, and non-judgmental, and chooses to see the best in people, in hopes that they might change. Kayla reminds her that since she hasn’t told this guy how she feels, maybe he does have those feelings toward her, but will not express them out of fear that she doesn’t feel the same way. She says that when you really like somebody, you need to risk the consequences. Stephanie feels stupid for even worrying about this compared to all the other stuff going on right now. She really didn’t know her father because she’s only seen him for two days, but she felt really close to him. Kayla says that her father wouldn’t want her to put her life on hold for him, and Stephanie agrees. She wonders if she tells this guy how she feels, if it will turn out the same way as the others. Kayla says, “What if it doesn’t? Wouldn’t it be better to know the truth than to live in a fantasy?” She’s not sure, but she doesn’t want to just be friends. Kayla tells her to be willing to take the risks and put her cards on the table, because that’s who she is. She says that she can do this, and Stephanie asks if she’s willing to do the same thing with her father.

Della continues to try and convince Steve to be content with his life now. He can’t, because whoever did this may have other plans now that he knows who he really is, and he can’t take care of himself or the people around him if he doesn’t know what or who he is up against. She wonders if he really thinks that he’s in danger. He doesn’t know, but whoever staged his death and erased his memory, has a lot of power and went to a lot of trouble and expense, and would be angry if they found out that he knows the truth. He has to assume that they are coming after him again, and he has to be ready. The hand is watching him outside through the window.

Maggie, Abby, Jennifer, and Jack Jr. are gathered around Jack’s bedside. Jack talks to them about all the adventure he has experienced throughout his life. He trails off and Jennifer senses that he’s getting weaker and sends Maggie to bring Lexie in to check on him. He tries to talk and passes out. Jennifer is trying to keep him conscious and Abby is crying. He is in and out of consciousness and Jennifer begs him to stay with them. Freeze frame.


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Lucas: Nobody in this room knows you better than I do, so why don't you tell me what's really going on?

Mimi: If Shawn found out the truth, he will leave me for belle in a second.

Patrick: You got to tell him the truth tonight.

Belle: But you felt a bond with Claire before the transplant. I think I know why you feel so close to her.

Austin: You came.

Carrie: It sounded like you wanted me to.


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