Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/31/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/31/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Max and Stephanie come in to find the word “whore” written on Stephanie’s locker. She knows right away that it was Chelsea. Max doesn’t pick up on it right away, but then realizes that it must be Chelsea. He apologizes to Stephanie and hugs her. Outside, Abby is begging Chelsea to go back inside and wipe it off because they will know that she is the one who did it. They are unaware that Max and Stephanie have returned. Chelsea thinks about it and realizes that it was a stupid thing to do and she heads back inside to clean it up. On her way in the door she sees Max and Stephanie hugging, and she turns and heads back out. She is upset and tells Abby that Stephanie will be sorry that she even messed with her.

Sami and E.J. are still on the roof together. Sami tells him that she really is wicked because she has kept two people apart that would have been together, all because she didn’t want to be alone. He doesn’t understand why she feels like she would ever be alone. She tells him that she doesn’t want to end up with anyone like herself. E.J. wonders if she really loves Austin and she gets a little nervous when he starts questioning her about Lucas. E.J. wants her to tell him what she’s done, and she refuses out of fear of loosing his friendship.

Austin picks up the letter the hand has just slipped under the door. He and Carrie look at it as we see the hand on the door knob outside of their apartment. Lucas is coming down the hall and the hand takes off. Lucas runs after the person, screaming for him to stop. Austin hears the uproar outside and comes out to see what is going on. Lucas tells him that someone was hanging around outside of his apartment. Austin says that it’s probably the same person that slipped this letter under the door.

Kayla is fumbling with her keys trying to get the car doors unlocked because she is so upset that Steve chose to stay with Della. She picks up her phone and calls Caroline crying. She tells her that Nick, not Steve, doesn’t want her. She says that she lost him once and can’t believe that it’s happening again.

Steve/Nick gets a beer at the bar and Della comes up rubbing all over him. He is not very receiving of her at this point. She tells him that she was afraid that he would buy “blondies” act. This upsets him and he firmly tells her that she was his wife and they had a life together. He says that he has a daughter. She tells him that he may have been married to her once, but he’s with her now.

E.J. promises that he is Sami’s real friend and that he would never abandon her if she confides in him. He says if they are supposed to be friends, she should tell him because he just wants to help her. She agrees and wonders where she should start. He suggests the beginning would be great. She tells him that it all started when she realized Austin was still in love with Carrie. They were roommates and Austin wanted to keep things platonic. She tried to change his mind, because Carrie was in Israel with Mike Horton, her husband, or so she thought. She was really in the states. Meanwhile, Austin found this little company, High Style, he wanted to take over. E.J. guesses that High Style was Carrie’s company. (wonder how he came up with that?) She says that she didn’t know it at first, but when she figured it out, she didn’t tell Austin. (he guessed that too)

Lucas wants Austin to open the letter and he refuses because it is addressed to Sami. Lucas asks Carrie how she feels and goes into the kitchen to get her a glass of water. Carrie tells Austin that they can’t continue talking about this. He says that they are not finished with this conversation because he loves her and he knows that she loves him.

Abby tells Chelsea that Stephanie is beautiful, smart, and mature, and sarcastically tells her she wonders what Max could ever see in her. (Stephanie) Chelsea says that she’s not trying to help her feel any better. Abby tells her that she’s just trying to wake her up, and if she doesn’t stop acting stupid, she’s going to loose Max to Stephanie and it’s going to be all her fault. Abby tells Chelsea if she is going to be with Max, she has to start by doing the right thing and apologize to the both of them. Chelsea has a pity party for herself and asks Abby if she admits that she’s right, will she stop lecturing her. Abby agrees.

Max has cleaned off the mess Chelsea made on Stephanie’s locker and tells her that he’s sorry once again. She says that it was so childish that she doesn’t even know why she let it get to her. Max is very upset with Chelsea, and Stephanie tells him not to apologize for her because she has to take responsibility for her own actions. As she says this, Chelsea walks up behind them and tells Stephanie that she’s right, and that’s why she came back. Chelsea tells them that she owes both of them an apology.

Caroline wants to know what happened, and Kayla tells her that they are in Ohio, and a little of what has been going on lately. She says that she knows Steve is attracted to her, but that she is just like some other woman he met. She goes on to tell her that he said his life is here and he belongs here as well because that’s all he remembers. Kayla tells her that she really thought he would want to have a future with her, but he doesn’t.

Inside the bar, Della is hanging all over Steve. He pushes her off and tells her that he has a lot on his mind and he’s not in the partying mood. He tells her that is the way it is and she can take it or leave it. She says that she’ll take it anytime because she’s crazy about him. She also threatens that there are other men that would like to be in his shoes. He grabs a hold of her and very angrily tells her that he’s not in the mood. He pushes her off. She thinks Kayla got to him.

E.J. asks what happened when Carrie realized it was Austin that took over her company. Sami tells him that she was furious and wanted nothing to do with him, just as she had predicted. But, Austin still wasn’t interested in her because he was in love with Carrie and wanted to fight for her. She says that Lucas saw his opportunity to move in because he’s always wanted to be with Carrie too, so they got closer together and Austin still wouldn’t give her a chance. E.J. says that must have been very frustrating. She goes on to say that Austin and Lucas both wanted to be with Carrie and no one wanted to be with her. Then, Carrie changed her mind and wanted Austin back, so she realized that it was do or die. He asks what she did, or who died. (joke) He says that he is assuming this is why she was blackmailing Lexie Carver. He says that she needed her help to keep Carrie and Austin apart, and asks if he’s right.

Lucas gives Carrie her aspirin and water. She thanks him and tells him that she told Austin about the baby. Austin tells Lucas that he is sorry for the both of them because he knows how much they wanted to have a baby. Lucas tells them that after a little time goes by, they can talk about adopting. He says they did get married sooner because they thought they were pregnant, and they will spend this time getting to know each other. He tells Carrie that he knows everything he loves doing, he will love even more with her at his side. He leaves to call the superintendent of the apartments about the mysterious person he saw lurking in the hallway. Carrie starts crying and tells Austin that she can’t and won’t hurt Lucas because he has been so good to her. Austin holds her and Lucas walks out from another room to see Carrie in his arms.

Chelsea tells Max and Stephanie that she was stupid, dumb, and immature. Max tells her to keep going and Stephanie stops him. Chelsea says that she picked an inappropriate way to get back at him for leaving her at Dune. He didn’t think she noticed because of all the guys that she had hanging all over her. She tells Stephanie that she is sorry for the thing with the lipstick. Stephanie tells her that she didn’t write it about Max, that she wrote it about her and wants to know why. Chelsea says that is because she left with Max. Stephanie steps toward Chelsea and asks her if she thinks that she’s trying to move in on her guy. Chelsea does. Stephanie asks her if telling the truth has finally made her feel better. Chelsea wants to know if she’s making fun of her now. Stephanie says that she not, all she’s saying is that there is nothing to worry about and she’s not after Max. She tells her that they are just friends and that’s all. Chelsea says okay, and Stephanie wants to know if she meant, okay I believe you, or, okay I’ll say whatever I have to to get this over with. Chelsea says that she believes her and asks if she will forgive her for writing on her locker with the lipstick. All Stephanie says is that she’ll leave the two of them alone so they can talk. Chelsea asks Max if he forgives her and he says no.

Kayla tells Caroline that Steve doesn’t remember her, and he gave it some time, but it didn’t work and he’s given up. Caroline tells her that she’s a Brady, and Brady’s don’t give up. She tells her to show him a way so that he knows that he needs her. Kayla says that Caroline is right, and that she lost him once, and she’s not going to loose him again.

Steve and Della talk inside the bar. They sit down at the table and he tells her that he never meant for any of this to happen. He explains about going to Salem and about meeting Kayla. She understands that it had to be hard for him and wonders if he and Kayla got close. She wants to know if he has remembered anything. He tells her that he hasn’t and she takes it as a sign that his old life is over and he is supposed to be with her now. She plays “their” song on the juke box and asks him to dance.

Sami regrets telling E.J. now, and she is afraid that he hates her. He says that she’s told him this much and might as well go all the way. He understands that she’s been blackmailing Lexie to keep Austin and Carrie apart, but he still doesn’t know what information she could have used to do it. Sami tells him that Lexie told Carrie if she and Austin had children together, that the baby could have severe birth defects. She explains that Carrie still had the choice, but chose Lucas. She wants to know why E.J. isn’t saying anything.

Lucas tells Carrie that they had bad news today, but as long as they love each other, they can get through anything. Austin is listening as Lucas is trying to reason with Carrie. You can tell that Lucas is nervous. Austin decides to go to the roof and tell Sami everything that has been going on, but Lucas wants to settle something between them before he leaves.

As Stephanie is leaving the garage, she sees Abby waiting for Chelsea outside. Abby tells Stephanie that she told Chelsea what she did was wrong. Stephanie wonders why the two of them are friends because it doesn’t seem like they have anything in common. Abby says that she also wonders the same thing, but tells her that underneath everything she’s seen from Chelsea, she is a good person. Stephanie says that she really feels sorry for her. Abby wonders what happened with Max and Stephanie isn’t sure because she left them alone.

Max is upset with Chelsea and wonders why he should forgive her. He tells her that she was acting like a tramp at Dune when they were supposed to be exclusive. She tells him that she is sorry, but that he and Stephanie have this relationship that she doesn’t understand and it scares her. He asks her to trust him and tells her that he loves her. They kiss.

As Kayla is walking back to the bar to get Steve, she sees them dancing from the window outside. He comments about the song playing on the juke box, and says that he always had a thing for this tune. They kiss as Kayla watches.

Max and Chelsea come outside and Max tells Stephanie that he is going to take her home. She knows that Chelsea got to him as Max makes excuses for her. Chelsea thanks Abby for making her apologize to Max and Stephanie. She hugs Abby and leaves with Max. Stephanie tells Abby that one day, Chelsea will go too far and they (she and Max) will be over.

E.J. tells Sami that he doesn’t hate her. He tells her that she will do anything for love, and he is almost in awe of her for being so passionate. He tells her if Austin has any brains, he will forgive her and they will be happy.

Carrie is in the bathroom washing her face and she is wondering how she could break Lucas’ heart. Lucas tells Austin that he is glad he was taking care of Carrie when she’s so upset. Austin tells Lucas he knows that is must be hard for him knowing Carrie isn’t pregnant with his child. As he is saying this, Sami and E.J. walk in the door and hear him. Sami has a stunned look on her face.

Kayla sees Steve and Della dancing and she sees Della kiss him. She can’t stand to see them together and leaves. Steve pushes Della away right after Kayla leaves, and she doesn’t see it. Della wants to know why he left her standing there, and he says that he told her he wasn’t in the mood. He says something has changed and he doesn’t know what is going on with him. She thinks he’s thinking about Kayla and throws herself on him. He pushes her off and screams at her to leave him alone. Kayla is on the phone with the airport as she is getting into her car, wanting to know if she can get out of town tonight. She speeds away with Steve chasing afer the car. She never saw him. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Austin: It's addressed to you.

Lucas: It's way past time we open that.

Steve: If somebody can stage my death and erase my memory, that somebody's got a lot of power. So I have to assume that they're coming after me again.

Jack: I've tried. I really have. I think it's time for you to let me go.

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