Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/28/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/28/06


Written By Kristy

Chelsea and Abby show up at Max’s garage looking for him. Chelsea is upset and knows that Max and Stephanie are somewhere together.

Stephanie and Max are having coffee and Max is still upset with Chelsea. He wonders why she told him that she just wanted to date him if she was still interested in seeing other guys. Stephanie tells him that she thinks she’s crazy and she doesn’t deserve him, and if she had a guy like Max, she would never treat him the way Chelsea does.

Sami wonders if she said something to upset Carrie, and Austin leaves to check on her downstairs. E.J. tells Sami that she MUST tell Austin now. He gets a little rough with her and tells her to grow up and take responsibility for her actions.

Carrie is crying as Lucas comes in to console her. She screams at him and tells him, “NO! I can’t. I made a huge mistake.” Austin hears this from outside the open door. Lucas asks her what she’s talking about and she tells him that she rushed into their marriage when she thought she was pregnant, and that was the only reason she married him.

Kayla asks Steve to leave with her and he refuses. He tells her he belongs here. He doesn’t remember one thing about his former life, and he doesn’t want her to put her life on hold for him, so they should go their separate ways. You can see the pain in her face when he tells her that it’s time to say goodbye.

Lucas tells her that they did move up the wedding date because of the baby, but that she told him she loved him before they knew she was pregnant. She knows this is true, but after talking to Lexie, she’s gotten more upset and needs time to think about everything. Lucas agrees to take things slow from now on so they can get closer. Carrie is overwhelmed with all this and Lucas goes into another room to get her an aspirin. Austin comes in as Carrie is crying. We know he has heard everything outside of the door.

Sami tells E.J. that she is afraid to tell Austin because she thinks she will loose him from her life entirely. He believes that Austin will forgive her in time because they have all forgiven her for things she has done in the past. He reminds her that Austin values honesty and trust above everything else. Sami is fumbling around with her ring as she remembers her and Austin’s previous wedding day when Austin left her at the alter over another one of her lies, saying that he never wanted to hear her name again. She tells E.J. that if he hears the lie from someone else, he would take her ring and throw it in the Salem River. He tells her that her future lies in her hands and she needs to make a choice.

Chelsea is very upset and she thinks Stephanie is making her move on Max as they speak. Abby wonders if she even cares because the only time that she shows any interest in Max is when she knows another girl likes him. Chelsea denies this and thinks they are at lookout point. Abby thinks that they are just friends and tells her that after the stunt she pulled at Dune, Max is probably just letting her sweat it out. She also tells her that Stephanie is focused on her career and hasn’t even had a boyfriend yet. Chelsea wonders if she’s still a virgin and Abby tells her that Stephanie has decided to wait until marriage before having sex. Chelsea wants to find out more about her and starts going through her bag in the locker.

Max wants to know about the guy Stephanie told him she was interested in, and she tells him that she’s not anymore because she thinks he’s in love with someone else. Max comments that the guy must be crazy. (Hello Max, it’s you!) She changes the subject back to Chelsea and says that she reminds her of Sami. Max says no way is she like Sami.

Kayla can’t believe that Steve wants this. He says doesn’t know how to have a relationship with her when he doesn’t even know her. She asks him if he doesn’t want to fight for them, and he tells her no, he doesn’t.

Sami knows that she should be the one to tell Austin the truth. She speculates that the person sending her the notes may not really know what she’s done, and just guessing because of everything she’s done in the past. E.J. wonders if she is willing to take that gamble, because for all she knows, that person could be writing another note as they speak, and take the note and put it right into Austin’s hand.

Austin is walking into the apartment to talk to Carrie, and we se the hand sealing the envelope of another note outside on the table. Lucas comes out from Sami’s room and he was unable to find any aspirin, so he leaves for the pharmacy to get some for her and asks Austin to sit with Carrie until he returns. Austin sits down with her on the couch and he confesses to her that he heard what she said about the baby. She tells him that she feels like such a failure.

Max says that Chelsea, at her worst, is nowhere near as bad as Sami, and Stephanie tells him to give her time because she’s Sami on training wheels. (haha) He tells her about all the turmoil Chelsea has had to endure through her life. Stephanie reminds him that both of them have endured loss and still don’t act like Chelsea. He says that different people handle things differently and he thinks Chelsea is afraid to get close to people because she’s afraid of loosing them. She says that’s still no excuse. Max thinks she is a scared, insecure little girl. Stephanie says that she doesn’t seem so insecure when she’s throwing herself at every guy in sight when she’s supposed to be with him. He wonders if it’s a defense mechanism against Stephanie, and she can’t understand what she’s ever done to Chelsea. Max tells her that she pointed it out yesterday when she told Chelsea that she was jealous of her and he thinks that she was right.

Chelsea takes Stephanie’s bag and Abby doesn’t want her to go through her things but she insists and tells Abby to back off. She makes jokes about everything she sees in there. They argue over the way Chelsea treats Max and she asks Abby if she thinks she’s nice to him. Abby says sometimes, but Stephanie is not an issue, it is Chelsea, because she always flirts with other guys. Chelsea finds a notebook where Stephanie has written Max’s name on it with hearts around it, and asks Abby to tell her now that Stephanie isn’t after her boyfriend.

Steve tells Kayla that he doesn’t want to hurt her and that he’s not giving up. He just can’t fight for something he can’t remember. She thought that’s why they came here, so he could find something to help him remember his past. He said that was the plan, but the only thing he accomplished was that it helped him remember where he belonged. She tells him that her life is with him because he’s the only man she has ever loved, and when she lost him, she lost everything. She said she loved him then, she loves him now, and she will love him for the rest of her life. Steve tells her that she deserves to have that kind of love in return and he doesn’t think that it can come from him.

Sami wants to know how she can tell Austin after he has given her a ring and proposed to her again. E.J. says because it’s the right thing to do and she has to find the courage to do it. He tells her that what she did, she did out of love and Austin will see that. She wonders if that’s why he has been telling her to tell him the truth and if that’s why he thinks Austin will understand. She remembers a conversation with Lexie when she threatened to tell Austin and Carrie the truth.

Austin asks Carrie why she didn’t tell him up on the roof because he feels bad about going on about them having a baby. She knew this was a happy night for him and Sami and she didn’t want to say anything to ruin it. She feels so stupid because she really thought she was pregnant and knows she should have made sure. She just wanted it so badly and now she has to stop feeling sorry for herself. He tells her anybody would feel sad over a situation like this, and asks if she and Lucas are going to adopt. She says yes, that they have talked about it, but that’s not what’s bothering her. She needs to find a way to clean up this mess she’s made. He wonders what she is talking about, and she tells him that he was right all along. She married Lucas because she thought she was pregnant and now it’s time for her to be honest with herself. She tells him that her marriage to Lucas was a mistake.

Stephanie jokes with Max as she says that she thought they decided Chelsea had no reason to be jealous of her. He tells her that even Natalie Portman and Keira Knightly have a reason to be jealous of her. She laughs and Max says that they both know that they are friends, and Chelsea is insecure, and it’s driving her crazy that she is in town and in his life. Stephanie says that it would be better for him if they weren’t friends, and Max disagrees and asks what kind of friend would he be if he just dropped her like that. He appreciates the fact that she’s thinking about his best interests. They joke around a little and she wants to know what they should do about Chelsea. He says nothing, and that she is not thinking about him when she’s making decisions about how to live her life, so he’s not giving her the power to do that for him either, not now, and maybe not ever. Max wants to talk about her now, and asks how she is doing with being back in Salem. She says that meeting him has helped, and also the fact that she has her father back. She hopes he and her mother will find their way back together and thinks it’s definitely a possibility now. He is afraid that a lot of time has passed and sometimes people change. This upsets her and she says that it’s not like they fell out of love and got divorced. She just hopes her father gets his memory back. He makes a statement that she must believe in fairy tales. She says that he must too or he would have given up on Chelsea a long, long time ago. He wants to go back to the garage and work on his car, so they head out.

Chelsea tells Abby that a girl doesn’t write a guys name down on paper like that unless she has him on her mind. She is very mad and takes a tube of lipstick from Stephanie’s bag and writes the word “whore” on the locker from where she took the bag. Abby can not believe she has done this.

Steve tells Kayla that he wants her and Stephanie to get on with their lives and stop worrying about him. She can’t do that. He knows she’s wasted too much time of her life on him and he wants it to end. He says that it’s not like he’s going to drop out of sight, and he will stay in touch. He doesn’t think he’s ever going to be the guy she remembers him being. She tells him to listen to himself. He’s talking like a parent and like her husband. He realizes that she just doesn’t give up. She tells him that he has never given up before either. He knows she doesn’t like his life, but he tells her that she’s asking him to give that up by choosing against what is familiar to him and choosing a blank slate. He asks her which one she would choose. She asks him if he wants her to go, and he says that is what he needs. She wants to know if there is anything that she can do to change his mind and he says that this is the way it has to be.

Abby demands that Chelsea wipe that off the locker and she refuses. They leave and in just a second later, Stephanie and Max come in the door. She and Max see the word “whore” Chelsea has written on the locker and they know exactly who did it. He hugs her and apologizes to her. Abby begs Chelsea to go back in there and wipe it off before Max and Stephanie see it. She tells her that it was stupid and immature for her to do such a thing. Chelsea agrees now that it was stupid and tells Abby thank you for being such a good friend and wants to go back in and wipe it off. She turns around and sees Max holding Stephanie through the window. Abby shakes her head and walks off.

E.J. tells Sami that everybody has done things wrong. Sami says not this bad. She did it out of greed, spite, and selfishness and because she didn’t want to be alone. He tells her that she’s being too hard on herself.

Austin doesn’t understand what Carrie is talking about. He says that she agreed to marry Lucas before she was pregnant. She knows, but says that she’s not sure if she would have gone through with it had she known that she wasn’t pregnant. He wants to know what she’s saying and she tells him that she made a mistake. He knew she was having second thoughts and she admits it. He asks if she is telling him that she wishes she’d married him instead of Lucas. She says that there is no point in going through this because she married Lucas, and he is engaged to her sister. Nothing is going to change that. The hand slips a note under the door as they are talking. Carrie notices it and Austin picks it up. Lucas sees someone as he is walking up to the door and yells at them and asks what they are doing.

Kayla says she guesses this is it. Steve says that he wishes he could be the person she wants him to be. He wants her to try and understand. She says she will never understand, and with that said, she gets up and leaves. She heads over to her car and she is so upset that she can’t get the door unlocked. Freeze frame.



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Carrie: Hurting someone as wonderful as lucas, I can't do it.

Lucas: Hey.

Stephanie: Don't apologize for chelsea.

Chelsea: I owe you both an apology.

Sami: This is exactly why i hate telling the truth -- because now you hate me, too, just like I knew you would.


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