Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/26/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/26/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Mimi hide behind a curtain in the hospital. She tells him that Shawn is Claire’s biological father, and that Shawn and Belle do not know.

Shawn is waiting for word on Phillip as Belle comes out of the room with him. They think he is going to be okay and may go home soon. Belle blames herself because she knows Phillip was right to be angry when he had suspicions of her wanting to have Shawn’s baby. She tells Shawn that she can’t help it, and that she’s wanted to have his baby ever since they were teenagers. Belle believes it is meant to be. Shawn tells her that his parents are splitting up and he can’t dream of putting Mimi through something like that. He tells her that it kills him to say it, but there is only one thing they can do.

Bo thanks Hope for giving him a chance to allow them to work on their marriage, and also promises that he would have never done anything to help Chelsea go free. He says he will do everything that he possibly can to prove it to her. He asks what will happen if he can’t prove it. She says that if he can’t give her hard evidence, she can never fully trust him again, and their marriage really will be over.

Kayla and Steve are on a plane on their way to Ohio. She talks to him about the last time they were on a plane together, and it was the first time she believes she fell in love with him. He hopes that it’s not a wasted trip. Kayla believes there is hope and they will find some clues as to what happened to him and who erased him memory. She questions how dangerous it might be for him, and he reassures her that he lived there for many years and they will be fine.

Hope tells Bo that she is sorry, but she just can’t take his word for it because he has lied to her so many times. He swears on his life that he had nothing to do with destroying the evidence against Chelsea. She wants to know why all the evidence points to him. She says that he had motive and opportunity. Again, he tries to explain his reason for being down there. She still doesn’t believe he is telling the truth. Bo knows that it doesn’t look good, but he still stands firm that he did not do this. Hope tells him that she is still going through with the divorce unless he can prove that he’s innocent. She reminds him of when she was pregnant with J.T., and he thought the baby couldn’t be his. He couldn’t handle it and checked out on her when J.T. was sick. All he can do is apologize. She tells him that she has forgiven him for that, but that she’ll never forget, and experience tells her that there is no way Bo will ever be able to live raising another man’s child, especially not Patrick Lockhart’s baby. He promises to love this baby the same way his pop (Shawn Brady, not his biological father) loved him. All Hope can say to him is to prove to his innocence to her, and he says that he can do that. She wants more than anything to believe in him again. He tells her that she will and that he won’t loose her.

Steve questions Kayla about him being with the ISA. He is trying to figure out who could have done this to him, and comes to the conclusion that it fits Stephano Dimera’s M O. He did a little research on Stephano after Kayla told him of her suspicions. Steve tells her that he had a special talent for making people appear dead when they actually were alive, including himself. He goes over some of the evidence that he’s found and wonders what she thinks. He knows Stephano hated the Brady’s, but he wants to know what he had against him. She tells him when they were on their honeymoon, they took in this little boy named Benji, and it turned out that he was Stephano’s son. She goes on to say that to have his son raised by the Brady’s or the Johnson’s was not an option for Stephano. Steve asks where Benji is now, and she’s not sure. They have had his casket exhumed and they are looking forward to finding some clues there, but are doubtful there will be any. The pilot comes over the intercom and announces their decent into Ohio. Kayla has a good feeling about this and believes this mystery will soon be solved.

Patrick wants to know how Shawn and Belle have a child together and they don’t even know it. She tells him that they don’t even know they had sex because they don’t remember. She tells him about the night Belle had a car accident and Shawn rescued her from the river. They were wet and cold and suffering from hypothermia and to keep warm they used body heat. The barn they were staying in caught fire that night and they also suffered from smoke inhalation and they were unconscious by the time the paramedics got there. She continues to tell him that Belle remembers it, but she thinks it was a dream. He still doesn’t understand how she knows all this and she tells him about the time when Claire was sick. She says that Shawn’s blood type was a match and Phillip’s wasn’t, and that Zack was a perfect match as an organ donor. Mimi says that she told her mother, and Bonnie did some digging around and found out the truth. He can’t believe that she’s basing all this on something their mother said, but she promises him that Bonnie found proof. He wonders why she hasn’t told Shawn the truth, and she says because her mother told her that Shawn would leave her to go back to Belle. He wishes that she would’ve come to him first. She agrees, but feels that it is too late now. He tells her that it’s not too late.

Belle wants to know what Shawn meant when he said that there was only one thing left for them to do. She wants him to leave Mimi and her to leave Phillip and raise their baby together. He says that he’s not going to leave Mimi. She does not want to hear this and tells him that they love each other and that this (baby) is meant to be, just like they are. He says that it doesn’t matter how they feel about each other because they are committed to other people. She tells him that she didn’t marry Phillip in good faith and that her wedding vows were a lie.

Alice and Maggie have come to sit with Hope at her house. Alice confesses that they have been worried about her. They discuss the situation about Hope’s baby being Patrick’s. They all agree that this baby is a gift from heaven. Alice says that the child needs two parents. Maggie tells her that true love always wins in the end.

Billie rushes into the police station to see Bo. She is frantic because she got a call from the judge’s office telling her that Chelsea hasn’t signed up for community service. Bo can not believe she wouldn’t have done this because of the light sentence she was given. She reminds him that if Chelsea doesn’t sign in by the deadline, she could still go to jail for contempt of court. Bo tells Billie that jail may be the wake up call that Chelsea needs. Billie doesn’t agree with him on this one. He reminds Billie if the evidence had not disappeared, that she’d be facing a lot worse, and that he has to find out what happened to the evidence so he can prove to Hope that it wasn’t him. She tells him if he needs her help, to let her know. Officer Michaels (the cop that took the evidence) comes into Bo’s office to leave some papers, and a thought has obviously hit him, and he stops her. He tells her that he wants to ask her a couple of questions about the evidence that disappeared in his daughter’s case. Billie jumps in and tells Bo that she knows who did it.

Steve and Kayla enter what looks like a biker bar. This was the place he was telling her about. It’s rough and he thinks she may not be comfortable here and wants to leave but she wants to stay and look around. We see the hand outside the door, and a man walks up to the hand and tells “it” that he knows what to do. He then goes inside. Some men inside the bar recognize him. A waitress comes up and grabs Steve (Nick to them) to celebrate his return with a round of drinks for everyone. Kayla is left at the bar alone, and the man that was talking to the hand gives her the advice to not get mixed up with Steve because he’s bad news. She wants to know why he would say that, and he tells her that he’s nothing but a two-timing,cheating,womanizer. She wants to know who he is and he doesn’t say, but grabs her and tries to get close to her. Steve comes up from behind and punches him. The guy comes after him with a broken bottle.

Patrick wants Mimi to tell Shawn the truth. She knows that Shawn is the love of Belle’s life and that she’s never gotten over him. She feels like they would get back together if the truth comes out. She says that Shawn has never gotten over Belle either. Patrick asks her is she really thinks Shawn would have married her if that were true. Mimi tells him that she’s not saying that Shawn doesn’t love her, she’s just saying that it’s not the same as with Belle. Patrick tells her that she can still make things right. She tells him that it’s not like she’s known this for a day or two, she’s known since before they were married. He can’t believe that she knew this before she married Shawn and didn’t tell him. She tells him about telling Father Janson, and that he told her he would not marry them without her telling Shawn the truth. She goes on to say that afterward, she told Father Janson the truth and he told her that their marriage isn’t valid in the eyes of the church. She knows when Shawn finds out, legally their marriage will be over and she will be history.

Shawn wants to know what Belle is saying to him about not marrying Phillip in good faith. He says that she told him that she loved Phillip. Belle says that she does love Phillip, but not the way she loves him, and certainly not the way a wife should love her husband. She says that she knew that before she married him and before she took her vows. She admits that it was so wrong, but she was just so hurt and angry with him after he left with Jan. He knows that he made a lot of mistakes, but tells her that Phillip was there for her and that he loves her. She said she had no right allowing Phillip to believe she loved him like he thought she did. Shawn is having a hard time believing that she married Phillip on the rebound. She tells him that she did it because she believed that she could get over him, and some day, love Phillip the same way that she loves Shawn. She says what she did was unfair to the both of them. Shawn tells her that she can learn to love Phillip that way if she forgets about the two of them. She says she’s tried over and over to convince herself, but she can’t get over Shawn. She says that taking vows that were based on a lie, would be grounds for annulment.

Steve and the guy continue to brawl in the bar. The guy finally leaves and Kayla wants to know who that guy was, and what he knows about him. Outside, we see the guy meet up with the hand. He tells the hand he/she better watch out when Steve finds out what he/she (?) is up to.

Hope tells Maggie and Alice that she wishes she and Bo could work this out. They want to know how Bo feels about raising another man’s baby, and Patrick being a part of their lives. She tells them that Bo says he can handle it, but she’s not sure. She doesn’t want her child to grow up thinking its step father hates its father. Alice reminds her of Bo’s love for her, and she doesn’t think that there is anything that Bo wouldn’t or couldn’t do for her. Maggie agrees with Alice. Hope says even if that is true, he still has to prove to her that he didn’t tamper with the evidence that allowed Chelsea to get off with a lighter sentence, and she’s not so sure that he can.

Bo wants Billie to tell him why she didn’t tell him that she knew who tampered with the evidence. She backs up and says that she doesn’t know who, she just has suspicions. She says it had to be someone from the inside that had access to the evidence room. Bo already knows this. He asks officer Michaels if she saw anything suspicious. She says that she didn’t. He wants her to get him a list of people that were working that day and a list of visitors that came to the station the morning of Chelsea’s trial. Officer Michaels tells Bo that she will do everything she can to help him find the person that did this, and tells him that she believes he had nothing to do with this. (Of course she does. She did it.) He promises to track this person down because he has too much at stake.

Shawn tells Belle that she’s not going to get her marriage to Phillip annulled. He tells her to think about what it would do to Claire, and tells her that she has responsibilities now. He loves Claire and he feels that she deserves to have her parents together. She asks him if he thinks she deserves her parents to be together even if it’s a lie. She wants to know about their baby. He tells her that legally, the baby is hers and Phillips, and that Phillip will love it. He tells her to forget about them, and no matter what happens he’s not leaving Mimi. He says that he would never do anything to betray Mimi’s trust anymore than she would his. (If he only knew)

Phillip knows that Mimi is scared. She says that Shawn has this whole huge thing about honesty and trust and that it’s almost like a religion to him. She reminds him that he still hasn’t forgiven his father for lying to Hope to protect Chelsea. Patrick reminds her that a baby isn’t the only reason two people love each other or want to be together. He tells her that she has to fix this and tell Shawn the truth or she’s going to fall apart. She asks him what if she’s right and he does leave her. Patrick tells her that it’s just a chance that she’s going to have to take.

Shawn knows that what he has been saying is not what Belle wanted to hear, but he’s not going to break the vows he made with Mimi. He believes in the vows and he can’t split up her family. He says that it’s just not right. She wants to know what’s not right. He says that she belongs to Phillip and he belongs to Mimi, and that’s the end of it.

Mimi wonders why life has to be so hard for the two of them. (Mimi and Patrick) She doesn’t know why she didn’t learn her lesson after loosing Rex. She tells Patrick that he’s turned his life around, and she knows that he’s going to get his happy ending with Hope and their baby.

Maggie tells Hope not to give up on Bo, and that he will move heaven and earth for her. Hope says that there is one thing that she needs from Bo and then she knows that she will be able tobelieve in him again. Alice tells her that Bo has always come through for her and he will again. She guarantees it.

Billie tells Bo again that she will do anything she can to help him win Hope back. Officer Michaels is on the phone with someone asking them if they think they can just hang her out to dry, and tells them to think again. She says that they gave her the idea to do it, and Kate Roberts paid her. (To switch the evidence) She tells the hand that Bo is pulling all stops to find the truth and she needs more money. (We see the hand on the cell phone and it is the hand that is outside the bar watching Kayla and Steve) Officer Michaels tells the hand that it better have the money when it returns to Salem.

Steve tells Kayla not to worry about that guy and he’s just someone that has always had it in for him. She wants to know why and he tells her that it doesn’t matter. Another woman comes in calling his name and tells him that she’s missed him so much. She walks over to him and lays a big kiss on him. Kayla pulls her off of him and asks her who the hell she is. The woman tells her that Steve/Nick is her husband and asks Kayla who the hell she is. Kayla turns and looks at Steve. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Mimi: We all need to be honest about everything. There's something that you all need to know.

Lucas: Now that you're not pregnant with our baby, what are you saying? Are you saying you regret marrying me?

Kayla: How serious is it? Do you love her?

Sami: I have something I want to say to you all. It's something that I think could change all of our lives forever.

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