Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/27/06


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The hand is still outside the bar in Ohio watching Steve and Kayla through the window. A woman walks up to Steve and tells him that she has missed him and lays a big kiss on him. Kayla pulls her off of him and asks who she is. The lady tells her that she’s his wife and wants to know who she is as well. Kayla also claims to be his wife, and turns around and asks Steve how he could be married to another woman and not tell her.

Max and Stephanie sit at the bar as he watches Chelsea hang all over another man on the dance floor. Max pulls Chelsea off the dance floor and demands to know who the other guys are. She says that they are her friends. He wants to talk to her outside and she refuses to go anywhere.

Shawn tells Belle that everything will be fine. She hopes that he doesn’t hate her and he tells her that he could never hate her. Belle blames herself for Phillips accident because she knows she made him so angry. She says that she keeps going back and forth with being committed to her marriage and then not being committed to her marriage. She knows that she needs to make up her mind 100%, and says that if this baby that she’s carrying isn’t going to bring her and Shawn back together, then she needs to let it go once and for all. He hugs her as Phillip comes out of his room. He tells Shawn that he appreciates him being there for his wife. (Sarcastically) He says that he can see how upset she is almost loosing her husband today.

Carrie and Lucas come back to Sami’s apartment after leaving the hospital. They talk about her believing that she was pregnant and she tells Lucas that because of the baby, she rushed their wedding. Lucas says, “Baby or no baby, I’m just glad we got married.” He is still holding onto the fact that there is still a little chance. She asks if he wants to stay married to her since he wanted a brother or sister for Will. He tells her that he married her because he loves her. He asks her, since she’s not pregnant with his baby, does she regret marrying him?

E.J., Sami, and Austin, finish dinner and E.J. compliments Austin preparing such a great evening. Sami is fumbling around with the ring on her finger and stands up and tells Austin that the truth is she doesn’t deserve the ring. E.J. watches her.

Carrie tells Lucas that she doesn’t regret marrying him. She says that she is sad, but that it’s not his fault. She wants to go up to the roof to celebrate with Sami and Austin. She knows it will be difficult telling everyone the truth, but she wants to get it over with.

Sami tells Austin that she shouldn’t wear his ring until she tells him something. He asks what she’s talking about and this time, she plays it (the truth) off again. She just can’t make herself tell him the truth. He tells her that he loves her and that he wants her to wear the ring. He remembers the dessert wine Maggie gave him, and leaves to pick it up in his apartment. E.J. tells Sami that it’s time to tell Austin the truth, and she can’t keep stalling. She knows this, but can’t seem to get the words out. Austin returns with Lucas and Carrie. Austin tells them that he gave Sami an engagement ring and Carrie walks right over to Sami to take a look at it. She congratulates them and tells her how beautiful the ring is. Lucas tells Sami that this is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, and he wants to know what’s up with her because he can tell by the look on her face that something is wrong. Lucas thinks that Sami is up to something. Carrie calls Lucas off of Sami and tells him that this is a happy night for the two of them. Austin asks about the test results and asks if the baby is alright.

Kayla demands to know who this woman is. Steve tells her that her name is Della and that they are not married. Della says that they aren’t married officially, but that they have an arrangement. She wants to know who Kayla is and asks why she’s calling him Steve and why she thinks she is his wife. He tells her that she remembers him telling her that he couldn’t remember his life before and it turns out that he is not Nick, but this guy named Steve Johnson. He also tells her that he has a wife and a kid and a town full of people that know him and thought he was dead. She doesn’t believe it and Steve tells her that he took a DNA test and it’s true. Kayla leaves and he explains to Della where he has been. She wants him to forget about Kayla and stay with her. He asks Della to give him a minute to talk to Kayla. Steve tells Kayla that he is sorry for not telling her, and she asks him if he loves Della.

Max wants Chelsea to tell him what is going on here. She tells him that he was so busy with Stephanie trying to repair his car, what did he want her to do, just sit at the house. He tells her that she promised him no more drinking and running around. He tells her to forget it and says that she never changes. He leaves her standing there and leaves the bar with Stephanie running out behind him. Abby walks up to Chelsea and tells her that went really well. (Sarcastically)

Belle walks over to Phillip and tries to talk to him. He wants to know what she was doing in Shawn’s arms. Mimi comes in and Shawn says that the four of them need to talk about what they are going to do. Shawn talks about visitation for the babies. Mimi says that they all need to be honest with each other before they do anything. She says that there is something that she needs to tell them all.

Mimi tells them that she knows something and has been keeping it a secret because she’s afraid of loosing Shawn. She tells Shawn that he is Claire’s biological father. She tells them about the night in the barn and tells them that it wasn’t a dream. She tells everything that she knows. Belle and Shawn go off on her. Shawn tells her that they got married under false pretences and he wants a divorce. Mimi begs for him to reconsider. Shawn goes over to Belle and Phillip and tells him that he and Belle still love each other and they are going to be a family together. Phillip tells Mimi that he is suing for custody when the surrogate gives birth and she will never see her baby again for the rest of her pathetic little life. Then, Mimi comes out of her trance. It was all a dream! None of this just really happened! Shawn wonders if something wrong with her and she says that she was just thinking about what she was going to say. She tells Phillip that it is difficult for the two of them especially, but fighting doesn’t help, and the four of them should be able to work everything out because they are friends. Shawn agrees and tells Phillip that he is the father and a great one, and the four of them are all going to be good parents together.

Carrie tells all of them that everything if fine. Austin makes a toast and prepares the two of them a plate of food. Lucas and Carrie talk more about their situation. E.J. tells Sami this would be a good time to tell the truth. Sami announces to all of them that she has something to say that will change all their lives forever.

Steve tells Kayla that the life he’s been living is not what she is used to. She tells him that the Steve Johnson that she fell in love with years ago lived the same kind of life Nick Stockton has been living. She tells him about the Cheating Heart and that they used to go there together all the time. He tells her that he’s not the kind of guy she needs, but she wants him to be with her. He says until he can remember her, she is his wife on paper only, and he can’t be her husband. She is having a hard time with this, and he tells her that he just don’t feel the same connection to her that she does to him.

Stephanie tries to stop Max as he is coming out of the bar. He rants about Chelsea’s actions and that she was mad because he stayed to fix his car. Stephanie tells him that Chelsea doesn’t understand the way people like her and Max. She says people that don’t race, just don’t understand how they feel about their career. Max says that it’s more than that with Chelsea and he doesn’t think their relationship is going anywhere. He says that this is all different to him because he has never wanted a serious relationship before and he just doesn’t think that it should be this hard. Stephanie tells him to face the fact that maybe he wasn’t meant to be with Chelsea.

Chelsea didn’t miss a beat, and is still dancing with all those guys on the dance floor. Abby tells Chelsea that she thinks she is afraid because she thinks Max really cares about her. She goes on and tells her that every time someone gets close to her, she does something crazy to push them away and she is her own worst enemy. Abby tells Chelsea that she reminds her of her cousin Sami.

Sami tells Lucas and Carrie she wants the best for them, but before they can live happily ever after, she has to apologize for what she’s done.

Sami says that she knows that she has hurt them all in the past, and she is sorry for all of that. Lucas says that they all remember what she has done, but they have forgiven her. She tells Austin she loves him and she wants him to be proud of her, and she wants to be a good role model for Carrie and Lucas’ baby. She tells Carrie that she knows she’s going to be a great mom. Carrie runs off, upset, and Sami wonders if she said something wrong.

Shawn tells Phillip that he knows this is hard for him, but that he and Belle have told him that they are committed to their marriage. He says that Mimi has always been honest and faithful in their relationship, and Belle has been with him too. (Yeah right!) He talks about how Belle has been with him through some tough times and how much she loves him, and asks him not to turn his back on her. Phillip looks over at Belle.

Chelsea tells Abby that she is never going to be like Sami. She says that she is nowhere near ready to settle down and she does know how to handle men. She says that she WILL be with Max because there is no way she will let him end up with that bit*h Stephanie. Max says that maybe Stephanie is right and that people like them aren’t meant to have long term relationships. She wants to know what that means. He mentions risking their lives everyday, and maybe they just don’t want to settle down. She says that she doesn’t buy that. She says that she loves her job, and it’s more than just a job, but it’s not all there is to life. She talks about her father and how wild and crazy he was, but he settled down and married her mother and they were totally in love. She tells him that is what she wants. He asks if she thinks that can happen for her, and she says that she knows it can.

Kayla tells Steve that she knew he didn’t want to stay when he first came to Salem, but she thought that the more time he spent with them, made him want to stay and spend time getting to know his family. She thought that he knew that’s where his heart was and she thinks that he knows that now. Della comes over to their table and asks Steve to dance. He says not right now. She tells him that she has a question to help him sort things through, and asks him if he remembers making love to this woman (Kayla). He doesn’t answer and she says that’s what she thought. She tells him that he remembers them making love and that this is his life now, right here with her is where he belongs. She tells him that he is a good guy and great lover and she’s not giving up on him. She says that she knows he’s not giving up on her either and she kisses him. She will wait for him over by the bar.

Steve tells Kayla that he is sorry for bringing her to this place. She asks him if he wants to remember her and he says that he doesn’t know. He don’t know if he is any good for her, or if he could be dangerous, and if the Dimera’s are after him, they may come after her and Stephanie because of him and he doesn’t want to put her in danger. She says that he sounds like a family man, but he’s trying to protect her for all the wrong reasons. She tells him that it was hard enough to live without him when she thought he was dead, but how could he do this to her now that he is alive. Steve says if he can’t remember her as his wife, how could he be her husband.

Max and Stephanie are still outside at Dune and he tells her that he hopes she finds love just like her parents have. She said that she thought he just said people like them aren’t meant to have long relationships (joking with him). He tells her that she deserves someone who will appreciate all the great things about her, and she thanks him. He says that he’s afraid he’s not going to have that kind of relationship with Chelsea. Inside Dune, Abby tells Chelsea that if she doesn’t stop pushing Max away, she is going to loose him forever. Chelsea says that it hasn’t happened yet, and Abby says that she’s never going to learn until she gets burned. (It seems like a joke to Chelsea)

Phillip tells Shawn that he knows his family loves him and he would never leave them. He walks over to Belle and tells her that he loves her and don’t want to loose her. She says that they are going to get through this. Shawn goes to Mimi and says that as long as they are honest and communicate with each other, everything is going to be fine.

Austin is going to go check on Carrie. E.J. comments on Sami’s little speech and all the crimes she was confessing to. He asks if the secret that she is keeping now, is the worst one of them all. She says that is debatable. He tells her that she should tell Austin the truth right now. Downstairs, Carrie is crying and Lucas is trying to console her. She turns and screams at Lucas and says, “No! I can’t. I made a huge mistake.” Austin is standing behind the open door with a “deer in the headlights” look on his face. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Max: Who would do something like this?

Stephanie: You have to ask?

Max: Stephanie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Steve: I don't want to hurt you any more than I already have. It's time for us to say goodbye.

E.J.: Your future lies in your hands. You need to make a choice.

Carrie: I only married you because I thought I was pregnant.

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