Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/25/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/25/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Billie comes through the hospital after visiting Jack and runs into Bo. She tells Bo they aren’t sure whether or not he’s responding to the trial drugs. He knows how difficult it is for the family. She asks if he and Hope are back together because he’s there to pick up pre-natal vitamins for her. He explained that the pharmacy left a message by mistake on his phone, and he thought he’d do it for her so she wouldn’t have to run across town. Billie hopes this will be a chance for them to talk.

Hope is at home with Patrick. He came to fix her sink. He wants to talk about the baby and wonders what they are going to do about the situation.

Carrie tells Lexie that she decided to marry Lucas so that she could have a baby of her own. She said that she wanted it so badly, and feels so stupid and selfish now. She says that she never would have never married Lucas if she’d known that she couldn’t have children.

Sami tells Austin that she can’t accept the ring. He doesn’t understand. She gives him the excuse that it’s too expensive. He knows that can’t be the reason because this is the ring she picked out. She continues on, saying that he should have put the money into their company. He gets down on his knee again to ask her to marry him. He tells her that he wants to be her husband forever and asks her again to be his wife. This time, she accepts. Sami is crying as Austin slips the ring on her finger, and they kiss as E.J. watches from behind.

Lexie and Carrie are still in Lexie’s office. Carrie admits to Lexie that the love she has for Lucas isn’t the same kind of love that she has for Austin. She explains all the reasons why she feels this way, and Lexie is crying for her. Lexie tells her that she’s not a bad person, she’s just confused.

Austin has to leave again to get the food from the apartment. After he leaves, Sami tells E.J. to go ahead and tell her that she’s a coward. He understands why she didn’t tell him, but tells her that Austin is happy because he trusts in her love, and that she needs to tell him the truth so that he can continue to trust her. He also tells her that she needs to do it soon, before someone else does it for her.

Hope tells Patrick that she’s a little nervous about everything and she doesn’t know what to say right now. Patrick says that all he wants is to be a part of the child’s life. Hope definitely agrees with him since he is the father. She wants him to be there for his baby, and tells him that is the one thing she is clear about. She knows that he’s going to be a great father. He wants to know if she wants to work on her marriage with Bo. She is just not sure about that. Patrick’s phone rings and it is Mimi telling him that she needs to talk to him. She tells him that she’s at the trauma center and he agrees to be right there.

Bo tells Billie he sometimes wonders what he is trying to hold onto with Hope. He wonders if it’s the past, or if it’s the future that he’s holding onto. Billie wants to know what he came up with. He wants his marriage with Hope, but knows that it’s not going to be the same for a lot of reasons. Zack, Chelsea, and the fact that she’s going to be having another man’s baby are the reasons he knows things will not be the same. Billie tells Bo that Hope loves him, but she is angry, upset, and stubborn. She tells Bo that he is stubborn too, and he’s just going to have to convince Hope they belong together. Bo says that he’s going to be there for Hope. He misses her and realizes what it’s like to loose somebody, and that you sometimes don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone. Billie wants him to know that she’s his friend, and she’ll do anything to help him get Hope back.

Patrick comes into the room with Mimi and wants to know what is wrong with her. She tells him everything, and says that she’s going to loose Shawn.

Sami wants E.J. to understand that Austin is always what she’s wanted. She says that this time it’s going to be different. She says that the ring makes it real this time. She asks him to keep her secret because she just can’t tell him the truth. She says that if someone else tells Austin the truth, she can just blame them, but if she does this to herself, she wouldn’t be able to live with herself. He realizes that she’s serious and is upset with her. She asks him to swear that he will not tell Austin the truth. Austin is finishing their dinner in the apartment. He is remembering a dinner that he and Carrie once shared. Billie comes into the apartment. He tells her that he is making dinner for Sami, but she knows that he’s thinking about Carrie.

Lexie is getting a phone call, and Carrie urges her to answer. It is a text message that says, “DON’T DO IT”. Lexie is scared and Carrie notices it. Lexie is looking around the room. (She knows someone is listening to her and Carrie’s conversation) We see the hand outside Lexie’s office door holding a cell phone.

There is a knock at Hope’s door. It is Bo bringing her pre natal vitamins. She doesn’t look really happy to see him. He explains why he is there and tells her that he misses her. He asks for another chance.

Patrick tells Mimi to calm down. She can’t because Belle is having Shawn’s baby. She says after the conversation she heard between him and Belle today, she might as well pack her bags and get out of town. She thinks her life is over.

Austin tells Billie that he is in love with Sami. He doesn’t want her to cause trouble. She just wants him to be straight with her. He tells her about the fire the night before. She tells him that she’s worried about him, and she thinks he’s fooling himself. Billie asks if he thinks it’s a good idea to marry Sami even though he’s still in love with Carrie.

Sami has asked E.J. to swear on his mother’s life. He becomes upset when his mother is mentioned, and tells Sami that she thinks too much. He tells her that she has no idea if his mother is alive, or if she’s even in his life. (hmmmmm) He tells her that she needs to think before she speaks, but, sometimes she thinks entirely too much. Like this thing with Austin, going back and forth. She wants him to promise not to tell her secret. He tells her that he doesn’t even know her secret. She says that he knows that she’s keeping one, and that’s enough. She begs him not to tell and says that she’ll do anything. He wants to know what she’d do to him if he did tell the truth. She says that he don’t want to find out. He tells her that if he was any real friend to her, he would tell Austin, but he tells her that she can have it her way. She shows him the back of the door where Carrie’s initials are carved on there with Austin’s and Lucas’ both. She is referring to Carrie having everything and that she’s always lived in her “perfect” sister’s shadow. She tells him a little about her past with her mother. She says that Austin makes her feel safe and secure and loved and that is all she’s ever wanted. E.J. says that he’s glad she told him and that explains a lot.

Lexie tells Carrie that the message was from another nurse. Carrie buys the excuse and wants to know what Lexie was going to tell her. She tells her that Carrie needs to let go of what might have been and give Lucas a chance. She tells her to work on her marriage.

Bo comes into the house. He tells her that he will do anything to be with her. She wants Zack back home with her. He apologizes, and says that he would give his life to bring him back. She feels like he turned his back on her when Chelsea came to town. He tells her that he has loved one woman his whole life, and that it’s been her. He tells her that it doesn’t matter that he’s not the father of her baby. He believes in their love. She wants to know about Patrick, and would he be able to handle that.

Mimi tells Patrick that she heard Belle tell Shawn that she is happy to be having his baby. She says that Shawn and Belle are bonding over the whole thing. She could tell by the look in Shawn’s eyes that he still loves Belle.

Austin wants Billie to leave the situation alone. He has to move on now, Carrie has made her choice. Billie is all about moving on, but wonders why it has to be with Sami. She says that Bo moved on with her when he thought Hope was dead, but still loved her and always will. She asks him how he thinks that worked out for her. She says that if he really loves Sami, that’s fine, but not to marry her on the rebound. She says it’s not fair to either one of them. He asks her to join them for dinner. He wants her to spend a little time with E.J., but she’s not interested.

Carrie agrees with Lexie. She knows she’d be selfish to mess up Sami and Austin’s engagement. She is going to work on her marriage with Lucas.

E.J. tells Sami that she could have any man that she wants, and asks her if she’s sure that Austin is the man of her dreams. She says since she was a teenager. He says to tell him the truth so she can start her marriage out with a clean slate. She doesn’t have the nerve and he thinks she’s selling herself short.

Bo tells Hope that as long as they are together, he can handle anything. She says that she doesn’t trust him anymore. She tells him to prove to her that he didn’t tamper with the evidence that kept Chelsea out of jail and they might be able to work on their marriage.

Patrick knows how Mimi must feel. He compares his situation to hers, and he understands that just because she’s carrying his baby, doesn’t mean they will want to be together. He admits it’s an unusual situation. Mimi blurts out something about them already sharing a child and Patrick stops her and asks what she’s talking about. She tells him that Shawn is Claire’s biological father! Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Hope: I want more than anything to believe in you again.

Bo: And you will. I’m not going to loose you Fancy Face.

Mimi: And what if when I do tell him, he does leave me?

Patrick: It’s just a chance you’re going to have to take honey.

Belle: I didn’t marry Phillip in good faith. My wedding vows were a lie.

Kayla: Who the hell are you?

Unknown Lady: I’m his wife. Who the hell are you?

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